Is That Tea?

Ierne Weyrhold - Green Dragon Inn
Deep and wide, with dark wood-paneled walls, this room holds just about something for everyone. Along one wall stretches a bar behind which the friendly barkeeper M'woen keeps busy. He's quite tall and bulky, and looks quite capable of taking care of any troublemakers. Round tables are scattered around the room. They and the booths along the other wall provide seating for those tantalized by the warm aromas of food drifting from the kitchen. Along the back wall are dartboards, and several doors are labelled, leading to quiet rooms in the back and the rooms for guest to stay in. One door is labelled 'No Children Beyond This Point'. The sounds of dice rolling and the occasional cheer can faintly be heard from behind it.

It's 5 O'clock and the Green Dragon is hopping for the most part with riders, crafter, and residents alike kicking back and enjoying a ale or two and there's even a sporadic glass of wine seen floating about the tables. Now at one of the booths sits a Greenrider, a mug tucked in her hands as she sits with her feet propped up on the table while she watches everyone else in the bar. Neia is utterly calm in her observations of the others, now and then a small laugh leaves her lips as she turns her head towards the doorway where her lifemate rests on the other side.

Alcohol really is better enjoyed with a partner. And so, as L'ton is turning from the bar, an ale is in his hand and he's looking around the establishment for some lucky, single young woman to sit with, settling his sights on Neia. "Hey sweets.." He offers as he hovers over her table. "Want some company?"

Neia drops her head back against the cushions of the booths seating area, a hand lifting to wave at the empty areas to either side of her. "Sure, should I remove my feet from the table?" is asked though the feet do not move. "Did you know that even the pregnant women around here seem to drink wine or ale around here."

L'ton grins, and slides into the booth next to her, shaking his head. "No need ta do that just fer me.." He says with amusement, shaking his head, and leaning to pinch her kneecap gently. At her comment about pregnant women, he nearly chokes on his mouthful of ale, blinking to stare at her. "Do they?" He questions, looking around to try and identify any obviously pregnant women with alcohol.

Neia laughs softly, the pinch obviously tickling more then hurting. "You won't see any well rounded ones in here but they are in here." A hand is pointed towards a pair of brownriders and a single woman at a table not to far away, "That one there is pregnant, Nakiath says so and she's drinking ale, third or forth one since I got here." she notes softly, leaning towards the bronzer as she speaks.

"Ya have ta wonder if'n she knows.. or if'n she cares, ya know?" He comments idly, as his gaze rests on the trio at the other table, tsking a bit as he shakes his head. "Well, Ah guess there ain't nothing wrong with enjoying yer ale, but.." He shrugs, before giving her a bit of a nudge, and taking a more careful sip of his drink.

Neia lifts her own mug, the scent of tea strong in the steam that rises from it. "No matter to me, though it's a pity if she does know." A shrug of shoulders before she swings her feet down and beneath the table again. "What brings you so far from Ista L'ton?"

L'ton arches an eyebrow at the tea, leaning a bit into the greenrider to peer suspiciously at the mug in her hand. "Ya must like yer tea.." He comments idly, before shaking his head, and moving to drape his arm over her shoulders as her feet are under the table. "Came ta see my cousin and his weyrmate fer a bit, but their littlest is sick, so Ah didn't wanna intrude fer ta long.

Neia sips then lowers the mug to the table again, "Ale and i do not agree, we tend to stir up more trouble then we should." A tap of her finger against the rim before she traces it slowly, "Besides I'm aiming to be at Fort earlier in their morning so drinking tonight would really do me no good."

"Trouble ain't always a bad thing.." He comments with amusement, before shaking his head, and seeming to relax just a bit. "Well, Ah understand that, then. Ah mean, it dun work so well, if'n ya have ta much, before it gets ta late." Whatever that means, L'ton gives the greenrider a grin, and a bit of a nudge. "So, how've ya been sweets?"

Neia says "You might have a point there but there are times when standing on the bar and bellowing out all sorts of colorful things is not good." she points out. Another shift this way and that and she settles again. "I'm well, working with the healers here to get Nakiaths wing back into shape as well as working on my arm and fingers." The mentioned limb is held out, the left one, and one would notice that her thumb and the 2 fingers after it are not shaped as they should be. "I was caught in a nasty storm when we came out between in it and it broke them and my upper and lower arm as well as injured Naks wing."

"Shards, that ain't good, Neia…" He shakes his head, and settles his ale on the table to turn partway to her, resting her elbow in one hand while the other gently plays wit her fingers, though very carefully, to avoid causing her any pain inadvertently. "Just make sure if'n ya do give a show like that, ya like Dhon know, so Ah can be here ta watch.. And ta haul ya off out of sight when yer done." He comments finally lifting his gaze from her hand, tsking against softly. "She doing okay, healing?"

Neia shrugs, "Call it making a blind jump when my mind wasn't fully in it." The finds flex but do not have their full range of motion, half perhaps but not full. "Makes getting her straps on and off a real trial but I've learned to do most of the hard buckling with my right hand." Pulled from thoughts of her hand by mentioning of her dancing and whatnot, Neia offers a slight laugh. "I'll have Nakiath call out for you, loud and clearly which she is rather good at."

"Ah'ma hold ya ta that now, sweets.." He grins, winking at her, turning back to settle his arms over her shoulders again. "Though, Ah am glad ya didn't get hurt any worse, though Ah'm glad Nakiath can still fly well 'nuff." Shifting to put his feet up on the other side of the booth, he slowly sips from his ale, before stealing a look at her idly. Hm.

Neia leans her head back against the arm, rubbing the back of her head against it. "She has trouble with hard turns but the healers here have done wonders for her." The more she sits the more she relaxes, Neia actually leaning against the bronzers side. "Congratulations on your weyrmates young one, I heard that you'd had a son."

L'ton lets his arm settle a bit more around her shoulders, gently rubbing her upper arm as she leans against his side. "Well, Ah'm sure she'll get better.. it just takes a matter of time.." He reassures her, before grinning. "Thanks, lil'bit! He really is something.. Gorgeous lil baby ta.. Ah think he took after his ma though, thank goodness." He jokes, clearly having shouted the news to enough people after Zelik's birth that he's not at all confounded by her having heard the news.

Neia sighs, her smile warming. "I remember feeling that way when my Nethan was born, his father had the same reaction." A mothers pride. "Active little man keeps the nannies on the move at all hours I swear it." Not that she seems to mind. "Nakiath dotes on him, to her he is her hatchling and they are a pair to watch."

"Well, with ya fer a mother, Ah'm sure he has ta be as precious as Zelik is, Ah mean, they both have beautiful women who had ta have a major role in what they came out looking like." L'ton grins, idly giving her shoulder a squeeze. "Mai's Meluth, he wanted us ta name him Zel, so that he'd be his lil hatchling.. We had ta compromise." L'ton says with a chuckle.

Neia grins, nodding. "Nakiath thought we should name him Nakan but well Nethan was better as he carries part of all of us." The comment about motherhood and beauty is blushed at. "I'm just a simple greenrider, no more spectacular in looks then any other woman in this place."

"Well, ya may think that all ya want, but Ah think yer gorgeous." And, seeing as its only the first ale on the table in front of him, its not the alcohol talking, though it may be his not so subtle charm. "How old is yer lil one?" Tonny asks with honest curiosity, and a grin, reaching for his drink as he waits for her answer.

Neia snorts softly, "Think what you wish, I won't try to stop you." Clearly she's not going to let all this sweet talk her in any way that shows. "He's Four now, and into everything and not afraid of anyone from the oldest uncle to the youngest dragonet."

L'ton despite her lack out outward response, L'ton shows no sign of laying off the sweet talk, and he's grinning. "Well, that's good. Ah bet he'll be a real good bronzerider. Maybe Zelik and him'll ride tagether some day, and they'll be weyrleaders and all." Putting a lot of pressure on a pair of littles, the youngest of which hasn't even been around for a quarter turn.

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