Laera and a Turnday Surprise

Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr(#7690RJ)

Laera is moving around the weyr cleaning up this and that. Something about pregnancy has induced a clean queen in her. She is wearing a crop top and a low slung skirt which basically allows her pregnant belly to just stick out for all the world to see. She wasn't shy before this, she ain't shy now from the looks of things. Some bits of furniture have been rearranged and currently she is standing on a stool to adjust the tapestry on the wall.

L'ton is tapping on the door of a certain young bluerider, opening it slowly to peek in. "Laera?" He questions before he spots her, shaking his his head as he spots her on the stool. "Laera.. dun fall!" He protests a bit, even as he's looking around the weyr, noticing the differences in the room. "Shards, Lae.." He sighs softly, as he comes in and closes the door behind him.

Laera turns as she hears her name and smiles at who it is, "Hey there.." She calls out and hops neatly off the stool, "It is hardly a foot off the ground, I am much further up when I fly Kereth." She says blithly before looking around the room, "So what do you think?" Most notable of the changes is that anything small, and her instruments and stuff are above babe height. Anything with hard edges have been removed. A round table has replaced a square one. So…a little paranoid and a bit early.

"Well, ya never know. Ya should see the back of Senkyou's head, and she just fell from from where she was standing flat on the ground." L'ton sighs softly, shaking his head, and putting his hands on his lips to look around. "Ya've been busy, Ah have ta say.." He grins, before nodding slowly. "But, looks real good." He smiles.

"Well I just don't get on stools when I get dizzy and I am find." Laera says with a shrug as she heads to the sideboard, "So do you want something to drink?" She asks as she pours herself some juice and cants her head over her shoulder, "So you and her sorted yet or does she still hate your guts?" She asks with a touch of amusement in her voice.

"Well, she managed ta not kill me, so Ah think I'm okay. At least til tomorrow, when she changes her mind again." L'ton chuckles a bit, before waving a hand. "Juice is fine.. Ain't fair ta have anything else when ya can't either." He offers softly, leaning idly against the now round table's edge. "Ya still feeling pretty good hm?"

Laera laughs at his response before turning back to pour another glass of juice, but then she pauses and sets down the pitcher, a hand going to her stomach. There is silence for a moment before she turns and beckons him over with a sly grin on her lips. "Want to feel your kid?" She asks with emerald eyes going bright as she strides over to him, juices abandoned for the moment.

"'Course!" L'ton agrees hurriedly, seemingly unfazed by her suddenly change of attitude, moving to her side to offer her his hand, to place in the correct spot, even as he's grinning at her in return. "Been moving a lot?" He questions idly, juice equally forgotten about for now.

Laera lays her hands over his, guiding them to the right spot. Faint movements they are, but they are there. She smiles softly and watches his face, seemingly taking some odd pleasure in this and more so from seeing his reactions to it. "Just started to…especially after I have been flying. Keep meaning to call you but by time I get a chance it is all settled again." She says with a soft sigh in her voice.

"Nah, Ah understand, Ah understand. Ah mean, not ta much longer, and it'll be more, but.." His other hand resting on her shoulder - though whether its to steady her or himself, who knows - and he lets his hand be guided, and he's grinning a bit, sighing. "Ah bet if'n ya got yer aunt down here, when she's moving a bit more, ya'd get her ta stop worrying 'bout it all tagether."

Just a few more bumps before it seems to stop altogether. Laera gets a look of concentration on her features for a moment before shaking her head, "Well that is it for now I guess." She says sounding a touch disapointed before giving a shrug and heading back to the juices. She still seems to be taking delight in the pregnancy, enjoying it's little quirks. She cants her head at the comment about her Aunt, "Maybe maybe…Well Uncle Kris's turnday is in a couple weeks…maybe then?" She comments before passing him his juice.

"Ah bet if'n ya told her ya wanted ta have a family thing fer him, she'd come. Ya know she just wants ta make everyone happy.." L'ton comments idly, before he's sipping at the juice, pondering a bit. "Though, Ah'd make sure she brought Analis at the very least ta. Ya know how lil kids tend ta make everything so much clearer?"

"Oh yeah. Well we nearly lost him this year and well…it could happen still. What better reason to throw a big shindig?" Laera says matteroffactly though a touch of a shadow crosses her gaze as she says it and she turns back to fill her juice glass again. She nods to his words, "Of course…everyone, Liva, Analis, Larisa…Ly'am, Alix…the whole gang."

"Sounds like ya already have an idea bouncing 'round in that head of yers, lil'bit." He teases her, even as he's sipping much more slowly at his drink. "Ah mean, not too much, though - Ah'd prolly stay 'way from ya know, jumping out, and having everyone yell Happy Turnday, but that's just me." He teases her slightly, trying to cheer her up after the brief shadow across her face.

Leara looks over her shoulder and smiles at the attempt, "Yeah…no surprise parties…" She agrees before she turns back to him and slides an arm around him to lay her head on his chest. "I am glad you visit L'ton…" She says softly. Still romance is not on her mind, but nice to have a friend with no strings attached. Ok…so there is one attached here..with an umbilical cord. "You come and that new weyrmate of hers…She can't get upset around so many people and she will realize we are cool about things."

L'ton wraps his arm gently around her shoulders, giving her a hug as she rests her head on his chest. "Well, we do have something in common now, and Ah ain't gonna just let ya do it yerself, even if ya have half the weyr ta back ya up." And, thankfully for both of them, L'ton hasn't seemed to exhibit any jealousy over Laera, just, perhaps, a bit of protectiveness over the girl who's not all /that/ much older than his own daughter. "Ah'll see what Ah can do, though if'n Mai can drag herself 'way from Zelik, she may wanna come ta, just fer good measure." Because that's not awkward at all.

"And that is much appreciated…yeah I Got family here, but you treat me special and not just a patient or a daughter." Laera says softly and her eyes close as she leans against his chest, then a yawn. "I think I should lay down for a bit…I suppose I have been doing a bit much this morning…suddenly tired."

L'ton chuckles softly, nodding. "Go get some rest, lil'bit.. Ah'll test the waters with yer aunt, if'n ya want, and drop a word ta that guy of hers, ta, and get him ta encourage it." Giving her another hug and a quick kiss to the top of her head, he's patting her shoulder, and then finishing off his drink. "Ah'll see ya soon.." Waggling fingers, he's headed back out the door.

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