Babies and Critters

Its mid-afternoon, a few days later, and there's a tap on Zipalla's door. Unfortunately, there's also the sound of a baby giggling, and it seems that the visitor is not alone. Pushing the door open, L'ton peeks inside, Zelik on his hip - clearly he needs a break from the little boy wrecking his office. "Zip, ya home?" He says softly, while Zel lets out a sound of, 'iiiip!'.

Zipalla turns and her head tilts at the door, familiar voice..but a baby? She smiles to see L'ton then looks to Zelik, blinking at his rendition of her name. "Well hello, boys.." she says with a grin. Four heads and four sets of eyes peer out from the perch then Scratch meeeeewls in greeting on behalf of the critters. "What brings you up here?"

"Ah was hoping if'n Ah walked around with him, he'd decide he was tired, and wanted ta take a nap, but Ah've been walking forever, and he dun wanna, and he just keeps pulling stuff down, and making a mess, and.." He shakes his head, making a face, even as Zelik sees the critters on the perch, and is stretching his arms out after them. "mmmm-wwww." He tries, hands making grabbing motions at the felines, while L'ton shifts him to the other hip, to keep him from slipping away.

Zipalla grins and nods, "Well maybe he needs to be the one walking..nothing out here he can hurt..let him go.." Scratch eyes the toddler and then all four heads dart back into the perch, although one green tail snakes out, Promise is such a tease. "He's getting big.."

"He ain't ta far from a turn, now, really.." L'ton comments idly, as he slowly settles the boy down on the ground, where Zelik is promptly plopping onto his butt, looking up confused at Zipalla and L'ton for a moment before he's rolling over, and crawling after the perch. "He ain't quite got walking down, yet, but Ah think he can get inta just as much when he crawls.

Zip grins and watches him lumber off, "Won't be long.." and then she glances to said perch, "You guys be nice…one scratch on him and somebody skips dinner.." she warns. A chirp and rrrowl sound then Snow pokes her head out to peer down at the baby. "'s things with Niah?"

L'ton watches Zelik as he crawls towards the perch, before he's using it to pull himself up, and he's wobbling as he holds onto it, one hand stretched upwards at the critters. "Mmm-eeew. Mmmm.. Eeew." He says again, L'ton grinning, as he drops an arm over Zip's shoulders, shaking his head. "Shards if'n Ah know. She t'was mad, cause Ah ended upwith a girl at a flight, and Ah guess she was right there waiting, but, Ah really dunno." He shakes his head again. "Ah guess Ah'll find out, when she wants me ta, how things are."

Snow news down at Zelik then reaches a paw, no claws, patting toward the boy. Zip looks up at L'ton and hrms. "I guess.." she says with a little smirk. "You tellin Mai?" she asks. "I need to know cause Niah said you might not.. and that'd be bad for me to slip up.."

Zelik giggles that baby giggle, stretching his hand up at the feline, making grabbing hands, though at least there's no tail to grab. Keeping an eye on the boy and the critter, Tonny finally looks back at Zip, with a smile. "Ya know, Ah decided ta let Niah tell her, cause that ain't something Ah wanna be in the middle of. If'n Niah wants ta tell her, she can, if'n she don't, she can deal with Mai later. Specially since Ah dun even know what's going on, Ah ain't gonna be the one ta tell Mai." He shakes his head.

Snow just plays and teases, apparently amused at the boy's amusement, though a green tail slinks out now and then too. Zip shakes her head, "I see.." she says softly. "So.. after Niah has her baby..and she goes cryin to Mai..and Mai asks you if you knew.." she says with an arch of brow.

Zelik's giggles continue to ring out, as that green tail catches his eye, and he's snatching at it for a moment, and then the boy is finding Snow again, and he's batting at her much as she is at him. "Well, Ah tell her the truth, which is Ah assumed Niah would have told her. Ah mean, ya know Niah ain't no good at keeping a secret." L'ton tilts his head a bit.

Zipalla grins over at the critters and Zelik, the little green Luna now chirring and poking her head out and down to see who is after her tail. Littler Z's! She watches him bat around with Snow then finally slips out and hops down beside him, eyes whirling as she chirrs. "Well.. I don't envy your predicament..and.. well.. I'm sure it'll all be fine.. one way or another.." she says, although a bit helplessly. "No she isn't.." she does agree with that part.

"Honestly, how do Ah know that she hasn't already told Mai, and Mai just ain't telling me, cause she dun wanna talk about it?" He shrugs a bit, taking a few steps towards Zelik, to try and stop the boy should he get too rough with any of Zip's animals. "What about ya, Zip? What are ya doing, hm?" He questions, steps stopping as it seems that Zip's animals are safe for now, as Zelik flops down on his butt.

Zipalla nods her head at L'ton and smiles at him, a soft sort of thoughtful smile. She turns and curls her arms around him and hugs him, "Lookin' out for my da sometimes.." she says with a nod. "Doin? Well chores.. art.. a little trouble now and then..the usual.."

"Ain't any trouble Ah has ta worry about, is it?" He says with amusement, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a hug. "Ah'm glad at least someone's looking out fer me." He says with a chuckle, shaking his head. "Ain't nothing causing ya no problems? No heads Ah gotta go knock?"

Zip snuggles up to L'ton and smiles, "I'd never want you to worry.." she says with a teasing waggle of brows. "Not really no.. nothing new anyway…" and she laughs. "No, no knockin' heads.. I gotta get along and make it myself.. can't have my da taking care of my problems for me.."

"Aw, yer allowed ta have me knock heads until ya have a dragon ta do it fer ya." L'ton teases her, before Zelik is pulling himself back up, and there's a squeal from the boy as he tries to start climbing it, litttle legs kicking away. L'ton's giving her a squeeze, before he's quickly scooping the boy up, the boy's attention now on Zip. "Iiiip." He coos, as L'ton grins. "Nothing new dun mean nothing, though, Zip."

Persistant isn't he. Zip looks to Zelik, however and reaches for him, "Come 'ere you.." she says to her little brother, snuggling him up against her. She closes her eyes and nuzzles his little face with hers, patting his back. "ZZZZ…" she says to him, "You gotta learn that one..every brother or sister you have is a Z.." Her eyes open and she looks up at L'ton, "I'll be glad when I have a dragon…" she says wistfully, realizing..there's no guarantees. "Just the usual stuff with Mike..and missing Riley. He was so sweet to me, da.. after we found Pazinnia.. he just held me and let me cry.. stayed with me all nightpleasedon'tgetmad.." she says with a sheepish smile.

Zelik holds his arms out to Zip, waving his arms some back and forth, giggling and giving Zip baby kisses, giggling louder. "Iiiiip!" He squeals again, as L'ton chuckles softly, shaking his head. "Ya will, sweets, Ah mean, how could ya not, with me as yer da." He says lightheartedly, grinning at her. "Ah, that shardin' Weyrleader just needs ta… Ta.." And L'ton's clearly not sure what needs to happen, as he's left without a finished statement. "Long as he just held ya, and didn't do anything else. Yer still my lil girl, and well, he dun gotta stay a guy."

Zipalla giggles at Zelik and they rub noses, the pair cuddling and cooing in that secret sibling language. "Yeah he needs ta.." she agrees, also not having an answer. Her eyes dazzle up at him when he gets all protective, "Was just holdin' da.. he's very respectful.. even if.." then she goes beet red and ahems, "I mean.. well.. we like to kiss an all.. so it's not like he's not wantin..ahh…but he doesn't..oh shards.." she's gone and embarassed herself.

"Ah think Ah'm just gonna pretend Ah didn't hear any of that, mmkay?" L'ton chuckles as his eldest turns that lovely shade of red, and he's just shaking his head with a soft sigh. "Shards, ya'll grow up so fast." He murmurs, watching the pair of them, sa Zelik is continuing to coo, even as his fingers are reaching to grab at Zip's hair, and he's leaning after her shoulder, with an open mouth. "Zelly! Don't bite!" L'ton quickly reprimands, though it doesn't seem to really deter the young child.

Zipalla focuses on Zelik, thankfully, cheeks as hot as they are red and she nods, "Right.. what?" she asks, grinning, as if she didn't hear a thing either. " weren't much older than him when I was made.." she reminds him, smiling softly. The softness is broken with a little yelp and she giggles at her brother, " hair no hair!" she says then she leans her head back and tickles his belly with one hand. "Braid will work better.." she says with a nod.

"Shush, ya." He says, shaking his head, and reaching to tweak Zip's nose, offering to take the biting Zelik back. "Maybe he's hungry.." L'ton contemplates, bouncing the boys, and trying to meet his gaze. "Hungry?" Zelik is reaching for Ton's hair, then, and leaning with an open mouth. "Ooo-ie!" He says, and L'ton is sighing softly, with a shake of his head. "No cookie.." And then he's lookign back at Zip, with a grin. "Ah ain't ready ta be a granddad, yet."

" biting..well gnawing..that's Riley's job.." she says, quickly, laughing, ducking back away from L'ton as she does. "That's good cause I'm not ready to be a mom, by any stretch of the mind.. no no no.. I'm still working on my no-flight-man plan.. I think if I pay someone to knock me in the head and shove someone else into the arms of the'll all be just fine.." she says with a nod.

L'ton reaches to take a bop at the back of Zip's head, sighing softly and shaking his head. "Ah guess Ah shouldn't complain ta much, Ah mean, he ain't ta much older than ya are.." He shakes his head again, shifting Zelik. "Right, Ah guess cookie after all." At Zip's comment about a flight, he's chuckling softly. "Just wait, lil'bit, just you wait."

Zip laughs at the bop and leans back against the wall a bit, gazing up at her father, "Not too much no.." she says softly. She nods conspiratorily at Zelik then pads to her little kitchen-ish area, "I have cookies..Stole one from Mike's the other night.." she calls out, then pads back out to the pair offering one. "I AM just waiting..that's the point, glad you finally see it my way."

"Finally, something good ta come of that kid." L'ton says with a grin, as Zelik snatches the offered cookie, immediately trying to shove the whole thing in his mouth, L'ton busy for a moment trying to control him. And then, he's shaking his head. "Ah mean, just ya wait, when its happened, ya won't wanna get knocked over the head."

Zipalla laughs again, "No kidding.." she says with a snort then blinks at Zelik, "No self control…" and her voice lowers to a murmurs as she says, "Hereditary, poor kid.." then she glances to L'ton, humdeedum. "Well maybe..I mean I've heard things.. I know at the time I won't be thinking I'm doing the thinking now..'

"Ya shouldn't be so quick, ya got half the same genes he does, lil'girl." L'ton smirks at his daughter, chuckling, shaking his head. "Well, whatever ya want. Ah'll make sure Ah ain't there, no matter what, so, ya at least dun gotta worry about that." And then Zelik's settling for a slower pace and smaller bites, though he's now making a crumbly mess. "If'n ya Impress, Ah'm sure they'll tell ya but… If.. If'n ya do… Make sure ta.. Ta not go inta the flight, with no 'xperience."

"I'll bet it's worse in the boys though.." she says with a laugh. She goes almost pale at that next bit and punches him right in the arm. "Guh, da!" she barks at him, shaking her head. She squints at him then, "Well.. right I don't..ah…" she pauses then averts her eyes, easier to discuss it without looking. "I'm hopin I have time to figure that part out before a flight actually happens.. shardin' sure don't want THAT to a flight.."

"Do ya, now?" He says with a grin, shaking his head, and wincing a bit as he's punched in the arm. "Hey now." He protests, making a face at her, and then chuckling as she looks away. "Well, Ah thought Ah should say it. Ah mean, if'n yar ma was here, Ah'd have made her talk ta ya about it, but.." He shakes his head.

She nods and laughs then rolls her eyes some. "It's fine.. shouldn't be any big deal to talk about right? Just.. you know.." Ughhhh. Her lips quirk and she wrinkles her nose, "Me and Riley haven't really talked about it.. not specifically more like in code.." and she giggles. "We ah..well.." How does a girl tell her dad that a boy has seen her topless? She doesn't! "We decided we were waiting a while.." she finally says, which is true.

"Ah just know it's gotta be sort of awkward, Ah mean.." He shakes his head, before she's wrinkling her nose, and he's chuckling, with a shake of his head. "Well, when ya do, just be safe about it. And, uh.. Dun let anyone catch ya." He says after a moment, shaking his head. "Waiting fer a while, is good. Really." He says, and then Zelik's cookie is gone, and L'ton is patting him on his back. Only to win the reward of baby spitup. "Ugh.." L'ton mutters, staring at it, and then at Zip, sort of pathetically. "Ah'm gonna go change, Zip. Come ta dinner tonight?" He says with a grin, as Zelik is back to giggling and waving his arms at his sister.

Zipalla nods, "It is..cause he's so careful to be sweet to me and wants to treat me good.. so then when I wonder what he thinks I feel sorta guilty for askin..cause I don't want to sound like I /expect/ things.." more blushing. "We'll be safe..I promise.." and she smiles then hugs the boys. "Oh da, I'd love to.. I'll be there…see you later tonight."

"Well, as long as yer happy." He smiles, before he's giving her a hug, Zelik following suit, and then the two are out to get cleaned up. "See ya soon, Zip."

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