Shoe Shopping

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza(#850RJs)

S'ya is waddling through the plaza, the Xanadu greenie having come for the opening of the art gallery. In one hand she carries a wrapped painting and in the other is a bag full of little things she's picked up here and there. She looks slightly uncomfortable and so takes a breather, resting on a bench.

Who needs an excuse to go to Ierne? After all, there's plenty of shopping to be had, not to mention the resident pretty girls. Of course, it seems that Tonny's here for the former, at least for now, as he's meandering the central plaza, even if he seems a bit out of it, as he circles, not paying much attention, and even bumping into some poor soul who was 'in the way'.

And here's Suri! Suri and her little baby girl, too, who was sobbing loudly. "Hush, hush, love. I'll get you a bubbly? How's that sound?" The greenrider coos and cuddles the infant, holding her close. She was making her way around the crowd to the hall when she spots the other pregnant greenrider, blinking at the painting in curiosity. And of course her pregnant belly. Without seeing where she was going, it isn't a surprise that she gets bumped into— or bumps into herself— Tonny. "Sorry!" she says immediately, only for little Maiya to start crying all over again.

The sound of crying children causes S'ya to glance over Tonny and Suri's way, a slight tilt of the head issued before she gets to her feet. "Are you alright, loves?" She asks the pair, eyeing L'ton curiously. "Shells love, you look a bit out of it. Have you been drinking already?" She teases the bronzer, giggling a bit before she eyes the shrieking child. "Oh, no need to cry little one. Let auntie S'ya hold you!" She's totally ready to take the infant off her mom's hands, anxious to hold and coo little Maiya.

L'ton is blinking a bit at the person he's bumped into, before shaking his head and smiling when he realizes that its Suri. "Hey sweets.." He offers, before Maiya starts to cry, and there is a look of distaste crossing his face. Clearly, this bronzerider has heard who that brat belongs to. He's taking a half step back, making as if to excuse himself, before there's another familiar greenrider, and he's shaking his head. "Thinking.." He protests, even as S'ya's reaching for the infant herself.

Suraiya blinks up to L'ton, shifting her baby in her arms before her face breaks out into a wide grin. "Tonny! Faranth, it's been awhile, hasn't it? I think…. How've you been?" She giggles to herself, loudly too as if to drown the sounds of her crying infant. Because Maiya continues to cry, getting a distracted backrub from Suri all the while until the greenrider looks over to S'ya. "Oh? Auntie S'ya? Are you… a sister of mine?" Blink. Who knew, they might have been related afterall! She giggles again and holds Maiya out to the greenrider before putting her hands to her hips and turning to the bronzer. "Thinking! Of all the places to do that, you could have hurt yourself out here!"

S'ya catches the look that crosses L'ton's face, a tiny frown issued before she moves over to give him a kiss. "Thinking about what, love?" When Suri confuses her for a blood relative she just giggles. "No love! Do you not remember me from Xanadu? Sophyrinth's rider, S'ya?" She takes the baby though, cooing at the little red head. Oh, she was so looking forward to a huge family. "And what is your name, little one? I remember K'ael told me but I can barely remember. Maiya?" She guesses, her hazel eyes moving over to the clueless mother. "And yes I agree, of all the places love!"

"Trying ta figure out what ta get Zippy, fer her turnday.." L'ton admits after a moment, starting to turn and look around him at the various stores there, before S'ya's closing in, and he's giving her a kiss, though its a bit of a hesitant one. As Maiya's in S'ya's hands, and K'ael's name comes up, the same brief look crosses his face again, before he's turning to look back at Suri, tilting his head, and forcing a bit of a smile. "Well, ya've been busy, having a baby, and all. Ah've been good, though.."

"Xanadu?" Suraiya stares at S'ya a moment, tilting her head this way and that. Nope, probably not. "S'ya! Right…" She giggles again and shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I must have been very distracted that day." Like every other day. "Oh? You know K'ael? And Maiya!" Suri claps her hands together in excitement, moving over to sit on S'ya's other side and nodding her head vigoriously. "This is little Maiya. Isn't she so cute? She's just like her big sister when she was born, too." Her blue eyes look up to Ton and she gives her lower lip a bit of a pout. "No kiss for me, love? And Zipalla… Have I met her? What does she like? Maybe See… see— er, maybe we both can help you look for something!" Yes, apparently S'ya was that hard to remember.

"Zippy? Oh, Zipalla? I met her not too long ago. Sweet little thing. Maybe you should get her something pretty like a necklace?" S'ya suggests, swinging Maiya gently in her arms. When Suri finally recalls her she just giggles a bit, not taking any offense whatsoever. "No worries, love. I know how it goes. And yes, I know K'ael." There's a little nod to her baby belly before she glances over to L'ton. "Though I know L'ton a lot better." When the other greenie offers to help the bronzer find a suitable present she beams. "Oh, that sounds great! Unless you do not want us tagging along, Tonny?"

L'ton really needs to work on that whole willpower thing, for as Suri's pouting a bit, L'ton is giving in a little - just a little - and leaning to give her a kiss as well. "Didn't wanna assume nothing.." He murmurs to himself, before smiling, and shaking his head. "Dun think ya have. She's my lil girl. Or… Ah guess she's my lil girl.. She's gonna be fifteen." Man, that makes him old.. S'ya gets a surprised look, shaking his head. "Ah dunno if Ah'd say that, S'ya… Ah mean.." He shrugs a bit, before their offer is giving a bit of a smile. "If'n ya'll wanna come, that's fine.."

Suraiya smooches L'ton right back before she's beaming brightly again. "Always a kiss for you, love!" She winks to L'ton before turning to her baby, who had finally stopped crying to stare at S'ya with big wide blue eyes. But the loud squeal is coming from Suri and not the baby happily being swung about. "You're having K'ael's baby? Look, Maiya, the mother of your brother or sister! That's /great/! I thought that little Maiya would be the only one, poor dear." She giggles loudly and moves to give S'ya a hug, if she's allowed. Her head is bobbing quickly right back to L'ton as she looks over S'ya to him. "Oh, definitely still your little girl. Doesn't matter how old, she always will be, right? And I'd be happy to give you a hand! What better than the advice of two girls?"

S'ya continues to cradle little Maiya, the greenie already having succeeded in calming the infant down. She moves over to hand the baby to Suri after the riders have exchanged a welcome, shaking her head at L'ton. "Fifteen in an important age! She is almost a woman now so maybe something a bit fancier would do?" When the bronzer doesn't immediately agree with her no how well they know each other she frowns a bit. "Well, if you think so." Is a sad S'ya! But it can't last very long since Suri is squealing and moving in for a hug. "Oh! Well, thanks love! And yes, what better advice than ours?" So L'ton /has/ to let them tag alnog.

"Well.. Ah dunno what Ah think, S'ya…" L'ton admits after a moment, giving her a bit of a sad smile, before he's moving to help each of them up in turn, giving the baby a long stare, and a shake of his head. "Whatcha mean fancier, then, lil-bit?" He questions, before glancing from one to the next. At least their advice can't cause his little baby girl to lose her morals too, right?

Suraiya takes her baby girl again with a raspberry against her belly as she's picked up, definitely making the little girl happy. She cuddles the baby close, bobbing her head with each word that S'ya says towards the bronzer. "Maybe something that will make her feel more grown-up. A dress with some makeup, a really nice set of jewelry…" Suri's usually all for baking when it comes to turndays, but she seems to furrow her brows a bit in thinking. She takes the bronzer's offer to help her up, clinging close to him with her free arm if he allows.

S'ya accepts L'ton's help, stumbling a bit when she's on her feet but managing not to knock into the bronzer. She does use this to her advantage however, her hand giving him a bit of a squeeze. "Maybe you should let me do the thinking on that subject then?" She says softly before picking up her purchases. "And I meant something more refined, you know, a party dress or maybe a pretty hair pin. Oh, makeup would be nice!" She agrees with Suri, taking up the bronzers other arm. Attack of the greenriders!

"Well.. Ah guess we'll figure that out later, love?" L'ton offers to S'ya, squeezing her hand and moving to put his arm over her shoulders, even as he's keeping his arm around Suri as she stands up as well. Despite his rather… distance mood, it seems that he'll at least enjoy having the girls around, even if he's not sure where he stands with them. "Ah wouldn't even know what type of dress she'd want…" The perils of shopping for girls.

Suraiya finally looks between S'ya and L'ton, just now picking up on that exchange. She lifts her brows curiously but otherwise doesn't dare say a thing. Nope. Not when she was happy to scoot herself into the bronzer's arm, even while keeping a comforting arm around the baby at her hip. Maiya was quiet now, at least. "Definitely a dress that makes her look more like an adult. Really pretty, but still looking older. Maybe something low cut!" Suri might not be the best to choose. Well, either greenrider, really. She giggles under Ton's arm. "It's difficult shopping for a girl, we know!"

"Of course, love." S'ya replies, snuggling in closer to the bronzer as they set off. "And well, what is her favorite color? Does she like lace and frills or is she more of a plan girl? Oh, we could find her matching ribbons too!" When Suri mentions a low cut dress she just giggles. "Not /too/ low cut. She is his baby girl after all." And we didn't want Zipalla running around Ista the same way these girls had. Driving all the boys mad and strutting their stuff. "Oh, but maybe a slit? Just one that goes up to her knee."

"Ah think not so much lace and frills, but.. just pretty. Ah mean, at that costume party, she had a pretty flowing dress, but it wasn't all.." And the bronzerider apparently lacks the words to describe what it wasn't. "Ah.. Ah dunno. Maybe some sort of blue, or green?" He shakes his head, finding himself at a loss, even as his fingers tighten at each of their waists, a look of shock on his face. "Ah.. Ah think we should stay away from low cut."

"Some matching jewelry might be better. Ribbons might make her think of being a little girl," Suraiya points out with a giggle. "Oh, no! What she'd need is /shoes/." Because that just makes the outfit complete, afterall! Suri was definitely enjoying this. She shifts Maiya in her arms to settle her more comfortably as the little girl starts dozing off. She looks up to him when the arm tightens and giggles at the look on his face before leaning up a little and pecking him on the cheek. "Alright, alright. No low cut. But I definitely like the idea of a slit! It'd be really nice. Not too high."

"Flowing? Hmm, I am sure we can find something just as nice but maybe a tad tighter." S'ya says happily, ignoring the odd looks they're getting. One pregnant girl, one girl with a baby and a Weyrsecond in between. Kind of made Ton look like a pimp! "Oh, you might be right about the ribbons Suri. Shoes would be better. Nice heels too, to show off her calves." She leans over a bit to grin at Suri at the mention of the slit. "Just a small slit."

"Shoes and a dress?" And it seems that L'ton has just given into whatever the girls have in mind, ignoring the looks that they're getting, even if there's little part of him that would rather not be caught between these two girls in particular. "Ah.. Ah suppose ya ta should lead the way, then, hm?" He grins at each in turn.

Suraiya is not ignoring the looks that the trio were receiving. Nope, she doesn't even notice them! So how could she actually ignore them? "Yes! That sounds perfect. A pretty dress and some really nice shoes from her daddy!" Suri nuzzles into the tuft of red hair on Maiya's head and then makes sure that they were heading in the right direction, towards the store. S'ya gets a giggle and a glance. "Yes, yes. Small slit, we'll make sure of that." Suure. "I know just the place!"

S'ya bobs her head happily, letting Suri do the steering. After all, the greenie was an Iernite. "Oh, maybe some in violet? With sequines adorning the bust? Oh, and some strappy silver shoes too!" Poor L'ton. He'd better not let these crazy greenies pick out the outfit or else he'd have a very interesting turnday present for Zippy. "Zipalla is your eldest, right?

"Ah dun think Ah like sequins." L'ton pipes up, cutting off S'ya's planning, shaking his head at the two of them. What a pair. "She is.." He confirms to S'ya, before turning to look at Maiya, wrinkling his nose a bit at the baby, and then he's moving to hold the door open for both of them. "Ladies first.." He offers with a smile. maybe this wasn't the best idea."

Suraiya's baby was adorable! And so far looked only like her mommy. "Sequins can be nice, if they're used just a /little/ bit." And by a little it probably means a lot for this greenrider. "Maybe just a little bit of sparkle on it, then. Or if we just find a really pretty dress." She goes through the door first, rubbing the sleeping baby's back. "Aw, Mai, one day you'll be shopping here too with me!" It's almost like she had forgotten of her older daughter already. She moves immediately towards the dresses, glancing back for S'ya with a beaming face.

"Not a fan, love?" She asks L'ton was a giggle, slipping in before him when they arrive at the shop. "Your very first baby. Hmm, it has to be something just right then." And she's already scanning the goods, her eyes sticking to a fiery red dress. "How about that one?" She asks, taking it off the hanger in order to model it. Lucky for Tonny the slit isn't that huge and it's actually pretty toned down, except for the color. "This one does not even have sequins on it so no need to worry." Though she does slip Suri a smirk as she scans the price. "I bet I can talk her down to half of what they are asking too. Nice pair of place shoes and she should be all set to go!"

"Not red.." L'ton quickly dismisses as he follows after S'ya, turning to gaze after Suri as she's doing her own browsing through the options. "Ah.. Ah don't think she'd like the red. And, no sequins.." He reiterates with a bit of amusement to the ditzy Suri, shaking his head. "Ah mean, its nice 'nuff, 'side from the color.." And he continues to stare at it as if pondering if he actually likes it. And if Zippy would like it.

Suraiya looks away from the wall she was scanning towards S'ya's pick before giggling loud enough to make Maiya whimper and shift against her. "No, no… I think that kind of dress really wouldn't be one for Tonny's first." She can be sensible enough! "But if you /could/ talk her down… I bet I can fit in that in a few short months!" She eyes the piece before going back to her browsing. Lavender comes out next, a soft color with a strappy dress. Not too low, but low enough to show something, though there wasn't a slit to the short dress. "How about this? Maybe she'd like more of a summer dress type of look, too? Something she can wear around more often!" But then that threw out their fancy idea. She moves to dump her dress into Ton's arms.

"Not red? Okay." S'ya says, placing the dress back before looking around for another one. Her hazel eyes snap on a seafoam green dress with a modest sweetheart neckline and all. The only thing that makes it look sexy is that it's very form fitting, on the display at least. "That lavender one is nice but maybe it is a little too casual? Unless you want a sun dress?" She moves to add her own choice to the bronzer's pile before grinning over at Suri. "Maybe we should look for a little black dress? Not /too/ little mind you but, well, short enough?"

L'ton suddenly has a lavender dress in his arms, and he's gently rubbing the fabric between his fingers, holding the hanger up infront of him to glance it over. "This ain't bad.." He concedes, glancing it over again, even as he's standing rather hopelessly in the aisle, letting the girls sort through what's for sale. It'd be like looking for a needle in a haystack, if he was going to start sifting through it all. As another dress - this one pale green - joins the pile, he's left looking over that one two. "Well, what do y'all think? Ah mean, think of this as practice…"

"Summer dresses can be casual and fancy with the right shoes," Suraiya points out to the other greenie as she picks a few of those on sale. She sorts through the yellows and the oranges with furrowed brows before sighing and turnin back towards S'ya. "Oh! A /black/ dress sounds wonderful. They're very fancy." She bobs her head, giggles, and then fixes Maiya in her arms before returning to the bronzer with a purse of her lips. "It's a tough choice if it's just those two… But you know what'll do the trick? If we find the perfect shoes! You want to pick something by yourself, Tonny?"

S'ya catches L'ton feeling the fabric, a small smile spreading over her face. He was so cute and helpless when it came to this stuff. "Well, I like them both but I think Suri's is a bit cuter. And she is right, if you pick the right shoes it will make all the difference." She admits, moving back to examine the fabric more carefully. "I think she would look lovely in it, too." When L'ton mentions practice she blinks a bit. "Practice for what, love?" When Suri agrees with her on the black dress she giggles. "Maybe it will be a bit too grown up after all. Seeing that we both like it so much."

L'ton continues to gently rub each fabric between his fingers, before he's reaching to touch the other dresses nearby as well. "Maybe.. Maybe Ah should get her both?" He stares at the fabric in his arms, and then at each girl, with a bit of a smile. "Fer when yer girls are all grown up." Because, well, S'ya's certain to have a girl at some point with her huge brood.

Suraiya beams up to L'ton when he mentions getting them both. "You really are the spoiling sort of father, aren't you?" She giggles and nods her head first to him and then S'ya. "Oh, but she'll definitely need shoes for them. You think one pair will work with both?" That was the confusing bit… "Maybe next turn," she notes to S'ya with another giggle. "I bet she'd love to own a little black dress. Or the red one, by then." She cuddles Maiya close and then nods up to L'ton. "Oh, definitely! My little girls will be the best dressed ones out there!"

"You could do that too." S'ya says with a grin, glancing down at her belly when the bronzer mentions daughter clothes shopping. She was hoping this time it would be a girl. "Guess we will have to wait and see about that. I might get unlucky and only have boys like Ysa." When Suri mentions getting a pair of shoes that will match both dresses she eyes the gowns, trying to think of which color would go best with both. "Gold?" She can't help but smile at the greenie's declaration. "We should have a playdate soon. Zal needs to hang around kids his own age more often."

"Ah gotta spoil my lil girls… Ah mean, Ah take good care of my kids, unlike some of 'em idiots." Both women get a look at that, before they're going onto talk about shoes, and the possibilities of next turn's turnday. "Ah'll worry about next time, when next time comes.." He decides, before he's glancing from one dress to the other again. "Do ya think Ah need two different pairs of shoes? Or..?" At the mention of gold, he arches an eyebrow. "Gold dun go with purple." Even he knows that. The mention of the playdate has him looking at S'ya questioningly. "Me, or her?"

"You'll have a girl so Maiya can have a sister!" Suraiya tells S'ya with a big grin. She was sounding pretty certain about that, too. "And gold might work… Gold works on a lot. Even for lavender, maybe. Depends on the shoe!" That's what really matters. She catches L'ton's look and her smile falters for a moment as she hugs Maiya a bit closer. "I take care of my kids! Look at Sai and Rai and Lai! They're grown up real good already." She moves aside to look towards the shoes near the front, only to turn around to give S'ya and then L'ton a glance. "Oh, we should /all/ have a playdate with the kids, I think. The triplets would love that!"

S'ya catches that look and frowns a bit. K'ael was a pretty attentive father so far. When he puts down gold she frowns. "It goes! It just has to be the right shade. And both, love." She throws in a wink for the bronzer before starting up the search for shoes. "You think so? I have had a lot of people say it will be a girl. A lot of old aunties said my belly was shaped for it." She grins over to Suri before shaking her head when the greenie confuses what L'ton meant. "He was talking about K'ael, love. Not you."

Attentive father, or attentive lover? "Ah'm sure ya do, Suri-love.." L'ton reassures her, even as he's following after her to look at the shoes, looking at the gold stuff, and at the dresses. "Why not silver?" He tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about, which he really doesn't. "And. ya just gotta let me know. Though, Ah guess ya ain't able ta between ta much longer, hm S'ya? Ain't even come ta visit me either.." He sniffs a bit, as if trying to pretend to be hurt, though maybe he is, even if he'd never admit it.

Suraiya glances between the gold shoes and the silver ones before turning to look up to L'ton. "Why don't you select something for your, ah, girl yourself, too? I think silver might match, too!" In the right shade. She picks one gold sandal with high heels before setting it down again. To S'ya she bobs her head. "Oh, certainly. If they know, they know. I've heard of something like that too, about the belly." She eyes the greenie's belly for a long moment right about then as well before jerking her head towards L'ton with a gaping mouth. "K'ael's a good daddy! And L'ian, too!" Because she can just hear her twin somewhere around the corner calling them both idiots.

"Silver might work too. Oh, actually that would be really pretty." S'ya says brightly, picking up a strappy pair to show the bronzer. When he mentions her time limit for betweening and her not visiting him she pouts a bit. "I know, love. I have been awful these past few months. It is just that with my new duties and all I have been a bit weyrbound." When Suri sets to defending the fathers she giggles a bit. "Whoever said anything about the other, love? All three men are good fathers, Tonny is one of the best for sure!" There's a hint of mischief in her eyes before she shifts her parcels a bit.

"Ah'll believe that when Ah see it. Ah'm sorry, Suri, but Ah wouldn't be surprised if'n he was off taking advantage of that poor brownrider, or at least thinking 'bout it. Maybe she'll knife 'em and he'll learn his lesson." L'ton mutters a bit, though as the girls okay silver, he's staring at the flatter shoe options, trying to figure out what would be best, complete with a blank look, one that is turned on S'ya soon 'nuff. "What's that look for?"

"K'ael? Brownrider?" L'ton was confusing poor Suraiya's mind! She stares at him a moment before laughing. "Oh, do you mean Sari? Sari'd never hurt him! I think she secretly likes him, too," she mock-whispers with a wink. She turns back to look at some of S'ya's choices, though she was mostly following up on L'ton, not shifting the baby so much now that she was passed out on her shoulder. "Those are pretty," she notes to a few of them he was passing up, especially ones that had at least a small heel.

"F'yr?" Seems S'ya was up in everyone's business! The greenrider picks up another shoe, going for a heel that was not too tall but that still made the shoe look sexy. "Look? What look love?" She asks with a giggle. "I was just thinking about something you did a while back and how that was when I knew I wanted one of your babies is all." Now it was S'ya's turn to be confused. "Sari? Who is that, love?" A hand moves down to her stomach though when the baby gives her a good kick.

"What did Ah do?" L'ton looks confused as well, shaking his head at Suri and S'ya. "Not Sari.. F'yr." He confirms S'ya's guess, even as he's reaching for the shoes in S'ya's hand, tilting them this way and that, examining them before holding them up for the other greenrider's inspection. As S'ya's hand moves to rest on her stomach, L'ton's gaze drops to her stomach, before he's biting his lip and leaving the dresses over the counter, before he's shoving his hand in his pockets and looking anywhere but at her rounded belly.

"F'yr?" Suraiya repeats, since everyone was saying that name, anyway. She shakes her head at Ton. "Nope. I don't know her. Oh! Is she going to have K'ael's baby, too? Is she back at Ista, too, or Xanadu? We should all get together!" Baby playdates! She giggles and nods at the show that S'ya picks up. "I like it." Her giggle turns into another laugh after a moment of staring at the pregnant greenrider. "Sari's my sister, silly!" /Everyone/ knew that, afterall. "You might have seen her around these parts. She looks like me!" Well, minus the baby fat.

S'ya drops her hand from her belly soon enough, moving over next to L'ton in order to give him a kiss. "I have a free day tomorrow, if you do not mind me being as huge as a weyr I can always stop by." She says with a little sigh, grabbing up her things before turning to Suri. "No, love. F'yr is just a friend of K'ael's. And you have a twin?" She says with a giggle, waddling over to the greenie before giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I will send Kohia over to arrange the details of a playdate then?" Oh, seems like she's heading back home.

"Promise?" L'ton actually asks S'ya, looking at her with a mixture of emotions on his face, biting his lip before he's leaning to give her a kiss in return. "Ah never mind ya, even if'n ya actually were as huge as a weyr. Ah just miss ya.." He quickly reassures her, though his admittance is quiet, and then he's giving her a long hug even as she's gathering up her own things. Glancing back at Suri, he has to avoid a chuckle, as the girl's words are enough to make everything seem a little brighter. "Shards, if'n she is, he really will be stabbed.."

Suraiya pouts just a little when this mystery girl was just a friend. "I see. Oh well. I'm glad that you're pregnant and healthy then," she tells S'ya, making sure to look at her instead of ever using her name, probably because it was already forgotten. She looks between the two of them again and giggles. "You two sure are close and cute together!" She shifts Maiya and then gives S'ya a side-hug so as not to disturb the baby. "Absolutely! I'll be looking forward to it, and I have my own firelizards to send a note back. It'll be great!"

"Promise, love." S'ya says, giving L'ton a quirky little grin. "And well, I will hold you to those words." She eyes the pair before giggling at Suri. "S'ya, love. But do not be shy to ask me if you forget." And with a wave she waddles out, moving off to meet her lifemate and make her way back to Xanadu with her goods!

"See ya soon, love.." He says after a moment, giving S'ya a hesitate smile, before watching her go, and then he's looking back at Suri, and shaking his head. "We're.. just friends. Ah think." L'ton's still not sure on all that. "Ya need a hand, getting back? Ah'ma get these fer Zipalla, but, Ah'd be happy ta walk ya home.."

Suraiya watches S'ya make her way out with a big grin and a nod. "Oh, I never forget!" Lies, of course. She giggles loudly and then waves her hand as the greenrider makes her way out. "Bye, S'ya! I'll stop by Xanadu sometime soon, too, to see little Maiya's sister!" Once she's one she turns back to L'ton with a wink. "Oh, sure. We're all very friendly, too." She looks at the purchases and nods again. "Oh, if you don't mind at all, that's fine with me. Maiya's been out for way too long already, and I should be heading back to put her down."

L'ton just shakes his head and gives her a bit of a smile. "Well, Ah ain't sure what's going on here, either, so.." He admits slowly, before he's turning to pay for the dresses and shoes, getting the packaged up and arranging to collect them on his way home. Once he's finished, he's offering her an arm, to help her home. "Ah'm surprised ya have her out, already.."

"You don't? I obviously see it! You like her, she likes you. Isn't that how it always works?" Suraiya giggles and then takes the bronzer's arm when he's finished, though she moves in close so that she can still keep Maiya comfortable where she was. "Oh! I was speaking with my friend earlier, to check her over, and was going to go to the caverns so she can meet her brothers and sister! But she should really go home now." Suri has done the whole showing off the baby enough for the day.

"No, no, Suri-dear.. Ah meant you and me. S'ya.. S'ya and Ah'll figure it out." As she's at his side, he's giving her a bit of a smile. "Least ya make pretty babies, Suri.." He reluctantly admits, as they walk back to her home.

"Easy again! I like you, you like me!" Suri gives the bronzer's arm a squeeze and barely even has to tilt her head up to give him a kiss. She giggles and then beams brightly at his compliment, giving the sleeping Maiya a kiss on the head too. "Oh, of course I do! And I still hope to have more pretty babies in the future!" Of course, the topic going home was going to be about babies.

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