An Evening With Mai

It's a chilly evening in Ista and a certain brownrider is cleaning up around the weyr like she's gotten into the habit off ever since her baby started crawling around the place. Zelik is determindly following Carrot around, the cat prancing away whenever the baby gets close enough to touch him. The orange fluff ball had learned quick not to let the baby grab him after his tail was pulled so terribly that first time. Granted it was mainly the cats' fault for trying to run while the child had a hold of his tail, but that was neither here nor there for the cat. Mai is busy sweeping, so Meluth is left to keep an eye on Zelik and to tell on him when he's getting into something he shouldn't be.

L'ton has finally managed to finish off all that work that he had piled up on his desk, and finally he's escaping home. Dhonzayth is landing with a flurry of wings, and trumpeting to Meluth, before L'ton is heading inside, and the bronze is off to find the last bit of sun, to try and warm up in the cool air. Jacket is hung up, and he's watching Carrot and Zelik for a long moment, before grinning and moving to intercept Mai, to greet her with a kiss. "Hey, ya.."

Meluth warbbles to Dhonzayth, in a very good mood, before turning his attention back to his their lifemates' baby. L'ton gets a warm rumble when he passes, one daddy (kinda) to another. "Hey yourself." Mai says when the bronzer kisses her, smiling brightly. "How was your day?" She stops her sweeping for a moment, ocntent with the condition of the floor enough to talk for a while. A little baby laugh comes from under the table when carrot runs into the leg of the furniture before spinning off in another direction in a frenzy.

L'ton wraps his arms tightly around Mai, giving her a bit of a twirl, and another kiss, before grinning. "T'was long, and boring. But, tis all over, and now Ah have ya, and all Ah have ta do is share ya with Mel and Zel, at least fer now." He grins - his face betrays how tired he is, but he seems to be in just as good of a mood as Meluth is. Turning to the giggling, L'ton is kissing her again, before moving to duck and peer under the table. "Hey Zelly.." He says with a grin.

M'iken laughs lightly as she's twirled and kissed again, but gives L'ton a bit of a grimace at the report how the day was. "I'm sorry." She smiles a bit and kisses him back before going back to her sweeping when he goes to visit Zelik. When L'ton's head pops under the table Zelik laughs again and scrambles off towards his dad, charging with all his baby might and making those little baby curls bounce.

"Aw, come here, my little boy.." L'ton says with a grin, pulling the boy up, and settling him on his hip, bouncing him as he heads back to Mai's side. Carrot's free for now! "My Mai, and my Zel, Ah think this'll be a great evening." He says, turning his head away to hide a yawn, before he's trying to distract Mai again, with big eyes. "How was yers, love, hm?"

Zelik is more than happy to be picked up after all that chasing of Carrot around. Truely this is a good way to travel around, faster and everything. Mai just shakes her head lightly at that yawn, tired was written all over his face anyway, no use in trying to hide it. "I had a very good day actually. But I need to finsih this. Why don't you go relax for a little bit and try to get Zelik to tell you what we did today? I'm almost done." She says with a smile before kissing her boys both on the cheek. That's right, she wants her tired Ton to go rest at least for a minute.

"Ain't much longer, right? Ah've missed ya today.." L'ton pouts a bit, before she's kissing his cheek, and he's still pouting, trying to look cute, before he's carting his boy off to settle on the bed, pillows piled behind him, and Zelik on his chest. "What did ya do taday, Zelly?" He asks the boy, with a grin, even as he keeps looking over at Mai, with a smile on his face.

M'iken nods. "Right. I've missed you too." She says giving his cheek a pat for that pout before he walks off and she goes back to finish up. Zelik gurgles and coos when he's sat down on L'ton's chest. That's right, they did do that. Mai's not five minutes before she's crawling onto the bed and curling up next to Ton. "Did you tell dad where you went today?" She asks the baby, running a finger across his little cheek. "We went to work today to give some people a tour around the area. It was very exciting." She says with a slightly sarcastic smile before tickeling the baby's stomach and making him laugh.

L'ton is playing with Zelik, holding his hands, and moving them this way and that, before he's trying to pull the boy up, so that he's standing. And then, Mai is joining him, and he's grinning at her, leaning to give her another kiss, wrapping one arm around Mai when she's there, settling the baby back down on his chest. "A tour, huh? Did you have fun, Zelly?" He says with amusement, grinning more as the baby laughs.

Zelik moves his feet around when he's stood up like he's dancing around and tries to bounce, bending his knees and everything. He wiggles around when he's sat back down though. He likes being up on his feet. Mai grins and chuckles lightly. "He had so mch fun he spit up all over me." SHe sighs lightly and shakes her head. "I'm just glad it didn't get on anyone else though. Even Meluth was spared." She says holding onto one of Zelik's hands since Ton's arm was now around her instead.

As Mai takes Zel's other hand, he's helping the boy back up, grinning as he's dancing around and bouncing with bended knees. "Shards, he's gonna be walking before we know it.." Tonny comments idly, shaking his head with a grin, before he's kissing Mai a kiss. "Baby spitup… The curse." He chuckles. "Ah bet they'd have fainted, er something. All them important people have people ta raise their babies."

M'iken nods lightly. "I know. If you put him down on the ground and hold onto his hands, he does a pretty good job getting around already." She says with a smile. Zelik is much happier on his feet than on his bottom and smiles brightly when his mommy smiles. "Yeah, well. If any of them have babies and haven't been spat up on, they could use the experience." She says with a smirk beofre sighing lightly. "I just wanted to try it out to see if I could maybe get away with taking him to work with me, but I suposse I really will have to drop him off with the nannies when I go back on full duty."

"Ah.. Ah might could try and take him with me, if'n Ah'm just gonna be here all day. Ah mean, Ah obviously can't take him ta meetings and stuff, but if'n Ah'm just sitting doing paper work.." L'ton suggests after a moment, chewing on his lip, and then turning to look at Mai with a grin. "So, ya and Pi worked out when yer taking over, yet?" He asks, curiously.

M'iken smiles and snuggles into L'ton for offering that. "Ah, I wouldn't want him to get in the way or anything, but I'm not going to object to it." She says shaking Zelik's hand a little to see if he can keep his balance when one hand is moving. He bounces a little, but what can she expect from the little dude when he can't stand on his own yet. "We haven't really talked about it since she first offered it up, it was kind of a when I'm back on full time then I'll take it over. So I guess I'll go back after Zelik's fist birthday."

"Ah'll see what Ah can do, then. Ah mean, can't have him forgetting who his daddy is, either." L'ton jokes, leaning to raspberry his son's stomach, grinning as the boy continues bouncing, and then he's leaning to kiss M'iken - least he's not raspberrying her too! "Sounds fair.. Ah know she's looking forward ta it… And.. Ah'm looking forward ta getting ta see ya more at work, ta.." He says, with a grin.

"Oh thank you." She says kissing Ton on the cheek. "I mean once he can get around on his own feet fine enough I won't mind so much dropping him off down there. But I don't want him getting bowled over while he's taking his time to stand up and waddle around or something." She says laughing along with Zelik when the babie's tummy gets a raspberry. "I can only imagine." Mai says about Pi ready to hand off the reins. "She's had to wait a whole extra turn longer than she wanted to. And yeah, it'll be nice seeing more of you at work too."

"Ah guess Ah should be getting around ta baby-proofing my office then, huh?" He says with amusement, as he continues to help Zelik bounce, as long as the boy wants to. "Well, she just best be glad that ya haven't let me have my way, and get another lil'one with ya." L'ton smirks at her, arm holding her close, squeezing her posessively.

M'iken nods. "Might be a good idea." She says doing her part to help Zelik stay standing. The baby would probably stay like this for hours if they let him, but since he'd been crawling around and everything today, his legs are tired and he tries to sit down by letting his legs go limp so he'll get lowered onto his bum. "Yes well, if I'd had my own way there's be another baby on the way as well. But, I guess I'm just too nice. I couldn't do that to Pi after promising her I'd take over once he's old enough for me to be able to stand not having him right with me all day." She says, smirking herself as well.

L'ton slowly lowers Zelik back to his bum, tickling the boy's stomach, and playing with his curls, before he's grinning at Mai and giving her a kiss. "Well, Ah guess after yer Wingleader, its yer rules, so ya can do whatever ya want. Right, love?" He says, with a bit of hope in his voice as he turns his gaze on her, eyes surprisingly wide, and a bit of a pout appearing on his lip, as he grins at her. "Ah mean, if'n ya want.."

M'iken grins and nods. "That's right. It will be up to me." She says looking a little impish. Zelik laughs when his belly is tickled and does pretty good staying sitting up on his own so Mai doens't hold onto his hand quite so tightly. "You know I definately want another one." She says, kissing his pouty lips lightly. "If you don't mind having two of these little guys running around that is." She says flicking her gaze to Zelik and shaking his hand a little again.

L'ton beams at Mai, chuckling at that look, before he's leaning to give her a kiss, though its interrupted at Zelik's giggle, and he's turning to look at the toddler. "Ah think Ah could deal with having another one.." He says with another chuckle, happy as he's laying there, giving the boy another tickle, before he's turning to almost leer at Mai. "We could always practice, fer when ya can make the rules.." He says with a bit of amusement.

M'iken smiles brightly. "Well, we can't practice with this little guy in the bed with us." She says taking the baby from L'ton. "Time for bed you. I know you'll be awake in just a few hours anyway, but that's time you need." She says kissing the baby on the nose before climbing out of bed to go put him in his crib. When she comes back she's sliding on top of L'ton, instead of beside him, and kissing him deeply. "Now then…" She says nuzzling her nose lightly agaisnt his. "You know practice only works if you do it everyday." She says with a smile.

L'ton grins, watching as Mai settles Zelik in bed for the first time this evening, watching her with a smile as she comes back, wrapping his arms tightly around her, holding her against him with an ankle looped over hers, returning the kiss. Only then, does he open his eyes again, grinning at her. "Mmm, every day love. Maybe twice." He teases her, before he's rolling over with her to pin her, and let their practice session begin.

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