Psylenith Rises

Well, there's plenty of reasons to be hanging about the stables at High Reaches, especially if you live there and are scoping out its condition for another barn party. Which is exactly what Milowyn is doing there. Of course, the bronzerider that she doesn't recognize is a distraction, causing her to deviate from her original intention and saunter on over to him. "Good day," she greets with a warm smile, "Enjoying the sights around here?" Maybe she doesn't recognize the man she pushed into cold water after leading him on.

Pi actually has a reason for being here, and an obvious one at that. After all she is a beastcrafter still, though L'ton and Lisle's plotting made her less active in the craft. As soon as the bronzer's spawn is old enough though, that will be rectified. The greenrider is actually inside the stables right now though, holding up a runner's foot as she examines the bottom of the hoof. Pal is really there just to stalk here, right? But if he didn't know she was there he might recognize some of the cursing coming from inside. Psy actually isn't anywhere visible right now, off sunning herself on a ledge and blinding everyone who comes down to land in that particlar bowl as the sun reflects off of her even more radiant hide.

L'ton is a good distraction! At least for now. As the brownrider saunters up, he's tilting his head to greet her, giving her a bit of a grin. "Hey ya.." Luckily, he's not recognizing her either, and perhaps its for the best. However, the distraction is distracted shortly after that at the cursing, and he's tilting his head, giving Milowyn a nod, indicating that they should head inside to make sure everything is okay. "Everythin' alright in here?"

Milowyn is certainly game for following the man inside. Who knows what damsel in there needs rescuing, or something? When she spies Pi, a grin lights up her face. "Well… /hello," she fairly purrs at the familiar greenrider. "How are you doing?" Though, Pi does look as good as ever. Heh.

Pi is placing the hoof down very carefully as the two make their way into the stables. "Shardin' riders who don' know how ta take care of their own runners. Or even bloody well lis'en ta directions!" That'd be the response to both questions, no things aren't already, and she's very frusterated. The rather skittish looking rider standing outside the stall looks ready to retreat even before she fixes him with a glare. "Ya /ain't/ given' him more grain, none.. ya hear? An' he's ta stay in that stall." finger point to one across the aisle that's is deeply bedded with straw. "And he /ain't/ ta go out on pasture." Grump. And she'll storm past everyone to go outside and plop down, still muttering to herself.

L'ton freezes as what he finds in the stables seems to be what he was expecting after hearing the curses, though not what he was expecting when he originally came to High Reaches. As he watches her with the runner and the rider, he's glancing back to Milowyn, smirking a bit at the woman's sweettalk, before Pi is storming past them> With a shrug, and a friendly arm moving to try and drape over Milo's shoulders, he's steering them back outside after her. "Aw, Pi-sweets.. Dun get so angry.."

Oh yes, that's right, her name is Pi. Milowyn simply blinks at the angry tirade, but isn't too put off by it. Nor is the arm draped over her shoulders unwelcome. After all, he is going the direction she'd like to be going. "You look like you could use a drink," she says in a friendly, coaxing tone to Pi, trying to get the other woman to calm down and warm up. "And a hug."

Pi glances up at the two in front of her, and glares, obviously still a little upset. Admittedly Pal gets more of it directed at him, but he really shouldn't be suprised about that, though a sulk would be expected. "Ah can get angry if'n Ah want, and don' call me sweets!" Surly as always, or possibly more so. "And mayhaps a drink." Nothing is said about the hug though.

"What was up in there, Pi?" He questions, giving Milowyn's shoulder's a squeeze and the brownrider herself a grin, before he's moving to offer his other hand to Pi, to try and help her up. "How 'bout Ah buy ya that drink, then? While Ah can still buy my wingleader a drink.." He's heard about the deal, and as usual, he's not too put off by her surliness.

"I know of a good place or two to get a drink," Milowyn replies, still grinning at Pi, though not letting on yet that she's got a most excellent collection courtesy of her man back at her weyr. That information can be saved for once they've got a few drinks in them, or Milo's deemed one or the other fun enough to drag home. "You should join us," she coaxes, apparently with L'ton on this one.

Pi blinks a little at Pal her confusion breaking the surliness just briefly, and then it's back. "Uh… ya still could ya know.." M'iken would be drink-buyable after all. Finally she shoves herself to her feet without actually taking any offered hand. "Fine." Rather grumpy for being offered free booze.

L'ton has to buy M'iken drinks anyway, wingleader or not. That's what happens when you have a relationship with someone. As she gets up, he grins widely at her, moving to offer her an elbow formally, as if to escort her to wherever the booze is. "Though, Ah'll let ya lead, sweets.." He grins at Milowyn. It is her Weyr, after all!

Yes, it is her weyr, and of course of the three of them she would know her way around best. That, and she gets benefits through her association with Dee… beyond certain bedroom benefits, that is. After glancing at Pi for a moment, Milowyn beams brightly at the other woman and gestures towards another portion of the weyr away from the stables. "It's over this way," she replies, waiting for Pi to start moving before she leads her new friends towards a good place for a drink. And of course, once they're there, they would get a special booth for the special Milowyn customer. Having a vintner as a bedmate has some great perks.

Pi does recognize Milowyn of course, though possibly also doesn't remember her name. But who could forget their fun times together? Or fun times almost together as the case may be. But she'll go along with and slump down into the part of the booth she's claimed as hers. "Better make it somethin' strong." Apparently it's been a long day. There's a pause before her head falls down to make contact with the table. "Real strong." Why would she say that? Well, Psylenith had finished her lounging and began prowling the ledge back and forth like a tiger at the zoo. And finally about the same time Pi gave herself a nice headache, the green launched into the air with a bugle for any of the boys to hear.

L'ton is steered towards this fantastic drink spot, and he's sliding into the booth, leaving Milowyn to do the ordering for all of them - after all, she clearly has the hookup here - and he's leaning to gently pat Pi's shoulder as her head hits the table. "Shards, Pi.." He mutters, even as he tenses, with Dhonzayth shooting himself upwards after the familiar, glowing, Istan green. Come back! He bugles, as he's caught up in the chase.

At least they're so used to Milowyn and D'ion that even if she shows up with some random strangers, and is making eyes at one or both of them, she doesn't get odd looks. It's just Milowyn, after all. "Don't worry about that," she replies to Pi with a wink, and then does the ordering. So of course they'll get something strong /and/ yummy. Seeing as how Pi is so nice to look at, though, she'll just sit across from the greenrider. And if L'ton is next to her, he can get some cozies from her. Because he's a male, Zemesuth takes off after the proddy female as well.

They're all in the special booth of the local tavern, where it's a mite quieter, and the drinks are first-rate because Milo's weyrmate is a vintner. Ahh, the perks.

Not to mention a very glowy green dragon /just/ launched the the skies off of one of the ledges located in a bowl.

Pi can't be blamed for the situation that lead them all here. After all she would have been perfectly happy alone at the stable without two of the more questionable maleriders she knows. Definitly not the most questionable or even close, but still the fact remains. As a drink is set near her head she lifts it off the table. One hand goes out and drags the glass towards her. Yummy? That's only if you can /taste/ the drink, Pi simply downs in it one go. That can't be healthy at all. Psylenith has indeed taken to the skies and bugles a rather gleeful note as she spots all the males coming up from below. She does enjoy these things, but let's not be too hasty, there's no way she's letting herself be caught yet.

L'ton is happy enough to be settled opposite from Pi, as this puts him next to the more inviting Milowyn, at least for now, and he's draping his arm back over her shoulder as they sit there. His drink is given a testing sip, but then it seems to be okay, for he's taking another gulp, eyes bulging as he sees Pi down the whole thing. Dhonzayth isn't going to attempt to catch Psylenith just yet either. Because, after all, the chase is half the fun, and well, he enjoys seeing that bright green butt swaying to and fro up there in the sky.

Isn't Milowyn the one who led them all, quite willingly even, here? And the drinks will keep on coming, Pi, so just keep downing them. Over her own drink the brownrider smiles at Pi's healthy drinking habits. "Mmm, strong enough for you?" she teases, eyes twinkling with mischief and mirth as she enjoys the good company of Pi and L'ton. "Though I do wonder, if we perhaps should take our drinks somewhere more comfortable?" she suggests, gaze flickering from the greenrider to the bronzerider next to her. Of course by comfortable she really means private.

P'nce slides up to the main bar in the tavern, and quietly orders a drink. The man sighs a little, his hair a little mussed and he fidgets some on the bar stool. If P'nce had things his way he'd be on his way back to Ierne by now, but no, apparently there was a green that Tirigeth just /had/ to chase. Rather silly really, Tiri usually doesn't get caught up in flights. While he sips at his drink a orangey striped brown rides on the air currents in pursuit of the green, chirping happily and seeminly just happy to be in the air flying.

Pi hopefully isn't going to be having too many more drinks, at least not at that speed. In fact as the glass bottom hits the tabletop her eyes swim for a moment. Oh yeah, that's going to hit the system /really/ fast. Probably not her wisest move but hey, if she's drunk she doesn't really have to deal with this, right? "Ah'm gonna go get some water." slipping out of the booth she wanders towards the bar not entirely aware of what's going on, and straight into P'nce with a "'cuse meh." is muttered as she grips his arm to steady herself. The two at the booth have been temporarily ditched, but it's there own fault for /both/ sitting across from her. But she'll be back, once she gets that water. If she makes it back.

Psylenith enjoys the flights as well, but is spending /her/ time going up, very much up. Admittedly one can't fly straight up too long so she is weaving about some as she lets the air currents boost her along on her journey. «Don't be /too/ eager, it's no fun if we don't have far to fall.» less dragon hanky-panky that way.

L'ton isn't too concerned as Pi meanders off, after all with all that alcohol in her system, its not as if she could get too far. Particularly not if Milowyn and himself both put their mind to stopping her. Not to mention that Psylenith's emotions will send her back soon enough, at least, to one of them. "Ah think somewhere more comfortable is a good idea.. Ah mean.. easier now than later.." He murmurs to the brownrider, giving her shoulders a squeeze, and nodding for her to follow after Pi, just in case. Dhonzayth continues to chase after Psylenith, weaving in and out of the thermals, even though his larger wings carry him higher, faster, even if there's is a bit more of him to get airborne. Though, that also means there's more of him to enjoy, right? « Waiting is worth it.. » He agrees, angling upwards.

"Uh.. wait!" Milowyn calls after Pi, darting to grab her hand before the greenrider can get too far, but missing obviously. "The… bartender could get us some water…" she adds in feebly. With L'ton's urging she's on her feet, drink still in hand of course, and headed after Pi. Once she's got her water, she and Tonny can help haul her off somewhere more comfortable, right? "Bartender, water please?" she asks, gesturing at the tipsy greenrider. In case she forgot where she was going and for what. See, Milo takes care of her friends. Zemesuth is still part of the chase, enjoying the heady rush of endorphins, adrenaline, and other hormones that drives him onwards after Psylenith. « For you, I'd wait… » is his reply, though there's a slight barb accompanying the thought that he won't be waiting for the other males.

P'nce mumbles something about it being alright, and then realizes he recognizes that voice and stops in his tracks, looking somewhat flustered. His brain finally connects who that bright green dragon that Tirigeth is chasing is bonded to and he involuntarily gulps. "Oh. Pi. Fancy meeting you here." He catches her arm to hold her steady as he spies her companions. Eyes widening slightly, he nods at the two of them. Yep, wishing more than ever now that he'd been able to leave before this went down. Tirigeth passes a tiring blue who's stamina is nearly spent «Haha, beat 'ya!» He calls cheerfully and then continues his leisurely ascent. He probably isn't closing the gap with the forerunners at all, but thats alright.

Pi evades Milowyn! Not that she was really attempting, she was just intent on getting that glass. And maybe escaping for a moment as well. There's a blink and a peer at P'nce before she manages to move her jaw slightly. "Uh.. Ah take it Tirigeth's chasin'" Yup, this night has just goten ten times more awkward. And then the other two appear behind her and she turns to peek at them. "Ah found P'nce" is announced, just in case it wasn't obvious. Milowyn and Pal just want to drag her off so that if they don't win they still get her, Pi's player at least realizes this even if Pi doesn't even realize they're attempting to you know, drag her off. Milowyn should never /ever/ give her that strong of a drink in that sort of situation. Psylenith seems okay with those answers, though she doesn't make a reply short of a tail flick to all of those behind her. Shooting over the weyr and out across the mountains she seems to simply revel in the whole thing and not tiring quite yet.

L'ton isn't really that horrible of a person! He just.. like girls. "Come on, Pi.. we should go somewhere else.. less ya want everyone ta try and get a piece of ya, after Psy's caught.." He murmurs, even as he's moving to pull Milowyn back to his side, trying to at least keep the brownrider close by. "Hey, P'ncey." L'ton smirks a bit at the slightly younger man, even as he's taking a sip of his drink, shaking his head. Psy's not the only one shooting over the mountains, as Dhonzayth is trailing behind her, flying so that's he's just slightly above and behind her, keeping her in his favorite place. And so, he's keeping close by, until she /does/ tire.

Milowyn is pulled back with L'ton, but only grins for it. No worries, boy, you're not going to be losing your new friend for the moment, at least not while there's a commonly shared goal. P'nce gets a little bit of a leer, but then she reaches her hand out to pet Pi's hair in a manner intended to be soothing and comforting. "Come on, we really shouldn't let this go on /here/," she points out. Yes, Pi, listen to Tonny and Milo, they're full of reason, even if they do want to drag you off somewhere for oodles of fun. There /are/ worse people to end up with in bed, after all.

"Yep, Tirigeth's chasing." P'nce admits sadly. As L'ton speaks his ears ears redden. How embaressing, that after all these long turns that he'd still have that reaction. "Hello L'ton." He says cooly. The rest of the drink is finished in one big gulp. Maybe Pi has the right idea, and the alcohol will hopefully take the edge off this unpleasantness. The other brownrider is glanced at, and quickly ignored after the leer. Pi sure has some strange friends. "Umm, have fun you guys." P'nce says weakly, and waves a hand to shoo them off. He's pretty sure he knows why the other woman is trying to drag her off, it's not something he wants to be a part of. Tirigeth admires the view of the mountains as he pumps his wings and angles toward the green, so much different from the scenery around Ierne. « So Psylenith, how have you been? » The brown asks cheerfully. As if a flight is a perfect time for small talk.

Pi turns, still holding tightly to her more awkward cousin's arm as she eyes the other two standinb behind her. Sure her eyes don't /entirely/ focus well but there's a hint of defiance on her face at their whole plotting thing. "Ah can bloody well take care've mehself. Ya should know tha' Pal.. didn' Ah break yer nose?" And with /that/ she's going to turn right back around and pull P'nce towards her and full out kiss him. Take /that/! Err… right. Yay for booze and flights! P'nce could be one of those worse people in all honesty, as it'd be mighty awkard in the moment, but apparently Pi doesn't think that now. Or wait, is she just not thinking at all. No time to talk on Psy's end though, oh no.. no checking up on how everyone's been. There's only rising higher and higher into the mountain clouds with a 'marco polo' style trumpet on occasion. Here I am boys!

"Well, Ah just figured Ah should remind ya that there's better places ta do this. More comfortable places… With more drinks." And L'ton's trying to be the voice of reason, if it means that he can get Pi to meander somewhere else, with him and the sexier brownrider. "Ah mean.. Ah'm sure the bar would be someplace different fer ya ta have fun, though.." He teases her, guffawing even as Pi is giving P'nce a long kiss, leaning to try and mimic it with Milowyn. Dhonzayth trumpets 'Marco' loudly, as Psy continues to flee towards the clouds, and he's working to stay above her all the time. At the reply of Polo, he's realized he's lost her, and is quickly moving towards her, trying to get back in place.

You rutting idiots, the correct reply is 'Polo', and Zemesuth will be sure to get that right even as he pursues the bright Psylenith. "Mmm, a bar could be fun," Milowyn replies, lips curling into a mischievious smile that dampens at the sight of Pi making kissyfaces with someone else. No smoochies for Milo? Well, a kiss from L'ton is a good consolation prize, at least, and she'll not be objecting to that, or resisting it, really. Though, her eyes do dart to the side now and then to see what Pi is up to next. After all, who can argue that Pi isn't the most interesting of the bunch at the moment?

P'nce would have been happy to go back to his empty glass and pretend none of the three of them existed, but Pi derails that plan nicely. He comes up for air gasping. Whatever Pi had to drink must have been extremely strong, he could smell it on her breath as they kissed and that combined with the quick downing of his own drink and the unexpected kiss leaves him feeling rather queasy. He never did have much of a stomach for drinking. Quickly he's pushing her aside and heading back out out of the tavern. Poor Pi really, to have the guy you just kissed head out the door to puke. And what fun new game is this? Tirigeth bets he can trumpet louder than any of the other dragons, and he lets loose a mighty bugle as he races up into the clouds.

Pi is more interesting than Pal right now, to a hot girl even, so HA! Oh yes, she does believe Milowyn is hot but that's entirely beside the point right now. There's a definite pout at P'nce leaves her with the two crazy people. Okay the two people set on dragging her off and having maybe a bit too much fun. "Poooonce" is the drawn out whine that follows him as she pouts.

Psylenith enjoys playing games with her chasers, and the fact that her 'marco' is actually echoing off the mountain sides doesn't seem to bother her at all. Hey, the ones who deserve her won't be fooled, right? Finally the radioactive green bursts out the top of a cloud with a bright bugle, the ground having given way to a deep valley below. Apparently that was the last of her real energy though, as her wings start to falter. Somebody had /better/ catch her or this could go badly. The same could be said of Pi though as the girl loses her footing. Yes, while standing still. She's damn skilled.

L'ton is pulling away from his Milo-kiss as P'nce is suddenly pushing past them and out the door, the Istan turning to stare after his poor cousin, shaking his head, and then looking back at Pi. Just in time to see her fall, and he's moving to try and catch her. Of course, even at that very moment, his Dhonzayth is attempting to execute a similar move, as Psylenith has suddenly reappeared, and Dhonzayth is practically right on top of her without expecting to be. As she starts to falter, his own motions are mimicking his lifemates as limbs are outstretched to try and grab her wingsails so that he can twine his neck with hers. Hopefully.

Looks like all the fun gets to happen in the tavern. What a show the others will be treated to. Milowyn grins at the end of the kiss, and also steps forward to help steady the greenrider. No, Tonny, she's not trying to get in your territory, she just wants to share, because sharing is always better and more fun. Although, Zemesuth wouldn't exactly agree with that, because he'd much rather have Psylenith for himself, rather than share her with another. He doesn't swing that way, though his rider might. "Shall we…?" Milo asks of the two, gesturing in a general direction that indicates elsewhere they can get to the fun. Unless they want to put on a free show..

P'nce is too busy with the whole emptying his stomach thing to really care about Pi's pouting. Besides didn't she like L'ton and the the other crazy brownrider? At least P'nce can be glad he put his hair up in a ponytail this morning, or it'd be getting really messy right now. And just the thought of his hair getting full of puke causes another round of heaving. Meanwhile, Tirigeth is really getting into the chase now as it reaches the climax. He eager zips off after Psy's trumpeting, and seems to be closing the distance between them. As he breaks through the top of the cloud cover he squeaks triumphantly! And then peers around at the vast nothingness surrounding him. Apparently the confusing echoes led him to the next valley over. Drats.

Pi might like L'ton and Milowyn yes. Doesn't mean she wants to end up in the sack with both of them… okay maybe that's stretching it a little. Doesn't mean she wants them /plotting/ and trying to lead her off and corner so so that they both get her. In fact the whole idea of being cornered was putting her off. "Ah'm leavin'" is stated and she pulls away from the both of the, wandering admittedly the way Milowyn was trying to lead. She'll snag some random guy… at least she thinks it's a guy, doesn't really matter. As Psylenith is caught though grabbing his shirt and dragging him into a bit more of a kiss than she gave P'nce. Okay, quite a bit, you can pratically sense his toes curling in his boots as his eyes widen. Speaking of Psylenith being caught, Zemesuth doesn't have to worry at all about sharing her, if only because he doesn't get the green at all. She is indeed caught from above, which is a rather silly place to do catching as she's started to fall. The green nearly slips through Dhon's talons but he grips on to her her tail winds up to wrap around his.

Dhonzayth is keeping Psylenith from falling downwards at all, as his stretches his brassy wings to keep them both aloft even as he's twining his neck and tail with the green, claiming her for himself. /He/ won't share, even if his rider doesn't seem to mind anymore than Zemesuth's. "Hey!" Dhonzayth protests as his lifemate catches Pi's, but she's off kissing someone else. "Pi!" He protests a bit, tugging Milowyn along with him as he follows after Pi, trying to detach the greenrider from her poor victim, so that she can be their vic-Friend. Fun friend.

Hey now! Milowyn and L'ton practically just met, and she doesn't even know his name. There's been no plotting or conspiracy between the two of them, they're just clearly running along the same wavelength. It's Milowyn's turn to pout as she's turned down in favor of some random stranger, who Milo is clearly better looking than, and most certainly more fun than. But she'll be tugged along behind L'ton, quite gladly even, to help him get their new Fun Friend off the random guy (or is it a really butch lady?) and to somewhere a little more suitable. HEY, there's a hayloft, guys!! Zemesuth will just creel all dejectedly before he glides down to return to the ground and unwind and cool off there.

P'nce stands up again, peering around to see who may have caught him puking outside the tavern. Satisfied that no one is about to give him trouble about it, he debates whether to go back inside or not. He really isn't too worried about Tirigeth catching Psylenith, but, theoretically it /could/ happen. As he considers the options a sad little sqeal pierces his thoughts, and P'nce spends the next minute or so comforting his lifemate while trying to figure out how the heck Tirigeth got himself lost, and how to get him back to the weyr.

Pi jerks her head back away from her new-found smoochbuddy, leaving his eyes spinning slightly. Silly Pal interupting her fu-… but wait /he/ could be fun too. So now she's kissing him. Milowyn is never, ever allowed to order the girl a drink again, as she wraps her legs around Pal's waist and arms around his neck. Well, at least she's movable now, though the bronzerider may have some trouble walking. I know, Milowyn could lead him to uh.. safety.

L'ton finds himself with a Pi wrapped around him, and he's kissing her in return, even, as an arm is flailing for Milowyn as the bronzerider makes to scoop Pi up - easier to move her that way, even as he cops a feel of Milowyn, letting the brownrider lead the way, while he's rather distracted. But, he'll share the fun once they're somewhere better, like a haystack.

Milowyn will try to not get too distracted by the groping, though it's not like she's not trying to cop her own feels as well. But oh yes, Milowyn will lead them to the perfect place. Hopefully Tonny is good for climbing up a ladder with Pi in his arms, because that's the only way to get to the hayloft. It's a very fun place, and more or less out of the way of prying eyes. Tonny damn well better share the fun.

Except really. Unless there's a blanket over the hay it's /not/ a good place for naked rolling. The stuff is scratchy, and can leave nice welts everywhere if you're in the slightest bit allergic.

People always have conviniently hidden blankets in haylofts though. Especially if its a preferred romp spot.

And oh, Reaches hayloft is definitely a preferred romp spot. Besides, clothes can make good insulation against hay.

Clothes only make good insulation where they cover. And for what's going to go down… really, there's no clothing involved.

P'nce manages to get Tirigeth back to the bowl eventually and pointedly ignores the three riders as they leave the tavern. What a odd day this has been. With a little pep talk the striped brown is back to his happy self and P'nce quickly straps himself in for the ride back home. Noraleen will no doubt be upset that he's late.

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