Laera's Last Visit

[DTU/Project] Kereth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( We just arrived in Southern bowl, she is thirsty though. )

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth projects to Kereth . o O ( Mine will meet you for a drink, at the Sands.. )

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

L'ton has hurried from his office to find a place in the Sands after the message from Kereth, and he's found a both for them both. He's gone ahead and ordered a pair of drinks - two red fruit juices sit on the table infront of him, as he's waiting.

Laera moves into the Sands, tugging off her gloves as she enters. She is well padded for the trip between. One of her last before third trimester grounding. Many riders wouldn't even be doing it at this stage. She is young and confident in her dragon. The padded flight jacket makes her look far more pregnant than she is and she is inbuttoning that even as she looks around the Sands for someone, noting L'ton she waves and heads on over.

L'ton spots Laera as she moves in, smiling and waving her over, scooting a bit over into the seat, to give Laera room. "Come on, sweets.." He says, offering her a one of the glasses. "How're ya feeling, lil'bit?" He questions, smiling at her, clearly bold despite the fact that its entirely possible that Lisle would walk in right here.

The jacket comes off and her Wingleader would probably through a fit if she knew what Laera wears under her flight jacket. Just a plain cotton spaghetti strapped top that isn't covering the belly quite that well these days. Her flight pants unbuttoned a bit and slung low under the belly. Oh she is trying to keep normal, no silly maternity clothes for her. She tosses the jacket on the free seat of the booth and slides in next to L'ton, "Like a gold dragon about to pop and I still got three months left!"

"Ya ain't that big, sweets… 'sides, it looks good on ya." He grins, glancing over her as she pulls off the jacket, shaking his head at the unhooked buckle on her pants. "Ya should be careful yer aunt dun see that.. might think that its an open invitation." A wink, and he's moving to pull her a bit closer, looping his arm over her shoulders.

"Oh geez…what someone gonna do….knock me up?" Laera responds with a snort at the comment of her unbuckled pants. "I tried on those big pants and well they just weren't flattering, that jacket is bad enough." She places a hand on her belly, rubbing it like a lamp before grinning to L'ton as he pulls her closer, "So how are you and yours? Any more of your kids hatch out anywhere?"

"Not that Ah know about, at least. And, well, at least Ah think Ah know about all of 'em." Unless someone is keeping him in the dark. You know how those things are. "Well, ya can take it up with her, if'n sees ya like that. Faranth knows Ah dun mind it.." He teases her, moving to rest his other hand over hers on her stomach. "We're good, though… Been keeping busy, mostly.."

No doubt Lisle was the type to wear those cute little pregnancy dresses. Just revel in it. Laera well, she is endevouring to enjoy the pregnancy and keep things business as usual at the same time. She waves a hand dismissively before reaching for her drink, "I will take care of Aunty Lis if she comes in. Just stay seated." She gives a shrug and sips her drink with a little sigh before resting a head on his shoulder. There is a bump against his hand as she feels her stomach, seems the kid is quite active at the moment. " I think it likes flying."

Well, Laera is certainly not her aunt. If she was, Tonny probably wouldn't have got nearly as far as he did. Leaving his arm loosely over her shoulders, he chuckles. "Shards, he's happy.." L'ton grins, rubbing her stomach a bit, to see if anything happens. "Ain't much longer that ya can come, hm? Guess it means Ah'll be back ta see ya soon, right?"

She does not seem to have any problems with the tactileness, actually encouraging it half the time. The baby kicks against his hand and she arches a brow at him , "Who says its gonna be a boy, eh?" She says with an elbow into the side. Laera nods at his question, "Figure it would be my last visit, Uncle says I shouldn't risk anymore."

"Well, Ah dun wanna call it an it… Would ya prefer if'n Ah called it a she, then? Ah really dun care one way or the other.." He grins at ther, shaking his head. Dodging the elbow, he's reaching for his drink. "Well, all ya gotta do is say the word, and Ah'll come ta Xanadu, if'n anything is wrong.

"Well what do you call dragons before they hatching? It ain't no insult to it to call it an it…call it junior or baby or something." Obviously she isn't terribly bothered by it all. She takes another drink of her juice before resting a head on his shoulder, "I know you will, but ain't had many problems so far and Uncle Kris is taking really good care of me."

"And, well, Ah expect ta get some sort of call, when yer having it. Ah mean, ya can't just come bouncing by a few weeks later with the lil'thing, and not let me know." He gives her a suspicious look, even as he's moving to rest his hand over hers, giving her hand a squeeze. "Not that Ah dun trust that uncle of yers ta do a perfect job, but.."

"You will get a call as soon as the water breaks deary, ain't gonna have you miss out on that part as long as it don't put you off me forever." Laera says with a grin a she looks up at him, finally deciding to scoot up into his lap. Let people talk if they dare, "And my uncle was MasterHealer for like ten turns and been helping people have babies since before I was born. Stop your fretting on that score."

"Ah can promise ya.. ya dun have ta worry about that, sweets… Ya're ta much fun, even if'n Ah'd never admit that ta that aunt o'yers." L'ton smirks, before he's finding himself with a bluerider in his lap, and he's chuckling, wrapping his arms around her middle as she settles down. "Hi…" He says, with a grin, clearly not minding what people might say. "Fine, fine.. Ah'll stop worrying."

Laera just laughs at his response as she slides an arm around his neck, oh she likes a good cuddle now and then. "Good, I will hold you to that, though I plan on going back to the herbs at least for a while afterward. I think we are gonna miss flying too much!" Laera explains as she settles her head against his. "Good, nothing to worry about. It is has been easy as pie. Reckon I will try you again if I want another kid, yours just seem to suit me fine and all."

L'ton grins at her, leaning to give her a quick kiss - after all, she is right there. Fingers of one hand gently rub her lower back as she's leaning into him, and he's smiling. "Yer plenty young yet.. ya've got time." He agrees with the whole herb thing, most definitely. At her words, he has to chuckle, smirking a bit. "Well, until then ya know Ah'm always up fer practice." He winks, if she catches it.

Laera grins in the kiss and responds enthusiastically, putting on a show before tilting her head back, eyes unfocuses for a moment before she is scuttling from the lap, "Aunty knows I am here, I should probably go visit her before she has a tantrum." She winks and leans back to kiss him again, "Come over later…got a new position to try." She winks and grabs up her jacket and heads out.

L'ton leans to give her a kiss as she scoots off, leaning to smack her butt as she goes. "Get, ya little monster. Ah'll come see ya soon.. Say hi ta yer aunt." And he's watching her go, even as he's finishing off his drink, and heading back to his abandoned work.

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