Rainy Day at Ista

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

Its a rather awful day, even at tropical Ista, and the rain that is falling from the sky outside is cold and heavy. L'ton seems, unfortunately, to have been stuck out in it for a while and only recently returned to the weyr, for there's a damp path from the ledge to the bathing chamber where one would find his damp leathers hanging to dry. The bronzerider himself has found a large fuzzy robe and is currently stretched out on the couch, throwing balls of paper for Carrot, while Dhonzayth has settled in his couch to doze.

M'iken was down in the infirmary, getting a check up herself along with Zelik, when it started to rain. But seeing as it wasn't letting up and Mai did /not/ want to spend her entire day in the infirmary, she bundled Zelik up real good then put him inside her jacket. It's a tight fit, but he's mostly dry despite his mom looking fairly well soaked from the quick trip up from the bowl. Carrot is chasing the balls untill they stop moving and become less interesting. But that's why it's good that there is more than one thrown for him! When Meluth comes lumbering in to let his passengers off inside, Carrot goes prancing away. He wasn't having fun with L'ton. >.> "Hey." Mai says, a smile on her face as she extracts their son from her jacket and hands him over. "Keep him warm till I can grab a towel and something warmer for him?" She half asks even as she's moving away to strip off her wet clothes and change into something dry and comfy.

L'ton pouts a bit as Meluth scares Carrot off, and he's left with no one to play with. Except that that is quickly solved, as he's being handed a Zelik, the boy quickly being cuddled against him and the top of his robe wrapped around the infant. "Least it ain't ice.. Xanadu got ice." L'ton comments absently even as he's making faces at the infant in his arms. But then there's movement, and L'ton gaze is pulled to his weyrmate, watching her without an ounce of shame as she goes to change.

M'iken doesn't much mind being watched by L'ton, but she disappears into the washroom to wrap her head in a towel and pull on her comfy pj-pants and a light sweater before coming back out with another towel and grabbing a dry onsie and blanket for Zelik. "Goodness, it's just one thing after another over there." She comments with a shake of her head and a frown, holding out her hands for the baby. She's still in mommy mode, she needs to finish her task before she can relax against L'ton.

L'ton sulks a bit as M'iken disappears from sight, but then she's back, and reaching for Zelik. "Yer telling me. Almost afraid ta go ta any more meetings there, 'fraid the place might come down 'round my ears, when Ah'm sleeping, and they're just talking away." L'ton doesn't make any move to get up from the couch, though the look of attentiveness Mai currently gets means that he'd do anything that he was told to.

M'iken lays Zelik on her lap and the undressing commences. He wiggles and squirms while she works the blanket and onsie off him, though once they're gone, she sets to wiping him off with the towel she'd brought, making her own set of faces at him. Then she wiggles Zelik's feet around and uses a baby-talk voice to say. "You hear that Zelik? Daddy goes to his meetings just so he can take a nap." The baby smiles and so does Mai, shooting a glance over at L'ton. "They really have it rough over there. I hope mothing like that decides to make it's way over here." She says as the dressing commences. The undressing was easy comparred to this. Not only does he squirm and kick, but he starts crying. Once he's dressed though, he's scooped up and craddled close to his mommy where he can relax and stop fussing. Finally then, Mai gets to lean over and relax against Ton and his fuzzy robe. "How are you?" She asks with a little smile, stealing a kiss him him.

L'ton is propping himself up on one elbow to make his own silly faces at Zelik over Mai's shoulder, sticking his tongue out and making goofy expressions to keep the boy entertained. "Well, if'n ya had ta listen ta them, ya'd probably fall 'sleep ta." L'ton murmurs, before quieting to let Mai deal with the trials of dressing a baby. A wiggly baby. But then, its all better, and he's got himself a Mai cuddling up, and a baby boy, and he's kissing her back - no stealing necessary. "Drier, now…" He grins. "How 'bout ya? Everything check out okay?"

Zelik's eyes watch L'ton and a smile pops onto his face everynow and then, but the pulling of his limbs through holes and the moving him around, is not appreciated. But cuddling makes the world go round, so all's good for mommy and baby once their all cuddled up. "I'm sure I would." She says, though she probably wouldn't. "Good." she says after the kiss. "And everything checked out fine. I'm healthy, he's healthy. Though I've been told to get in some exercise to get back into the shape I was before him." She kind of rolls her eyes and shrugs. But then a smiling look of rememberance pops onto her face. "Oh! I have some good news, I think. Pi, asked me if I'd take her place as wingleader once I'm back to active duty."

"Ah can think of a good way ta get yer exercise.." L'ton pipes up, a rather evil look on his face, and an arched eyebrow. Though, it shouldn't be any surprise what this bronzerider has on his mind, considering who it is. Shifting, he move around to drape his arm over Mai's shoulders, so he can look both at woman and son with ease. "Shards, really?" L'ton asks surprised, before grinning a bit. "Ah know she's been wanting ta get rid of it.. Ya gonna do it?"

M'iken laughs. "Yes, I said you'd suggest something along those lines when the healer told me I need to exercise." The draping over her shoulders gets snuggled into a little more and a rather content smile pops up on her face. She nods when he asks if she's going to take the position. "Yeah, I told her I would."

"Ah hope she didn't say that it was a bad thing, hm?" He questions, looking at her expectantly, even if he's leaning to give her a long kiss. "Are ya? Congrats, love! Ah think this calls fer a celebration.. Maybe one night we'll get Zelsey ta watch Zelik, and we can go and have some drinks.. maybe a bit of dancing? Or, really whatever ya want, my dear wingleader."

M'iken shakes her head. "No, just that other things would be better." She smiles into that kiss before it's broken off. "Thank you." Her smile gets a bit brighter at the congratulations, but then falls a bit at the thought of leaving her baby with anyone. It was hard enough to leaving him with the nannies when she ran off to Xanadu to check on Ysa; and they've been watching kids for /turns/. "Ah I suposse that would be alright." She says after a moment. She looks down at Zelik and smiles at him. "What do you think? Should the weyrsecond and the wingleader go out for drinks and dancing?" From the smile that pops up on his face, you have to wonder what babies think. "That would be wonderful." She says laying her head back a bit against her bronzer's arm.

"Well, Ah ain't saying /only/ that, ya know." He teases her, before giving her a gentle kiss, grinning widely as she accepts his proposal. "Ah'm looking forward ta getting ta take mah lovely lady out, then.." He says with a wide smile, before he's squeezing her shoulders. "Lemme take Zel, til he falls asleep, and why dun ya go crawl inta bed? Ah'll be there in a lil bit, and if'n yer still up, Ah'll rub yer back, ta.." Curling up in bed is the best solution for cold, dreary days.

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