The Gift of Life

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. In addition to two sets of double doors which lead west, one into to the dragonhealing bay, and one into the surgical room, there are several areas partitioned off here. Recovery and birthing are both towards the northwest, while emergency is located towards the east. Directly behind the reception desk, surrounded entirely by glass panes, is the Weyrhealer's office and an ample lift. Cots used for checkups and simple outpatient procedures line most of the north wall, each paired off with a small bedside-table and separated by fabric screens that can be drawn closed for privacy. An immense circle of shining, metal cabinets is situated directly in the center of the room, and sealed, stone counters equipped with metal sinks and storage compartments above and below dot the walls. A wide nook between the Weyrhealer's office and the east wall contains rows of worktables and two large hearths used for preparing various innocuous remedies. Several bubbling cauldrons hang in each hearth, scenting the air both by day and by night with their soothing aromas.

It was about time for Rhelia to pop. The audacity of the baby, being a few days late. And pop she did, and summon the most likely father of the baby there to nearly castrate for making her go through with this. Because, you know, it's all his fault or something like that. Poor L'ton. At least he's got lots of experience with women having his babies? And after some hours of labor, beginning in the late afternoon, and much yelling, there's an exhausted Rhelia and a little baby boy. And presumably L'ton is still somewhere there. All those inquiring after Rhelia are directed by a pleased and smug Mevalonath to the infirmary. Her rider made something great!

Y'sar and Kersenth arrive outside in the bowl, and are soon directed to the infirmary by the smug Mevalonath. While Kersenth rests outside, Y'sar comes in, looking both excited and frightened. "Rhelia?" he calls, and is quickly shushed by a Healer. "Rhelia?" he says again, whispering urgently.

L'ton is still here indeed, and he's got a chair pulled up to the side of Rhelia's bed, unwilling to leave the side of the newest mother of his newest spawn. Apparently, as there are no cries of pain being emitted by the bronzerider, he has so far escaped without castration, and for now is busy cooing over the boy. "Rhelia. Ya were awesome.." He murmurs softly, even as he's hearing the name echo'd from elsewhere.

One of the healers turns a glaring look at the noisy Y'sar, but it's another that comes up to gently tap his arm for attention and direct him towards Rhelia, L'ton, and the baby. Rhelia tilts her head back, free of the baby in every way as L'ton has apparently got it for much cooing over, and shakes her head slightly against the pillow. "Don't want to be doing /that/ again," she says tiredly. Bastard better be there keeping her company for a while.

Y'sar makes his way over quietly, his face shining and tears glistening on his cheeks. He stands beside Rhelia's bed, ignoring L'ton, and looks down at his son. Or who he thinks is his son. "Oh, Rhelia," the brownrider whispers, "He's absolutely perfect." He bends down to try and kiss her forehead.

L'ton would most certainly face a repeat attempt at castration if he attempted to leave, at this point. Or any point soon. The baby bundled up in his arms, the bronzerider is tracing a gentle finger over the light fuzz on his head, and he's sighing softly. "Ah ain't gonna ask ya ta. Though, Ah'm surprised ya didn't say never, love." L'ton murmurs to the greenrider with amusement. And then, there's a brownrider there, looking at the baby in his arms, and leaning to kiss Rhelia, and L'ton's eyes widen slightly, but at least he doesn't laugh.

Uh, Y'sar? Does that baby look like yours? He's most definitely got a nose to match the bronzerider holding him. "Course I mean never," Rhelia snaps at L'ton with as much force behind it as she can muster. But oh yes, if he were to try and leave she could surely find the energy necessary to castrate him. As there's a teary eyed Y'sar leaning over to kiss her and coo over the baby she flinches away slightly, lifting a hand to push the brownrider away from her, "Uggh, not right now," she grumps, clearly too tired to feel like dealing with Y'sar. She tilts her head slightly towards L'ton and raises a brow - help?

Y'sar hesitates, glancing now at L'ton, "Hello. I'll take him now," he says, reaching out for his son with a smile. He doesn't notice the nose. He doesn't notice anything but the baby. "I don't know why you didn't call me. What's his name? He's amazing, Rhelia. Simply perfect."

L'ton looks from Rhelia to Y'sar, and back to the greenrider, and this time he's chuckling softly to himself. However, its when Y'sar is reaching for the baby that he gets the biggest stare. "His name is Zhelan.." L'ton offers, unwilling to relinquish the hold of the infant. "Ya can see him, but ain't nobody but me holding him fer now. Dun want him ta get confused who his da is." L'ton says - though its full of possessiveness there's no malice in his voice.

Rhelia says "Zhe-" Rhelia starts to name the baby, but stops as L'ton does so for her and just nods her head. "That's it," she confirms, trailing off into silence for a moment. "I didn't call you because…," she starts, then looks over at the bronzerider. Maybe Y'sar can figure it out now?"

Y'sar is far too trusting. He blinks a few times, looking at the baby and then at L'ton, "Zhelan? His…his da?" Then, comprehension dawns. The radiant joy of finally becoming a father is washed away, crushed beneath the blow of lies, mistrust and the glaring, awful truth. He takes one full step back, hands clenching by his sides. He had to move away, or else he's not sure he wouldn't rip the child from L'ton's arms and run. So he stays back. "You-" he stammers, looking at Rhelia, and glaring, "You." True, righteous anger rises within him, and he turns his head and spits on the floor.

L'ton looks from Rhelia to Y'sar, quieting as Rhelia is speaking, and then it seems that comprehension is dawning on the Eastern brownrider. And, from the look on L'ton's face, its possible that the Weyrsecond feels slightly sorry for the kid, even as he holds the baby tighter in his arms. As he spits on the floor, L'ton is cautiously rising, moving to put himself between the greenrider and the brown, looking between them nervously.

Luckily for all parties involved here, Rhelia's just had a baby and is quite tired from that whole long ordeal. She just rolls her eyes at Y'sar, that idiot, and then offers a loud snort. "Your own fault for being such a trusting idiot," she says, with only about half as much rancor in the statement as there ought to be, she is tired after all. Thus far attention hasn't really been drawn to their little group, which may be good since spitting in infirmaries is generally frowned upon.

Y'sar is trembling. Simply, visibly shaking. His mouth forms some choice words to call Rhelia - this woman who has led him on, used him, hurt him for apparently her own pleasure. But he can't bring himself to say them. "I can't believe you did that to me," he hisses, his voice quiet (don't want to scare the baby, after all), "You…you…" and again the words are left unsaid. "So that's not my child," he says, turning to stare at L'ton. L'ton! The man has, what, 50 kids? Can't Y'sar have just ONE? Just one, for Faranth's sake?! The brownrider continues to tremble with rage and hurt, rooted to the spot.

L'ton apparently /does/ feel sort of sorry for the brownrider, for as it becomes obvious how upset Y'sar is, he's sparing Rhelia a look, tilting his head at her before cautiously and carefully holding out the small bundle towards Y'sar, should the brownrider still harbor any interest in seeing the child, or even holding it. However, all is done wordlessly, as to not draw any more attention to himself.

Rhelia has most certainly heard worse before. It's not like this is her only time being unfaithful and leading someone on, though it is perhaps the worst ruse she's pulled thus far. The look from L'ton earns a shrug and raised eyebrow from her as she nods in Y'sar's general direction. "Not yours," she replies. "Are you really /that/ surprised?" she asks, finally recovering some of her vitriol.

Y'sar ignores Rhelia, and he wishes - he WISHES - that ignoring her would hurt her, because he's furious, and he wants her to hurt. More than she's hurting now, having just given birth and all. He turns to the child and gently lifts him from L'ton's arms. Tears slide down his cheek as he stares at the baby that isn't his. The child he's been waiting for. Not his. "Congratulations," he murmurs to L'ton, handing the boy back. He turns and walks out, hopefully to get lost between before he has to face clearing out all the baby things he's got in his weyr. The crib, all the toys, the clothes (arranged by color up until age 2), the food, the books, everything. Y'sar leaves.

L'ton is looking over his shoulder once more at Rhelia, and then down at the baby in his arms. "Ah.. Ah gotta do this, Rhelia.." He says cryptically, before the baby is given a gentle kiss, and he's rushing, babe and all towards the bowl. "Y'sar!" The Weyrsecond calls. "Wait!" He hopes to catch the brownrider before he makes it to his lifemate.

Y'sar pauses, one hand already on Kersenth's straps. He turns, "What," he says, his face ragged and torn with emotion. "I don't blame you for this, L'ton," he grates, glaring at the Infirmary and then sighing. Kersenth croons, drooping where he stands.

Rhelia furrows her brow at L'ton's declaration, looking puzzled. When he takes off for the bowl she starts in her infirmary bed, stopping as sore muscles complain, and so she just waits and watches. He better come back before she can walk, else she'll go to Ista and castrate him!

"Y'sar… Ya should take him…" L'ton says, a bit of hesitation evident in his voice, though as he sees the brownrider's face, he seems more confident with his decision. "Ya.. Ah didn't realize how much ya were looking forward ta it… And.. Ah think ya could do right by him.." And again he's slowly offering the baby bundle to the Eastern rider.

Y'sar blinks, staring at the bundle and then at L'ton. His jaw clenches, "That's it? Pity the brownrider and give him a baby? He's not even mine, L'ton." But when he looks at the baby boy's face the yearning, longing on his face is almost palpable.

Rhelia will just take a nap in the infirmary while the men are bonding over the baby, or duking it out, or whatever. She is cold hearted like that, after all.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Shards Y'sar.. That ain't what Ah mean by it. But.. Ah saw that look on yer face.. And.. Ah think ya'll make him happy.." At the look of longing on Y'sar's face, L'ton is offering the baby again. "Ya won't be able ta take him back fer a few days but.." And then there's a bit of a smile.

Y'sar winces, staring at the baby. This innocent little thing. Born of evil. (Glare at the Infirmary again.) But he'd love the baby. He knows he would. But can he really care for a child that isn't his? "He'd be mine, completely?" That needs to be decided now, because Y'sar doesn't want to feel like some glorified babysitter.

"Completely…" L'ton says with a bit of a smile. "Ah mean, t'would be nice if'n uncle L'ton could visit now and then, fer his turnday and stuff but.. Ah ain't gonna come and take him away from ya. And, Ah'm pretty shardin' sure ya dun have ta worry about Rhelia either."

A wherry would be a better caretaker of that little one than Rhelia.

Y'sar stares at the child, reaching out to take him. "And can I say he's…he's mine?" Just so there's no confusion? Adopted, sure, but Y'sar wants to be Daddy.

"Ya can say he's yers. And, maybe he'll grow out of that silly nose." L'ton jokes, carefully hand the boy over the the brownrider, carefully supporting the newborn's head. "Yer gonna be great.."

Y'sar cradles the child to him, staring down at his perfect face. "I don't mind the nose," he murmurs. "What's his name again?" He should probably learn that. Kersenth peers over his rider's shoulder, crooning tenderly at the boy. "Thanks," Y'sar says quietly. Then he looks up, meeting L'ton's eyes, "Thank you." Truly.

"Zhelan.." L'ton replies softly, with a smile, before shaking his head and reaching to gently pat the new father's shoulder. "Congratulations, man.." He says, glancing at dragon and rider, before nodding back at the infirmary. "They'll probably be wanting him back soon.. and they can tell ya what ya'll need ta do and expect." That's what Healers do!

Y'sar's nose wrinkles, "Zhelan." He doesn't much care for the name, but…he can think of a nickname later. He looks at the infirmary and shakes his head, handing the boy back, "I can't go in there while she's there. I'll come back when she's gone. Have to go…tell my brother." He smiles, clasping L'ton's arm.

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