Gold Choth Rises

Fort Weyr - Southwestern Bowl

Mornings are certainly the most horrible part of the day - particularly when the early morning never brings with it the sun, but merely a slightly less black sky and even more rain. The bowl at Fort is already soggy from the wet night, and its into these wonderful conditions that Dhonzayth and L'ton are appearing, coming out of between over the Weyr, and spiraling down to the bowl to start off their second morning. Its hardly a pleasant sound, what Dhonzayth makes, as he lands in the mud, crooning quite pathetically even as L'ton is hitting his neck sympathetically and then sliding down to the ground, pulling his hood over his head, and busying himself with the pouches on Dhonzayth's straps.

Despite the fact that the warmer months were coming and promises of green had been speckled all over the Weyr proper, mornings like these could not make one woman put away her heavier gear. Warmth was something of a commodity that the young woman wasn't about to relinquish, snuggling her chin into a fur coat as she strode away from the guard area. There was aggrivation in her eyes however, for whatever she must left behind caused a great deal of trouble to brew into her thoughts, made only worse by that chilly rain threatening to steal away her warmth. Of course, she would've kept marching across the bowl had she not spotted the arrival of a bronze. It seemed that this had caused her some curiosity, a pause, some general break in her troubled thoughts. Yet, just beyond him was what really caught her eye…. it made her tighten her coat against her neck and her back straighten as she hid her bewilderment… Choth seemed a lot brighter in the morning gloom.

Its not long after landing that Dhonzayth takes note of what has struck even Choth's own rider with surprise, and the bronze's grumpy mood seems to lighten considerably despite the dismal weather and the lack of Istan warmth. As the brassy brocaded bronze croons, this time it has a different tone to it, and he's stretching out his neck towards Choth with interest, causing a swear to escape L'ton's mouth as the pouch he was just carefully detaching is now upended, and he's left to pick up the soggy hides to stuff them back away. Still swearing a bit, he's turning to identify Dhonzayth's current interest, and then to locate the rider who Choth belongs to. This leads him, in time, to staring at the bundled up Kessa, and he's offering a bow to her from where he's standing. "Ista's duties, miss." He calls out, even as he's pulling the pouch over his shoulder with a long strap.

A shudder overcomes her as her eyes stay transfixed on the dragon beyond the bronze, bundling up her face even further into her coat as she takes a moment to register that it was happening. Oh of course she had spent the last few days frazzled beyond belief at some of the things occuring due to Tarish's seniority, but she had chalked that down to stress and nerves among other things. Yet, at that point, when she saw across the bowl, -her- lifemate smoldering that shine even in this gloom, it made pieces of the puzzle come together. Unexpectedly, she finds herself wide-eyed at L'ton, immediately asking in a low voice, "Who're you? What are you doing?" Even as he spills his work all over because of his own lifemate's directed attention at Choth, she fails to offer him a smile. Choth for her part backs away from the inquisition from the Istan bronze, slinking around him in hopes to cross the bowl toward her rider without having that bronze too close to her.

Inith backwings neatly to a landing, even as rain continues to fall from the skies. Z'yer moves quickly to swing down and begin to look for cover. "You'd think that only a half turn in the south wouldn't make coming back north so hard, but it does." is muttered to no one in particular.

Dhonzayth, at least, has learned his lesson over all these many years. And so, as the pale, yet glowing, gold is moving around him to get back to her own lifemate, the Istan simply remains frozen in place, only his head turning to watch her inch around him. "L'ton, miss. Istan Weyrsecond.. Pleasure ta meet ya.." Even if the introductions have not yet actually been properly completely. Glancing at Choth, he shakes his head a bit, giving her a reassuring smile. "It's gonna be okay, really.. Just dun panic ta much, and it'll be over 'fore ya know it." Taking a few careful steps towards Kessa, he's tugging off his glove to offer her his hand. "Greetings?"

M'ori has been meaning to sign the children up for the opening of Amathyst Pines camp later on, but Uluameth was impatient, and here he is with the bronze, moving through the bowl towards the caverns until he finds the Kessa and Choth. "Oh dear, this is why you wanted to come." He moves towards L'ton and Kessa. "Good evening." He says calmly. Uluameth doesn't stride, or strut, or show off. Instead he simply walks towards Dhonzayth and Choth and croons calmly. But there is the barest hint of imperial purple whirling into his jewels.

The chilly rain makes Choth look like a pale apparition in the grey gloom of the morning, gliding through the rain with swooping steps, avoiding Dhonzayth completely as she makes her way over to her lifemate - earning a headscratch for comfort once she's over at Kessa's side. The young woman is bundled to the nine, though takes the moment to reassure her lifemate even if that means her jacket parts in the front, letting in that cold wind of the east. As soon as more male dragons start encroaching on her, however, Choth is the first to dart away from her lifemate, making for the closest area that can shelter her. In this case, it's the lake, that can provide some protection for her back as she sulks near the ground, trying to ignore the increasing interset of the males. She shouldn't be in the spotlight. Kessa meanwhile lets her mate go off, regarding L'ton's hand with some skeptisim - but she shakes it after what some might consider a rude pause. "I'm Kessa," she notes stupidly, tucking herself up into that fur coat once the hand shake and inproper greetings are finalized.

M'ori supplies. "M'ori, bronze Uluameth's." Uluameth sizes up the competition, warily eyeing Dhonzayth and growling irritably before bending low in respectful homage to the golden queen. "Its a pleasure. I meant to be up here on other business but…."

Es'nak came to Fort to check on Amarante and Theiath, 'his' weyrling pair, to make sure they're not misbehaving at Fort. Well, 'his' so far as he's been the one giving them all their lessons. It's with a little surprise that Aevisaanth lands in the bowl announces he's going to be staying a bit longer, and with a rueful laugh Es'nak dismounts, headed in the direction of the crowd gathering. He takes note of the fact that it's a /very/ young gold, so probably her first flight. He lingers on the edge, not wanting to crowd the poor rider. "Es'nak, Aevisaanth's." he adds since greetings are in order.

Well, any greeting and introduction is better than nothing right? L'ton leaves his hand out until its shook, and then it is quickly being shoved in his coat pocket - unfortunately the Istan's own cold weather gear is nowhere near as effective as Kessa's. Glancing around him at the other males, he shakes his head slightly, before inclining his head towards the various openings that offer a bit of respite from the weather. "Can Ah escort ya inside, miss? Ya might as well make yerself comfortable fer what's ta come.. Make it easier ta stay with her, and stay in control." L'ton tries to justify, though he's not going so far as to offer the young lady an arm. As the pale gold begins to move away, Dhonzayth is crooning after her, the pale bronze attempting to offer his own bit of comfort, before slowly sneaking after her.

Z'yer inclines his head as Inith joins the crowd of gathering male dragons before he glances around, noting faces and places for a moment. A slight questioning look before he answers. "Z'yer, brown Inith's." With that, he snaps his mouth shut, preferring to watching and wait at this point in time. That and dealing with the sudden cold that he's not used to.

A'ven shivers a little, pulling his flying jacket in a little tighter. "Hello, Kessa.", he says, and then more formally, "My duties to you and yours, great day for it..", he says, with an edge of sarcasm about the weather. He's been here often enough, and so doesn't feel more introduction is needed.

Es'nak was born in Tillek, he's used to cold. Plus, for eight turns he lived in the tall mountains south of Honshu, which are about as cold as High Reaches. Fort's cold is nothing. "At least it's not three feet of snow or more." he remarks, sticking his hands in his pockets. Aevisaanth, meanwhile, sidles a little closer to the gold, the silver-streaked bronze eying her intently. Hey gorgeous.

It doesn't seem like the young gold wanted any particular croons sent her way - since she seemed to slink further away from those who do offer their greetings. More than once, as she shimmies herself along the ground, she halts, abruptly - alarmed as she glances back at the males. Noticing Dhonzayth there again, she makes a sound that could be compaired to a woman's squeal - just more dragonic of course. Twisting her tail behind her, she plods a little more quickly as she senses those stalking her, hissing to Aevisaanth as his positioning has to make her skirt a little to the side, splashing feet into the lake.

Kessa's instincts are to chase after Choth who seems to be witless with fear at the prospect of being surrounded, prevented by doing so by L'ton's mention of going some where comfortable and the other's introductions, and then A'ven's voice coming up from behind her. She looks furious immediately, surrounded just like her dragon was. "Alright!" she lashes out, "There's a guest weyr up ahead." No way was she going to invite them all into her weyr. She could be comforted that they didn't have to see her private weyr even if one of them was going to.. well, better not dwell on it. Straightening her shoulders, with a miserable shudder, she beckons to the crowd of men, "I need to get warm, and I'm not waiting for anyone. Neither is -she-.." This is about the time that Choth loses it and desperately tries to get away, at a fast loping-slink which takes her toward the feeding grounds.

Dhonzayth> Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds

Fort Weyr - Guest Weyr and Flight Room

Z'yer is rather quiet as he simply follows along, although one might say it's merely learned behavior. Inith's not going to leave, so he's along for the ride so to speak. He finds a wall in desperate need of his support once at the guest weyr, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back, as his gaze moves from one rider to the next.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth seems quite amused, though somewhat surprised, as the young gold suddenly squeals, and the Istan is trumpeting in return, rocking back onto his haunches with brassy wings extended for balance. The other males are snorted at, particularly as they impeded the lady's way. Its only when she is once more on the move, making a break for the feeding grounds that Dhonzayth settled back down to the ground, and is then quickly loping after her, his gait looking quite ridiculous. A quick hop over the fence into the grounds and he preemptively lands on an unsuspecting beast, leaving the animal toppled as an offering for Choth, and then pushing off to contemplate a liquid feast of his own.

L'ton follows along after Kessa at a reasonable pace, shaking his head slightly. "Now, sweets, there ain't no reason ta get all angry. It happens ta everyone.. Its just important ya listen ta what that weyrlingmaster of yers said, ya know? Yer gonna have ta stay with her, no matter how scared ya are, or how scared she might be.. None of us are gonna try and hurt either of ya." L'ton tries to ramble and offer enough words to comfort the teen, or at least distract her from her current circumstances enough to focus on the circumstances surrounding her lifemate.

M'ori follows Kessa quietly to the guest weyr. He drops his jacket and shoulder bag and takes a seat against the wall. He draws his knees up to his chest and his eyes unfocus in rapture with his bronze.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth notices Choth is nervous and waits a second or two after she darts to the feeding grounds to follow. Precious seconds that might mean success or failure of the flight, but he can handle it. The smaller bronze also claims a herdbeast, snatching it neatly by the neck to save time even as it kicks its life away. He keeps his eyes on Choth, however, ready for when instinct overcomes her fear.

Dhonzayth> Inith is methodical, and rather careful for a dragon of his turns, using the least amount of energy possible to bring down the first beast. While he protects his kill, he's only neatly blooding the ovine and taking his own sweet time about doing so. After he finishes, he rests for a second, carefully watching all the others in feeding grounds and debating on his next kill as the beasts mill around in fear, chased this way and that.

Dhonzayth> Glyith glides in over the herd once, low over the gate, over to the other side with a sharp turn and back. He makes his selection without much other preamble. A quick rake of the unlucky herdbeast's head and he drops to it's neck, pinning it in the process as it kicks a little in desperation.

"Choosing someone yourself is always an option, beyond a flight." Es'nak remarks. "It's not pleasant for the winner, of course, but if you have someone you'd rather be with, you could save yourself the crowding by locking yourself in with that person." he's trying to ease her fears even as he follows her in.

A'ven makes his way over to a corner of the room, as is his custom and closes his eyes. He has no advice to offer, nor would he if he did. These moments are, at least for him, semi-private, between rider and dragon. He allows that space for others, and requires it for himself. Just a few deep breaths, and a smile for Kessa as he braces his hands on the corner.

Dhonzayth> Choth nearly slams into the fence when talons slip on the wet surface of the bowl. This however, gives her a moment to consider how the males are reacting, how they soon put their attentions on the herdbeasts instead of her. She just has to creep away and maybe they wouldn't notice. So in this, she starts to slink away, hoping to use that shed to hide behind, or maybe if she stayed still they wouldn't realize what had happened to her. Unfortunately, for the time being, that means the animal Dhonzayth killed for her goes to waste - warm blood draining away into the grass as the young gold appears paralyzed - using whatever human buildings there were to hide behind.

Kessa has a certain edginess about her as she crosses into the guest weyr, pausing only at the entrance to throw her thick fur coat onto one of the coat-hangers. There was a reason she was wearing the fur coat - for underneath, is a red dress. Perhaps Choth being proddy had a little more effect on her than she realized, because it wasn't often she'd be caught in red, especially as provocative as it was, with it's low v-neck and flarred ruffles outlining the form-fitting material. Flipping out her hair with her hands, she turns to regard all the men now sauntering into the guest weyr after her. It's not long before an elbow juts out for her hand rests on one of her curvy hips seen due to the way the dress frames her, a brow lifting at those who would stand or sit in silence. It does seem that the one talking to her gathers some attention from her, "I'll try.." a pause then, "L'ton was it?" Then her eyes divert to Es'nak, and they seem to become a little misty at his suggestion, "I'll be ok. She's making me feel like a thousand butterflies have nested in my stomach." A soft smile then finds her face, "At least we could all have a drink… I do hope someone brought something?" She looks almost pleadingly toward the men, including those resting on the walls.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth continues to spiral around the feeding grounds, letting the animals settle for a bit as the other males make their kills. As Choth begins to slink away, the movement of the pale apparition quickly catches his eye, and he's crooning at her to come back. « You must blood, little one.. » He croons after her, before he's backwinging onto one of the beasts exhausted from fleeing the other blooding males, dropping his muzzle to the animal to quickly drain it of its liquid energy, before he's turning to slash at a second. However, he hesitates before draining this one, crooning again towards Choth, encouraging her to join them.

Dhonzayth> Glyith raises his head from a second young buck to croon reassuringly to Choth. He makes no move to stop her, for his job is to chase, not to prevent escape. He drops his head again. It's clear she doesn't want to be noticed though, so he tries to help her cause by not calling attention to where she is. Better to just, finish this buck off… there. He tests his wings a little, and lifts his muzzle to the wind.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth growls, then rumbles worriedly when Choth slips. Then he's leaping on the biggest buck he can catch, CRACK! A decisive blow verticaly downwards decapitates the poor creature like Mary Antoinette kneeling at the french guilotine. The bronze has not been known for his athleticism, he must conserve his strength and get his lifeblood the easiest way possible. The bronze's eyes whirl imperial purple as he drinks the strength giving elixer. His mind clicking with chess pieces moving over the board as he quickly forms a 'game plan' for the flight. «My queen, you must blood. You need the strength! You will be hurt if you do not blood!» A black king piece heads off across the telepathic board after a fleeing white queen. «My beautiful queen, drink your fill.»

Dhonzayth> Inith continues to check over the herdbeasts, before he's finally moving and using a half leap that brings him down on his next kill, neatly snapping the spine. While he bends his head forward to blood, his attention remains half focused upon Choth and he keeps a wary eye on her and what she might do next, to be prepared as possible for what may come. His wings mantle slightly as he finishes his second kill, watching and waiting.

After the last flight, L'ton has learned that relying on the hospitality of the goldrider is asking a bit much, when they're already having to deal with a male invasion. And thus, L'ton is rummaging through the pounces on Dhonzayth's strap bag before its left by the door with his soggy jacket, and he's carefully approaching Kessa again, a flask in hand, extended to the Fortian. "Ya can have it, if'n ya want. Might help warm ya up, sweets." He says, though even as he's talking to her, his eyes are anywhere but on her face, as he falls prey to the provocative red dress and her crooked stance. "Dun have ta much, though. Ya gotta get her into the feeding grounds, and blooding, or she'll never have the energy she needs.."

Z'yer glances up, moving to run his fingers through his hair and leaving it in further disarray now than even the wind did. There's a slight headshake in his response. "No, I didn't bring anything with me. Wasn't thinking that I'd be needing anything." He's very careful to stay back, using the wall to keep his back protected and keep a lookout at all that goes on in the room.

There's a brief movement that might catch one's eye as A'ven turns a little, and then slumps down to a squat, resting still in the corner. He looks a little pale, but otherwise intact.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth also turns towards Choth, since it'd be impossible for him to not notice she's hiding. « Might as well get it over with if you're not enjoying it. it's exactly what you need right now for a little confidence. » he tells her quietly, mindvoice oily and slickly persuasive like a door to door salesman's. C'mon, dear, you knoooow you waaaaaaant it! He lands on another herdbeast, ripping its throat out and blooding a second time.

Dhonzayth> Glyith turns his head just enough to see that Choth is still there. She hasn't quite escaped. He's had his fill, and he musn't have more. Either A'ven's control is iron or he's learned a little control himself. Either way, he's crouching now, fully ready to give chase at the first hint.

Her eyes glaze over for a moment as her dark brows furrow her features tighter, her mouth working silently as if she were about to say something. Not soon afterward, she reaches for the offering, "Thank… thank you," she says with her eyes constantly unfocusing, her mind drawn elsewhere even as she uncorks the bottle and takes a rather long sip from it. Shortly after the gulp has gone down, her face puckers and she ends up handing it back to L'ton witha disgusted look, "Awg, that stuff is awful…" A soft but nervous brief laugh snipping into the weyr, idly noting the other men once again, seemingly giving them each a long contemplative stare.

Es'nak appears rueful. "If I knew about it ahead of time I probably would have brought something." but since it seems another rider has it well in hand, he nods. "Best not to drink too much before the flight, you need to focus on keeping her with you." he goes to lounge against a wall, a different one from other riders.

M'ori stands, then turns to Kessa. "You need to relax, let it flow. Its scary I know." He walks over to the woman but keeps his distance. "But the consequences of resisting are much, much worse. You need to trust, just a little bit, that things are going to be alright on the other end." He says gently. The bronzerider chews on his lip, and its clear he's partially his dragon when he says the next bit. "It is very frightening, this I know, but would you rather fall and keep wondering, having never tried. Or would you rather rush heedlessly, love recklessly, live like the sun will explode and the moons fall in the morning, having no regrets and no fears to weigh your wings to the ground?"

Z'yer is rather good at keeping his mouth shut or so it seems, once or twice he was on the verge of saying something and each time he shuts his mouth with a snap. Instead he moves to cross his arms over his chest, while he leans back and allows his eyes to half close, communicating much stronger with Inith now as both parts of the pair wait.

Dhonzayth> Choth observed the males closely as she tried keeping herself tucked away. It was awkward, very very awkward. The young queen was not yet used to having so much attention upon herself. It wasn't right. There were better things to do than watch her! Her nostrils flare with a huff of exasperation. It hadn't worked. The males still had their attention on her. They were now all begging her to drink - it was such a waste of resources! After what seems a long still silence, only broken up by those males still killing beasts, she began to shift. There was an obvious chagrin about the way the young queen got to her legs, as if rebuked and utterly depressed about what she must do. It's only with the rebuke of her rider that she crawls over the fence and sleeks her pale form into the midst of carnage and male dragons. Unexpectedly however, she charges at Aevisaanth - snapping at his kill with her teeth as if to rip it away from him with a snarl to follow. She manages to steal a quarter section of his second kill and then hurries off toward Inith with that hunk of meat swinging in her maw. Seeing that he has nothing left either, she desperately takes what she can get with the worn out herd, poaching one of the small bucks with a limp. No one would've made him a work beast anyways, he had a limp. Pitiously, after ripping the beast in two, she attempts to get some blood from the kill before it washes away in the rain.

"Ya're the one that wanted it, darlin'" L'ton drawls with amusement, taking the flask back to take a quick swig himself before its stuck in his back pocket - gotta keep that stuff close if he needs it. Arching an eyebrow as the Ierne rider begins giving advice of his own, L'ton his chuckling softly, before he shaking his head. "Ah think between all of us yer gonna end up with another weyrling lesson." Offering his arm, he offers the young woman a crooked grin, and nods is head towards the quartet of chairs. "Wanna sit? Might make it easier ta stay with her, not having ta keep yerself steady and her ta… They left ya all the comfy spots." And his eyes flick to the men ringing the walls, sizing them each up in turn.

A'ven too, prefers not to say much at this stage. His communion with his dragon is what's on his mind now. They must work together, mind and wing, sinew and talon and so he prepares. Yet, when his eyes open they do burn with something different that wasn't there before. He catches the hunger of the moment, the urgency. He takes another breath, but this one is not for calming, this one escapes in a seductively long sigh of anticipation.

Dhonzayth> Inith would have offered, except that he had finished and then he simply moves out of the milling crowd of beasts, to find a slightly elevated section of ground to wait upon. He moves there, edgy with a somewhat controlled impatience as he watches the golden queen as she begins to blood and his own dark wings move to test the breezes as they whip around the feeding grounds, feeling the shift and change even in these slight air currents.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth rumbles in approval, spreading his wings in the rain and taking advantage of the chaos the queen's sudden attack caused among the beasts to snap one neatly in his jaws and suck. The kill hangs from his mouth like a feline carrying a gazelle, then he bends, shields his kill with his wings to keep the rain off, and sucks deeply on the jugular. His rumble to Choth is warm and encouraging, and his mental chess game resumes its rhythmic click, click, click.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is draining his second beast with control, before the empty animal is nudged away with his muzzle and left for the scavengers once he and his cousins have fled to the skies. As the gold rejoins them, he spares her a glance, a bit of a croon, and then he's turning to down a wherry, the avian calling out to his flock one last time. With the third animal, it seems that the Istan bronze is sated - at least in his quest for blood - and now begins the true quest of becoming the envied one - if only he can snare the pair Choth. However, his quest is put on hold as the gold is suddenly charging the males for their kills, and he's snorting in surprise, even as he's settling once more on his haunches, wings spread wide in preparation.

Kessa stared openly at M'ori. Openly. Her mouth was even parted at his words. His words actually provoke a giggle, "Poetic…" she inclines her head, rubbing her hand anxiously down her hip, half-grinning still because of the man when she agrees with L'ton, "I don't think I need another lesson…" Her eyes slowly flutter closed, in time with her dragon lapping up blood from her kill. She decides then that L'ton's further suggestions must be heeded, falling into a chair unlady-like, her one arm curling over the back of the chair.

Dhonzayth> Choth doesn't spend too much time with blooding. It may not be enough, but it was all she was going to take. Within in a matter of fleeting seconds from her drinking to her looking up, the decision was made. With an audible snap and a squelch of the carcass and wet ground below her, she springs from the ground.

M'ori beams dopily, letting himself lean against the bed, drawing his knees up to his chin like a little boy rather than a grown man. He surrenders fully to Uluameth as the flight well and truely gets underway.

L'ton is chuckling loudly to himself at Kessa's reaction to M'ori's words, before she's settling herself in one of the chairs and he's just a few steps behind. Pausing for a moment to look her over, arching an eyebrow at her posture, he's risking a brief touch to her shoulder before he's moving to settle in the next chair over - other males forgotten and his eyes, even if unseeing, only on the red-clad Kessa.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth growls low and leaps, wings and tail whirling like a cape as he takes off at top speed. The bronze beats for altitude, wings cracking the air and pacing himself out for the flight. Let the other males become aggressive and wear their wings to uselessness. He will gain the altitude he needs to attack when the time comes.

Dhonzayth> Inith doesn't waste any time as his wings come down for a stroke and he pushes off from the ground. Then and only then he's concentrating on following Choth as she leads the way up and over into the skies. Even as he follows though there is the first few confusing moments in the milling pack, trying to free himself toward the edge of the group as his wings continue to provide lift, leading him ever higher.

Dhonzayth> Glyith is aloft in pursuit! The driving rain stings his eyes for a moment so he lids them and bugles at the sheer joy of being unleashed! Swirling clouds dominate the sky, and in the mass of grey he finds it difficult to focus on the golden gleam of the retreating dot that is Choth. After a moment of craning his neck sideways, for he is still fighting for altitude, he finds her, and turns on his wingtip to level out for the chase. So, the required dance begins and again the compulsion comes upon those of the Blood. To chase, to hope, to win!

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth jumps back when Choth steals his kill, and he croons reassuringly to her as he moves to get another one. He's interrupted, however, by the flight of the gold, and with a lunge for the skies, he darts after her, using his proportionately large wings to gain whatever altitude he lost by the few seconds longer he spent on the ground.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth remains balanced as he watches the young gold, daring to risk a look now and again at the other males - his competition - though this is his initial mistake. As the gold suddenly takes off after her abbreviated blooding, the Istan is bewildered for a moment, distracted by attempting to act the bigger bronze, and so it is an awkward push that carries him from the ground, feet shifting in the mud and further destroying his powerful leap. However, he still manages to get aloft, if slowly, and then his brassy wings are working hard to lift him away from the ground and after the pale beacon. Like it or not, she is the center of all their worlds.

Z'yer glances over as the goldrider finally settles into a seat and he takes his time sliding down the wall until he is crouching, his back still against the wall and watching the rest of the room warily. Then his dragon is in the air and all his thoughts are moving with Inith, even the worry lines fading as he gets somewhat lost in the uplifting joy of flight.

A'ven groans as the bottom drops out of his stomach. "I hate this part!", he says through gritted teeth as his counterpart fights for air. His fists clench with his teeth as he tries frantically to breathe, that is, until Glyith finds his pace, and his altitude. The relief on A'ven's face is plain and immediate.

Dhonzayth> Choth slips away into the gloom of the Fortian skies, using the rush of the eastern wind to instantanously alter her course from one way to the next. It was a sharp cut that if the males didn't immediately copy, would put them too far behind to rip them of any hope of catching her. Outlined against the darkening sky, Choth was seeking refuge in the clouds, high above, where their darkness could attempt to snuff out her light, hiding her from those who would think they could get close. It was there, as head ridges and wing tips skimmed the bottom of the clouds that she took a moment to cast a glance behind her, seeing who was still there, following her radiance.

M'ori gasps, and then sighs. He leans back a bit, rocking just a tad in time with Uluameth's rhythmn. He keeps his eyes closed and his body slack. "Uluameth. Ulu, dear."

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth catches the eastern wind, dropping his wings to quickly bank around after her, letting nature aid him in his quest as he fights to make up lost ground. And so, its with long, deep wingstrokes that the brassy bronze is rising into the clouds after the pale silhouette, unwilling to lose the his glowing guide the their deepening darkness, unwilling to let nature just as quickly take away what it so recently aided him in pursuing. However, not even the clouds can hide her glowing light, the shining morning star that rises upon Fort this day. As she skims the clouds, Dhonzayth is still there - pale hide trailing pale hide, still steady.

Dhonzayth> Inith isn't particularly the smartest dragon ever, however though he has had turns and turns of experience to draw upon and even this early in the flight he is testing the breezes, the feeling of the thermals as they rise up around Fort. Perhaps he turned in time to stay close enough to follow after Choth even as she leads them on a chase ever higher into the darkly grey clouded skies and with a hint of violence that may come soon enough.

Kessa takes in a deep and heavily heard breath, her eyes closing as she experiences the rush. She could even be caught sucking her bottom lip as Choth was seeking her refuge in the clouds. Her chest was heaving once she opened her eyes, half-seeing the men there with her. If she was cold before, it was obvious she was now as heat rose to her cheeks, causing them to turn red, nearly matching the dress she wore just then.

Dhonzayth> Glyith follows 's jinking turn, first this way, and that as she tries to hide herself in the clouds. That was a move that might be expected of an older, more experienced gold. This is not going to be easy. Glyith's blunt lines for him to work hard against all this weather, but he commits himself to the adventure fully!

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth figured Choth would be fleeing them, so he was watching her /very/ closely in case she was going to pull off any tricks. And sure enough, the first challenge came into play. Using his size and proportions to his advantage, he turns on a wingtip, darting after her. « Clever as well as beautiful. » he tells her approvingly.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth is no athlete, but he is indeed very alert with good reaction times. The bronze zigs and zags, jerking left and right with the queen. He keeps up with her, barely, but he does. He conserves his strength, she's making it difficult for him, but he's moving higher and higher and getting the altitude he needs to strike. He rumbles again, growling with the effort of keeping up.

Z'yer keeps his eyes closed, concentrating fully now on the feelings and pictures that Inith is sending back to him. He moves to rub once more at his hair, leaving that standing nearly straight up and disheveled. Even when he does open his eyes, it seems he's barely seeing the room, so caught up in the flight is he.

L'ton is flopped rather haphazardly in his chair, one leg dangling over the armrest, he's elbows wedged against the other one to keep himself propped up. A soft sigh, or a sudden gasp now and then betrays his connection with Dhonzayth as the bronze soars in the clouds high above. Though the bronzerider's eyes are open, it's soon evident that he's not truly seeing his surroundings as Kessa receives no comment.

Es'nak closes his eyes as well, focusing on Aevisaanth. "Atta boy." he murmurs when the bronze turns on a wingtip. He's not really paying attention to his surroundings either.

A'ven's stomach isn't done with him yet as his dragon's required jerky turn cause him to cough and gag a little. He opens his eyes as if noticing the other riders for the first time. Then, they fade and he looks Kessa's direction. Just a quick glance and then a look away as his dragon's efforts pull his attention away.

M'ori's body is slack, knees no longer drawn up to his chin. His body is leaning limply against the bed. "Uluameth, pace yourself. Remember. Remember. Easy does it." He chants. "Stay alert, put her in check and be ready to mate." The look in his eyes is all dragon.

Dhonzayth> Choth gives off a perturbed din into the darkness, letting it surround her as the clouds continue to caress her hide. It wasn't going to be easy, the majority of the dragons had stayed well on her tail after her first move. Coiling herself up in mid-air, energy burst from her to speed her ascent which was drastically at a fourty-five degree angle. Disappearing from sight in those clouds, any close chasers might be at a distinct disadvantage as she had some how contorted herself to double back, thereby swooping over heads of dragons such as Dhonzayth, while flying directly in between the rest of the mob, nearly clipping wings with Inith along the way. No sooner had she plummeted through the mob, did she fold her wings to her side and take a dive away from the protective clouds.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth doesn't even flinch as he tracks Choth's zigzag through the sky. He could have warned Dhonzayth about that. And having observed Inith nearly getting clawed, he decides that its time to go on the offensive. Clipped, abrupt and dramatic he adjusts his flight as needed and in three swift changes in direction and a burst of speed and he gains a huge amount of distance on the gold. Yet still he paces himself, waiting and watching for the right time to strike.

Dhonzayth> Inith is forced to check back as he looses sight of the golden queen in the clouds, although he continues to follow after where he thinks Choth might have gone. He abruptly is caught into his own dive to avoid tangling with Choth too quickly and coming out the worst for wear, when he is not prepared and he might loose precious moments as he gets himself straightened out. Finally though, he is back to flying true and his wings once more spread wide as he attempts to follow the queen as she leaves the cloud cover.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is quickly rising after Choth as the gold moves more fully into the clouds, counting on his luck to stay her. Suddenly, however, she's disappearing and doubling back, and his only indication is the shifting of the clouds as she passes over his head. Trumpeting loudly, sounding his displeasure at her trickery, though at the same time there is a note of admiration in that reverberating noise, as he's following suit with infinitesimally less grace, going headlong into a sudden dive, letting his size and momentum carry her downwards, though unwilling to dive to the same degree.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth was one of those at a higher level than Dhonzayth, so when she flies right over the other bronze he swerves and tries to hook a wing with hers. It's too soon in the flight, though, so after losing a few feet from that maneuver, he dives after her. His dive is shallower, though, just in case she's not diving as much as he thinks she is.

Dhonzayth> Glyith shudders in surprise as Choth's doubleback and he trumpets. Instinctively, he slows, and that instinct was a good one. As she thunders back toward the pack, his patience becomes a gain. As she dives, he can follow. Flying his a matter of blunt force for him. He's not sleekly built, but falling, that he can do… and so he tucks his wings back and drops, arrow straight and fully committed. The rain sheets off him as his speed increases, thrashed into a fine spray at his trailing edges.

Dhonzayth> Choth is brazen as she lets herself dive so far before the abrupt opening of her wings acts like a parachute - rocketing her straight up once more on the winds of that easternly chill - twisting where necessary to avoid a claw or a snagging attempt from the males. Then, when the winds faulter and she starts to sink back down, this is when she desperately crans herself upward, reaching skyward with her forearms and her neck. An urgency made her aim for height. Her strength was failing her. She had not taken enough blood and she was too low. With a shriek of dragonic horror at her mistake, the young pale gold leads the way through the clouds for the second time. However, this time, there was no trickery. She simply wanted to go higher, and higher… she had to reach the top side of those clouds and break through the darkness. Only then would she succeed. Unfortunately, the males were right there… and they had a lot more power in reserve than she did to fight them off. Could one of them possibly help her burst into the sweet sunshine she knew was on the top side of those clouds? She dared a look back and ushered a noise of desperation…

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth is perhaps more than a bit concerned with her safety than is normal, or maybe Es'nak is influencing him. When she shrieks, he bugles back to her, surging forward to try and catch her. « Don't fear, we won't let you fall! I won't let you fall! » Aevisaanth declares, seeking to twine his neck and wings with hers.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth sweeps into action, his momentum taking him to the place Choth had been seconds before before the bronze folds his wings neatly and ploughs his way through the clouds after Choth. He reaches out, straining to capture her in his grip. Warbling urgently he flaps his wings downwards, propelling himself forwards at top speed, he must reach her! He must!

Dhonzayth> Inith is fighting his own battle with the wind and the rain, just to stay within range of Choth. Then it seems she makes the first of her mistakes and he attempts to struggle against the wind to be there, his wings struggling in the unfamiliar air currents to elevate him once more ever higher into the skies. He tries to reach out toward the pale, glittering gold with everything he has in his attempt to ensnare her and focuses upon where he thinks he has the best chance of reaching her. Putting forth every effort to reach that spot and be the one that catches this golden queen.

There was a grinding of a chair against the floor as Kessa stood in a rush, nearly toppling the chair she was sitting in. Her hand was pressed at her collar bone as if she had been trying to catch her breath, her gaze wildly cast up toward the ceiling as she felt Choth slowing…

Dhonzayth> Glyith rumbles in panic. His dive was fully committed and so he is unable to react quickly to the sudden opening of Choth's wings, and the slowing effect they provide. He breaks as well, trying to slow down. His effort leaves him well below the others, who were slower, but perhaps better able to react. Only when she starts to fall as well does he see a chance. It's his only chance but he must try. He fights for altitude and she is falling, if they can meet in the middle, perhaps, perhaps he will be close enough. Her fall becomes faster, more dangerous, and suddenly Glyith realizes she may be in actual danger. He shifts, ready to brace her falling body with his own, and propel her upward from there! No, you must not hurt yourself. I am here. I will help.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is unfolding his wings even as the Fortian Junior is, his daring descent abruptly halted as the winds fill his wingsails, and his momentum is sending him upwards, aiming for the clouds and for the gold. As she strains, struggling to strive ever higher, forsaken by the very wings that aided her, Dhonzayth is putting on a burst of speed, dipping into his reserves. Her draconic scream chills him like not even the cold rain can, and he's fleeing into the clouds after her, unwilling to put his trust in the thermals that so recently abandoned Choth at her time of greatest need. And so, its with his own strength that Dhonzayth is gaining altitude, limbs, neck, and very soul outstretched to try and encompass her, to take her higher, to warm her in the hidden rays of Rukbat. He would not let this morning star burn out so easily!

Z'yer glances up from where he is sitting, eyes flickering to where Kessa is ensconced and he starts slightly, although he has enough sense to remain where he is, tucked back against the wall.

M'ori jerks in his seat, blinking dumbly as he stands. He turns towards Kessa, dragonstunned. But his words are simple. "Rush heedlessly…" His gaze becomes blank, his eyes narrowing as he follows his bronze Uluameth through the skies.

L'ton is awkwardly falling out of his chair, managing to get his feet beneath him just in time. Habitually righting himself, he's venturing a few steps closer to Kessa, though his hands are outstretched to her, he's not yet touching. No, not yet.

Dhonzayth> Choth doesn't want to admit she was falling. But she wasn't gaining any altitude either! It had all happened too quickly. She was panicked and with all the males angling for her, she knew one would be able to rescue her from her fall. Some where too far down after having followed her dive too sharply, others were too far up, still others were just not in the right position to begin with. The elements had fought of still others and her tricks had used the strength from most. She made a decision then to veer into the closest dragon she could, so that even if she couldn't make it to the warmth of Rukbats rays, she would be safe. Despite her rider's leanings, she had her own. She must be safe. She must not fail the Weyr - even in this. The choice is for Aevisaanth… it is now his duty to ensure she doesn't fail.

Dhonzayth> Uluameth roars in both disappointment and surprise as he misses. He snaps open his wings and slows his descent, gliding back to Fort Weyr below. Ah well, there will be another day.

M'ori jerks out of his dragon trance. "Stuff to do anyway. See you!" He bolts from the guest weyr towards the nearest source of alcohol.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth stretches and catches nothing but clouds, as it is an Ierne bronzerider who lifts her to the sun. And so, he's spiraling downwards, to meet his rider and L'ton stumbles awkwardly from the guest weyr, unwilling to take another look at the goldrider who was nearly in his grasp.

Z'yer is shakily standing, as he makes his way out of the guest weyr, even as Inith is slowly spiraling away from the pair now flying through the clouds. Then there's another deep breath and he's stumbling out into the bowl.

Dhonzayth> Aevisaanth croons smugly when he steals the gold out from under the other bronze's noses, twining his tail and neck with hers as he spreads his large wings. They'll soar up into the sun and ecstasy, don't you worry.

Es'nak finally moves from the wall he was leaning against, stumbling towards Kessa with intent writ large in his actions.

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