Seducing Senkyou

Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)

It's later in the evening, a comfortable time for Senkyou. She is back doing what she normally does, a bit slower than usual but tonight she is simply tired. Sitting up doing her paperwork, it's still icey outside and it has made doing her job especially hard. The extra area of her weyr is suprisingly full, tonight all 3 kids are home and asleep in their beds. Hair pulled back in a very messy bun, she yawns and crosses her legs. Leaning forward she puts her head on the table, just a little nap.

L'ton is quiet, given the later hour at Xanadu, tapping lightly on the door, before slowly heading inside, escaping from the cold, nasty ice outside. Glancing around, he spots her at the desk, hesitating a moment before calling out softly. "Senkya?" He questions, taking a few steps closer. Lets not get murdered in a mistaken home invasion.

Senkyou snaps up quickly, and Dulacth is on it in less than half a second. Immediately he is by the door, ready to hurt whoever it is waking his up. The brown has L'ton in his clutches, his talons creating a barrier so that whoever it is won't escape. Eep? Senkyou says, "WHat the shards…" Standing she walks over, spotting it is L'ton she says. "Well, we could just let 'im eat yu." Leaning against a wall, she pulls down her shirt and crosses her hands over her stomach, trying to take his attention off of her stomach. Shirt doesn't fit, and she says… "Why ya here?"

L'ton is caught, suddenly, and he's tensing as he's trapped, though as it seems he's not going to be eaten - at least not yet - he's relaxing a bit. "Ah, uh.. Ah just came ta see how ya were doing, sweets.. How ya were holding up. And, um.." He shrugs a bit, glancing up at Dulacth. "Ah ain't gonna hurt her, Dulacth.." Let him out?

Dulacth lets L'ton go, reluctantly he does it and Senk nod approaval. Dulacth gives what looks like a small bow to Senkyou, very chivalrous. Senkyou blushes and watches him go back to his couch. "I'm not yur sweets." She growls, moody pregnant woman. Walking over to the door she goes outside her weyr, carefully stepping and trying to avoid slipping. He can follow if he wants. Getting what looks like a large shovel she breaks the ice, not wearing a jacket and being very violent and loud. Poor neighbours.

L'ton does follow, now that he's free of Dulacth's grasp, and he's rolling his eyes a bit. "What's wrong, Senkya? Ya seem so angry.." And then he's moving to try and take the shovel away from her. "Yer gonna hurt yerself…" He admonishes, giving her a look. A soft sigh, and he shakes his head. "Ya want my coat? Ya can't stand ta get sick, Ah saw how much ya gotta do."

Senkyou shrugs her shoulders, breaking more ice and looking tired. "Tired of working so hard and all this ice ain't making it easy. I'm tired of being pregnant and I ain't halfway through!" Pulling down the short shirt once again, "I am not gonna hurt myself, got no time to see the damned healers. Food tastin' all odd!" Letting him take the shovel she sort of mindlessly walks out, stamping her feet. "I am tired of being alone. R'miel hasn't said one word to me for over two turns." Turning on him she glares. "I don't wanna be stepped on no more." She may not realize she is standing on ice, but she is.

"Ah'm sorry, Senkya, it ain't like it was my plan ta get ya pregnant. Ah just wanted ta distract ya, fer a while, so that ya weren't so stressed out." Only he proceeded to make it far far worse. The shovel is stuck back against the house, and he's shaking his head, moving to follow after her, shrugging out of his jacket, and moving to put it around her shoulders. "Ah dun mean ta step on ya, if'n ya think that's what's happening.."

Senkyou lets him put the jacket on her, continuing to rant for a moment more and walks a little further, down the path that leads to her weyr. "It's still yu fault." Another step, and she is losing her balance. It's ice, it's not dirt but ice. Very quickly she is landing on her butt, "SHards!" She says, but cussing the ice out won't keep her from falling. Woops. This ladies and gents it what we call, a bad day.

"And Ah'm still sorry.." L'ton says, a bit exasperated, as he's following after her as quickly as he can given the slippery conditions. Then, however, the brownrider is slipping and falling and he's at her side as soon as he can be, looking both guilty and worried. "Shards, Senkya.. Ya okay?" He says, as he's crouching down next to her, trying to help her up.

Senkyou sits for a moment, rubbing her lower back. Before her gets there she tries to get up, and back down she goes. This time hitting her head. Once he's over to her she says "No I'm not okay! My back hurts, now my head hurts and it's colder than between." Not really, but he daren't correct her. "Help me up." Reaching for his hand, and her other hand is on her head.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly as she's back down on the ground, grimacing slightly. "Oh, lil'bit.." He murmurs, and moving to take her hand, though the other one is moving to touch the back of her head. "Hold on, Senkya.. Lemme make sure that yer okay.." He mutters, helping her sit up enough to wrap his arm around her torso as he kneels next to her, trying to see if there's a bump or anything in the dim light.

Senkyou flinches with him touching her head, "It hurts! Stop it.." Muttering she rolls her shoulders, rolls her neck around and says. "I am not tired, I feel fine besides pain. Still wigglin' my toes, now just help me up." Whining just a little, she leans into him for help. "Just, pick me up. I don't want Dulacth out here with this ice, but if yu can't do this I'll get someone who can." There is a nice knot on her head.

"Senkya.." He protest a bit, hand quickly pulling back as she flinches, and he's shaking his head. "Senk.. Ah gotta get ya back inside, ya got a pretty good wherry egg on the back of yer head there… We should settle ya down inside, so Ah can make sure.." Shaking his head a bit again, he's shifting to carefully scoop her into his arms, and then he's lifting with his legs, not his back, until he is, at least tentatively, standing, holding her against him.

Senkyou leans away from him, and says "I can walk.." Mumbling but she gives in and lays her head on his shoulder. "Don't ya dare wake the kids up, and wipes yur feet." Bossy. "I ain't that heavy." She's not horribly heavy, bigger than Niah, smaller than M'iken. In there somewhere. "Just don't drop me.." DUlacth is waiting by the weyr door. "I'm really fine." But she relaxes, making her a bit easier to carry.

Its a slow pace, but L'ton makes it back to Senkyou's home without either dropping her or slipping on the ice, and as she reprimands and fusses at him he simply shakes his head in wordless agreement to each statement, letting the pregnant hormonal woman have her way. Once they're inside, he's quietly stepping on the toes of one boot to pull it off, then repeating it with the other foot, and he's still not putting Senkyou down. "Come on, ya.." He murmurs, keeping the sleeping children in mind.

Senkyou approves silently of his quietness, getting quieter herself as they enter her weyr and saying in a low whisper, "Put me down on the bed, look at my back… don't worry yur kids still moving." It's slightly sarcastic, but her hand goes to her stomach, "Don't even have a name for it yet, though it won't matter." She snipes a little.

"Shhh.." He murmurs to her softly, Tonny shaking his head as he settles her down on the bed, sliding to sit next to her as he carefully rolls her onto her side, pushing up the shirt to make sure there's no scrapes or immediate bruising. "Senkya, its ya Ah'm worried about.. ya took a good fall.." He murmurs, fingers gently rubbing her back to find any soreness.

A little bruising, that will probably spread but nothing to serious. As he says he is concerned about her she blushes, thankfully he can't see her face. "Oh." She says, very different tone.. "Thank you." Choking it out, "Can I take the shirt off? I mean.. you may not be concerened about the babe.. but maybe I am." What is she saying! She must of hit her head a but too hard.

"Sit up a bit.." He murmurs, hands on her side and shoulder in order to help her do so. "Lift up yer arms.." He directs her, even as his hands are sliding under the shirt to carefully pull it up and over her head. His fingers hesitate first at the bump on the back of her head, and then at the bit of bruising on her back again, before the curve of her stomach is distract him, and one hand slowly moves over her side to rest his hand there, should she let him.

Senkyou sits up with his help, for once rendered speechless. Lifting her arms she gets the shirt off, shivering a bit and leaning back. "Does it look ok?" She asks again, craning her neck and wincing. "So.. you, you had offered me something." She says, taking his hand and placing it on the middle of her stomach, she is mostly a muscle though she isn't overly buff, just tone, only exception is the baby bump. Cautiously she leans against him. Flattery seems to be the key.

"Just a lil bruised, Senkya.." He murmurs softly, shifting to settle behind her as she leans back, moving to rest his hand where she puts it, the other one brushing over her shoulder, a softly sigh and he's leaning to gently kiss the side of her neck - its right there after all - and his hand gently runs over her baby bump. "Ya can have whatever ya want, Senkya.." He murmurs again, before there's another gentle kiss, if he doesn't get hit.

Shivering as he kisses her, she crosses her arms a little, stiffening slightly and turning her head to try and kiss him. "Is.. is it ok, if I want.. you?" Senkyou asks, blushing a little and raising an eyebrow. "Not much to look at, but, if'n yur willing." Looking towards where her children are sleeping, she says "I got nothing to lose I guess, but you'd better not go braggin'"

"Shards, Senkyou, why do ya think ya ain't much ta look at? Ah think yer gorgeous.." He murmurs, fingers tracing the curve of her belly, gaze moving down her torso before he leans to give her a long kiss. "Not at all, sweets.. And, Ah won't say one word ta anyone.." He promises, sealing it with another kiss.

With his promise, though she has heard such promises before she moves to push him against the bed. "Alright." Another small blush, definetly the flattery. "Such a bad liar though." Kissing him back, she's a rough kisser, but softens just a bit with the second one. Unbuttoning the top of her pants she scoots forward a bit, using her toes to grab the pant leg and pull the pants off.

L'ton is pushed down onto the bed, and his hands are moving to pull her with him, rubbing her back as he kisses her firmly - not seeming to mind the roughness, though he his reluctantly pulling away long enough to tug his shirt off, and then to wiggle out of his pants. "Not lying.." He says firmly, even as he's rolling over onto her to prove that there is actual attraction there. And then some.

The next morning, and Senk is laying next to L'ton. Rutrow. Curled close to him she looks over, big sigh. While the other two children have already left the weyr, the nannies having gone and picked them up Zalyu has climbed out of his bed and come to see what is going on. The little boy moves the curtain and Senk smiles at him, he squeezes by the curtain not really opening it.

Maybe it was such an awesome, enjoyable night that the brownrider won't kill him? Shifting, he pulls the person in bed closer to him as he slowly stretches, waking up just a bit, though not yet opening his eyes, and thus he's really not aware that the first child of this dangerous pairing is coming their way.

Senkyou is pulled close, and she sighs and just lets it happen. Zalyu can't get in bed, but he tries and senk puts her fingers on her lips. In a tone that should clearly tell L'ton is is her she says, "Yu battered or bruised?" Asking as if it's rather funny, looking over at Dulacth who is contently sleeping. "Yu better cherish the moment, cuz this is a one time deal." Well good things often are.

"Maybe, but it ain't a bad thing.." L'ton murmurs, opening his eyes and grinning a bit. "Yes'm.." He replies to her with a good natured chuckle even as he's looking and noticing Zalyu, giving Senkyou another squeeze before he's reaching to grab Zalyu under his arms to pull the toddler up onto the bed with them.

Zalyu smiles, looking suprised and happy. Usually he doesn't get daddy in the morning, when with mommy. "Daaddy! You visit!" He says and embraces his father. Senkyou says, "Yu'd better get all together, yu leave here looking like you came to visit. Maybe take the kid back with yu." Kissing Zalyu on the cheek and sitting up. "Yu weren't even drunk.. and yu haven't snuck out yet. This is odd." Touching the back of her head she sighs, "Heads still sore.. maybe I should force you to be a good father, take me to the healers." Sarcasm

"Ah visit, Ah visit." L'ton agrees with a grin, leaning to give Zalyu a kiss on his forehead, before settling back in to pull Senkyou close again, despite the possibility of injury. "Of course, Ah dun wan anyone ta get the wrong idea." And then, he's shaking his head slightly, even as he's leaning to check the back of her head with a bit of concern. "Despite what ya think, Ah do enjoy spending all sorts of time with ya,e ven withou alcohol."

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