Bathing the Dragons

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

There's a white towel laying on the beach, contrasting sharply with the black sand so it's quite obvious. The owner of the towel is out in the water with her dragon. Well, more like above the water on her dragon. Psy is bobbing out deep seeming to enjoy herself and be relaxing, while Pi is definitly relaxing… laying on her back between the dragon's wings.

Dhonzayth gracefully glides down to the water, folding his wings and and settling into the water with a satisfied rumble. L'ton, meanwhile, arrives on foot, a white towel thrown over his shoulder, in just a pair of old shorts. Having a bit of help in identifying the pair in the water, he cups his hands around his mouth, "Hey there, little one!"

Psylenith watches the bronze coming into the water, even if they are a safe distance away. Pi pushes herself up and eyes the bronze before smiling a litle. Probably not going to have a repeat of the last time she was doing this and a bronze dragon arrived. The aloof one will probably ignore them. Eyeing the beach she rolls her eyes. "Ah ain't little, an' either is Psy fer that matter."

Dhonzayth snorts at the pair, splashing water with his wings before he settles more calmly, content to soak for now. L'ton dumps his towel near Pi's, before starting to wade out into the water. "Ya're smaller then meh, and she's smaller then Dhon. So y'all are little ones." He responds teasingly, continuing to move out in the water

Pi settles back down on her stomach, legs bent at the knee and feet waving in the air. She watches L'ton going out into the water and smirks. "Yet Ah can still beat yeh up."

"Ya can only beat meh up cause Ah won't hit a girl. 'specially not a cute one like ya. Wouldn't wanna mar that face of yars." He winks, moving to climb up on Dhonzayth's side, leaning against it idly, the bronze scooting closer to the green.

Pi rolls her eyes. "nah, yer jus' too chicken ta try." Blink. "Ah ain't cute." Unless M'kan says it.. then /maybe/ it would slide by. She eyes the bronze a bit suspiciously. Nope, no trusting huge monsterous dragons while in the water. Almost got smooshed and drowned last time. "Yeh never answered meh."

L'ton glances at her rather innocently. "Answered ya what, little girl?" Dhonzayth's tail flicks back and forth, just above the surface as he continues to drift closer. "Ah think ya're the one that never answered meh."

Pi raises an eyebrow. "If'n yeh ever liked meh, or jus' kissed meh to annoy me." Could be a combination of the two really. "An Ah don' remember yeh askin' meh a question." so there. Psy croons a little at the bronze, saying hello really.

L'ton shrugs off the question, winking. "Ya wouldn't believe me if I told ya." And he leans towards the green as Dhonzayth continues moving closer, actually crooning a response, one large eye watching her. "Who's the one bugging ya?"

Pi shakes her head slightly at that. "Yer obnoxious. An' Ah /did/ answer tha' question. With the fact that yeh don' get ta know." Cause she doesn't trust him, and it'd be mean to say anyhow. "Ah don' wanna embarress 'im or nothin'." She sticks her tongue out at the boy and sighs.

L'ton makes a move to jump from Dhonzayth to Psylenith, of course, that's if the green lets him. "If he's embarrassing ya, he can do with a bit of embarrassing himself. Ya're just embarrassed cause its someone terrible, ain't it?"

Psylenith allows the jumping though shifts so L'ton gets his lower half in the water briefly. Just to be mean. Pi obviously was warned as she hangs on. Rolling her eyes she sighs. "He ain't embarrrassin' meh on purpose, an' no, it ain't someone terrible. Now if /yeh/ liked meh.. /then/ Ah'd be embarressed."

L'ton cuts off a bit of a yelp as he's dunked, but then he scrambles back up, moving to stare at her. "And why am Ah embarrassing? Ah happen to think Ah'd be quite the catch?" And he winks at her, leaning against Psy. "Come on, girlie.. Just tell meh."

Pi smirks at the yelp and pats Psy a little bit, she loves her dragon really she does. "PSY!" is yelled for some reason though, after L'ton says what he said. Hrm… who knows what the dragon was commenting on. "Cause yeh are. An' Ah ain't tellin' yeh. Yer not tellin' meh what I wanna know either so we're even… well not quite as what /yeh/ wanna know has nothin' ta do with yeh."

"Ah see yar lifemate there agrees with meh, does she not?" And a teasing wink and L'ton moves to tug on Pi's hair, if he can. "But it has ta do with ya, so it has ta do with meh, didn't ya know?" Dhonzayth, even without L'ton, has scooting closer, spreading his wings a bit to float. "If'n ya tell me who it is, Ah'll answer yar question."

Pi blinks at the hair tugging and thwaps at the other. Not actually punching him or anything, just a thwap at his arm. "Stop tha'" Grump. Eying the other she smirks a little. "Ah don' believe yeh.. an meh business /ain't/ yours."

L'ton sticks out his tongue at her, pulling his hand away. "Hey!" And he shakes his head at her. "Ah can't believe ya don't trust meh." Hm. "How bout ya tell meh, and if'n Ah dun tell ya back, ya can kick meh or hit meh, or whatever ya want."

Pi rolls her eyes at that. "Why would Ah trust yeh? Yer known ta do stupid things, an Ah /don'/ want yeh bothin' him 'bout it." She eyes him at the idea and smirks a bit. "Well, Ah /could/ jus' kick an hit yeh fer not tellin' meh now." Psy eyes the bronze and rumbles a little bit.

L'ton makes a "cute" face at her, shaking his head slightly. "How could ya not trust meh?" Pause. "Look, ya aren't even giving me a chance ta be trustworthy! How insulting!" And he plays irritated, turning his back on her, and huffing.

Pi just rolls her eyes again, ignoring the cute face. Cute faces don't work on her really. Maybe there's some exceptions but obviously Pal isn't one of them. "Yeh played pranks on meh plenty of times back home, yeh ain't exactly trustworthy. So no, Ah don' trust yeh."

"But Ah'm older now! Dhonzayth wouldn't let meh lie, would ya Dhon?" And the bronze snorts, flicking his tail in response. "Come on," L'ton pleads. "Won't ya please tell meh?"

Pi rolls her eyes. "Like Ah'll trust yer word on tha'… an why d'ya wanna know anyhow? It shouldn' matter ta yeh. Nothin's gonna happen with meh an' him." Psy flicks her tail as well. Is it imitation? Who knows.

L'ton shrugs a bit. "Ah'm just curious, a'right? And, Ah wanna know, so Ah can keep mah eyes on 'em. And if'n Ah have ta, keep 'em from getting ta ya when Psy goes up." And he shrugs again. Dhonzayth flicks his tail again, ensuring that he splashes more water then previously.

Psylenith flicks her tail… swishes it really to splash the bronze dragon back. "Hey.. cut it out yeh two!" is yelled from Pi… she's trying to hold a conversation here after all. "Whoever wins is gonna get ta meh, tha's how it works. Don' worry about it." So she sounds a little worried herself but then again of course she is. "If his dragon wins then… well, Ah guess what happens happens."

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "But Ah'm sure Ah could try and keep him from doing that. Or Dhon could get in his dragon's way. Ah doubt his dragon could take on Dhon, here." And he pouts slightly. "Ah dun see why its such a big deal, ya know." A deep breath, and he quickly blurts out, "MaybeAhlikedyaoncebutAhwasafraidofyahurtingmeh." And he turns rather red, sliding away from Pi as he does so.

Pi rolls her eyes yet again at the whole explination and shrugs. She's about to reaffirm that the flight should just happen how it's supposed to and leave well enough alone. But of course she doesn't get to that. Instead as he blurts out she blinks. "Ah… don' think ah got tha…" and Psy fills her in. "Oh…. yeh were afraid of meh /hurtin'/ yeh? Ah only punched yeh cause yeh kissed meh."

L'ton snorts softly. "Ah saw what ya did to a lot of the others - Ah wasn't about ta take that chance." Pausing, he glances sidelong at her, making sure he's safely out of reach. "Ya aren't gonna hurt meh now, are ya?"

Pi sighs and flops down, instead of propping her head up more. "Ah punched 'em cause they kissed meh, an' tha' didn' stop yeh from kissin' meh, not ta mention actin' all shocked when Ah punched yeh. Nobody actually asked meh if Ah liked 'im, or said they liked meh." You have to do that /before/ the kissing.

You don't have to. Afterall, sometimes people are too shy to say anything, for fear of scaring the other person. Yet, a kiss breaks through the words, and well, generally there's less embarrassment. Or something. L'ton shifts rather nervously. "Who do ya like?"

No a kiss breaks through a person's face, indirectly of course. Cause and effect. "Ah'm with M'kan, remember? Yeh knew tha'." There's a slight sigh there though and she lays her head no her crossed arms, using them as a pillow. Psy rumbles and the girl blushes. "It /don'/ work like tha!"

L'ton inches a bit closer, reaching to give Pi's cheeks a bit of a poke. "Ya're blushing. What's this green of yars say, hm?" And he nods absently. "Ah dun just mean now, though. Ah mean, did ya like any of 'em?"

Pi lifts her head and arm to thwap at his poking hand again. "Stop tha'." No poking at her… or pointing out that she's blushing. "She ain' sayin' nothin'." Not that he needs to hear anyhow. "The ones tha' kissed meh? Most of 'em were jerks. Maybe if they'd ya know… talked ta meh an' hung out with meh and asked if maybe Ah'd date them… then maybe Ah would've thought 'bout it."

L'ton bats at her hand in return, continuing to poke at her cheek, gently. "If she ain't saying nuttin', then ya wouldn't be blushing like that. Ah know better." Pause. "Ah think they were too scared ta talk ta ya, and all."

Pi shakes her head a bit. "Well they talked ta meh, but mostly teasin' meh or makin' fun of meh 'bout how Ah wasn' a proper girl an all. Tha's why Ah liked M'kan right away, he was nice an' we had fun an he didn' try nothin' or anythin'. Treated meh like Ah was a person, not a stupid tomboy or nothin'… or jus' a silly girl."

L'ton waggles a finger at her. "Its not that ya aren't a proper girl, ya just aren't like all the rest at home. And ya know, now if'n they did that ta ya, Psy could probably eat 'em. Or, at least make 'em think she will."

Pi smirks a little bit at that. "Nah, Ah'm sure she'd encourage 'em or somethin'… Ah'd punch 'em again… almost punched M'kan when 'e kissed meh the first time… guess it's a habit now." There's a little smirk at that. "It was differen' though, an actual kiss not someone jus' kissin' yeh randomly."

L'ton narrows his gaze at her slightly. "What else has M'kan done, hm?" And he watches her, glancing over his shoulder at Psy's head. "What all does she encourage?"

Pi blushes a little bit at that. "Only what Ah let 'im… he ain't taken advantage of meh or nothin'." There's a little shrug at the question about Psy. "She encourages tha' Ah enjoy mehself. Not get tied down or nothin'." Well, that's one way of putting it.

L'ton gives her a poke. "Can weh expect little Pi's then? Cause if'n weh can, Ah think Ah have some damage ta do." A wink and he grins. "Ah'm always free, ya know." And he quickly moves out of the way from any sort of retaliation. Or at least he tries.

Pi thwaps for the mention of little Pi's and everything. "No, Ah ain't havin' kids anytime soon. Got some stuff ta keep tha' from happenin'." No way she wants kids right now. "Yer always free fer what?" Yes, she's oblivious, don't ask… she just.. yeah, she's special.

L'ton snorts. "Ya just shouldn't be doing anything like that, and then ya won't need no stuff." A bit hypocritical, ain't he? "But, since ya have it… Ah mean Ah'm always free for ya to come spend all sorts a time with."

Pi rolls her eyes. "Psy's gonna go up.. an Ah can' /help/ doin' tha' sorta thing…" He gets a nice little glare for the comment about him. "Yeh know… tha's exactly the sorta thing Ah hated back home, not ta mention here."

"Ah'm just teasing!" Well, sorta. "As long as ya ain't going to have no little monsters running around, Ah suppose its alright.." Like she really needs L'ton's permission. "Am Ah still allowed about when she does go up, hmm?"

Pi sits back up again, pushing against the almost napping dragon. Psy's probably listening of course. "Yeah, like Ah said, Ah'd rather have yeh win then some others, even with yer stupid comments an' tryin ta kiss meh."

L'ton tilts his head. "Ah wasn't sure that ya wouldn't change yar mind, all things considered." Pause. "Ya know ya would miss meh, if'n Ah wasn't around ta bug ya!"

Pi smirks a little at that and shrugs. "Not like yeh could stop 'im from chasin', an' yeh can' leave bein' wingleader an' all." She shrugs a little. "An yeah, Ah'd miss yeh. Ah like havin' people ta talk to who are from back home."

L'ton shrugs. "Ya know they dun chase all the time. And, Ah mean, Ah could go somewhere else if'n ya really wanted." Her last comment has him beaming sillily. "Ah told ya!"

Pi smirks a little bit at that, "Yeah yeh did, but tha' don' mean nothin'. It's true so it don' matter if yeh claimed it or not. Yer meh friend, even if yeh are a jerk sometimes." The girl gives a shrug and starts looking mischevious.

L'ton looks rather offended. "Ah'm hardly a jerk, thank ya very much, girly!" And at the mischievous look, he looks somewhat nervous. "What are ya gonna do?"

Pi gives a 'yeah, right' eyeroll at that. "How 'bout how yeh treat Ponce? Ah'd call tha' bein' a jerk." She doesn't answer the last bit, mischevious look still present, though muted a little.

L'ton snorts. "Ponce deserves everything the boy gets, silly girly-boy. Ah mean, if'n he'd just stand up far himself." A shrug, and he scoots away from her a tad more, gaze narrowing. "Pi…" You're scaring him.

Mischevious look gone. And now replaced with a rather pissed off expression instead. "See? Yer a jerk. It ain't like he didn' try ta stand up fer himself, an' there ain't nothin' wrong with him bein' a weaver." Psy rumbles a little, feeling nice intense emotions through their bond.

L'ton shrugs. "Ain't nuttin' wrong with a weaver. He makes nice stuff. Better that then him trying to catch sheep." And he shakes his head a bit, eying the green nervously as Dhonzayth rumbles back. "He gotta learn somehow."

Pi keeps with the glaring though, even the admittance of there nothing being wrong with Ponce being a weaver. "Then /don'/ call him a girly-boy. Got it?" Yeah… it sounds pretty much like a threat. "Ah don' like it, an Ah don' want yeh callin' /anyone/ tha'."

L'ton eyes her for a long moment, rolling his eyes. "Fine, Ah won't call him a girly-boy." At least not within her hearing. "Ya're so pushy, ya know."

Pi crosses her arms. "Good." And ignores the rest of it. She doesn't care if he thinks she's pushy. That picking on Ponce bothers the heck out of her for some reason or another. Psy rumbles a little and brings her head up to peer at Pi with a croon.

L'ton blinks at the green and her rider, nervously attempting to figure out which is more dangerous, and he shakes his head. "Ya aren't gotta kick meh, are ya?"

Pi just shakes her head a little and reaches to scritch the green's eyeridge with a little sigh. "Ah know." is said with a smile though, obviously to the green and not Pal who is currently blacklisted.

L'ton scoots off Psy and onto Dhonzayth, watching Pi rather nervously. "What do ya know?" He asks, evne if it wasn't directed at him.

Pi shrugs a little bit. "Tha' she loves meh." The green was trying to make her feel better. And the green gets another grin and more scrtiches. "Guess Ah'll see you around?" is asked rather offhandedly to Pal.

L'ton smiles a bit at her, inclining his head. "Ah'll let ya be - Have fun." And both Dhonzayth and L'ton start moving towards the shore, leaving them alone.

Pi rolls her eyes slightly but at least the dragon is calming her down and all. «Appologies for how mine was acting, she has a bit of a temper» is passed on to the handsome bronze Dhon…. okay fine, just bronze.

L'ton wades out of the water, gathering up his stuff, and headed off. Dhonzayth takes a bit longer, « Yours was tempery, but you are wonderful. » He offers, before taking off after L'ton

Pi just goes back to laying on her dragon and calming down a bit. «From the dragon who ignored me during our visit to his weyr of all places» It's said with a little amusement really.

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