Aoriya Visits Ista

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

Aoriya huffs, nursing a cup of white wine, is griping to be barkeep. "They can't just take over my sunbathing area. I don't care what kind of momentus discovery that dratted skeleton represents. That's /my/ sunbathing spot!" Aoriya growls.

L'ton looks like he needs a drink, as much as anyone can. Hair is ruffled, and the look on his face is one of frustration as he leans up against the bar, waiting to get the bartenders attention, signaling for an ale. Hell, make it two ales, they'll disappear fast enough. Resting one elbow on the surface, he's staring at the side of a familiar brownrider, waiting to see how long it takes for her to notice him.

Aoriya blink, blink, as Omasuth says something to her. The brownrider turns. "TONNY!" Aoriya squeals, abandoning her wine and darting over to loop her arms around the bronzerider. "Oh its good to see you. You would not believe it, remember the sunbathing spot we first met? Its been taken over by some stupid minecrafter journeyman with stars in his eyes."

L'ton chuckles as the brownrider turns and squeals, and suddenly finds himself with an Aoriya looped around his neck. Giving her a long hug, he grins at her a bit, shaking his head. But then, at the mention of the sunbathing spot having been taken over by the miners, he's making a face. "Shards, that ain't no fun… Where'm Ah suppose ta run off with ya ta now?" He says, trying to make light of the situation, even though he's doing a bit of pouting himself.

Aoriya sighs. "I dunno. You wouldn't happen to know of any….. discrete coves here in Ista I can sunbathe in? They're excavating that damned snake that appeared after the hatching sandstorm. And I can't /stand/ the minecraft journeyman leading the expedition. Worse, he's /dating/ my wingsecond! DATING!" The wingleader shakes her head. "He's just so…….. cheerful! And he's all like "my theories this" and "my dreams that", and he has a portable kennel out there for his wher. So even at night I can't sneak in for some peace and quiet because his sharding nosey bronze wher will automatically come right out to say hello, and then claim the area as /his/ territory! The stupid mutt! I'd like to sick Omasuth on him and then we'll see who's territory it is!" Just slightly tipsy, maybe a little too much so, Aoriya sits next to L'ton and snuggles. "I am /so/ glad to see you."

"If'n ya get down the coastline aways, there's a few real nice ones. Ain't no one gonna bother ya down there." He says, looping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her against his side gently as she snuggles. "Shards, ya sound like ya have yer hands full, there, lil'bit." He makes a face at her whole list of issues. "Ah bet Omasuth'd win, when it came right down ta it, though." Mmmm, ale. L'ton takes a long sip of his, before stealing a look at the woman at his side with a grin.

Aoriya sighs and droops. "Yes, and as much as I'd like, I can't sic Omasuth on his wher, because then the minecraft will be angry at me. And then they'll complain to N'hil, who will complain to me." Aoriya sighs in disgust, "Can I just, snuggle up to you right now?" She asks hopefully. "I need to be snuggled."

"Course, sweets.." L'ton comforts her with a grin. "Wanna go sit in a booth, maybe? Better fer it then these stools.." His first ale is finished off, making it convenient to cart his other drink, slowly sliding off the stool and leaving his arm over her shoulders to steer her towards an empty one. "Ain't no good ta get yelled at by the Weyrleader either, Ah know.."

Aoriya nods and grins, scooping up her wine and seating herself next to L'ton. "you should try this, Benden white retsina. They used something called pignolas in the process somehow. Its very dry, but delicious." She offers L'ton a sip, scooching closer in the booth and sighing.

L'ton wraps his arm back over her shoulders, taking a sip of the wine and seeming to ponder over it for a minute. "Pretty good.. Might have ta keep that in mind next time Ah manage ta have Sharix after my head." Always good to bribe one's superior's with wine. As she sighs softly, he squeezes her shoulders, with a bit of a smile. "Aw, poor Aoriya… Ah am sorry 'bout the dunes.."

Aoriya chuckles. "That's alright. Not sure what I'm going to do though. Shards L'ton, you need to see that skeleton. Fifteen, twenty feet long, size of a weyrling dragon. It had fangs from my wrist to the tips of my fingers, serrated like a saw or a dagger, not like the hollow ones of poisonous snakes. If it had lived anywhere on Pern today it would have terrified the seamen. I heard talk last visit to Igen seahold. Some ninny idiot thought they might still be alive, and sunk a ship, the harbormaster told me that it was established that a storm sunk the same vessel. I tell you hysteria, hysteria L'ton.

"Shards, lil'bit.." He shakes his head, shuddering a bit as she describes the size of it, and the size of the fangs. "Ain't something Ah'd wanna run 'cross, Dhonzayth on my side er not." He shudders a bit, tightening his hold on her, reaching for his ale. "Suppose ya've been doing alright, these last few sevendays, hm? Aside from the loss of yer sandy spot?"

Aoriya nods. "mhm…. ooooooh, we haven't talked like this for ages. You know, awhile ago you missed my brother K'ian's first proddy. He put on a dress, got drunk and sang tradjic lovesongs from Old Terra. Worse, he can't sing. He /mangled/ one number called 'I will Survive' I couldn't stop laughing. Poor thing. And then afterwards he holed up in his weyr and didn't come out for three days he was so embarassed!"

"Well, ya never seem ta come see me, and yer so busy, with yer new fancy knot…" And, if there's a flight involved, well, talking is the last thing on L'ton's mind at that point. "Shards, Aoriya.. Ah dunno whether ta be happy or sad that Ah missed that.. sounds like quite the show." L'ton grins, giving her a bit of a nudge. "Glad ya ain't a greenrider, after that?"

Aoriya nods and cackles. "Oh yes, I already sing kareoke when drunk, I'd probably sing nekkid Kareoke if I were a greenrider and proddy." She shakes her head. "At /least/ I have a singing voice. I need to sing "Shut up and kiss me" for you. Its a very sexy song. Came from old terra, a type of music they call country."

"Well, Ah dun think there's anything wrong with naked and singing, though Ah think its better enjoy'd by yerself, rather than with a huge group watching." L'ton grins, before arching an eyebrow, leaning a bit closer. "Ya should be careful what ya say, even if'n its just an old song.. Might have ta take yer words to heart." A wink, and he's straightening back up.

Aoriya giggles and leans in to try and give L'ton a brief kiss on the lips. "Darlin', you can kiss me any time. Though ya might want to be careful when those lips go south." She purrs. "With the number of children you have, yours and Dhonzayth's charm may be your own worst enemy."

"Ain't no such thing as ta much charm.." He murmurs as he brings hand to her chin to catch her. He's not going to settle for just a brief kiss, no-sir-ee. Pulling away a bit, he grins at her, arching an eyebrow, with a chuckle. "Pity them dunes are gone.."

Aoriya nods. "I know. I'll have to find a new way to get my sand baths." Omasuth rumbles outside. "Mmmmm, at the rate I'm drinking this lovely stuff I'll have to stay at Ista until my head cools. Maybe we can….. make up for lost time? Shards, next time you win a flight, mind sharing?" Aoriya asks, a blush tinging her cheeks.

"Well, Ah think we have some nice empty rooms down here.. if'n ya want me ta help ya get there.." L'ton offers innocently enough, giving her a bit of a smile, and a wink. "Ah mean, if'n ya want some company.." As she blushes, he chuckles, leaning to give her a kiss. "Well that's up ta the lady.." And he's scooting towards her a bit, to encourage her to get up, so they can go get settled elsewhere.

Aoriya grins. "I don't mind at all." She kisses L'ton again, leaving her money for the barkeep. "Lets go……. somewhere." She grins and snuggles closer to L'ton.

"Come on, sweets.." L'ton grins, waving his fingers at the barkeep, before he's pulling Aoriya to his side to meander towards the ground weyrs. No need to bother Dhonzayth from wherever he is, when the rooms are so convenient.

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