Visiting S'ya

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds(#2040RJ)

It's early evening and someone's hungry. Sophyrinth is stalking the pens, the tiny green watching the movements of the wherries carefully as she moves along the fence. Settled nearby is S'ya, the greenie reading a book in the day's fading light as her lifemate selects her dinner. She seems to have lost a bit of baby fat already, her hardcore exercise and diet plan paying off it seems.

Thankfully, its not Dhonny's proddy radar that's going off this time, though the bronze is spiraling towards the feeding grounds, L'ton a bit annoyed at the change in direction. But then, as Dhonzayth lands to watch So stalk, L'ton's sliding to the ground, grinning a bit as he spots S'ya. Meandering over, he leans over her shoulder, to peek. "Whatcha reading, love?"

Sophyrinth watches Dhonzayth's arrival carefully. The green making sure the bronze doesn't get /too/ close to her, before turning back to her work. Her violet speckled paws daintly pad along as she eyes an especially fat wherry, the passion flower green wiggle her butt a bit before taking to the skies. S'ya turns at the sound of L'ton's voice, the greenie smiling brightly before giving the bronzer a kiss. "Oh, just a little book for us ladies." She says with a wink, pocket the romance novel into her riding jacket. "What brings you two handsome boys here, love?"

Dhonzayth is careful to not get too close, instead simply content to settle down and watch, crooning a bit, and urging the little green on. Watching him for a moment, L'ton is then looking back down at S'ya, grinning. "Came ta check on somethings, but Ah guess that Dhon had other ideas.. Ain't a bad thing, though." He says with a smile, returning her kiss and settling down with her, moving to wrap his arm around her. "How're ya doing, lil'bit?"

Sophyrinth soon forgets that she's got an audience, the dragon focused on her prey. She makes a quick circle around the pens before gaining speed, the green a blur as she dives down on the wherry and snaps it's neck. Dinner is served! "Oh? Well I guess I should be thanking Dhonzayth for dragging you over here." S'ya says with a giggle, snuggling in closer to the bronzer before sneaking a peek at her lifemate. "I am doing great, love. I am able to work more with the Weyrlings now and they are just amazing. We had our first hunt the other day and it was just loads of fun."

Dhonzayth keeps up his soft thrum, wings dropping as he watches the green, head swaying a bit as he watches. "Maybe Ah should be thanking him.. Ah think Ah appreciate the company." He says with a grin, leaning to kiss her forehead, before hugging her again, nodding. "Tis getting ta the fun part with 'em. When they ain't just babies that need ta be watched all the time, but can actually do stuff, ya know?" He says, giving her a nudge. "How're the.. The kids?"

Sophyrinth is a messy eater, the green slurping up innards happily and getting her entire face painted with the crimson blood. "I think you should be, love." S'ya says with a grin, tilting up her head so she can better watch L'ton. "Oh yes, it really is. I love watching them learn new things, everything is an adventure for them really. I especially love watching those that So searched out, I feel like they are my little babies somehow." She says with a giggle, So warbling happily in agreement before chowing down agan. When the bronzer asks her about her kids, both of them, she blinks a bit. She always avoided mentioning Misha, knowing how the bronzer felt about K'ael. "They are doing well, love. Thank you for asking. How are M'iken and the baby getting along?"

Well, its just rude to ask about your own baby, and not the new one, even if the new one is always the one that's going to get attention anyway. "Ah'm hoping Dhon keeps up his lucky streak, with this next group, ya know? Ah mean, he ain't bad, fer a bronze." L'ton says with amusement, before he's nodding slowly. "Ah.. Ah'm glad." At least there's no ill will on the K'ael-spawn, just K'ael himself. "Mai's good.. We're.. We're gonna try fer another, after she takes over the Wing, so that she's making the rules 'bout what she has to do." He says with amusement, before he's sobering a bit, tilting his head. "S'ya… If'n ya didn't want me 'round, ya'd just tell me, right? Not.. Not bring in a new guy, and tell me that Ah ain't needed no more?" At least he never ran into K'ael at S'ya's.

"Is that so?" S'ya asks with a grin, amused by L'ton's confession. "Well, I am sure Dhon will have plenty of success with this new group. After all, he is rather gifted when it comes to flights. When the bronzer says he's 'glad' her daughter is doing well she snuggles in closer. He was certainly winning brownie points now. "Oh? that is wonderful news! I hope you get a pair with her, you know, boy and girl." She says brightly, always happy at baby talk. When the interesting question pops up she blinks a bit. "Well yes love, I would… why do you ask?"

"Well, we'll have ta see. Though, Ah'm starting ta hope fer older weyrlings… Ah dunno what Ah'm gonna do when Ah end up waking up next ta someone Zip's age." L'ton blushes a bit, shaking his head, and tighting his hold, tilting his head to rest it against hers. "Ah know, Ah want a lil girl.. She'd be so precious.." No matter that he has 20 other daughtesr too, but, well, details. At S'ya's reaction, he smiles a bit, though its more reluctant, as he shakes his head. "Niah, she told me we had ta talk. And then that Ah ain't good fer her, and she'd found someone else, and then he came in, with my boys, and Ah.. Ah left. Ain't sure what Ah'm supposed ta do either - Ah mean, she wanted months ta tell me she was even pregnant.." He sighs, and shakes his head, staring at the dragons.

S'ya giggles a bit at L'ton's blush, a finger sent up to gently tap his crooked nose. "Are you blushing, love?" Cute! "Well, it may happen someday. So long as it is not someone you are related to you should not feel /too/ bad." When the bronzer gushes over his future child she just smiles. "I am sure she will be just as beautiful as her mother." When L'ton goes into details about Niah she just stares for a bit, blinking as she lets everything sink in. "Oh, well… that is an interesting way of doing it." She purses her lips for a moment, watching So crack a few bones in order to suck out the marrow. "Well I do not think she went about it the right way. I mean, she should have talked to you about it before hand and not have brought the other person into it right then and there. That is rather harsh, for everyone really. As for not needing you anymore… Well, they are your children too so I suppose she may not need you but they certainly do. It is complicated, is it not?"

"Maybe." L'ton comments, wrinkling pu his nose, and snapping at her finger playfully, before he's giving her a squeeze, and turning puppy dog eyes on her, as he leans for a comforting kiss. "Ah.. Ah had no idea anything was wrong. Ah mean, Ah guess she was mad, when Ah went with Myra, 'stead of with her, after Dhonny lost, but.. Well, Myra grabbed, and.." He shrugs. "And, she started crying, but.. she was the one who did it. Said Ah ain't no good fer her, and she deserves better and stuff. And, Ah dun wanna give up my boys, or the other one, but.." He shakes his head. "Ah just.. Ah dunno." Pouting for another kiss, he gives her a little bit of a smile. "Ah'm glad that ya ain't so complicated." At least anymore.

S'ya giggles at the snapping, the greenie making sure to give his nose another tap before kissing him back. When the talk turns serious again she purses her lips before offering him a reassuring smile. "Well, she must have known what she was getting into with you. I mean, you are not steady with anyone really. At most you would be with M'iken, not her. If she was not happy about the situation I think she should have ducked out earlier and more gracefully." When L'ton starts going over his 'mistakes' she just shakes her head. "It happens, love. The crying was probably her just getting emotional and confused. She probably is struggling with the fact that you are what you are and no matter how many babies you two have together you are probably not going to stay faithful to her and only her forever." When he sets to pouting she makes sure to give him another kiss. "I am glad I am not that complicated either, love."

"Ah would have thought so, but.. Ah just dunno. She says Ah didn't love her no more, cause Ah didn't say it, or something. Ah just ain't sure." L'ton shrugs, and listens to the greenrider try and figure out what's going through the bluerider's mind. "Ah mean, she knew from the start, that Ah cared fer her, but.. Mai's first, no matter what, and.." He shrugs again, leaning against S'ya, pathetic look crossing his face again, as his hand is moving to her shoulder, beginning to massage it gently. "Maybe Ah should just stick ta greenriders on the side. Y'all are more fun…"

S'ya sighs a bit, shaking her head as L'ton goes over more details. "Girls can be so complicated. That is why I mostly stick to men." She admits, her hazel eyes trailing over to So. The green has finially finished her meal, the remains left scattered for the scavengers. The dragon looks mighty pleased with her blood covered self, hopping over the the fence without a problem. "We are? Well, my door is always open, love. All you need to do is knock." She says with a smirk, allowing him to work on her shoulders.

"Mmm, Ah know a few people who are sad 'bout that, lil'bit…" He teases her, before he's shifting to begin to work on her shoulders with both hands, rubbing knots out of her neck, as Dhonzayth watches Sophyrinth hop the fence, crooning at her, but making no move to encroach upon her territory. Looking back at S'ya, he grins, leaning forward to kiss her neck, before batting eyes a bit. "Well, if'n yer door is open, might could a bronzerider follow ya home? Ah might even be able ta get the rest of yer back.." He bargains, as his fingers still work.

"Well, I cannot please /everyone/." S'ya says playfully to L'ton, watching as her lifemate stretches out her muscles. So turns to the bronze, offering him a timid warble back before scooting off a bit more. "Hmm, I was hoping for some company just now. It can get rather cold in that big bed all by myself." She says with a giggle, turning a bit in order to give him a wink. She hops off the fence, holding her hand ready to clasp his if he's really set on going home with her. Hand and hand of course.

"Mmm, well, ya certainly please me." L'ton says with a grin, leaning for a smooch, before he's glancing at Dhonzayth, the bronze content to settle and watch the green from a distance, not paying any attention to the departure of their respective lifemates. Taking S'ya's hand, he is in fact intent on going home with her, grinning as he tags along. "Well, Ah'd be happy ta help ya warm it up… Ya ta." He says with a grin - the more serious subject of Niah now the last thing on his mind.

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