Comforting Senkyou

Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)
Sail is pinned up above the bed, the bed is made with a sea blue quilt. A dresser and set of drawers sits on one wall, a trunk sits in front of a mirror that is jagged, no frame and looks to be a large piece of broken glass. Two windows remain open most days, curtains also made of sail, hang in front of them. To one side is a kitchen area, small and very compact. Not far from that is a sink and shower, no soaking bath just a shower and a set of towels.
A Skybroom frame is painted a unique shade of brown, almost matching the hide of Dulacth. Long curtains cover windows on both sides of the dragon couch, the curtains at first glance look like beads but a further examination would show tiny rocks having been threaded together by fishing wire. Small and larges rocks lay all over the place, all colors shapes and sizes can be found. The couch in the middle of the weyr is large enough for a bronze at full growth, and scattered with those "Special" must have rocks that Dulacth sleeps with like teddy bears.

Senkyou it's evening at Xanadu, to early for dinner and to late for lunch. This awkward foodless time of day is one that see's Senkyou in her weyr. A slight drizzling rain falls outside, covering the ground as people run for the shelter of buildings. Senkyou is a little wet, not a soaking but enough to warrant being curled up next to Dulacth. Zalyu is currently asleep on the bed, thumb in mouth. He looks like a perfect little angel. At least while sleeping. The brownrider is rounding in the front, though she is hiding it pretty well.

Its also this time of day that finds L'ton coming to see Senkyou. Or, at least try and see Senkyou. It seems that the Istan rider is laden with gifts - a bunch of wildflowers, some sweets from the bakers, and a large think of klah. "Senkyou?" He taps gently at the door, hesitating in the light rain.

Senkyou is for once, in an ok humor. Standing and stretching she groans, rolling her shoulders and neck tell the joints pop. Once she has done that, she says "Come in, but be quiet. Babies sleeping." Looking over at Zalyu, who could probably sleep through an earth shake. Dulacth is almost asleep himself, getting a pat on the head. "It's raining, wipe yur feet." The place looks better, every sign that L'ter ever lived here is gone.

L'ton does everything that she tells him, carefully wiping his feet and even then kicking off his boots, before he's quietly holding his hands out to offer her the flowers and the pastries, while the thing of klah remains dangling over his shoulder. "Ah brought ya stuff.." He offers softly, even as he's giving Zalyu a smile.

Senkyou takes the flowers and pastries, sniffing the flowers a bit and trying very hard to keep herself from smiling. Not going to let him see her happy. Looking over at the boots she nods her approaval, turning around she says in a voice that is very close to shaking. "Wingrider said she found a nice home for the babe.. somewhere that will raise it right." Deep breath, not letting him see her face and staring at a spot on the wall.

"Senkyou.." He starts slowly, before sighing, and shaking his head. "Senkyou, what can Ah do ta make ya change yer mind?" He murmurs softly as he follows her a bit, leaning this way and that to try and steal a look at her expression.

Senkyou's face looks sad, bottom lip curled behind her teeth. Eyes are locked on a single location on the wall, her breathing might give her a way before every word she takes a little gasp, almost like she might sob if she wasn't being very careful. "Why should I change my mind?" Asking quietly, slouching a bit and running her nose over the flowers. "Why do you want this child so much. Would it have mattered if I'd of never told yu it existed? Would yu have ever known or guessed?"

L'ton carefully takes another step forward, to try and wrap his arm around her shoulders in a caring manner. "Cause Ah dun like seeing ya unhappy, Senk, and Ah think if'n ya don't change yer mind, yer gonna be unhappy.." He murmurs softly, leaning to sniff at the flowers in turn. "Cause Ah know its mine, and Ah know Ah need ta do right by it, just like the rest of 'em.."

Senkyou allows it for the moment, "I can forget about the babe, it'll be easy once it's not inside me anymore." Muttering and shrugging off his shoulder, mother intuition or something but Zalyu is awake. Stretching out his legs under the blankets the little boy stretches out and looks around, spotting L'ton he says. "Daddy?" Asking Senk permission and she moves to the edge of the bed and perches, placing the flowers on the table next to the pastries. "Yeah, he's here." Grumbling a bit, she says to L'ton, "What if the right thing to do is to find it a new home."

"It ain't, though, Senk, hon.. Ah mean.. Yer gonna have another lil Zalyu.. Ah know how much ya missed him, and it was only a few weeks." L'ton offers softly even as he's moving to settle down on the edge of the bed, holding his arms out for the toddler. "Commere sweets.." L'ton says more cheerfully to the boy. "If.. If'n ya dun want it, at least let me take it."

Senkyou glares at L'ton for a moment, watching him with Zalyu. Zalyu isn't catching onto his mother bad mood, her struggles out of the covers and jumps up holding his arms up to be picked up. "Daaddy." He says, big smile on his face. Senkyou looks down at the spot where her son so recently slept, scooting and turning around so she faces L'ton. "What would you do with it?" She asks, voice a little sad. It's progress.

L'ton has a toddler in his arms, and is holding the boy tight, giving him a long hug before he's grinning and raspberry-ing the boy's stomach because he's a mean dad like that. Settling down a bit though, he leans to look at Senkyou. "The samething anyone else would do.. Raise it.."

Zalyu lets out little squeaks and giggles, kicking his feet and saying "Daadddy! aadddy! Stop." Though it's obvious he is enjoying himself, giggling and turning as slippery as a fish with all his jerking around. Senkyou gives a slight smile at the boy, leaning down and kissing his cheek. Looking back at L'ton she says, "Why won't you just let it go somewhere else? If I have it without you knowing, I can have it sent off before you know."

L'ton continues to tickle the boy and blow raspberries on his shoulder, before he's grinning again, and leaning over to give Senkyou a long look, even as he's turnng Zalyu around to settle the boy securely in his lap. "Cause, Senk.. Ah dun want it ta just disappear." He shakes his head, gingerly reaching out a hand to the brownrider.

Senkyou raises an eyebrow, sighing. Zalyu is oblivious to any of the turmoil going on, he's simply enjoying his father. But when L'ton settles him, Zalyu sits and plays with his toes, opening the pockets on his pants all amazed by the velcro. Senk says, "But what if I don't give you that choice?"

"Ah.. Ah dunno, Senkyou. But, Ah hope ya will. Ah do care about ya, and Zalyu, and the one that's gonna be coming… if'n Ah didn't Ah wouldn't come back with flowers and pastries." L'ton sighs softly, biting his lip, before shaking his head. "But, Ah can understand if'n ya want all proof of me gone."

Senkyou frowns, "Would you really wanna know what happens to it?" She looks torn, "I can't say I won't wonder, just that it'd make me feel better if it was just gone. I don't want it to feel neglected, and I want it to think it has a ma and a pa. Just like I grew up with." Explaining she looks over at the flowers, "The flowers are nice."

"Ah really would, Senkyou.." L'ton promises softly, nodding. And then he's grinning at Zalyu, idly refastening all his pockets, so that the boy has something to do once again. "Ah really do are 'bout ya, ta. Ah mean, that's why Ah didn't come back with ya. Didn't want ya ta think Ah was just gonna use ya like that, like with the booze."

Senkyou puffs up a bit at the reminder, "I needed someone to come home with me. Yu deserved everything I did to yu, yu deserve more of the same for making things so difficult." With a resigned sigh she says, "I'm making no promises, but for now I'll tell my wingrider to just hold off. Wait and see." Zalyu is back opening his pockets, and trying to get it closed again with varying degrees of sucess.

"Ya didn't need me ta come home with ya and make ya feel even worse about yarself. Ah know how ya work, Senkyou.." He says firmly, shaking his head. "Dun get me wrong.. Ah enjoy it with ya, but Ah dun want ya making that decision when ya really ain't able ta." As she relents and says she'll wait and see, he's smiling and nodding. "Tis all Ah can ask.."

Senkyou rolls her eyes, "I know, but it've made my night easier. Had to go out and find me someone. Took a bit since I'm not exactly lookin' great." Pointing to the very slight bulge under her baggy t-shirt. "But if'n the day it's born I don't want it around my wingriders gonna take it." She isn't totally giving up.

"Well, Ah'd be happy ta make it up ta ya, at some point, ya know. Ah mean, Ah still think yer just as gorgeous as ever." L'ton winks at Senkyou, even as he's leaning to kiss the somewhat sleepy Zalyu's cheek. "If'n ya dun want it that day, Ah'll take it.."

Senkyou raises an eyebrow at his offer, and then looks at the sleeping boy. "Not tonight." She says to him, stroking Zalyu's cheek. "He is sorta cute ain't he? I mean.. I think he looks ok." Meaning Zalyu, hard to compliment him when he looks so much like L'ton. "He really likes talkin' about what he does in ista, I don't understand all that he says and sometimes it's all just babble. But he likes it there."

"Ah ain't saying tanight. But, if'n ya need it, and yer all there.. all ya have ta do is ask." He says softly, before pushing Zalyu's hair back from his face. "He's mah lil man, ain't he? Ah mean, he's gonna grow up ta be a lady's man, Ah know that!" Hopefully he won't actually take after his dear old da, though. "Well, he loves ya ta, though. Misses ya.."

Senkyou shrugs her shoulders a bit, leaning against the bed post and frowning. "Don't yu go givin' him a bunch of yur bad habits, and yu better not be droppin' him off with some random tramp. I ain't gonna have my little boy around anyone who's goin' around and sleepin' around." Protective momma senky. "I know he misses me, I probably kept him around longer than the others. Figured he'd be my last, make him feel special."

"Shards, Ah ain't giving him any bad habits. 'fact, if'n Ah'm out, he's with the most innocent lil woman ya could ever meet." L'ton counters quickly, before carefully shifting the sleepy boy off his lap, and resettling him back on the bed. "Well, now ya can have one more shot.. Ya know how happy he'd be ta have a lil… sister?" And L'ton has arbitrarily decided this one is in fact a girl.

Senkyou huffs a bit, pouting a little and then shrugging up her shoulder in acceptance of his explanation. "Well he's gonna stay with me for a while, I'll tell yu when yu can have him back." Apparently the every 2 month thing isn't working when the kid is away for 6 weeks "Why do you think it's a girl? Really?" Asking and crossing her arms over her stomach. "I had one girl and two boys. I put my money on it being a boy."

L'ton reaches to gently rest his hand on her shoulder, risking maiming and injury. "That's fine.. Ah'll be ready ta take him, whenever ya want." Smiling down at the boy, then back at his mother, L'ton shrugs, and rests a finger against the bulge. "Ah think women are moodier, if'n they're gonna have a girl."

Senkyou glares at him, batting his hand off her shoulder. "I'll show you moodier!" Snapping and curling up a bit, hand on Zalyu's head. "You can take him in a few weeks, I like to keep him long enough so that he gets in with the others and so he can play with his brother." Moving her arms she lets him lay his fingers on her, for a change. "I think it's all going well.. at least it's what the healers say, I've had three but I don't know much about babies"

"See?" L'ton quips with a wink, even though she's clearly grumpy, However, then she's suddenly seeming to shift her mood, and he's scooting a bit closer to rest his hand on her stomach. "Ya seem ta be doing pretty well, Ah have ta say that. Ah mean.."

Senkyou looks down at her bulge, grimacing. "Ruining my shape forever, it took me almost the whole turn to get back in shape after Zal. Though least I don' look like Ysa." She has to get a dig in somewhere. "Glad ram won that flight, I'd hate to have to wake up next to that." Pulling her shirt up a bit so he can see her stomach. "One last time, then I'm gonna get real careful. Start takin something, as well as betweening." Nudging him with her boney elbow, she glowers staring down at the little bump like she might be able to will it into nonexistance.

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