Figuring It Out

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

Its a wonderful day at Ista, as the season is turning full force into summer. As such, the majority of the people enjoying the Sands today are outside, while L'ton is inside. He's already gone ahead and got a table, and he's pacing back and forth, glancing up at the clock on the wall, and then at the door, waiting quite impatiently for someone.

Even though it's nice and warm outside S'ya is still dressed in her riding gear. The greenie comes waddling in, a smile given to the faces she recognizes before she makes her way further into the bar. She's stripping off her gear as she walks on, her gloves tucked inside her jacket before she takes that off too. When she catches sight of the pacing bronzer she giggles, shaking her head a bit. "You look a little tense, love. Hope I am not causing you too much grief." She moves in to give him a kiss, hopefully not knocking him with that baby bump of hers.

L'ton hasn't quite gotten to the point in his pacing in which he could be in danger of rubbing a hole through the floor, however, he's still checking the clock quite often. With a final long look at the clock, he's sighing softly, and turning as if to wander of, only to catch sight of S'ya there, and he's relaxing a bit. "S'ya.." He says, quite surprised, moving to wrap his arms around her to return the kiss. Baby bumps can be ignored.

S'ya nuzzles her nose into the bronzers neck before giving him a little kiss on the neck. "You look mighty tense, love. I thought you would never stop your pacing. Just keep going until there was no floor left." She's only teasing of course but there is some concern behind her words. "Did you think I would not come?" She pulls away a little in order to get a good look at his face, her hazel eyes focused on his.

"Ah… Ah dunno. Ah thought you'd get busy. Or, something would distract ya.. Or maybe ya'd just forget." L'ton admits after a moment, squeezing her a bit, and avoiding her eyes as long as he can. But then, his toes really aren't /that/ interesting. And so, he's lifting his chin to meet her gaze, giving her just a bit of a smile. "Ah'm sorry.."

"Do not be silly, love! I would never just leave you waiting like that." S'ya says before giving him a little kiss on that crooked nose of him, a hand sent out to lead him to a table. "And even if something important did come up I would make sure to send Kohia over to let you know what was going on. I would never just abandon you!" She gives him a bit of a pout before she settles into a booth, placing all her riding gear on the table before focusing her gaze back on the bronzer. "Now, tell me, what is going on love? You have been acting very strange since Zal's turnday."

"Ah.. Ah dunno." He shrugs, and follows along after her, sliding into the booth after her, and wrapping his arm over her shoulder, giving it a bit of a squeeze. "Ah was just being silly.." He shakes his head, giving her a little bit of a smile, and a soft sigh. "Ain't nothing fer ya ta worry about.. Ah'll sort it out, eventually.."

S'ya frowns at L'ton's answer, the greenie snuggling in a bit closer to the bronzer. "No, it was not just silly. Obviously it was something that was important to you." She lets out a little sigh, her eyes trailing down to her big belly. "Are you mad at me?" She asks the question that had been weaving it's way through her mind for the past few months now. "I mean, things are just so different between us now. You seem so distant and awkward when you are around me. Did I do something wrong?"

L'ton gives her shoulders a habitual squeeze, staring at the pile of riding gear on the table, shaking his head. "Ah ain't mad, Ah promise, lil-bit." He quickly reassures her, even giving her a brief glance. "Ah.. Ah just dunno what Ah'm suppose ta be, anymore. If'n Ah'm just Zal's father, or if'n yer still my friend, or.." He shrugs. "Ah just need ta know if Ah've been replaced, so Ah can deal with it."

S'ya listens silently as L'ton finally reveals what's been bothering him for so long. When it finally comes out she blinks a bit, turning to better face the bronzer. "We are friends, love. No one has replaced you or ever will. I mean, we are lovers as well but I always just thought of us as really good friends." She purses her lips for a bit before asking her own question. "What am I to you?"

L'ton shifts a bit, turning to look at her, giving her a bit of a shrug. "Ah.. Ah guess Ah just feel like that shardin' K'ael is trying ta take everything from me. And, then, there's ya, and ya only seem ta have time fer him…" Though, how much L'ton is exaggerating is up for debate. "Ah.. Ah dunno. Ya mean a lot ta me, and Ah enjoy everything we do. Ah mean.." He shrugs, with a soft sigh. "Ya ain't just a random girl, S'ya." He finally blurts out.

S'ya sighs a bit, leaning her head on L'ton's shoulder. "K'ael is the father of my child, love. I am going to be spending a lot of time with him." She says honestly, her hand trailing over the hem of his shirt. "That does not mean that I am going to move to Ista and become his weyrmate or anything. I am not the kind of girl to settle for one man. Just like you would never be happy with just one girl." She glances over at the pitcher of water on the table, moving to pour herself and L'ton a glass before continuing. "And you should know that I love you very much. I have known you since I was a Weyrling, love. I am not about to just forget you."

"Ah know, but.. Ah want ta get ta spend some time with ya ta. Ah mean.." L'ton shakes his head hurriedly squeezing her arm again, and moving to pull it from her shoulders with a soft sigh. "Ah realize that ya ain't but.. Ah dunno." He shakes his head again, reaching for his water glass to distract himself, sitting and staring in silence, even if there's a brief moment of emotion there at her words.

"You are spending time with me, love. And once the baby comes I will be able to spend some more time with just you." S'ya says, biting her lower lip as she examines L'ton. She didn't know what to make of the bronzer now, his emotions puzzling her. "L'ton, is there something else you are not telling me?" She asks seriously, eyeing him as he sets to drinking the water down in order to have something to do. "You can tell me, love. I just need to know what is going on. This is so unlike you after all."

"Ah know, but.." He shakes his head, with a shrug, "It ain't a big deal, it'll work out, S'ya.. Ah dun mean ta bother ya." And then he's trying to make like everything is alright, by putting his arm back over her shoulders, forcing a smile onto his face. "Ain't nothing, Ah'm a grown man. Ah'll figure it out." His own glass of water is spun with his other hand, gaze settled on it as the contents spiral around.

"L'ton…" Nope, S'ya is not convinced. She lets out another sigh, falling silent as she allows herself to be pulled back next to the bronzer. "You never bother me, love. You should know that by now." She gives him a little squeeze of her own. "Just because you are a grown man does not mean you cannot feel things, love. It happens to all of us, really." She watches as he spins that glass around, letting the conversation fade for a bit.

L'ton shrugs a bit, staying quiet, taking a sip of his water, before finally he ends up saying something. "Ah.. Ah just feel like K'ael's taking everything from meh. Weyrleader. Tried ta take my Zippy. Ya. Shards, he even got Suri. And, Ah only just found out that apparently he even had Mai, 'fer Ah did. Ah just.." He shrugs, sighing again, hiding behind another gulp of water.

"I do not think that is fair, love. I mean, you have so many things that are just your own. Zallesh is yours alone, not K'ael's or anyone elses. And when we are alone I am just for you." S'ya puts her hand on L'ton's cheek, moving to angle his face so that he's forced to look at her. "You need to forget about K'ael and just focus on yourself. It is not a competition, Tonny."

"Ya say that, but ya know ya wouldn't care if'n K'ael wanted ta help raise Zal, just like he'll help with this one. And…" He shrugs, leaning his head lightly against her hand, with a little bit of a smile. "But, Ah love Mai… And Ah care about ya. And.." He shakes his head. "But, it ain't fair.. Even if'n its not a competition.."

S'ya starts to sniffle a bit, the greenie pulling her hand away from L'ton. "I would never do that! I want Zallesh to know you as his father." Oh, she's crying! Congratulations L'ton, you made a pregnant woman cry. She grabs up a napkin, patting her tears dry. "And I know it is hard, love but well, it happens sometimes. Mi'ken loves you and that was in the past." She blows her nose before taking another sip of water to calm her nerves. "I wish you would just remember that we all love you just as much or even more then K'ael."

L'ton looks horrified as she starts to cry, the bronzerider's eyes widening, as he quickly moves to try and give her a hug. "Ah.. Ah'm sorry, S'ya.." He says softly, shaking his head. "Ah.. Ah just.." And then she's blowing her nose, and he's looking a bit down, at the fuss he's caused. "Ah.. Ah hope so.." He finally admits, biting on his lip, as he hugs her close, if she lets him after making her cry.

S'ya clings to the bronzer, shaking her head a bit. "I love you Tonny so it hurts me to see you like this." She confesses, burying her face into his chest. "I will always be here for you and I want /you/ to be Zal's daddy. No one else should play that role." She calms herself down soon enough, feeling a bit embarrased for her own outburst. Emotions get the best of everyone it seems.

L'ton feels guilty, now, and its obvious from the look on his face. As she buries her face into his chest, he's shushing her softly rubbing her back and hugging her. "Ah'll be here as long as ya want me here, S'ya.. O'course Ah wanna be Zal's daddy.. he's my lil boy and Ah love him a lot." And then, he's leaning to kiss the top of her head. "Ah love ya ta, S'ya.. Even though Ah know we both also love other people, and we always will."

S'ya finally looks up, her eyes free of tears since she mopped them up earlier. "We are always going to be a family. You, Zal and me. And even if Zal was not here we would still be good friends." She smiles a bit when he says he loves her back, even if it's got that disclaimer tagged on there. She wouldn't have it any other way, really. She wasn't one for sticking to one guy. She moves to give him a kiss and a hug, hoping everything was settled now. At least for the time being.

If there wasn't the disclaimer, it just wouldn't be Ton. Squeezing her tightly, and returning the kiss, he gives her a little bit of a smile, and a hopeful look. "Ah can still come and see ya? And.. And maybe get sometime ta myself with ya? Without that darn green of yers going and screwing it all up?" Insult to injury, that!

"Of course, love! Just let me know when you want to visit or well, I could stay over the night here today if'n you wanted." S'ya says, teasing him a bit with the last few words. She snuggles up a bit closer to the bronzer, happy to be in his arms. "And So says she cannot help when she rises." She says with a giggle, relaying her lifemates thoughts. The petite green was out on the beach at the moment, enjoying the warm rays on the sand.

"As much as Ah'd like that, Ah know ya'd be more comfortable in yer own bed, rather than in a guest bed… And Ah couldn't ask Mai ta share hers." As much fun as that could potentially be. "But, all ya gotta do is say when yer free, and Ah'll be there.." He promises, squeezing her close, and rolling his eyes, more relaxed than he was even a few minutes ago. "She still had bad timing.." He murmurs.

"Well, if you say so." S'ya says with a playful pout, the greenie moving in to give him another kiss before she grabs up her riding gear. "How about you come by tomorrow? I have a half day then, only working with the Candidates really." She watches him curiously to see what he'll say, grinning a bit when he murmurs. "Silly little green, always ruining someones fun, huh?"

"Ah'll be there.." He promises, with a smile, kissing her again, and moving to help gather up her things. "Now, dun ya forget about me, lil'bit.." He teases her, none of the worry of earlier showing through his light words. "Least Ah shouldn't have to worry about So, not yet…" Before he lets her go, though, he's reaching for a hug. "Ah'll see ya soon?"

S'ya would never back away from a hug or a kiss, not from L'ton at least. She gently rubs his back as they embrace. "I will be waiting, love. Maybe we can go for a swim or have a picnic." She sounds pretty excited by the ideas, no doubt already making up some plan in that head of hers. "And no, So is not going up any time soon, so no need to worry about our fun being ruined."

"Ah look forward ta whatever ya have planned, sweets…" Giving her another squeeze, he steps back to let her go, this time having no issues watching her, even having a small smile on his face. "Thanks, S'ya.." L'ton actually calls after her, even as he's glancing back towards his office, seemingly having just decided there's something else he has to do.

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

Its a gorgeous Istan evening, and L'ton is hurrying home. While there's a look of concentration on his face, there's none of the need that accompanies him having just lost a flight, and so it's something else that's on his mind. "Mai? Mai, love?" He calls as soon as his feet are hitting the ground from Dhonzayth's back.

M'iken is relaxing, Zelik's on his back playing with the little mobile hanging above his crib and kicking up a storm, but is having fun at least. When the bronzer returns, she gets up off the couch and heads over in his direction. "Hey." She says, a smile popping up at the sight of him. "Have a good day?" She asks, slipping her arms over his shoulders and pressing herself against him as she kisses him lightly.

L'ton pauses to glance at Zelik, chuckling a bit as he spots the baby playing with the mobile, shaking his head and sighing to himself at how big their boy already is. As Mai's meeting him, however, he's giving her a huge smile, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close, catching her for a longer kiss. "Everythin's better now than it was fer a bit…." He pauses, and then he's meeting her eyes, giving her a unwavering look. "Have.. Have Ah told ya, lately, how much Ah love ya?"

Mai's smile doesn't faulter and she nods a bit. "You have. What happened?" Usually she would just let things rest, but she's been hearing some things about the weyr that are a little wierd. People are saying Ton's moving all his ladies into the weyr and she's gotten a little more curious about her weyrmate's daily activities.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly, giving her a smile. "Ain't nothing happened. Though, ya dun have ta worry about Athena… Ah dun think that she's gonna be talking ta me much." Who knows what L'ton did, but the greenrider's certainly not happy with him anymore. "But.. Ah just realized how much ya mean ta me.. How much.. How much Ah dun wanna have ta let ya go."

M'iken arches a brow in curiosity about the thing with Athena and nods a little. She brushes some of that fringe of bangs out of the way a little so she can see his eyes a little more clearly, that small smile still on her face while he talks, untill taht last part. Then suddenly her brows furrow together and a frown touches her lips. "Why would you have to let me go?"

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly, as she frowns slightly, and he realizes how his words sounded. "Ah.. Ah didn't mean it like that Mai. Ah mean, that.. Ah never wanna have ta go, and Ah never wanna lose ya. Ah.. Ah realized how lucky Ah am ta have ya." He says softly, reaching to gently run his fingers through her hair, ducking his head, before looking back at her. "And.. Ah.. Ah'm sorry if'n Ah've been difficult lately, but now Ah realize that ya've gotta really love me, fer putting up with me all the time."

The frown disipates when he starts babbling and turns into a bit of a grin. "Shh, I feel like you're always apologizing to me. I knew what I was getting into you know. Yeah I get jealous, and yeah I'd beat up anyone of your other women if they were ever rude to me or talked badly about you. But I love you for who you are, ya know? Have I told /you/ how much I love you lately?" She asks, resting her forehead on his.

"Ah think ya just did…" L'ton chuckles, resting his head against hers, before leaning for a soft kiss. "Ah.. Ah just realized that… Even if'n someone takes everything else away… As long as Ah had ya, it'd be alright.." He admits softly, lifting his hands to her chin, gently running his fingers through her hair, and tilting her gaze up just enough to look deeply into her eyes.

M'iken furrows her brows again. "See, saying things like that makes me think something's happened." She says pulling away only slightly sos she can find his hands and lead him over to the couch. "You can tell me things ya know. I might be able to help." The couch is a good place to talk right?

"Ain't nothing happened, not really. Ah.. Ah realize that now, even if'n Ah thought there was. Ah'm just making stuff up, and worry for no reason." He reassures her, as he follows her along to the couch, pulling her into his lap as he settles down. "Ah know, love.. Ah just never wanna make ya worry.. And.. Fer right now, Ah just want ta have ya.." He tells her, giving her a long kiss to prove it, as his tone shows he's not hiding anything.

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