Discovering Zip's Adventure

Ista Weyr - Zipalla's Room

A bacpack lays by the door, which is sorta out of the ordinary, and Zipalla is sitting on her bed, a book in hand, her sketchbook. She's got her lip pinched between her teeth and is staring intently at the page, draw, erase, draw, erase.

Tap, tap, tap at the door, and L'ton is sticking his head into the room. Nudging the pack with his toe, he blinks at it for a moment, before shaking his head, and looking over at his eldest on the bed. "Hey, Zip.." He says with a smile, closing the door and moving to join her.

Slow to be shaken from her drawing Zip answers somewhat absently at first, "Hey…." she murmurs, brows furrowed in concentration as she works at her drawing. It is a woman, her mother in fact and she has the body done at least abstractly, the face done enough that it bears a strong resemblance to herself and is currently fussing with getting her long braid just right. The sound of her father's voice, however, startles her when realization dawns and she snaps the book shut, looking up, "What you doin up here, da?

"Just wanted ta see how ya were doing.." He grins, gaze following the book as its suddenly shut, and he's tilting his head. "Ya're practicing drawing naked people, ain't ya? That's why ya dun want me ta see, hm?" He teases her before he's settling down on the bed next to her, reaching to tweak her nose.

Zip grins over at him then blushes, "No!" she chirps in protest. Though, that would have been an easy out, feh. "Just drawing.." she says as he settles. Her eyes nearly cross then pinch shut when he grabs for her nose and she giggles, reaching up to swat at him. The sketchbook slips to the floor, landing open, though one page is sorta curled over obscuring a little bit of Pazinnia's image. She squeaks and starts to dart for it but then tries to be a little more non-chalant, edging her foot toward the book instead.

"No?" L'ton says with a grin, shaking his head at her response, pulling his hand away as she swats at him. And then the sketchbook is falling, and the bronzerider is looking quite guilty as he's leaning over to pick it up. "Aw, dun do that, Zip, yer gonna wrinkle yer pages." A hand moves to stop her foot, as he's grabbed the sketchbook, gaze glancing over the sketch of Pazinnia, before handing it back to her. "Ya ain't that old yet, Zip." He says with amusement, clearly thinking its meant to be her.

Zip tries to laugh it off but her eyes go a little wide when he looks at the sketch. Her cheeks are crimson and she presses her lips together then at his comment she exhales, "I.. oh.. well.. just dreaming I guess.." she stammers out, hoping he can't actually see her heart in her throat when she's talking, cause that's where it feels like it's settled for the moment. She glances to her mother's image for a moment then takes the book, closing it and holding it up against her chest.

"Ya ain't able ta grow up on me that fast, Zip, even if'n yer just dreaming." L'ton reaches to tweak her nose, grinning at the crimson color of her cheeks. Reaching to tug on her ponytail, he's shaking his head as she clutches the sketchbook. "What's got ya all worried, Zip? Ya seem… Ya seem like ya aren't all here."

Zip glances to the book then smiles, "I won't grow up all that fast.." she manages to say then she grins at his tugging and tweaking, her head bobbing. "I dunno.." she lies, well it's just a little white one really.. to cover up a bigger one.. isn't that how it always goes. "So ah.. you ever hear anything outta Shipton?" Zing, out of the blue, did she ask that out loud…

"Shards, outta Shipton? Ain't any of them that want anything ta do with me, and ain't any of them Ah want anything ta do with. If'n something's real bad, one of them women ain't from there may come running, and well, that how we goes all them cousins here, but.." He shakes his head. "Ain't nothing outta Shipton but wrong ideas." And then for a moment he's pausing, and blinking at Zip. "Why, were ya hoping ta hear something? Or.. Zor worried they're gonna come after her, or something?"

Gulp. "Oh.." she says as she listens. "Oh no.. just wondering.." Her fingers tighten on the book for a moment then she exhales. Part of her is so excited to have seen Pazinnia, part of her is sad to have left her there, part of her is afraid that L'ton will be ticked, and part of her is proud that she did it and got out unscathed. What's a girl to do? "No..reports of a bronzer landing out there a sevenday ago?" she asks.

"Like Ah said, ain't much of anything that comes out of there. Though, if'n a bronze was out there, Ah bet we'd get an angry letting by angry messenger, 'bout messing with their affairs." And then he shakes his head, narrowing his gaze at Zipalla. "Why, who went out there? Did ya somehow convince K'ael ta go?" And now, his voice is a bit more strained, though its hard to tell what emotion its hiding.

"Oh..well.." and then she shakes her head, "No, I didn't go with /K'ael/.." she answers quickly, before realizing the admittance salted into that response. She glances down to the book and picks at the binding, huh..right..binding, look at that.. then her eyes slowly lift. "Uhm.."

"/Zip/." L'ton says, staring at her in what really is a look of shock, surprise, and maybe even a little bit of betrayal. "/Why/… Why would ya go there, after what they did ta me.. After.. After what they did ta Zh'ae.." And he's left to stare, just thoroughly flabbergasted. "Ah.." And he shakes his head, not even sure what to say, just staring.

She winces at the look in his eyes and her own meet them wide and even apologetic, perhaps reassuring though she says nothing for the moment. Instead she looks down then slowly opens the book to Pazinnia's page, delicately touching her fingers along the lower edge of the paper. Her eyes gloss and she looks back up, biting at her lower lip.

"Zip, ya.. ya could have been hurt, or.." L'ton hurriedly shakes his head. "Or.. Or worse. Ah dun wanna think about what they might have done ta ya, if'n they'd seen ya." He stammers, moving to pull her into a tight hug, even as she's opening the book back up, and slowly he's dropping his gaze to it, and slowly everything is making sense. "That.. That ain't suppose ta be ya."

Zipalla's head lays over against his chest as he pulls her close, "I know..Riley went with me.. the rider was waiting..I had Promise too..and Riley's flit.." she tries to explain. When her eyes lift to his and he's looking at the picture she shakes her head, "S'not me, da.. it's her.."

L'ton stares, as if in shock, at the picture, before he's shaking his head and moving to close her sketchbook, hurriedly looking away, instead just tightening his hold on Zip. "Still, Zip.. If'n something had happened, Ah.. Ah dunno what Ah'd have done with myself." He shakes his head again, tightening his hold. "Ain't.. Ain't no reason ta go back, no more."

Zipalla glances down again then smiles to feel him hold her closer. "I had to see her.. I just had to.. she does laundry.. and sings.. she has the prettiest voice.." then her own voice trails off as she hugs him back. "I can't go back.. they saw the bronze and she got upset cause she was afraid we'd get caught..I think I scared her at first cause we look so much alike.." that part said proudly.

L'ton gently reaches to brush his hand over Zip's hair, kissing her on the forehead as he pulls her close again. "Zip, its why Ah'm so happy Ah have ya. Ah never really could have her, but.. Ah have ya…" And then he's resting his chin on her head, sighing softly. "Ah.. Ah guess ya did deserve ta see her but…. Shards, Zip, dun go doing that again!"

Her eyes lid at the kiss to her forehead and she smiles, curling into L'ton's strong embrace. "I just..wanted to know she was ok.. no one you've brought here from there is 'ok'.. what if she was bein hurt or.. something.. I had to see her and know.." A sigh. "And..selfishly.. I wanted to lay my eyes on my mother.. see where I came from.. she's so pretty.. and soft.. and.." then she blushes. "I won't go back, I don't want to cause her trouble."

"It.. It ain't right fer everyone but.. Ah.. Ah guess some people like it. Some people enjoy it.. Ah mean, Ah dunno if'n they can really be themselves, but.. if'n its what they want." He shakes his head, reaching to pet her hair again gently. "Ya're just like yer ma, Zip.. And yer gonna grow up ta be just as beautiful."

"I wanted to see her family..but.." and her shoulders lift. "No way to really go sneaking around where she actually lives and expect to get away scot free.." Zip nuzzles up against his hand and smiles, "I hope so.. her hair is sooo long…braided.." she nods, touching at the page again. "She stood there humming and working.. I think she knew it was me before we left..Riley kept callin me "Zippy"" and she laughs, shaking her head. "A spy he is not.. but anyway.. she seemed less afraid OF me before I left and more afraid FOR me.."

"Ya… Ya dun wanna see her husband. Promise. He.. He ain't no good." Particularly since he was so kind as to break Tonny's nose and arm for him. "Ya are, ya silly little thing.." He murmurs, relaxing a bit, as he shakes his head. "Ah can't change that ya went, but Ah can sure as shards keep ya busier, so ya ain't going sneaking off." He fusses at her a bit.

Zip has to frown at that and worry darkens her features for a moment, "He better not be bad to her.." she says softly, though very seriously. "Hah! You know how long it took me to cook this up AND find the time???" she says with a laugh. "Riley was draggin me out.. I think he was ready to leave before we even landed.."

"With what he did ta me, Ah think he might really care fer her. Ah mean, she didn't complain none, and ya dun beat a guy real bad, if'n its just a woman." He shakes his head, tapping her nose again. "Ah think ya need ta keep that darn boy round then. Ah'd prefer ta not have my lil girl in anymore trouble."

Zipalla nods her head a bit then smiles, "Well good for her then, though it was bad for you.." and she frowns. "Oh, I'm gonna be trouble for a good long while yet.." she teases him then she exhales. "Oh..and Riley got snatched to stand and a dragon mauled him a little.. he got sent to Benden.. that's why he was gone..and now he's gone again, I think maybe he just likes to travel a lot.. so.." and she shrugs.

"As long as she's happy… Ah mean, Ah am, and tis all Ah can want fer her." He smiles a bit, messing up her hair. "Well, Ah told ya he was alive, here ya were, all worried." He shakes his head with a bit of amusement, before tapping her on the nose. "Ah need ta go get Zelik, sweets. Ah hold Mai Ah'd try ta take him ta the office with me, ta see how he'd do." And the bronzerider grimaces just a little bit, with a shake of his head. "Ya come by, later, and keep us company?"

Zipalla smiles and nods, "I was worried.." then she nods up at him. "Oh..sure.." she says, closing the book and standing. "See you later."

L'ton leans to give her a long hug and a kiss the the forehead, before straightening. "Ah'll see ya a little later, lil'bit." He says, ruffling her hair one more time before he's headed out, to go collect the boy, and head to his office.

Zip hugs him back and smiles, "Have a good day..tell Mai I said hello.." then she closes the door behind him, picking up her backpack, may as well unpack it.

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