Green Safernith Rises

-*- High Reaches Weyr - Northern Bowl (#1274) -*-

It's become fairly obvious what's going on. Kiri has taken to wearing dresses that are both beautiful and seductive all at once. Flattering. Makeup? Check. Dancing around, singing, being affectionate? Check. Which can only mean one thing: Safernith's getting ready to go proddy. The sweeter and nicer that Kiri gets, and the more prone to flirting and acting like a complete bubbleheaded loon despite her fiery red hair and temper, the brighter the green's hide seems to get, day by day. Which is saying something, given she's a burning, emerald green naturally. Today, it's a touch cool up in High Reaches - but when is it not? Even summers aren't exactly beach-weather up here. The sun is out, there are clouds in the sky, the wind is brisk but not dangerous… rather a nice day, all told. This is where Kiri strides out, almost skipping, in her finest finery, dancing as she goes and singing.

Meanwhile, Safernith's hide is taking in the sun where she's basking, eyes whirling just a little between colors. Imperial, and large for a green even if not the largest, she is content at the moment to survey her domain with half-attention.

Kersenth backwings to a landing off-center of the bowl, keeping his wings spread for a moment before gingerly tucking them to his sides and letting his rider down. Y'sar's booted feet touch the ground with a thud, pulling off his goggles and helmet and tucking them into his brown's straps. The Eastern rider looks around, getting his bearings in the unfamiliar weyr.

Even if the High Reaches Weyrsecond isn't proddy, she can be quite scary. However, thankfully there's a certain amount of safety inherent when you are meeting on official business. And so, it is a completely whole L'ton that is emerging from the caverns, shrugging his jacket on as he goes. However, his quick pace to meet Dhonzayth comes to an abrupt halt as he spots the dancing and singing Kiri, even as Dhonzayth seems to have discovered the presence of the imperial green. Spreading his wings out, he croons happily to her, before crouching a bit, a bow of greeting from the Istan.

Unfamiliar is Reaches to D'had as well and cool to him is far colder than to the native Reachian, but here he is all the same, collar of his jacket pulled up around his neck and pulling back into it as much as he can. Siebith on the other hand, cold or not, has made it his prerogative to seek out the glowing green while his rider has disappeared inside the caverns for a moment. The blue slinking over towards the green send her a sweet croon of greeting. Move over Dhonzayth, blue beats bronze anyday.

Aoriya is tired, and cold, and irritable. And the paperwork under her right arm and the snappish look on her face bode ill for whichever or whoever gets between her and a mug of klah. Omasuth follows behind her, rumbling in amusement, until he spots Saferinth, and then he's rumbling a coy greeting to the green.

Es'nak is an ex-Eastern rider, but he was born in Tillek and so had come this far north to visit. Now, this eventually led him to High Reaches Weyr to go see what he thinks of the new Senior there, except Aevisaanth noticed a green looking a bit bright. So naturally, he lands whether Es'nak wanted or not. Es'nak dismounts, shaking his head, then glances about. Gee, is the dancing rider the proddy one?

"Safiiiiiie!" calls Kiri with a wave towards her lifemate. Ever so cheery, too. "How's my pretty bauble of a dragon? So pretty!" She claps happily, a wide grin on her face. So much for being part of Deygan wing. Guardians of the weyr? She looks, right now, like she could hardly fight her way out of a wet paper bag without the bag /winning/. She's garnering strange looks from the natives, and knowing looks from some of the other riders she's met.

Safernith, slowly turns her head towards the dancing, singing… completely un-Kiri woman and snorts softly. Whatever her greeting is, it's a private one and mental. Her attention thus focused again, she first looks up towards the newcomer from Eastern, as if weighing him, and then towards the bowing and crooning Istan bronze. Her whip-like tail moves once, a tunnelsnake's motion over the ground, before falling still. She rumbles a general greeting, but her attention doesn't wane again. If anything, it intensifies as other dragons arrive within viewing range. Her hide begins to glow brighter as well, as if in recognition of the attention. Yes, she is gorgeous. Far better than anyone else. How kind of you to show your interest….

Kersenth crouches low to the ground, muscles shifting beneath his well-worn straps. He croons softly, a quiet major chord as if strummed on guitar strings. His wings rustle as he spies something worth chasing, someone worth playing his music for. Y'sar, oblivious, makes his way towards the southern bowl, striking out with long strides, nodding to everyone he passes. Kersenth croons again for Safernith, as though the impending flight could be won or lost before she even takes to the skies.

L'ton shrugs his shoulders to settle his jacket evenly, zipping up the front of it to keep what warmth the can in, even if its not really all that cold. After a moment, it seems evident that Dhonzayth will not be moving from where he is, not at least, until Safernith is calling for partners to escort her in her dance across the sky. With a shrug, L'ton is making the best of the situation, heading over towards the pretty, babbling, cheerful greenrider, giving her a little bow of his own. "Miss.." He offers with a grin. "Ista's duties, my dear rider.." And he's offering her a hand as he straightens up, even as Dhonzayth is rising to a crouch as well. The brassy bronze's faceted eyes are only on the green, as ever inch of his being is glued upon her, giving her the attention she deserves, waiting with anticipation for the green to begin her solo in the sky.

Aevisaanth moves closer to the green, and he does indeed admire her. Rumbling a greeting back, he spreads his wings, showing off his studliness. You know you want some of this! Better call the beasthealer, because these pythons are /sick/. And other self-admiring comments. Es'nak, meanwhile, regards Kiri with amusement. Now that's a proddy rider.

Aoriya spots L'ton, and the cheery Kiri. Her irritation disappears quickly. "oh dear. ah well….. oye! Tonny!" She calls out, hurrying over. "Hey, L'ton. I was gonna have Omasuth call you when we got back after this errand, but here you are. Oh this isn't a very good time. drat." She indicates Safernith. Omasuth ignores the riders and slinks over to Safernith to croon charmingly to the lady.

Kiri pauses as she spots Aoriya and waves to her, then to the others as she spies them as well. "Hellooo!" she cheers to them. "Welcome to High Reaches Weyr! I'm Kiri! My green is Safernith." Isn't she GORGEOUS? the unspoken, proud question follows. She laughs, but it's more like a giggle. She takes L'ton's offered hand and winks. "Hi there, darling," she purrs, catlike. And D'had, Aoriya, and Es'nak? They get little kisses blown to them, rapid-fire. Y'sar, however, gets a wave on her tip-toes, and the call of, "Come over here, then! You look handsome!" She hops with a laugh, spinning around with a flare of her royal blue dress. "I would love to be of assistance… to…" She blinks and cocks her head towards her green. "Oh. OH!" Her grey eyes widen as she goes stock-still, like stone. "Shards, so that's what it feels like…?"

This is, of course, when Safernith's nostrils flare, and her eyes become a startling shade against her green form, glowing suddenly brightly. She rises gracefully to her feet, head held aloft haughtily, and hisses at the males, one and all. When she walks, it's with the gait of an empress, each step placed just-so, tail and head cocked to look perfect… Even her wings spread, as if to show them off to the boys - this is what you have to contend with. Every motion of her says what her mind-voice suddenly declares: «I am a Lady. Accord me my respect. Fortune favors the bold, but I do not favor the stupid.» She makes her flirtatious way towards the lake shore, daring them to follow her footsteps. The chase has apparently begun on the ground as she examines her suitors…

Siebith is a ladies man, or rather a greendragon's blue. And this glowing beauty certainly isn't going to be neglected of any of his attentions. The watery tones of confident, if a touch cocky, voice smooths a greeting to the pretty one ripples on the water lingering in the background as he speaks to her in reply, perhaps just a touch too loud. And so its soon enough that D'had is returning to the outdoors after said errand is completed only to spot the blue's flirtations and the cheery redhead who too seems to be getting just a bit too much attention. "And who might this lovely young beauty be, P'ton?" the man whistles, drawing upon the growing group of Kiri and L'ton - mistaking the man for his better known (to him) cousin. At the green's rising the blue is quick to follow, rider given little more than a second glance.

Dhonzayth> -*- High Reaches Weyr - Lake Shore -*-

Y'sar is stopped dead in his tracks as Kersenth wings after the green. The man groans, putting his face in his hands and giving it a good scrub. Maybe this is all a dream? He mutters things under his breath to his over-enthusiastic dragon as he walks, dejected, back to Kiri. He goes like a man to the grave. "Ma'am," he mutters, his accent speaking of the Harper Hall. "Y'sar, Kersenth's." He dips his head down politely.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth immediately trots off after the green, wings half-out just in case she decides to surprise them by taking off while they're still walking. « You are indeed a Lady, a fantastic, graceful, svelte lady. The clouds part before you so the sun's rays can enhance your brilliance. » Aevisaanth knows how to smooth-talk, at least.

L'ton find a Kiri hand in his own, and he's grinning widely as he bows again to give the back of it a quick kiss, reluctantly letting it go even as he winks at her. "Well, tis a pleasure ta meet ya, my dear Kiri.." The Weyrsecond offers softly, moving to hold out a hand for her to steady her, should she wish to twirl again. At the name P'ton, L'ton is seeming rather confused, glancing over his shoulder at the source, just blinking dumbly at however this happens to be. Clearly, he wasn't being spoken to, right?

Dhonzayth> Kersenth spreads his wings and leaps from the ground, his rider's goggles and helmet crashing back to earth at his sudden lunge after Safernith. He croons again, his vocals picking up more excited and passionate chords as he follows. He'd follow her anywhere, his violet eyes reflecting her radiance. Ahh, glowing green, allow me to woo thee!

"Es'nak, Aevisaanth's, from Ierne." he introduces, nodding towards Kiri, then glances in the direction the dragons leave. "And yes, I suppose that is…" not that Es'nak knows what it's like to be proddy, but…

Dhonzayth> Omasuth croons, «I am indeed very bold mi'Lady.» the brown swaggers, wings half unfurled and attempting a 'bold' posture. He turns sexily, curling his neck and tail just so so that she can see every muscle and sexy sexy flame pattern.

Aoriya adds. "Aoriya, Brown Omasuth's of Igen. Wingleader of Damascin, the security wing." She sounds actually rather cheerful, a huge grin stretching over her face and she bows courteously, a swift and dramatic flourish.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth allows the lady to leave, crooning as she rises to her feet, like a cautious applause that ripples through the crowd when the star of the show appears on stage. Even the hiss isn't enough to sway his attention, and he's stretching slowly, before he's following along behind her towards the shore, and odd, almost rhythmic gait carrying him towards the water, though never daring to overcome the green nor to challenge her position as lead.

D'had squints just a bit at the Istan bronzerider. "Sorry, sorry." its the combination of accent and a closer look that leaves the man with a sheepish grin at his mistake. "Stood with your cousin," he offers, "D'had, blue Siebith's. Ierne." he continues an introduction to directed to both Kiri and L'ton, but for the benefit of the others nearby as well.

Dhonzayth> « Bold. » Siebith scoffs at Omasuth's remark. « You don't know bold. » the blue retorts, puffing up to make himself seem larger like the many browns and bronzes that seem to have taken to the lady's side as well. « We'll see bold up there. » But once again attentions are only for the green as he croos those sweet nothings that all true ladies are sure to enjoy, each word touched with dewdrops.

Kiri half-covers her lips with one hand that is hardly what you'd call soft and unworked. No, she's got the hands of a warrior, callouses in just the right places to show that her graceful, beautiful dancing belies a warrior's heart. "So many nice newcomers…" The tip of her finger touches her lower lip playfully as she slowly turns to regard them, one and all. "Now, here's the question," she murmurs to them silkily. "Which of you wins /me/ when your dragon wins /her/?" In the distance, there's a sudden roar and the sound of mighty wings taking flight.

Dhonzayth> Safernith is actually a tricky thing. Aevisaanth, perhaps, has the right of it. Even as she walks, and senses the boys folowing her, she leaps into the air quickly with a roar of challenge to them. She doesn't climb high at the moment, however. In fact, she skims over the top of the lakeshore as if to get a better look at herself via her reflection, wingtips barely clearing the surface. She knows these mountains, though, and the breeze over the lake is stronger than in other parts of the weyr. The wind takes her under her wings, and with a mighty, lithe motion, she climbs skyward on an updraft.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth sweeps after the green as soon as she's up in the air, roaring a challenge back. He sideslips to either side, trying to show off his flying prowess since she seems to be the type to be impressed by fancy flying. « Come with me and I'll show you moves you'll never forget. » the rivals are ignored.

Dhonzayth> Kersenth flaps his wings three times before he's in the air, kicking off with his hind feet and leaving gouges in the shore behind him. His is momentarily distracted by his own reflection, and one can almost imagine him thinking, « Yeah, go get 'em, dude, » before his eyes are locked onto her glittering emerald form. His wings create thin wakes on the surface of the water as he glides close, letting the air cushion him from the crash before he's rising after her, a resounding bugle echoing off the mountains surrounding them.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth roars, leaping vigorously skyward. Inspired and emboldened, the brown pounds the air for altitude. But he doesn't stop when he reaches cruising altitude. No, Omasuth pounds forwards, putting on altitude and speed, which can be translated into more propulsion if needed.

"Well, now, sweets, Ah think that's up ta ya, as much as that's up ta her." L'ton winks at Kiri, stepping back from her to give her enough space even as his gaze is skimming over her once more, a look of admiration on his face. D'had's apology and introduction get a distracted nod, as L'ton's attention is as glued to the warrior of a greenriders as Dhonzayth's attention is glued to the Empress of a green.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth trumpets as he's tricked, and his awkward gait on the ground becomes quicker, and its at an odd gallop that Dhonzayth's wings are making their first, all important downsweep, and he's lifting off the ground to skim after Safernith, one of many dancers following her lead, only hoping to be able to step up and join her in the finale high above. As first the green catches the updraft, and then the other males, Dhonzayth is joining them, continuing to use his large wings to aid his nature-guided ascent.

Y'sar is mildly surprised by Kiri's question, "Whoever's dragon wins yours," he says. He's never subscribed to the practice of finding alternates. He glances away, his cheeks flushing with color at the thought.

"A pleasure I'm sure my dear." D'had says, quirking a grin up towards the greenrider even as he sweeps into an overly flourished bow in greeting. "Will one as pretty as you around these parts I just might have to come visit more despite the cold." That has yet to be seen however.

Dhonzayth> And the aerobatics begin, the green pushing the the sky and soon Siebith is following. Wings unfurl and with a single beat and a slight hop he's airbound, sweeping across the surface of the lake, so close to the water in fact that forearm claws touch the surface sending little trails of water sprinkling the air behind him. Should he tilt one way or the other surely a wingtip would touch as well.

Es'nak nods. "Unless you plan ahead and have someone of your choosing, well… it'll be one of us. Whoever's dragon wins." he turns to stare directly at where Aevisaanth is, though no doubt the bronze is hard to see from here since he's on his way up. He turns back towards Kiri, smiling at her. "First flights are always an experience."

Aoriya chuckles. "Indeed. Don't worry, if I win, dearie, I'll be easy on you." Aoriya swoons. Omasuth's interest in Safernith is getting to her, her grin turning loopy rather than devilish. "Omasuth is awesome that way." Now /that/ was Omasuth. But hey, a little endorsement never hurt anybody.

Kiri shakes her head at Y'sar. "Well, yes, but my question is: who do you think is going to catch her?" She winks at him, then sidles closer to tickle under his chin. "Awww, look…" she croons to him. "He's /blushing/!" Her nose wrinkles, too. "That's adorable!"

Dhonzayth> Safernith senses the males around her, and begins her moves. «Dance!» she declares to them all as she twirls and ducks in a loop that then ascends once again. If you can't dance to this, you ain't got nothin' for me, baby…?

Y'sar continues to blush, leaning slightly away from her. But he doesn't want to be rude, so he gives her a smile, "Mmm, well. Time will tell that, won't it." He's not terribly confident. Kersenth's lost almost every flight he's chased in. "But I'm sure it'll be," gulp, "good. Whoever wins." He nods sagely and tries to politely reclaim his chin.

"Ah hope Ah can be that lucky, darlin'.." L'ton calls after Kiri, watching her with a longing look, actually licking his lips as he takes a few steps after her as she moves towards Y'sar. "Just.. dun get ta distracted, lil'one.. Ya gotta stay with her. She can't be all by herself up there, anymore than she's gonna let ya be by yerself down here.." And despite L'ton's admonishing words, he's already seeming to drift, in touch with Dhonzayth, the link strengthening with each passing moment.

Aoriya says boldly. "I know who's going to catch her. My beautiful valient Omasuth will catch her." She boasts. Then she grins hugely and recites. "Because Omasuth is great, he's better then the very best. But since we have no word for better than the very best everyone all the other dragons call him sir." Okay that's pushing it a bit. Just a bit.

Dhonzayth> Kersenth rises after her. He's a large brown, and so he knows that he simply can not compete with her in the air. So he won't even try. He will be her steady partner - her rock - the man to help her into her leaps and hold her wing above her as she twirls. He rises after her, crooning his own brand of music for her to dance to, even as he drifts through the air.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth croons as she demands they dance, and while there's no way for the Istan to perfectly mimic each and every one of her twirls and loops, Dhonzayth is doing his best to dance to a different beat, his flight having a sashay pattern to it. Shake it to the left, if you're having a good time! For now, he is merely the backup dancer to her rock star, the snowflakes to her snow queen - all eyes will remain on her until its the proper time. Each wingstroke causes him to shift from side to side, always staying in close pursuit, brassy bronze hoping to catch up with the emerald green.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth roars in response to Saferinth. «With pleasure? Waltz with me dearest?" He asks. He can't come close to Saferinth, not when it comes to stunts. Instead he turns the occasional barrel roll, swaying left and right on the breeze like a big brown flame patterned kite, crooning. He swings through the air with the greatest of ease…. barrel roll, bank left and fall. …. the bravest of browns on the flying trapeeze. The brown hums blissfully, effortlessly ducking around the males.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth can dance, yes indeed. Since he has a much larger wingspan than she does, he believes he can risk taking a few moments to barrel-roll in the air, dodging to the side and then turning on a wing-tip. « There's this Old Terra dance known as the Tango that my rider read about. » Aevisaanth plucked this little tidbit from his rider's mind, of course. « It's a dance for two… shall I show you? » and he moves closer to her with sharp movements.

D'had chuckles. "He might be the best brown, but clearly you haven't seen Siebith fly." Clearly. But his attention span is waning as well, growing more focused on the greenrider even as the blue's attentions drift back from the water beneath to Safernith above.

Dhonzayth> Siebith pumps his wings once, twice, three times, to gain height from the surface of the lake before dipping a wing to turn and twist lazily upwards after the emerald beauty. « Dance, dance. And what type of dance would you have? » the question posed he dips downward for a beat only to turn back up the next, keeping the green in sight.

Kiri sways a little bit as L'ton's words come to her. She gets a little dreamy smile on her face. "Oh, I'm there…." And then, as if echoing her own lifemate's words, she commands, "Dance!" She even strikes a suddenly imperious pose when it happens. Apparently her green's not the only one looking for a partner. And as if to punctuate her own words, her skirt is taken and flipped, one sandalled foot appearing just before she… apparently gets serious about her dancing. There is one thing the duo have in common, and that is the love of dance. For Safernith, it's a thing of beauty. For Kiri, it's that and far, far more. The Trader woman knows many dances, and some of them are enough for Hold-bred mothers to clap their hands over their sons' eyes. Maybe even their daughter's. Without a lick of shame, it's one of the latter that Kiri begins, far more sinuous grace than the noble, polite kind. Even with her long blue dress on, it's borderline scandalous.

Y'sar continues to blush as he watches Kiri dance, politely looking away from the dance. But he can't help but peak. He shakes his head and reaches into his pouch, pulling out the only thing he was semi-good at while he was a Harper. His pipes. He plays quietly, looking rather embarrassed the entire time.

Dhonzayth> Safernith will not tire. She will not. Not right now, at least. This is almost too fun, having these males chasing after her. She doesn't reply to the questions about the kind of dancing. She requires an impression upon her. Her demand was to dance, not to question! She spirals high in the air, then arches downward. A clap of her wings to her sides, and she shoots for the ground with a wild cry of delight. The empress must be caught before she can be danced with, and her choice of partner has yet to make himself known.

Aoriya sees Kiri dance, and her jaw drops. Her ears turn red, and her eyes flick. Butt, chest, butt, chest, butt, chest… The wingleader watches Kiri's dance, hypnotized, and holds out her hand. "I will dance with you…." a beat, then hurried. "I mean if you want. I want to learn how to dance like that. Can you……. show me how to do that?"

Dhonzayth> Kersenth spins after her, the large brown able to slide down through the air in a seemingly elegant manner after her. He croons, following always a step behind her, ready to catch and support when her dance is through. His wings push him forward, along after her, and he continues to fly with his swaying gait, back and forth, weaving his own pattern through the air. Step step turn! Step step turn!

L'ton is stepping up to Kiri as she begins to dance, tilting his head and arching an eyebrow to watch her, before moving to join her in the dance - absolutely shameless himself. Particularly when there's such a provocative woman dance seductively and urging him on. "Good girl.." He murmurs to her. Lets dance!

Es'nak unashamedly watches Kiri dance, and bows to her. "Nothing I can do could possibly surpass that in grace and emotion." he tells her with a flourish. "You'd shame a fair of firelizards."

Dhonzayth> Omasuth beats his wings, one two three, one two three, one two three. Then he ducks under a bronze, dodges a blue that just can't seem to get in the groove. He spins, drops, rises, spins. His swinging has brought him in a circle around the other males, literally. Up and over, under and back. A competitive fencer might liken his manuver to the defensive movement known as a disengage. But he is doing anything but, the brown circles the competition with a minimum change in forward direction, just a quick fwooooop!

Trader dances, now that is something that D'had has always had a liking for. Being well… male, and a trader at that, those dances can definitely be appreciated by him. And look! he even knows the companion steps for such a thing. Being particularly good at it is quiet another thing, rusty on that this one is.

Dhonzayth> Siebith soars continuously upward even as the green swoops past him in the process. She said dance, and dance he will - with all the grace and boldly twisting and potentially dangerous moves of a fighter jet in an air show. Up, up, letting the green pass and pulling a triple loop the last ending with a nose dive after the treasured princess.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth seems to be having a fair bit of fun himself, as with each wingstroke, his getting more and more into the dance, before he's crooning down and then and seeming to waste precious energy as he's swinging wider to each side. As she spirals up, he pulls into the tightest corkscrew he can manage, trailing behind her like a streamer at at a ribbon dance, bronze hide suddenly blurring as he too shoots downwards after her. Even as the soloist has her own tricks - her own jumps - her own talents, she must never be without a partner waiting in the wings, ready to catch her as she falls, to help pick her up and help her finish her routine. And thus, for now Dhonzayth waits in the wings, his large sails billowing out as he starts to slow his quick dive.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth spirals up, undulating with all the grace he can muster, sideslipping so it seems he's dancing with the wind itself. « Let us challenge the very air, together. The wind is feathers wrapped in steel, yet as supple as water, as you. You are the wind. Dance like the wind! »

Kiri has a dragon nosediving towards the earth. What this means for Kiri, who is half here and half above? Well, she dances entirely too close to L'ton, and then moves back towards D'had… then twirls away from them all to drop backwards to the ground with a graceful, controlled motion, one arm lifted. It's joined by the other afterwards. She is supple as anything, leaning back slowly to the ground before slowly rising back to her knees, and then gracefully rising with sweeps of her blue skirt so that she's on her feet again. Y'sar's music is catching her and propelling her onward, her audience is graciously adored with her every motion, and her partners are beckoned to, each with a crooked finger.

Y'sar continues to have a face the color of a flame, as he hesitantly plays for her, his notes drifting up and down wherever his fingers will take him on the scale.

L'ton is leaning into Kiri even as she dances close, just for a moment, a long sigh escaping the bronzerider, just as eager as his lifemate above is. Drawn in by her supple motions, L'ton is leaning towards her as if drawn by an invisible thread, shifting with the eerie music of Y'sar's pipe, eyes never leaving the beckoning beauty.

Dhonzayth> Safernith doesn't pull up until the last possible moment, but when she does, it's almost lazily done, sails spread wide as she rises cloudlike over the mountains. She drifts in this way, then arches and slowly curves back and down. Her mindvoice is full of heat, of sand and glimmering jewels. It's very hot in there at the moment, the jewels almost enticing, like the sparkling waters of an oasis on the horizon. Is it a mirage, though? She almost tempts the males the way she's positioned, the way she feigns her weakness… before snapping around in a roll and catching another updraft with a clap of her wings. She's watching, though. And tiring just a little now. Her acrobatics come at a price.

Dhonzayth> Kersenth rumbles his approval at her tactics as he flies after her, drifting deeper into the pack. He's the stagehand, watching the star from the wings, practicing dancing duets with a mop when he goes home at night after the show, wooing her constantly over and over again in his mind, only to stumble past her when they pass backstage. He croons, longing.

Aoriya just gawks, Y'sar is playing, and Kiri is dancing, and the brownrider's foot begins to tap. Shyly at first, then slowly more confident, the brownrider joins in the dancing. She's nowhere near as good as Kiri, but she begins a slow turn, step, turn turn, step turn turn step step. It is a dance famous at Igen Weyr, known for its seductive and warming beat. Shake turn step turn, shake shake shake, turn. Her motions are in time to Omasuth's wings. She turns with him, steps with his rise and fall, shakes with his tail as it steers him through the heavens.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is already turning his momentum heavenwards, large sails slowing his descent, filling with hair before he's angling himself backupwards and soaring towards the clouds, though he's not naive enough, not after all these turns, to let Safernith leave his radar, nor to believe the sudden sluggishness of her flight. Rather, its careful moves in the wings as the Istan bronze attempts to remain loose and limber, encouraged by the heat of the empress, prepared for when he can play his own role in this dance. Each leading lady must, eventually, have a leading man to continue the story - a story told by the sweeping strokes of dragonwings upon the stage of the sky.

Back and forth, round and round, and even the up and down. Every movement of the redhead is followed by D'had's gaze, willing her to come closer yet letting her pull away for just a moment before moving closer and then back giving her space, even if it isn't terribly much at times.

Dhonzayth> Siebith follows, but follows at a distance, and just like the dazzling girl he waits until its almost to late to change course before he pulls to the side and back up higher into the sky. Its only after that dive that he gives the green her space once again, weaving in and out of other players in the dance, though always with an eye for the star of the stage.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth is quicksilver in form as well as in nature. Twirling in place, he swoops around her, arching under as he flips over to fly upside down for a few seconds before righting himself. He's graceful for a bronze, and it's all due to his proportionately large wings. He suddenly swerves upwards, sun glinting off silver and bronze, and he corkscrews downwards again, snapping his wings out and soaring up again. Fancy flying counts as dancing, no? He's had about 20 turns to learn how to fly, and fly /well/. « The things I could teach. » he tells her softly, persuasively.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth growls, twisting so that he sails effortlessly after Saferinth. The brown catches an updraft, which propells him straight up. Almost directly vertical. One minute he's beating along, the next he has an elevator pushing him up. So he angles down a bit, and all but floats after Safernith. A gentle twist, a quick turn, and he's moving in a spiral, a forwards spiral. Heh! The brown warbles melodically. «Look at me! I dance better than they!» Omasuth giggles giddily. «I can spiral with you! I can turn with you! Let me sway with you dance with you love with you!»

Dhonzayth> Safernith has a finale, though. She doubles back and heads INTO the pack of males trailing her. In, and somewhat through, with a little twist here, a little avoidance there, before heading skyward. At the top of her zenith, however, is where her wings expand in the glory of the sun, and she takes her final bow after pirhouetting daintily. She goes back in a controlled fall, letting her chosen partner do his duty at last to catch her. She falls past more than one male of various hues, brown, blue, and bronze, completely trusting….

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth is quick, and he dives for her the minute she turns towards the pack, seeking to catch her for a twirl. Tango with me? I know quite a few erotic dances, you know. Talons reach to clutch her for a hug, and his tail flails like a banner. « Come, join me in terpsichorean glory! We shall dance into the sun, you and I! Others only deserve to watch from afar. I can show you the way! »

Kiri is more than willing to dance towards the men, and Aoriya, features flushed with her green's emotions and her own exertions by this point. She moves with them, not even minding that they're creeping in closer to her and sandwiching her in some ways between them. She'll have to teach Aoriya how the dances go later, though - high above, Safernith is plummeting and about to be caught by her chosen partner for this round. She moves and spins, then falls backwards slowly. Hers is like her green's, the soft, controlled fall backwards of a ballerina on the stage being gently cushioned by her muscular companion, who will then lift her and continue their dance.

Y'sar inhales sharply at the fall, pausing in his playing to marvel at her grace. For a moment there is silence before he cautiously fills the gap with notes again.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth roars, an almighty bellow of applause. But he darts, dropping out of the elevator. He is falling into the sun, falling into the sun! The brown drops into the blinding light and chases after the green, tumbling in freefall, hands outstretched to grab her for a photofinish! Dance with him! Dance with him! He pleads with her to let him sweep her off her feet. Darling, my beautiful…. capture, rapture, fly dance dream! (OOC: Did that come through Kiri?)

Es'nak decides to finally join in the dance himself, moving closer to Kiri with light steps as he watches her intently. He never claimed to be a good dancer, but he tries.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth knows that the leading man emerges from the crowd during the finale - the nutcracker steps up to rescue the girl - and the knight comes to save the princess in her sky high tower. And so, as Safernith is passing through the crowd, Dhonzayth knows that its time to dance as he's never danced before, dance to prove that he can make the cut. As her wings expand, as she pirouettes, Dhonzayth is there, timing his steps. One, two, three, One, two, three.. And then, as she falls, he's sliding into position, hoping to become her chosen partner to escort her on an encore performance full of leaps and falls that she has yet to experience on her own.

Aoriya gasps in surprise, she falls, she falls! The brownrider catches herself on the bedpost, turning and using it to stretch back, back back. The angle is precarious, and the brownrider lifts her leg as she stretches in a manner reminiscent of the modern dancers of Ancient Terra. As she stretches, her fingers just barely brush the ground.

It is as if L'ton is moving in slow motion, drawn every closer by Kiri's own movement as well as the encouragement from Dhonzayth above, shifting closer with each step. And then she's slowly spinning, slowly falling, and L'ton is so slowly moving to stretch out his arms, hoping it is into his that she falls so that the dance may be continued.

D'had is there with an arm of support, waiting, but only if the rider should need it. Lingering close enough to do so, yet far enough should decide to change her mind and twist away once again. Reaching, supporting, but leaving the redhead the leading roll in the show.

Dhonzayth> Siebith is in that crowd of suitors and so when the ballerina with the stunning green leotard comes back at them, he's still flying ahead - straight at her. Keeping time and waiting, waiting once again until the last moment, mirroring the green's movement as she pulls up to soar into the sun's brilliance. And yet, he hangs back that half step so that he can adjust to her lead which turns out to be in his favor as she once again dives towards the ground and he tumbles forward, rolling over himself to follow, turning in a tight, controlled spiral to reach after her.

Es'nak also moves forward as if to catch Kiri, ready to lower her in a dip. He has watched a few movies of dances, and is the source of all Aevisaanth's tango knowledge. "Graceful." he murmurs, moving around L'ton to snatch her away if need be. "Emotion, that is what is needed for a dance. Emotion, and freedom, and the will to excel. You possess all three in abundance." Even if Kiri can't hear him right now, it's what he feels like he needs to say. Come to his arms!

Dhonzayth> Kersenth follows afterwards with a loud trumpet, angling to try and catch her as she comes down from her finale.

Dhonzayth> Kersenth sees a chance and takes it, zeroing in on the green Lady Dancer and making his attempt to catch her and carry her home.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth dives to catch Safernith. Not merely because he wants to win her flight, but because he wants to prove himself worthy to her. If need be, he'll shove other males out of the way. He twirls his wings, shakes his dragon booty, and snakes his head forward as if to lightly stroke her cheek. Cheek to cheek, that is how to tango! Skin to skin, an erotic dance between partners! The perfect dance for a mating flight. If there was some giant rose, or maybe a flowering fellis branch, he woulda grabbed it between his teeth. Come, baby. Come tango with me. Let's set the night on… FIYAH!

Dhonzayth> Safernith is clutched in the waiting talons of the small quicksilver bronze, Aevisaanth. Twirling, spiraling, ever downwards - by the skin of his teeth, and by the sheer audacity of a tango.

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