Zallesh's Turnday

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It's hard to believe that an entire turn has already gone by since Zallesh was born, but so it has. The baby boy was now walking well and had even begun stringing a few words together into a sentence. At the moment Zallesh was playing with a wind up runner that S'ya's mother had sent over, the little guy giggling madly whenever the toy set to racing around the room. S'ya is wearing a nice sundress today in honor of her son's turnday, a small cake placed on the glass table as she bustles about getting her sons lunch ready. Oh happy day!

A whole turn - and many would question the fact that despite the young age of her son why the greenrider is already pregnant. But, that's neither here nor there. L'ton is arriving though for the small celebration with a wrapped up box, and he's tapping on the door before letting himself in. The box is left on the table as first Zallesh gets a kiss, and then he attempts to give S'ya the same treatment. "Hey sweetheart."

The reason for new pregnancy? The greenrider liked kids and wanted a big brood. Gotta start young and quick! When the knock comes on the door S'ya beams over at the bronzer, moving to greet him. "Tonny! Thank you for coming." She says happily, Zallesh eyeing his father curiously before eyeing his present. He's a bit shy but smiles nonetheless. "How do we greet your father?" S'ya asks of their son, Zallesh responding with a shy. "Hi daddy." With that settled the greenrider moves to wrap her arms around the bronzer, planting a kiss on his lips and just smiling back at him. Someone's in a good mood today. "My mother and brothers were here earlier so he already got started on some presents. I hope you do not mind that yours was not the first he opened, he was just making the cutest eyes." Big hazel ones like his folks.

"Hey there, my lil boy…" Tonny grins back at the boy, happy to wrap his arms around the greenrider and return the kiss. "Well, Ah guess its just proof that he's got his mother's charm.." L'ton teases her, giving her another kiss and a squeeze, before turning to look at the box, and then back at the greenrider, leaving his arm over her shoulder. "Well, ya wanna let him open this one, or did ya want cake?"

"Charm? Me?" Giggle. Oh yes, someone is awfully giddy today. Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that her lifemates hide was starting to glow yet again? Most likely. "Oh, I think we should cut the cake first. He will not eat if it is something that catches his eye." Zallesh watches his folks curiously, the toy runner discarded for the moment. He does perk up at the word 'cake', however, moving towards the table and eyeing the redfruit and cream pastry. "I will get the knife then!"

Dhonzayth hasn't yet started to annoy Sophyrinth, and so, at least for the moment, L'ton is blissfully ignorant of the glowing state of the green's hide. Not that L'ton minds a proddy S'ya at all - in fact it could be argued that its one of those things that he particularly enjoys. However, for now, its Zallesh who should be enjoying himself, and so L'ton is giving S'ya a squeeze, and blowing her a kiss as he lets her go to get the knife, even as he's moving to pick Zallesh up and settle him on his lip, staring down at the cake. "Yer mommy made ya such a nummy cake, Zall.."

Sophyrinth is no where to be found, the green probably off antagonizing some males by the beach or something. While S'ya fetches the knife Zallesh listens to his father, his big hazel eyes shyly moving up to L'ton's own before saying softly. "Mommy says it's sweet." He sucks a bit on his thumb, his eyes trailing over the 'nummy' cake. "Tell daddy what you got today, Zal!" S'ya says happily, returning with utensils and plates. "Toys." That's Zallesh's reply, though he does smile now that his mother's back. "Do you want to cut the cake, or daddy?" And the turnday boy grins, pointing to the bronzer. "Guess that means you should do the honors, love."

"Toys, hm?" L'ton asks the toddler, even as he's shifting to hand him back to S'ya, so that he can cut the cake up for them. "Its gonna be yummy, Zallesh." Tonny tells him again, before he's moving to cut the cake, a smaller piece of cake for the little boy, and two normally sized pieces for his parents. "Sweets… ya didn't offer yer brothers and ma any cake? Ya didn't have ta wait fer me.." He offers idly, as each piece of cake is stuck on a plate.

"Yes, toys. Uncle Or'un bought him a drum, Ba'us and Tra'us got him," And there's an eye roll from S'ya. "A play knife. And mom got him the runner." Naturally she'd put the knife far away from the baby as soon as the visitors had left, not really a fan of such things. "Oh, no worries love. We had a sweet breakfast. I wanted us to cut the cake together." She places the plate before Zallesh, cutting up a small piece for the boy before letting him nibble on it. "And Zal said he wanted daddy to have cake with him, is that not true, love?" There's a shy little giggle as the toddler chows down.

"Ah'm sorry, sweets.." He mutters slightly - while the drum is better than a play knife, its also considerably noisier which always makes things entertaining. "Well, At least mine's different, so." L'ton beams at her, before he's reaching for his own piece of cake, grinning. "Well, Ah'm happy ya wanted ta have cake with me, Zallesh." L'ton grins as he tugs a chair over for himself, and then S'ya so that the greenrider is close by. Possessive? At least for the moment, yeah.

"No worries, love! Really, everything is going wonderfully." S'ya says with a giggle, Zallesh following suit. Though when she pushes her hair back a bit it's obvious she's got a nice bruise on her forehead, curtsey of the ice storm a few days back. The turnday boy is enjoying his cake, nibbling away but mostly making a bit mess, babies. "How have you been over at that fair isle? The weather treating you right?"

L'ton grins, even as he's taking a few quick bites of his cake, the plate being slide back onto the table as he notices the bruise on her forehead, making a face and sighing softly as he rubs his thumb over it, shaking his head. "Shards, ya got hit, didn't ya? At least we ain't got any freaky ice storms ruining 'verything fun." L'ton clearly is glad for the tropicalness of Ista. "When ya gonna be able ta come visit? Ya gotta see Zelik, he's as handsome as Zallesh here.." L'ton looks hopeful.

"Just a bit, poor So got pelted good. We were sore for a day or two but we are fine now." S'ya says with a finger, snuggling a bit closer to L'ton. Zallesh is currently sticking his fingers into the cream of the cake, his face covered in the stuff. "Oh, very soon. I was thinking of going the other day but the storm hit and well, I did not want So to fly in that condition. I can between now." She announces the last happily, glancing over as Zallesh starts moving a hand towards the serving knife. She snatches it up quickly, giving L'ton a kiss before she moves to clear the table. "Zelik? Who is his mother… Wait, is that M'iken's?" So many Ton babies.

"Well, Ah'm glad.. Ah can't imagine what it musta looked like when it first happened." As S'ya snuggles into him, L'ton is chuckling at Zallesh, tsking slightly at the mess, tsking slightly, though definitely amused by it. "Make sure ya come see me, and dun just spend all yer time hole'd up with K'ael, hm? The Weyrsecond needs some attention too." He teases her softly, before she's clearing the table, and he's nodding. "Yeah, he's Mai's lil boy." One of them that matters, though, and isn't just a random flight baby?

"It was interesting." S'ya says slowly, moving back to clean up her sons face properly now. Zallesh makes a funny little face as his mom cleans him up, giggling when it's all over. When L'ton brings up K'ael she can't help but giggle a bit, shaking her head. "Not jealous, are you love? Of course I will come see you too. There is plenty of me to go around." And around, and around. "Well he must be darling, Mai is quite the looker, and you are not too shabby either."

"Maybe Ah am, love, maybe Ah am." L'ton quips, shrugging a bit, as if really matters one way or the other. As Zallesh is giggling, L'ton is pulling the present off the table to set it in his lap, looking over at the boy then, with a grin. "Do ya want yer present now, Zallesh?" He questions, before his gaze flicks to S'ya as he's settling the large square box on the ground infront of the boy. "Well, Ah think that Zallesh and him'll have the ladies crying, 'fore they're even out of their teens."

S'ya frowns a bit at the shrug, not really sure what to make of it. She doesn't say anything though, her smile gracing her face quickly enough as she moves to rejoin the boys. Zallesh eyes the present with wide eyes, bobbing his head quickly. "Yes." He manages, eyes darting over to his mother. "Yes /please/, love. Yes, please." Zal adds a shy little, "Puhlease." of his own finally. "And I think you are right. Between the two of them you will have your hands full with angry fathers and mothers." The greenie giggles, settling herself inbetween father and son.

"Ah mean, is it bad?" He absently questions S'ya as she settles down next to him, moving to put his arm around her shoulders as they settle, and then grins at Zallesh, nodding his head. "Go ahead, my boy.." He says encouragingly - hopefully the boy will enjoy the set of various shapes and colors of smooth wooden blocks that are inside. Shaking his head though, as he watches his son, he grins. "Yer gonna have ta help deal with 'em ta. Ah mean, yer the one raising him."

"I suppose not." S'ya says as she snuggles against the bronzer, her eyes flicking over to L'ton. She just never pegged him for the jealous type. Zallesh moves to open the box, having a bit of trouble first but eventually making his way to where the toy is. He grins at the sight of the blocks, picking up a yellow triangle with his hands and beaming back at his parents. "Oh, Zal, look how lovely the present it! Daddy is so sweet, is he not?" The baby grins over at the bronzer before picking up a blue circle. Someone's gonna be busy for hours. "Thank you, dada." S'ya sneaks L'ton a kiss when Zal's eyes are averted, snuggling a little closer to the bronzer. "Thank you, love. And I will just redirect them to you." She teases about the horde of angry parents, smirking a bit.

Perhaps possessive might be a bit better word, though there are certainly a few girls who he gets jealous over, aside from merely M'iken and Niah, even if they aren't that common. L'ton attention is on Zallesh along, and there's a sigh of relief as the boy is beaming and pulling the blocks out. Leaning to tip the box onto the side to make it easier for him to get them all, he's leaning back to catch the snuck kiss, pulling her to his side and kissing her temple before he chuckles. "Well, Ah guess Ah'll be used ta it by then.." Though, he really should be by now, after the Laera-Lisle mess.

Zallesh giggles with delight as the blocks become more accessible, the toddler busy trying to stick the right ones in their respective spot. S'ya watches happily, letting out a sigh of relief. It had been a long day after all and everything had gone as planned, why not be relieved? "If they are too mean you can always send them my way. I am a rather tough greenie after all, I will set them straight." And she pumps up one of her slender arms, trying to look tough before just dissolving into giggles.

"Dun think Ah won't, he's just as much yer child as he is mine." L'ton reminds her with a grin, before he's reaching to tickle her as she flexes, shaking his head, and rolling his eyes. Stealing a kiss, he's leaning to kiss the top of Zallesh's head, before moving to slowly stand up. "Ah'll let ya relax, and enjoy some quiet.. Ah'll come see ya again soon? Or, when yer in Ista, ya can always come see the better half of the leadership." L'ton jokes, moving for a parting hug.

"Of course, love. And Zal loves his daddy." S'ya says with a smile, allowing a kiss to be stolen. She follows the bronzer as he gets to his feet, moving to give him a hug. "Thank you for coming and for the present, I know Zal is going to be playing with it for hours." She says, moving to give the bronzer a farewell kiss. She lingers for a moment before pulling away, leaving him a smile as she sees him out. "And I will visit, I promise!"

"Ah love both of ya, dun forget that, ya hear?" He says, though its mostly to Zallesh, and he's avoiding S'ya's gaze, even as he's giving her a long hug, squeezing her once more before he's headed out, stealing one more glance over his shoulder. And then its back to nice warm Ista, where there's no nasty ice.

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