Rupa's Saynth Rises

-*- High Reaches Weyr - Living Cavern (#1337) -*-

Dhonzayth> Aslianth flies in from the northern bowl, the bronze having just finished a light bloody meal. He catches sight of Nieleth's antics in the frozen lake, trumpeting a greeting to the queen before flying down to join the throng of dragons. He tucks his massive wings next to his body, his eyes trailing over the unfamiliar faces of the Istan bronzes, before peeking over at Saynth. Snow games! He shoves his snout into a pile of the powdery stuff, tossing his head back and letting the flakes cover his hide.

Dhonzayth> What's all this friendly greetings going on? Saynth's eye pops open again and this time the little green streeeetches out, breaking apart the snow blanket that was covering her. She snaps her teeth playfully towards Azaeth before her maw drops open in a big yawn. ((No quite the warmest of greeters, are you Bhezuth?)) Her voice is lazily amused by it all, and she carefully stretches so that most of the snow remains on her. ((Cold weather doesn't stop us from flying that much, as you get used to flying in it, big bronze. Are you saying you're all size and little muscle?)) With a warble towards the group, she quickly shakes off in a snowy curtain, kicking up some towards those closest dragons as well. ((Come test out those wings!)) she challenges all those in the bowl, her vocal song turning from warblings to a roar as she gains height.

D'son digs into his breakfast, dipping a roll with sausage bits into gravy and nibbles thoughtfully as all this back and forth and tension goes on around him. He ducks his head at K'ael's answer to Rupa and looks down at his plate. It's entirely possible he doesn't agree with his weyrleader about the age thing. But his head comes back up a moment later, nodding understanding Or'un's way. "Mm. Always something unpredictable," he notes then bobs his head again in agreement with K'ael. "Be happy to help out, sir," he says sincerely.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is grumbling from the moment he comes out of betweening, his rumble echoing off the spindles of the Weyr bowl, before he's spiraling down to the ground. However, it seems that not all is lost, for there's an interesting gold, there, and with a trumpet to the other animals, he's suddenly invigorated by the cold rather than bothered, and he's trumpeting at L'ton urging the rider off his back at an urgent pace. The Istan is finally to the ground, taking the flight straps with him, freeing Dhonzayth of his encumbrances. And then, as the snow is showered by the green, he's pushing back off, warbling. Come back! Warm him up! Watching him for a moment, L'ton is realizing the cold, and is quickly headed inside to the warmth.

"The dragons should know who is capable," Rupa answers Orla with a snort towards K'ael. She gives her head the slightest shake before tossing back the rest of the klah and dropping it down on the table heavily. "Age is just a number, but young Weyrleaders have big shoes to fill to make sure that they are capable at handling their tasks. Stress comes more easily for younger men." Her eyes do slide towards Or'un, pressing her lips firmly at him. She knew that he was young as well, but she wasn't about to comment at the moment. "Always good to have helping hands…" she trails off into a loud curse and turning a glare towards the bowl. "Couldn't wait till I had my breakfast, /could/ you?"

Taira blinks at Rupa, then at Orla, "Did she..? I think she…." She reaches up to scratch an itch at the back of her head, notentirely sure what's going on any more. Maybe she is still asleep after all."

Dhonzayth> Inimeth taps his tail lightly against the snow and looks over towards Bhezuth. ** Premature? Is that how you see it? ** He asks this curiously and seems about to go on, sun dappling a wide meadow full of wildflowers and that distinctive lavender touch when Saynth wakes and shakes off the snow. The young bronze's gaze is immediately drawn her way, blue eyes deepening down towards violet. ** Well hello there! No it doesn't. It's just cold after all. ** He admires her shaking even as her wings snap wide and his own warble answers, merry. ** Test out my wings? Absolutely! ** Bouncing to all fours, his burnished wings stretch wide and then he's off after Saynth without further ado.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth steps back as Saynth emerges from her snowy cocoon. She was glowy! (( I can assure you that I am mostly muscle. I just have a fair bit more hide than you do exposed to the cold.)) There's little response to the jaw snap, but the snow being blown into his face causes the bronze to shiver and shake out a bit. Horrible stuff. He swears he can hear his own wings cracking as if frozen against himself when he unfurls them completely. (( Not even cold can keep my wings from working! )) There's a terrific trumpet as the bronze lifts off after Saynth. His own skywards movement sending a small blast of new fallen snow outwards.

Dhonzayth> ((My dear fellow, what else could it be? )) Bhezuth replies, though he's a little distracted - an oddity for the usually analytical blue. As Saynth moves, his attention is fully on the fleeing green, ((And yet the motives of women are so inscrutable. Their most trivial action may mean volumes, or their most extraordinary conduct may depend upon a whim. )) Yet such an apparent disinterst in women does not stop his tail flicking behind him like a whip as he spreads his wings and launches upwards in to the sombre grey of the snowfilled sky.

Or'un nods his head at Orla. "I'll make sure to go through my list. I'd recommend Rupa but I need her doing other more important things." He says, perhaps trying to soothe the greenies temper. He smirks at the Weyrwoman's teasing, nodding his head. "And sometimes you get a fool you'd rather have back at Ista." He says with snort, taking in the rest of his klah. Two mugs ought to be enough for now. "Thank you, Weyrleader. I'll be certain to remember that if we are in need of extra aide. And well, being an Istan myself I'd like you to know High Reaches is always ready to help yours as well." Yay diplomacy! When Rupa sets to cursing he stares at the greenrider, comprehension dawning slowly but surely. "Shard it all As." He mutters darkly, obviously not awake enough for this. Instead of reaching for the klah he goes for his flask.

Dhonzayth> Nieleth croons back her greeting to Dhonzayth as she spirals round dropping altitude to send her sweeping quickly round the rim of the bowl. Her bright eyes pick out the green heading skywards and seeing the pack of other dragons joining in, the gold dips down the side of the bowl. Swooping down and back up again at speed, letting roar to a playful warble to announce her intention to join the game of chase.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth watches Saynth dart out from her snow shield in sheer delight, the bronze trumpeting his approval. He takes a moment to fling some snow the green's way with his tail, hoping to coax her into a snow fight. Something suddenly dawns on him though when the green starts getting ready to launch, another side of the dragon quickly emerging. Instead of his playful antics he sets to snarling at those males around him, hunkering down and taking to the skies as quickly as he can after the glowing green. The blood on his muzzle quickly dries as the icy air whips past his hide, his powerful wings propelling him ever higher after Saynth.

K'ael has heard people tell him he's too young all his life! Being the youngest of five boys he was constantly left behind. But no more! This Istan bronzer wasn't going to let anyone else tell him he was too young to do anything. "I agree." He states to Rupa, about who was capable. "I took over from an even younger bronzer, actually. So I think I was a slightly welcome change." Even if there were a few riders around who weren't fond of him. As Saynth takes to the skies, K'ael grunts and shuts up for the moment. He starts shovelling down food as fast as he can, hoping to keep himself busy.

Orla finishes off her breakfast and pushes the plate across the table as she leans back, her hand snaking out to collect her own mug of klah. "We'll find someone to do it and take inventory, just no one that'll play tricks on Genma this time, poor girl." She doesn't elaborate on that one as things start happening around her. "Shells, why now." She glances at Or'un and the flask and just laughs. "Not too much of that, I need you thinking straight this afternoon."

D'son is keeping his mouth shut about age. He's younger than K'ael after all. He's making good inroads into his food and nodding Or'un's way with a brief smile when his eyes go all funny and Dels promptly drops his fork with a clatter. "Uh —" Typically. "No!" he suddenly shouts and then blinks, turns bright red and pushes his plate away. "Um. 'Scuse me," he says and pushes his chair back, turns to head for the Bowl, murmuring things like "Get down here this instant." And "On the ground, RIGHT NOW." Under his breath.

Thankfully, L'ton comes in /after/ the discussion of K'ael's youthful.. ineptitude, and so the Istan doesn't have to put up with the addition of L'ton's thoughts on the matter. The Istan Weyrsecond pauses as he identifies the various people there, politely greeting Rupa and Orla, and D'son and Taira, though the two Weyrleaders receive only a disgruntled nod. "Ista's duties." He mutters, before he's moving to put the table between himself and the Weyrleaders, and sliding into a seat next to the baffled Taira.

Taira manages a slightly distracted "Hi." to L'ton, bofore blinking at D'son. In her mind she's going through similar orders, mouth opening and closing until she finally manages to lock brain and mouth together again. "Orla. Where's Lyth? He needs to get here, right now. Now. Orla. Get him!" No hint of a please, though it's never been her favourite word, but there's definite worry there.

Dhonzayth> Saynth immediately starts circling higher and higher, her little body quick in moving about. The bigger gold gets an amused warble that sounds more like laughter, and Saynth makes sure to spin the pack of males around towards Nieleth instead. All about fun and games, afterall, this green wasn't about to make it easy on the boys at all. Her wings start flapping when the snowfall starts pushing her down, her body twisting this way and that before catching a breeze and then— Zoom! Up high in the sky, hopefully above the bulkier gold, though closer towards the freezing gusts that makes her lungs burn and puff out in quick gasps as she strains in the freezing temperatures.

Or'un is too lost in his thoughts to say much to Orla on the matter of inventory. He gives her a quick nod, his gray eyes stuck to the flask before him. He takes one final drink before capping it and returning it to his jacket. None is offered to those present since he's not in a sharing mood at the moment. His eyes flicker over to L'ton when he enters though, the Istan Weyrsecond getting a curt nod and nothing more. His gaze lingers on Rupa for a moment before he returns it to his empty mug, examining the dregs that remain.

"Can't Reaches close their doors to outsiders for a day," growls out Rupa as yet another Istan joins the party in the caverns. Not to mention that this Istan was one of her chasers as well. The greenrider gets off her chair, empty hand now gripping at the belt knife on her side as she paces one way and then the next, and then finally turns towards the food. "No way I'm not eating," she grumbles, half-aware, as she grabs herself a biscuit and stuffs half of it in her mouth. "Tell me if that works," she says dryly towards D'son's calls towards his bronze, rolling her eyes at his meager attempts. She turns her back to the food table, nibbling on her breakfast and glaring all around her.

Dhonzayth> Inimeth sends a brief thought back to Bhezuth: ** What's premature anyway? Friends is friends and … well, fun is fun … ** because now he's /really/ distracted by Saynth-in-the-sky rather than Saynth-in-the-snow and he's focusing on gaining speed and height, movements lithe, playful almost. Shells. She's small. She's fast and she can /move/. This is going to be a tough one for Inimeth to keep up with. And yet, he's spooling out pretty green tendrils her way, trying to touch that laughter of hers, maybe share it. Zoom indeed. ** Nice one! ** he compliments a spin and since she's heading up and up, he focuses on that, rather than trying to mimic every one of those tight turns and twists of hers.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth trumpets happily to Nieleth, flirting with the gold for a moment, before he's spiraling upwards to continue the pursuit of the glowing green. As her wings start flapping, he's using his larger wingsails to continue to lift him upwards after her. As the green slips into a breeze, he's trying to follow, trumpeting in distaste at her games in this cold weather. This Istan, at least, is going to protest the cold, even as Saynth's warm body encourages him to continue.

Dhonzayth> There is nothing so deceptive as the distance of a light upon a pitch-dark night, and Bhezuth uses his dark colouring to his advantage. Not one for fancy flying or tricks he observes, keeping a mostly straight path as he becomes first a patch of darkness in a cloud, then a shadow cast by another dragon. He snaps irritatedly back at Inimeth (( What the deuce is it to me that you wish fun? )), turning to blend with another shadow as he creeps after Saynth.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth is very confused when a gold also takes off with the rest of the suitors. And even more confused, bordering slightly on alarm, as the green moves off in her direction! Now the gold was a bit of an obstacle, and the big bronze needs to adjust his flight pattern to avoid her while still staying in close to the green. He suddenly swerves to the left, with complete disregard for any of the other chasers around him. He moved for the gold, everyone else moves for him. His wings are beginning to loosen up as he continues his ascent. There's a slight grumble in frustration at the falling snow that was getting into his eyes.

It is not F'yr's mom's dragon. It is not F'yr's mom's dragon. At least that's what K'ael keeps telling himself. He can't help but stare a little at the older greenrider. There's only a bit of an acknowledgement as L'ton makes his appearance. He does glance D'son's way though, as the youngest of the Istan bronzers moves out towards the bowl in a fruitless attempt to keep his lifemate on the ground. His food is quickly consumed and he looks sadly at his empty plate, then reaches into his front coat pocket to dig around.

D'son has his hands pressed to his eyes now, shutting out the view of the living cavern, shoulders a single tense line and finally he gives up, sagging a little and looks over at Rupa helplessly, stutters out an abashed. "S-sorry. It didn't. Too late." Poor Dels. He looks away from Rupa hastily, coloring again and fans at his face. A moment ago he was saying it was cold. Now? "It's too hot in here."

Dhonzayth> Nieleth sweeps in from the side of the bowl to join in, her playful warble changing in tone as the green turns towards her, there's a good chance that she'll go barrelling through the pack of males scattering a few to the winds. The gold pulls out the other side and swoops down to land in the bowl below with a slightly disappointed look about her as she's called in by her rider.

"Hey there, lil'bit." L'ton says a bit distractedly to Taira, reaching to ruffle her hair without really thinking about it, eyes on the woman whose daughter he knows at Ista. "Come on, now, ain't like ya could possibly wanna be alone in bed taday, its colder than between." The Weyrsecond teases Rupa, chuckling at the situation, leaning back in the chair, far more relaxed than everyone else.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth continues to push himself onwards, the bronze straining not to loose sight of Saynth in snow. When he spots the playful green spiraling towards Nieleth he quickly changes his trajectory, opting to moving below the gold instead. He's attempting to use Nieleth as a shield, hoping to gain the element of surprise for when the icy gusts and heavy snow become too much for the tiny dragon. He manages to stay stationary for a bit but soon the winds start blowing him to and fro. With a roar of annoyance he beats his coppery wings hard, trying to move higher and pass the large golden obstacle that is Nieleth. He forces himself to stop when the queen sets off to land, Aslianth straining to stop his momentum and the winds which are now pushing against his back.

Orla shakes her head at Taira, "I'm afraid Ly'am can't save you now, go jump in the lake, Nieleth has smashed the ice already it'll soon bring you round." Her attention goes to the older bronze rider though as he ruffles Taira's hair. "Though I reckon you'd be better off in the lake Weyrsecond." She comments pointedly to L'ton.

"I bite." Taira snaps at L'ton, almost mirroring her dragon's annoyance as she brushes his hand off of her head. "And I'm not little!" Orla's comment makes her head drop down to the table once more, this time not from any hint of tiredness, "Could you just go away, please. My boyfriend'll be here soon and you'll have to find someone else. Or go to the lake, I'm sure you can find a hole to jump in."

"Ah'm just sitting, lil'bit." He chuckles, looking at Orla, amused at the teen's reaction. "Ah ain't gonna take ya 'way from anyone, don't ya worry. Ya ain't much older than my girl, Ah bet." He says with another chuckle, still amused, shaking his head, and rocking some more in his chair, arching an eyebrow at Orla. "Ain't need no lake, least not yet. Hopefully Ah won't." He winks at the Weyrwoman - Shameless!

Dhonzayth> Saynth has to come down from such heights eventually, and her huffing eventually gives out as her wings fold gracefully and she plummets downwards, making sure to spin to throw off any of her chasers that might try to use this to their advantage. Finding a more comfortable altitude, her little wings pop open and her forest form streaks lowly across the bowl, her claws kicking and anything that might get in her way. Though she pulls up again, closer to Nieleth, and warbles an encouragement to the queen to continue her own chase before she circles upwards over the seven spindles and further away from the Weyr now. She peeks behind her, just for a moment, before giving her tail a little bit of a wiggle. Still with her boys?

Or'un's features lighten up a bit at Rupa's suggestion. All thoughts of diplomacy are lost as he smirks in agreement with the greenrider. He stares at her while she downs a bit of breakfast, his own rumbling stomach long forgotten as he takes her every move in. He sends a glare L'ton's way when he starts chatting up the Reachian Weyrsecond, his eyes narrowing before he busies himself with his flask again. Poor Orla might have to deal with a buzzed Weyrleader later on after all. It takes him a lot of self control to keep him from sending that mug of his off in L'ton's direction, his dislike for the Istan bubbling up inside. Soon it's forgotten though, all his attention resting on the green.

Dhonzayth> Inimeth does wind up having to do a little dodging as Nieleth gets in on the action, before she drops out, though he's far from annoyed about it, seeming to simply enjoy the need to tuck wings and roll, straighten out again and then apply himself to pushing onward and upward again. Broad wings are at least good for that, gaining height and speed quickly once he's free of encumberances. She drops and he has to decide: go down or bank on her coming back up? He does dip down a little, flying roughly along the same path as she, but up above. And there. She's rising again and he warbles a welcome to her as he tries to cut across an angle, get closer and slips between two spindles. Beyond them he's on her trail again as that tail-wiggle entices. You bet he's still with her and he's got such stories to tell her too about how great it could be to fly together.

Glare. Glare. Grr. "Try a little harder next time, rider," Rupa scolds D'son, as if it was his fault. The greenrider was known to be mean during flights. Or rather, she was known to have pulled out a knife one too many times on the chasers, and by the looks of her clinging to her belt. "I do well in a cold bed, bronzer," she snarls towards L'ton, her glare now focused on that smooth-talking Istan. "I'd rather snuggle up with a brick of ice than one of you." So was that an insult to them all? Her glare doesn't move from L'ton, but eventually she turns to scan the area as if looking for an escape route.

K'ael catches a bit of L'ton's wink at Orla and gags a bit. He pulls his own flask free from his coat finally. It's small, but full of expensive whiskey. There's too many riders around to be offering it to other people. If someone wants it they'll have to take it. Or pry it from his fingers. And his mouth. He keeps glancing at Rupa. "Ow. You're breaking our pride here, weyrsecond."

D'son cringes a little at the criticism. "Didn't know he was going," he mutters under his breath and his head hangs at her cranky words. He looks like he'd rather be anywhere but here by now. He's edging towards the exit too, looking more and more wild-eyed as Inimeth really throws himself into it up there, encouraged by Saynth's manner.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is still here! Even though she plummets downwards, the brassy Istan bronze descends at a more sedate pace, angling his flight towards the ground, letting his momentum carry him in his glide, never folding his wings. As she settles into her preferred altitude, Dhonzayth is settling in above her, wings slowly moving now and then to keep him aloft, until she's spiraling upwards, and he's warming his muscles once more, getting the blood flowing, as Saynth flees from the Weyr proper, and Dhonzayth is following, with another warble - amused by Nieleth's continued presence.

Dhonzayth> Bhezuth angles sharply right, diving underneath one bronze to gain his place in yet another shadow. As Saynth drops he allows himself a little secretive nod, though the game is most definitely still afoot and even the least keen of observers could see that this lady has not yet finished with her tawdry games. Silently now he continues his melancholy vigil, and yet twitching against all will with the thrill of the hunt.

Dhonzayth> Nieleth makes a half leap skywards at Saynth's urging but lands quickly with the draconic equivalent of a pout as her rider keeps the reminders in place, it's not her time.

Orla shakes her head at the Istan. "I don't know about that, I have to wonder if the drowned wherry look would be an improvement or not?" She's smiling though, the flirting doesn't phase or impress her at all given her background but it's still vaguely amusing to not be a part of the process and watching with a clear head how much all of the male riders are making an ass of themselves.

"Yeah, well go sit with the rest of the men." Taira replies to L'ton grumpily, head still resting on the table while she wills Ly'am to turn up. When the Istan weyrsecond refuses to even consider drowning himself, and worse just stays there, she gets to her feet with every intention of heading out into the bowl herself. now if only she could stop glancing at Rupa.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth pauses mid-air for a moment to watch the green in her spirally ascent. He flaps a few times upward to get enough momentum to change his orientation slightly, then continues up after the green with new vigor. The bronze's reds deepen and wash out any other more gentle colors he might be sporting and projecting her way. He was still here! There's another trumpet from the large bronze, an explosion of vibrations that rivals thunder. Azaeth pushes the cold air hard with his sails, hoping to push to close the gap between himself and Saynth's wiggling tail.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth luckily avoids a collision with the departing gold, the bronze using a good amount of strength in order to halt. He keeps himself stationary for a moment, quickly deciding his next move before darting off after the playful green. He's greatful that she's come down from such great heights and shows it by crooning to his prey. His joy is short lived however, Saynth obviously intent on flying the males to death. A dark deep sound rumbles in his chest, replacing the sweet tones of before as he sets after the glowing green. The icy winds that sting his hide are forgotten, the cold having numbed him by now to the pain. Aslianth keeps the taunting tail within his sights all the while, his muscles straining as he pushes himself forth, dead set on snagging that wiggle green hide.

"I'll be sure break more than that, given the chance." Rupa snaps towards K'ael, one hand clenching tight enough to make her knuckles audibly crack even in the crowding caverns. Bring it on! It looked more like the greenrider was preparing for a fight than for the results of the flight. The biscuit she took was long gone and it didn't look like she was going to be going for any more now that she was falling further into the flight frenzy. Her feet shift, her eyes scan again, and she starts edging her way— towards D'son? No, just coincidence that he was heading to the exit as well.

Or'un doesn't seem too hurt by Rupa's words. After all, he knew the greenrider well enough by now. Rupa was a scary woman… When she starts looking for an escape route he does keep his eyes locked on her, trying to anticipate her next move like his lifemate was doing to Saynth up in the chilly sky. He glares at D'son when Rupa starts moving his way, not caring if it was coincidence or not. He shifts a bit in his seat, getting a bit antsy now that the flight was starting to wind down.

Dhonzayth> Saynth is way past the gold to notice that she was unable to join, which would have made the sprite-like green very sad. But she has other things to focus about now, like keeping her tail out of reach from the boys! A brown's talons rake the air just near the tip and she jerks into a hard right, leaving that near-catcher to tumble in the air and out of the chase, too slow to make the turn. With a few quick beats of her wings, she moves back up and up— trying to regain what she lost! And then, as if proving the big Istan bronze right, her wings freeze up and they remain stiff. Out of energy, the little form starts falling. With what little strength she can manage, she tilts to turn her body to face the incoming dragons, gliding right into their midst and hopefully into one lucky male's claws. And not into that cliff…

K'ael just has a stupid grin plastered on his face now as Rupa makes a biting comment back to him. She was about as pleasant as her daughter, so he was used to it. He doesn't even flinch now, and gets up to follow her towards the exit. She's not scary… just feisty. Which the bronzer at least found amusing. "You'll at least wait until afterward to go hacking off body parts, right? Or breaking them?"

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth would never let a green glide into a cliff! Despite the thorough threatening that L'ton is getting from Saynth's rider far below in the caverns, Dhonzayth is unconcerned, and is doing everything he can to get closer to Saynth. Snorting at the brown as he's forced out of the chase, the brassy bronze flutters for a moment, before he's adjusting to her new route, and he's keeping his momentum, trying to stay warm. But then, the High Reaches green - the one who should be used to all of this! - is freezing and stiffening, and he's trumpeting with concern. Dropping down from above, he's attempting to snag at her wingjoints, to twine neck and tail, to keep her warm and to lend his strength in the midst of the storm. Stretch!

Dhonzayth> Inimeth keeps right on after Saynth, wingbeats steady, as the snowy landscape far below speeds by in a blur of white. Flakes cling here and there, lending his normally polished appearance a paler hue here and there, the ones that melt streak along his body, lending a subtle gleam in the gray-clouded skies. She's led them such a merry chase and his mind unfurls, spring green tendrils reaching for the sun, her sun. She keeps rising and rising and so does he until she freezes up and falls. Then, well then it's time to bring out the reserves and just /go/ ignore all the others and try to cut off her descent as she plummets towards them. Here there is a warm welcome to be found with strength to carry her on safely away from that threatening cliff.

Dhonzayth> In the broad tapestry of the sky there are only moving figures, the age old dance coming to its natural conclusion. So caught up in his own thoughts and plans Bhezuth doesn't even consider calling out a rebuke to the all too eager brown, instead he speeds up a little in anattempt at placing himself in exactly the right place at the right time, his mind screaming at him about the fallacies of making a guess! Him, making a guess as to where everyone will be. Of course he would deny it, logic demands it, but for now it's all he has. A hunch. And if he is correct… well that waits to be seen.

D'son just swallows hard and lets Rupa get ahead of him, then continues on out to the snowy Bowl, expression dazed. There's barely anything of Dels left and he's got a curl to his mouth now that's not all that unlike K'ael's only sillier. Because Inimeth is having so much fun up there.

Or'un quickly gets to his feet when K'ael does, the bronzer watching Rupa closely. He grips the klah mug between his hands, his knuckles turning white, as the events unfold high above the Weyr. Afer a moment he closes his eyes, muttering something under his breath as he puts his every fiber of being into his lifemate's care.

Taira's grumping goes in one ear and out the other, as L'ton's attention is solely on Rupa now, watching her as she attempts to get away. While the other bronzeriders are quicker to get on their feet, L'ton's a bit slower, stretching out as he stands before he's meandering around the table, moving to follow after Rupa, hands stuffed in his pockets.

Taira speeds up as Rupa heads towards the door, determined to mkae it out before her so she can wait and… no so she can drown herself. Drowning was the plan, not waiting. Yet waiting is exactly what she does, just outside the door, just out of sight.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth has only a split second to swerve out of the way of a brown that goes tumbling off. Clumsy pompous oaf. When Saynth takes a hard right, so does he. He's not as nimble as she is, and such a jerky movement looks strangely forced coming from the big bronze. It's also a dangerous movement for the other smaller chasers. He manages to avoid colliding with anyone, but his tail swings around and gives a blue a bit of a bump. Azaeth can see the flight nearly its close as Saynth's progress seems to slow and she turns back into them. There's one final rumble from the iron clad bronze as he moves to position himself to collide with the green. He'll pull up just in time to scoop her up and avoid the cliff.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth ducks his blocky head as a large chunk of snow smacks him right in the eyes. After shaking it off he roars, furious at the conditions he has to deal with. One problem after another, that seems to be the theme of this flight. When Saynth veers off to the right he tries to mimick her moves, the larger dragon failing to be as quick as the glowing green but still managing the maneuver. When Saynth's body seems to stiffen up he pushes forward, fighting the cold off as best he can in order to snatch the frozen green up before she collides with a cliff. He stretches his arms out before him as far as he can, talons flexing in anticipation as he focuses all his strength and ability on trying to steal Saynth from all the other hopeful talons.
Dhonzayth> Cliff! Bronze! Cliff! Blue! Saynth's fall still manages to fall away from some grasping talons, sliding out of others only to realize her fate if she /weren't/ caught, and caught soon! She warbles as she plummets down towards the rock. But then her savior comes, in all his shining glory, and there's a croon of relief as Inimeth successfully grabs ahold of the slippery little green, and a green that doesn't put up much protest anymore as she fits snuggly into the larger bronze's embrace, allowing the bigger dragon to successfully steer them away from making a big red smear along the cliff. Now, the stories?

L'ton is just as relaxed as he was before hand, as Dhonzayth misses the catch far above, and he's pulling his coat a bit closer as he ducks through the opening to get outside, though at least he's not walking for the lake yet.

Dhonzayth veers upwards, avoiding the cliff himself, and dropping his wings to angle back to the Weyr, hoping to find somewhere warm, until he can escape back to balmy Ista.

Dhonzayth> Cliff. /Green/. Inimeth's body wraps around Saynth's and those nice big wings of his snap out to keep them afloat in the snowy air as long as possible while his tail goes a-winding around and around hers. Stories? Plenty of those, whispered now and shown in vivid splashes of color with the scent of sun-drenched lavender threading through it all. That's one happy bronze all right.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth swoops downwards to avoid some collisions. Ah well, there are always other greens! He swoops back down towards the lake to suffer in the cold.

Dhonzayth> Bhezuth takes a little solace in the fact that he has once again proven the guesswork is the downfall of all logic. As he spirals back down to earth, his eyes stay focussed on Inimeth and Saynth. Interesting. And then comes the snow. maybe he will go take a dip in the lake after all.

Rupa, on her way out, stumbles around as if she were already half-drunk. And during one of those stumbles she reaches to snag a bit of D'son's jacket. Her throaty inhuman growl all the while turns more into a snarl as her lifemate gives in the skies and the winner has been determined. Whether she was attached to said winner's jacket or not, the greenrider was stomping off towards a more secluded place before she lost all reason.

Or'un glares over at D'son, watching the Istan before heading out to his own weyr. He's already got his flask in hand, another drink needed desperately now. Poor Weyrleader was not having a good morning.

Taira has taken to clutching at the entrance to the living caverns, and the idea of the lake is getting more and more appealing by the second. Sadly, so is the idea of crawling off somewhere with someone warm. Her gaze drifts over to L'ton for a moment, then Or'un whom she crushed over for so long.

Dhonzayth> Nieleth ha been biding her time on the ground, whirling eyes watching the chase above seeing as she's not been allowed to play. Once Saynth has been snatched away though she considers the flight over and leaps skywards again to resume her play. The gold zooms upwards fresh from her enforced rest, she easily catches up with her chosen playmate and swats hard at Aslianths bronze tail before dashing off across the bowl with a draconic, (( Tag you're it! ))

Poor Dels. Inimeth catches and he staggers to a halt, swaying in place. Only Rupa's got his jacket and is hauling him along bodily, Faranth knows where and all he can do is go whither the lady wills and let things take their natural course.

K'ael lets Rupa run off with D'son. He looks around at the other ladies there, wraggling a brow to both Orla and Taira. But the bronzer looks a little lost. Or stuck. He can't get his legs to move either which way. All he can do right now is drain his flask.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth has Saynth right in his sights, the bronze speeding towards the green as quickly as he can. When the glowing prize goes to a foreigner he bellows his anger, the dragon starting his slow decent, facing /away/ from the happy couple. When Nieleth appears to 'tag' him back into the game he perks up a bit, flying after the gold to contiune the game.

L'ton seems to be the only one of the bronzers left not sitting there, sucking away on a flask, and the bronzerider is too busy laughing to himself at the antics of the others, watching Or'un disappear with a grin on his face before he's spotting the young bluerider clinging to the entrance, and he's grinning, reaching to ruffle her hair again, without a word, though he's then pulling his gaze away from her, even if he steals another glance, mentally kicking himself.

Orla has been keeping tabs on the progress through Nieleth's rapt attention. When it's over and she manages to work out which of the Istans he belongs to her attention drifts in the cavern to catch K'aels wink. "The lake is out that way sunshine, and it's too early for wine." She tells him as she returns the wink.

"I'll still bite." Taira warns L'ton, though there's a softer edge to her voice that definitely wasn't there before. There was something she was supposed to do. Or was it someone she was supposed to meet? Her mind's a little too fuzzy and she stumbles outside.

After a moment, L'ton turns and looks over his shoulder at the others in the caverns, before he's heading outside after Taira - thankfully he's forgotten the fact that she's barely older than his own daughter. The wonders of dragon-induced lust.

-*- High Reaches Weyr - Lake Shore -*-

Taira heads for the lake, somehow in all of this the lake makes sense. She pauses at the edge, not quite ready to dive in fully clothed but tempted. So so tempted.

L'ton isn't sure /why/ he's following Taira - its cold outside! But, regardless, he is, and he's pausing a few steps behind Taira, watching the bluerider, and the lack. "Ain't no reason ta throw yerself in the lake.." He says softly, watching her, but not making a move, yte.

"Not throwing anything." Taira replies, a little of the petulant teenager slipping back in as the cold freezes the edges of the dragon-lust. Turning she looks at L'ton, and for a moment there's a thought of something not being right. Sadly it's mixed in with a lot of other thoughts that have him as being perfectly right and she takes a little step forwards.

"Good, cause.. Ah ain't sure Ah'd be able ta pull ya back out of there, if'n ya went in." L'ton says, watching her, eyes betraying his state of mind, even as Dhonzayth has found some other green to curl up with. As Taira steps towards him, he's moving to step towards her as well, hand outstretched to pull her against him, to fight off the cold.

Taira doesn't resist as much as she perhaps should, running her hands up his chest as soon as she's within range. "Could always come in with me, then we could save each other." Svae? There was someone she was supposed to save. Or was it? She shakes her head a little, trying to lift the fog and confusion.

L'ton rests his hands on her hips, squeezing slightly, as he watches her with a grin, gently rubbing her back, and leaning to murmur. "Better places then the lake. Warmer ones, ta.." He says, slowly beginning to draw her away from the beach.

Taira nods slowly, "Warm is good." She lifts a hand to gently run a finger over L'ton's bottom lip. "You have a very pretty mouth." At the back of her mind a voice is screaming no, but she's ready to follow him anywhere at the moment. The yesses have the majority vote.

"Warm is good…" L'ton agrees, and as her finger touches his lip, any hesitation he may have had dissolves, and it seems that the majority vote in his mind is also a resounding yes, and he's grinning a bit. "Yer sweet, lil'bit.." He murmurs, before he's pulling her towards the closest opening along the wall of the bowl, and the warmth and shelter it offers.

Taira follows willingly, and though she will undoubtedly regret it when she comes to her senses L'ton might regret it more when he finds out those biting threats weren't really threats - more sort of promises.

L'ton will most definitely regret it - its just a question of /when/ he begins to regret it. But, its not likely to be for a while, and well, that's a bridge they'll cross when they get to it, not now.

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