Mevalonath Rises

Western Weyr - Mevalonath's Domain(#8050RJ)
Outside on the ledge is a single dragon's couch, the stone worn smooth from turns of use, and padded with rushes to accomodate to Mevalonath's specific form. A thick curtain hangs down in the entryway to the weyr, a means of providing some protection from the weather. An additional buffer to the outdoors is that the entryway curves sharply before emptying into the rider's domain. Along this short hallway are a few pegs and items for care of dragon and straps as well as other utensils and at the end of it is a soft gauzy curtain of pale blue and cream. Inside the small space is transformed into cozy and inviting space. To the right is a plush off-white couch situated next to a pale yellow rug and a brazier to provide warmth in the room. In the other corner there is a large bed decorated with several pillows and a dark blue comforter. More pale yellow rugs are scattered about in areas commonly tread upon so as to protect the occupant's feet from the cold stone. Here and there are shelves carved into the wall in a nearly random pattern upon which several personal items rest.

Attention from the males is all well and good, up to a point, and having had their fill for the day Mevalonath and Rhelia have retreated to their ledge. Or rather, Mevalonath's had enough and would much rather sit perched on her ledge sending baleful looks at any of those that venture too close or look just a little too long at her. They all had their chance to enjoy her sweetness and uncharacteristic affection earlier. Rhelia on the other hand seems rather put out that her green lifemate would rather skulk on the ledge than elsewhere. After all, flirting never really gets old for her.

Well, luckily for Rhelia though perhaps unluckily for Meva, Tonny and Dhonzayth aren't smart enough to avoid the ledge where the green is perched. After all, they've got to spread their love and affection baby. And so, the Istan bronze is landing, offering a polite croon to Meva, though he's careful to not get overfriendly, even as Tonny is heading inside to find Rhelia, to lavish some attention on. "Rhelia?"

Rhelia is fairly seething at the bronze that so brashly invades her ledge, though rather than rush at him she simply glares, then scoots away from him. Poor thing came a little too late, he might have gotten a nuzzling from her if it were earlier in the day and she'd not had her quota of stupid male adoration filled. Rhelia's reaction would be the opposite, of course, though really there is a strong thread of commonality between the two that make up this pairing. At the sound of L'ton, or really, any sort of male that's come into her personal area, she's fairly pouncing on the bronzerider. He doesn't have to look far for her, apparently. "Hello," she greets coyly, making eyes at L'ton. Can you tell she's been so deprived?

Dhonzayth won't push it, and as she scoots away, he's just letting it happen, watching her carefully just in case. After all, he's still paying attention to her, just cause girls deserve that. Tonny is pounced, and he's smirking at her, moving to wrap his arms around her, tilting his head to look down at her, giving her a long hug. "Hey sweetheart.." He chuckles. Deprived indeed.

Rhelia was dragged off by the 'urgency' of the situation, as whined to her by Mevalonath. And well, what the green wants… Rhelia leans into the hug and nuzzles against L'ton's neck. "Hey, nice to see you again," she murmurs softly, giving him a tug into the back room. She wastes no time, eh?

"Wonderful ta see ya sweets.." L'ton purrs, even as she's leaning into him, and starting to drag him off. Still smirking, he's following along more than willingly, moving to smack her butt as she goes. "Ya're in a good moood.." He murmurs, even as Dhonzayth leans a bit towards Meva. Aw, no love for the bronze?

If Mevalonath decides that it's about time to take to the skies, then Dhonny might get love. As it is, she's just going to hunger down and glare until she forgets why she's glaring at all and gets tired of it. So give her about an hour. "Mmm, am I?" Rhelia asks, laughing at the smack and jumping away from the bronzerider playfully. "Maybe because I'm feeling good, and not pregnant?" Being not pregnant certainly is a mood lifer for Rhelia.

Dhonzayth does hunker down, crooning a bit at Mevalonath, before he's doing a bit of his own sulking, at least until she stops glaring. "Well, if'n ya aren't, ya have me fooled." L'ton grins, reaching for her arm to pull her back into him. "Commere, ya.." He murmurs, leaning to give her a long kiss. Not pregnant is a good thing.

Not pregnant is a lot more fun, too. Rather than play around more, Rhelia listens to the L'ton and leans into him as well, giving him gentle tugs towards the end of the kiss.

Rhelia in general is fun, though. At least if you ask L'ton. And so, the gentle tugs are enough to continue to push her backwards into the bed, smirking at her as he does so. "So…" No more deprived Rhelia?

Rhelia is only fun for certain people. For others she can be less fun, or even downright hellish. Just ask those brothers of hers, for example. "So?" she replies, tilting her head up at the bronzerider once she lands on the bed and giving him a cliche 'come hither' look. "Whatcha got in mind?"

Well, hopefully there's none of that type of fun with her brothers anyway. That would just be wrong. As she tilts her head to look up at him, he chuckles, before he's giving into that cliche look, and he's kicking off his boots even as he's moving to flop down with her, somewhat obnoxious about it. Bounce?! "Well.. ya seemed ta have something in mind.." He teases her.

That would be all kinds of wrong, besides, none of them would touch each other with long poles — save to whack the shit out of each other. Beds are made for bouncing and being obnoxious, aren't they? And it's all supposed to be fun, after all. "Well, I didn't have anything very specific in mind…" she replies playfully, leaning back to scoot up to Tonny. "Just a general idea," she winks.

L'ton moves, bouncing again on the bed, because that is exactly what they are made for. Bouncing and fun! As she scoots closer, he props himself up on an elbow to grin down at her, leaning to give her a kiss, even as he loops his foot over her ankle. "Well, tis a good place ta start, Ah think.."

That is exactly what beds are for. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know how to have fun and is a lame prude. "You think?" Rhelia replies playfully, "I think there needs to be less of that," she says before leaning in to kiss L'ton and give him some distraction.

Anything he would have said, to reassure her that he won't be thinking for much longer is cut off as she kisses him, and he's grinning, before wrapping his arms around her, and pressing against her. Distraction is quite good! And, L'ton is done thinking much earlier than he thought he would be.

And now that the bronzerider is sufficiently distracted, Rhelia can start with removing some of the clothing that's in the way of more fun. Clothes definitely should not be worn on bouncy beds.

L'ton can help with that, even if he's distracted! After all, by getting rid of clothes, they can both be even more distracted, and even less deprived. Dhonzayth croons at them, and then goes back to sulking. Tonny always gets all the fun.

Apparently there is an inverse correlation between distraction and deprivation. And of course, amount of clothing is one of the variables factoring into this equation. Mevalonath suddenly gets a bit of an itch, or something, and begins squirming around on the ledge. Of course, this means that the bronze isn't glared at anymore.

Dhonzayth much prefers not being glared at. As the green begins to squirm, Dhonzayth is doing some squirming of his own, crooning and scooting a bit closer. Heeeeyyy! L'ton is doing some squirming of his own, as he's both trying to get out of his own clothing, as well as help Rhelia out of hers. Darn variable needs to be removed all together.

It really can't take that long to remove clothing, though all the kissing and groping that goes into the distraction part of it all surely does drag it out a bit. Mevalonath snorts loudly at Dhonzayth and stills for a moment. But then there's a muscle in her hind quarters that twitches, and a second later she's taking off with a challenge issued to Dhonny. Can you get her?

Dhonzayth will certainly do his best. After all, all those other boys got their attention already - its his turn, just like his rider's. And so, when she's twitching and taking off, Dhonzayth is quickly pushing off after her. He'll get her, alright! The problem, though, with trying to tug off clothes is that you have to stop the kisses, which are so much fun. But, as Dhonzayth takes off after Meva, Tonny is stopping for a second, before a smirk is crossing his face. Even better!

Yes, but surely there's other males that will join in the chase. They're not all oblivious and a proddy green is all kinds of fun, though the real winners here are Rhelia and Tonny, apparently. During that pause, Rhelia makes use of the time to get some more clothing off, and then she grins back at L'ton and pulls him in towards her. That's right, it's extra fun time.

Those other males means he has to try just that much harder to make sure that he gets his turn. Besides, Dhonzayth doesn't like to share, and he's snapping at some poor idiotic blue that dares try and cut him off as he's chasing that green that is all types of fun. Thankfully, the last of Tonny's clothes are gone - he will not fall prey to the sock gap! - and then it really is extra fun time. Mrow.

Mrowr indeed! And with the clothing all gone, and the dragons in the air, it's time to get things going, now isn't it? At least, Rhelia certainly thinks so. But Mevalonath is just getting warmed up and starting to go, putting distance between herself and the weyr, and hopefully those males.

It is time for things to get going, and that they do. Even as Mevalonath is getting warmed up, Tonny's doing some warming up of his own, and making sure Rhelia is too. Dhonzayth isn't just going to give up, even as the green is putting distance between herself and the Weyr, he's making sure he's not being left behind. Yay for big, brassy wings!

While the fun goes in back in the bed in the weyr, Mevalonath's put sufficient distance, or simply lost interest in mere flying, and decided to move on to the acrobatics designed to shake off the more simple minded and less agile of the males.

Dhonzayth protests a bit, as the green switches it up to acrobatics, and he's doing his best to mimic her, though he's not so agile, unlike a light blue who is having fun with all the loops and spirals. At least Dhonzayth isn't as simpleminded as some who just can't get where she's going, and he's keeping her in sight.

Hopefully that blue's not going to lose focus and just… drift off in spirals to somewhere else where there's no proddy green to catch. With another loop, Mevalonath attempts to dip below the pack in an attempt to lose more of those males. Only the best for her, after all.

Well, that blue does like the loops and the twirls. As Meva tries to get back below the pack, the blue is looping off a few times, before realizing his mistake and trying to catch back up. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, had given up his attempts at those silly tricks, and so as the green is dipping, he's hurriedly dropping after her, trying to stay above her the whole time, if only just.

Poor blue, clearly he's just not fit for Mevalonath. But those still able to keep up with her just might be the right one this time. There's a quick turn to the side to dodge some yahoo of a brown that can't fly. But why is the pack closing in on her all of a sudden? Shooo.

Because even if they are a bit slow, or can't fly, they still like the pretty proddy green? Dhonzayth is right there too, moving to try and drive off that yahoo of a brown, trumpeting as the others dare to close in around him and "his" lady. Hey now!

Hopefully Dhonzayth is in position to save his lady, because it looks like she's running out of energy, and does the green deserve anything less than a nice, chivalrous bronze?

Well, she probably deserves more. But, a Dhonzayth is what she's going to get - at least he's going to try and be nice and chivalrous for now. As she runs out of energy, he's driving off the last of the unsuitable suitors, and he's dropping to snag her in his talons, twining his neck with hers. His turn!

Yes, it is Dhonny's turn, and he's snagged himself a lovely Mevalonath. Who, for the time, will not be glaring at the bronze or attempting to keep him at a distance. Isn't he a lucky one, for a change.

Dhonzayth woots! Or, rather he trumpets as he catches the green - he'll be sure to ensure that he doesn't deserve a glaring at after, either, even if he knows he'll get one. Hopefully, Tonny is having similar luck with Rhelia - particularly given that dragon lust now is playing a role as well.

As if there were any doubt that Tonny would be getting lucky right now considering the enthusiastic greeting that Rhelia had for the rider. There's certainly quite a /lot/ of fun going on in that bed today.

Well, there was never any doubt that he was going to get lucky, though hopefully it will be enough for the poor deprived Rhelia. A lot of fun is definitely worth it, even as Dhonzayth is enjoying his green time too.

If Rhelia were still deprived there would be something seriously wrong with her. Or rather — it would mean that L'ton were lacking and she couldn't keep around for much longer.

L'ton doesn't want to be gotten rid of! So he'll just make sure that Rhelia isn't deprived anymore. Even if it takes all night.

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