Ista's Costume Party

Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)

The Istan beach has set up for the costume party! There are tables of food and drink (look Long Table) set up around the beach, a slightly raised stage for the group of harpers playing music and a large flat area made especially for dancing. Torches and glow baskets hang on posts in the sand, giving the beach a soft light. Some of the weyr staff is on call to carry around drinks and food to the attendees as they mingle.

K'ael had been back and forth from the beach most of the day, helping set up and making sure everything was in good order. Once the decorations and the food were set up or on its way Ista's new weyrleader had retreated to his weyr to change into his costume and then headed off to pick up his 'date'. Which was the lovely brownrider F'yr. Of course, she thought she was here as his bodyguard of course. As the beach starts filling up, the harpers move from warm ups into actually playing some music, and down comes K'ael, leading F'yr onto the beach.

K'ris looks, and probably feels, rather silly at this particular moment. Never the less, he's still arriving on the beach, escorting the lovely weyrwoman Lisle to the party - though most can probably agree that she pulls off their themed appearance considerably better than he does. Pausing, he's stepping to the side with her, to watch as the weyr's populace is slowly filtering down to the beach.

F'yr is a bodyguard in a slinky red dress! As if she couldn't have picked a worse costume while pretending to protect the Weyrleader from invading renegades. First a costume she couldn't move in, now a costume with way too much leg room in it! The girl wasn't looking too pleased, but there might have been a smirk on her face the entire way to the party, probably due to the look on her 'date's' face when he went to pick her up. "Sharding shoes are /awful/ in sand," she mumbles, having to take careful, yet wobbly, steps.

Aryll is just arriving, one of her wings sagging a bit as the teen tries to right it up with a huff. Well, at least she doesn't look /that/ bad, her costume actually came out kinda cute! Sadly her date is no where to be seen, the Harper probably buried under a pile of paperwork or something, who knows. All that is certain is that Aryll is there to have a good time. She moves across the sands with no trouble at all, her flat slippers keeping her from sinking or losing her balance. First things first, she's gonna have herself a drink! So it's off to the refreshment table.

Zipalla smiles at Riley and then looks down at herself a little self-consciously, " my dress twisted or something?" she asks him as he stares at her with his fly-catcher dropped open. She looks to the table of food then around the beach and sees Shellie and Zallie, a hand reaching for the little one. Her eyes return to Riley, "This is..well one of my sisters.." she says, "And this is her mom, Shellie…and this is Riley…" She smiles at Shellie again, "We're having a party.. you didn't know? Stay and eat and enjoy it with us!"

Shellie giggles. "Ok, Zipalla. I'm glad you're feeling better." She looks around at those assembled, and blushes. After all, she's not in a costume, unless you count being a greenriding mother wearing a pink bikini.

Arriving on time, and maybe a little bit early is the fancily dressed form of Niah. Dismounting Celiketh takes a long time, it's apparent that her shoes and outfit are less than suited for the beach. A tight corset of white, with a multi-layered white skirt to it. The skirt only reaches to her knees. Her hair is done in intricate braids that probably took the bluerider and Zaenar many hours. Behind her is Zaenar, who is dressed in an exact replica of Niah's leathers, wearing Niah's knot and it is obvious that she came as Niah. Niah is carrying in her arms one of her two twin boys, the little one in a onesie and wrapped in a deep purple blanket, the onesie has had a tail pinned to it and the boy is wearing black cat ears. The other little one is in Zaenars arms and wearing an identical outfit. Both stand on the outskirts, looking around and waving a bit shyly.

Darn jacket, its too big! L'ton and M'iken are amongst those slowly arriving on the sandy beach, their young infant son with them and in costume as well, and L'ton at least is checking out each costume with a chuckle to some, and a long stare at others, including F'yr's. But then he's spotting Zipalla, and he's giving the brownrider on his his arm a bit of a nudge with a grin. "Look at Zip.." He murmurs, before moving to poke at his fake nose a bit, and then he's readjusting the Weyrleader's knot on his shoulder. He's in charge tonight, baby!

"N-no…" Riley quickly reassures Zipalla, even as he blinks a few times. When she offers a distraction, he's looking at Shellie and her daughter, nodding, still rather stupidly at them, before the bread goes to his mouth, and he's slowly chewing on it, gaze going back to Zipalla, still shocked.

K'ael hopes F'yr has her knife hidden somewhere in that bodice of hers. Or strapped to her inner thigh or something. Otherwise, what good was she? Well, she was certainly distracting him showing so much skin like that. "I still can't believe you're wearing that. Er, ahem. Ah still can't bahlieve ya'll are wearin' that, Fy. Ah hope ya got some moves, since Ah doubt ya'll got a weapon ta fit up in there." K'ael meanwhile watches the people arriving, and shoots a wave to Zip and one to Aryll as well. He heads Aryll's way, wanting a drink himself. "Come on, Fy. Let's go git us a drink."

Lisle and her date are dressed…as gypsies. The weyrwoman perhaps wearing more colourful and revealing clothing then ever she has before…in her life. Her long raven hair is loose about her shoulders, though ribbons have been woven through small braids here and there. She wears a bright green bodice, with a varicoloured chemise beneath and a skirt made of scarves, that give peak of her legs as she moves. Anklets of bells jingle as she walks in light sandles toward the beach and the party. Half her progress slowed as she attempts to adjust the costume for more modesty and just failing.

M'iken has emerged from the weyr! She kind of feels like some kind of recluse, but she's smiling plenty happily enough. She gives L'ton a light wack on the arm for the longer looks at some, but hey, she's probably the most boringly dressed lady at this party. What with her tanning clothes and her heardbeast of a baby. She grins though at the sight of Zipalla. "She's so cute." She squees lightly. She give's L'ton's darker hair a little tug and just shakes her head. For not liking K'ael much, this is a funny way of dressing. She can't complain though.

F'yr was getting stares?! She pretends to ignore mostly everyone, fixing her mask a bit and making sure the twig was still in place. Afterall, it made her whole costume a costume, really. "Stop making fun of me," she grunts at K'ael and nudges him with her arm. "I got my knife. You just wait and see if there's trouble. I ain't gonna disappoint you." Her pale eyes were darting everywhere, noticing Aryll and then bobbing her head as she moves that way. "It's all sharding Aunt Sol's fault. Ask for something and this is all she gives me. Too late to do anything 'bout it now." Except let everyone enjoy the look and have her grumble at heels in the sand.

K'ris pauses to let Lisle adjust, or rather try and adjust, taking the time to sort of get a feel for who's there, and what's happening. His gaze settles on the one with F'yr, and he's blinking a few times, certainly confused, until he finds the other bronzerider. A soft sigh, and then he's moving to carefully put an arm around Lisle. After all, who knows /which/ of those bronzeriders will be the flirtatious problem tonight.

Zipalla glances up at K'ael and waves to him and F'yr, her eyes lingering on the lady in red for a moment. Fingers curl at her dress and she looks down at her sleeve, eyes tracing the jagged up-and-down lines of it against her skin. She hears Lisle and her gaze falls to her and K'ris and she beams, waving. Her eyes go a little wide at Ton and she looks from him to Mike and back again, smirking a bit before she looks to Riley, "Bread good? I hope it's good..ready to meet my da?" and she sparkles a look at said da, smiling wide. Look, Riley is a real boy, not her imaginary friend!

Niahs progress is slow at best, each step taken careful and it takes her a moment before and she waves a little to M'iken giving a smile and moving to see the baby. Zion is thoroughly interested in all that is going on, the baby in Niah's arms is looking around and making happy noises. Niah gets closer to L'ton and M'iken, a smile on her face as she looks around and then takes a step back. "I-I had a date. I did.. he just hasn't shown up yet." She tells L'ton, looking over towards Celiketh. "Celi says that he can't decide what to wear, but he can just come in his leathers." Babbling a little she shys away from all the people.

After securing a nice hard drink for herself Aryll turns around to see those that are gathering. Her masked brown eyes move over the couples, lingering a bit on F'yr. Was that F'yr? In a sexy dress? No of course not… But then K'ael's heading her way and she just grins. "Who'd you dress as?" She asks, scanning the bronzers outfit. But then F'yr's like right there and she can't help but stare. "Fy, uh, nice dress." She bites her bottom lip, trying not to giggle before pointing towards the punch bowl "Punch?"

Funny things happen when you end up getting drunk with your new Weyrleader, and there's some sort of drunken conversation that occurs, even if you don't remember it. After all, otherwise L'ton's knot would have been left on the desk the moment he realized K'ael had been the winner of Sharix's flight. "I can't believe how grown up she is." He finally says, voice slow, to try and conceal his accent. "Though, I thought F'yr would never wear a dress." He comments, even as he gets whacked, and then he's leaning to give Mai a kiss with a grin. As Niah and Zae join them, he's glancing over her, Zae, and the boys as well, before chuckling. "Well, when he gets here, I want to meet him."

Aisling arrives sans date as well, her beau doing who knows what right now. She clings to her kitty tail a bit though, like its some kind of balance helper as she walks through the sand carefully in those block heels of hers. Maybe she should just take them off. She spots Aryll first though since she's wearing the outfit she helped make. "Hey, Aryll, you look so cute in that." She's not proud. >.> She looks over in the direction Aryll's looking and her eyes pop open. "F'yr… You look, sexy." Is that suprise in the greenrider's voice? Yes it is.

Riley stuffs the rest of his bread hurriedly in his face, nodding slowly, even as he's pulling his mask over his head, to settle it over his eyes. "Its good." He says, mouth still full. The mask hides the look of worry, though, at the mention of her father, and he's hurriedly trying to find the Weyrsecond knot in the crowd.

Shellie looks around, and her eyes go wide with surprise at the sight of the Weyrleader's knot, or more precisely who it's on. She grins, and makes her way over to L'ton. "Why didn't you tell me you got unlucky?" Zallie coos, recognizing her father in spite of his costume

K'ael grins at F'yr. "Ah'm not makin' fun'a you, Ah'm serious. Uh… ya might not wanna bend over too far neither, Fy." The bronzer picks up a plate and starts filling it up with food. "Ya better not disappoint me. Ah'm countin' on ya ta protect mah behind tonight. Ah think it's a great costume, anyways. Very unsuspectin'." He chuckles a bit at Aryll. "Ya'll can't tell?" He points to the weyrsecond knot he's wearing. "Ya'll's costume turned out mighty fine there, Aryll. Punch'd be great." Then he gives Aisling a bit of a wave. "Hey there, Ais." Maybe she shouldn't be calling Fy sexy? Well, it certainly amuses the bronzer.

F'yr finally starts to actually notice the people around her, besides the looks and the uncomfortable sea breeze that was getting to places she really never wanted it to get to. What she'd long for a pair of pants! There's a wary look in K'ris's direction first, blue eyes behind the mask darting to him, to Lisle, and back. Then L'ton gets the eye. She's watching everyone! "Good idea to send a dummy out, Mike. Just in case." She smirks and turns back to look at Aryll and then Aisling approach as they get to the drinks, and she shrinks back just a bit, turning a red now at that compliment. "I-I ain't Fy!" Nope, that wasn't going to work. "It ain't mine! It's Aunt Sol's!" She sniffs and crosses her arms, trying to turn the conversation elsewhere. "And what're you, Aryll, a drowned wherry?"

By time Lisle has made it to the beach, she is resigned to the state of her costume, low neckline and flashes of leg and all. "I can't believe that journeyman talked me into this.." She murmurs to K'ris, even as she takes a breath to face the crowd. One look at F'yr causes a look of surprise on the woman's face. "Well F'yr…you look…lovely tonight." Well she does…but wow.

M'iken can't help but giggle at Zion's attentivness and gives Niah a wave. "I'm sure he'll be here soon." She says, reassuring the blue rider and attempting at least to make her less uncomfortable. She nods at Zipalla's all grown up-ness. "Well, I suposse it's hard to realize with all the litteral babies you have." She says, giving Ton a wink. When Shellie walks up, she raises a bit of a brow and smiles a bit, ot quite sure who this is.

Aryll turns as Aisling calls to her, a big grin on her face when the greenie compliments her outfit. "Really! Thanks! I en't been able to do it without you though, so thanks." She turns back to gawk at F'yr some more, bobbing her head when Aisling finds the right word for the dress. "Bet she's trying to get some guys attention." She snickers, moving to pour K'ael some punch. "Here you go, L'ton." She says with a giggle, handing it to the Weyrleader. "No, I'm a bird. A /pretty/ bird." Thus the feathers and short skirt. She sticks her tongue out before scanning over the brownrider again. "What'd you come as? Or did you just use it as an excuse to come all sexy like?"

Zipalla leans over to Riley to speak quietly to him just about the time he dons the mask and she grins, drawing back suddenly then tilting her head she leans back in, a different angle, her hand falling to his arm as she leans up on tippity toes, bare ones, digging into the sand. She pulls back and smiles at him, nodding, starting a path for her father, even if a bit slowly, he's surrounded, no reason to hurry.

"You look.. wonderful, Lisle.." K'ris murmurs to his weyrmate, even as he's lifting his chin to spot Zipalla, waggling his fingers at the teen. F'yr's teenage look, however, makes him more nervous, and he's stepping back a bit to make sure that Lisle stays in front of him. He's taking good care of her, really!

L'ton grins a bit as Shellie walks up. "Shellie!" He offers cheerfully, even as he's wrapping his arm around Mai's shoulders, nodding to the greenrider. "Mai, Niah, Shellie. Shellie, Mai, and Niah.." He offers, nodding from greenrider to brownrider to bluerider, and quite possibly getting everyone confused in the process. Smiling at Zallie, he's blowing the girl a kiss, before nodding to each child in turn. "Zion, Zialon, Zelik, and Zallie.. If'n ya can keep that straight." Despite his slow words, his accent still sneaks through here and there.

"Right.." Riley attempts to keep it all straight, though behind the mask there's still a look of confusion. But then she's starting to head for him, and he's rushing to catch up, and awkwardly offering her an arm. Must escort the lady.

Aisling nods to Aryll, "Yeah really." She grins at K'ael and then brighter still at F'yr's reaction to the sort-of compliment. "All right, fine. Hey, L'ton?" She says with a smirk. She gets a slightly offended look on her face though as Fy calls Aryll a drowned wherry. "Hey now, we worked hard on that." She says, pouting just the littlest bit and turning to get herself a drink. She really wished D'son were there, not that he'd be able to do anything but make her feel better by just being there.

K'ael chuckles a bit at F'yr. She was a popular woman, tonight! The pretty ones were always dangerous. Mike is giving her a cup of punch as well. "Ya, I thought'a everythin'." He winks to F'yr, then blinks as Lisle makes her way over. "Well, howdy there, miss. Lookin' might fine tonight, Li." He extends a hand to the weyrwoman's date. "Ya'll must be K'ris. Ah'm K'ael, weyrleader." Really, he was. Even if he didn't look or sound like it right now! "Make sure ya'll git somethin' ta eat and drink. Which one'a ya lovely ladies wants ta dance wit Tonny first?" He grins and looks around. Where were all the men?

Lisle colours a bit at the compliment from K'ris and finally just tries to relax into the party atmosphere. Parties really aren't her thing and drawing the attention to herself that this get up in sight and sound..isn't making it easier, but she promised the Journeyman Weaver she would wear her outfit. She smiles up at K'ael and just shakes her head at his disguise and looking over to L'ton, "Interesting choice for the pair of you." He says to the Weyrleader before moving on to look around to egroup, Zipalla gets a wave and a smile of appreciation for her costume.

"I ain't trying to get anyone's attention," F'yr snorts at the blonde bird. "Last minute costume. It wasn't like I was gonna come unless it was really important." She takes the punch from K'ael with a bob of her head, already sipping at it. "Bird, wherry… Same thing, right? And I'm a redfruit," she says in an even tone, pointing to the top of her mask with the little twig and leaves. She starts edging her way towards the dessert end of the table, though, eyeing up the food there. "I'm gonna get so confused by the end of tonight like that, Mike. I'm gonna take a knife for the wrong person by the end of it, too." She snorts and then turns red again as Lisle approaches, bobbing her head. "Thanks, weyrwoman."

K'ris hesitates for a moment, before taking K'ael's hand, offering it a surprisingly firm shake, for all of his rather nervous manner. "Uh.. Nice party.." K'ris tries to offer as a compliment, though he's a bit confused, as he's looking K'ael over, then following Lisle's look to L'ton, before letting the goldrider do the talking. After all, she knows this man better.

"We did! Took us hours to stitch these damn feathers in place. And the wings," Aryll glances back at her slightly saggy wings. "I think you look cute too, Ais. We're opposites tonight!" Cat vs bird. "So D'son en't able to make it either? Seems all the boys just ditched out on tonight." She mutters the last a bit into her drink, obviously not happy to be alone. She'll live though! When K'ael asks who wants to dance she bobs her head. "I can. So long as you en't mind me stepping on your feet." Cause she's a horrible dancer.

Another smile is given to M'iken, Niah sticking away from the mass of people and waiting. Introduced to Shellie she just nods, not saying much but glancing at the beach. Finally a green lands on the beach, a man L'ton will surly recognize dismounts, he isn't wearing a costume but he looks nice nonetheless. His green leathers are sparkley, and people do a stare a bit. The man picks up Niah and hugs her and in extension Zion. Smiling Niah says, "Tonny you know my date, I'nigh." I'nigh bounces, the greenrider giving Niah a hug and saying "Nari if there is dancing you are going to dance!" Niah looks like she might sink into the sand.

Zipalla glances to her side and smiles, curling her hand at the crook of Riley's offered arm. She pauses on the outskirts of L'ton & Co, grinning at her father, a brow arching. The arrival of Niah's date makes her grin and then she blinks, a glance falling elsewhere for a moment before it's back to present company. Another whisper to Riley.

Riley is ducking his head a bit to catch Zipalla's whisper, even as his eyes are watching L'ton, and the group around him. A group that seems to expand more, as if it wasn't already awkward enough. After a moment, he's giving her a bit of a smile, whispering back hurriedly.

Shellie smiles, then deftly foists the nearly two turns old Zallie off on her father, and grins to the Brown and Blueriders, offering her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet both of you.

M'iken nods a bit, smiling a little brighter now that she's got some knowledge of who this is. "Hello." She says, taking Shellies hand. "This is quite the little baby gathering." She says with a chuckle. Zelik's workin' hard to figure out how to get his hood off, but failing miserably, so he just flails a little. Mai takes pity on her little herdbeast and 'skins' him, so to speak. She pulls the hoodie off and kisses Zelik on the forehead, that calms him down. The arrival brings a laugh to the brownrider's lips. "Nice to meet you I'nigh. You get her to dance and I'll make a nice pair of leathers for you for free." She'll really do it too. When she spots Zipalla closer than before she curls a finger towards her, calling the girl to just drag her date through the croud. It's totally polite if someone told you to do it. Right?

K'ael gives K'ris's hand a good shake. "Nice to meet you, K'ris. I thought the costumes were a good idea." He then goes back to pick at his plate a bit more, snickering at F'yr. "The accent is getting hard to keep up, anyways. You mind if I go dance with Aryll?" He smiles to Ais. "No D'son tonight? I was hoping he'd be around so we could trade partners every so often." He grins a bit to Aryll. "I thought you were worried about me stepping on your toes? Anywho, come on my sad little wherry, let's get that dance in, in case your date decides to show up late." He takes her hand and leads her out to the dance floor.

Aisling finally notices the twig and leaves on her friend's mask and can't help but get a huge smile on her face. "Ok, now that's just cute." She says with a definate nod. She's noding along with Aryll though at the description of their epic quest to make this outfit. It was a pain for the both of the, but it turned out so cute. "Oh, we are! I didn't even think about it when I got this." Yeah, she totally didn't sew it herself. She shakes her head though at the question of D'son not making it. "No, he said he'd make it later. He's just gotta finish up his duties or something." She just kinda waves Aryll and K'ael off then for the dancing. She'll stick close to the table of food and drink her drink for now. It's safe there, and F'yr the sexy redfruit can totally hang out with her if she wants. "So for a last minute costume that's pretty good." She says, finally finding a compliment she doesn't think F'yr will hiss at.

L'ton had a toddler in his arms, and he's settling her expertly on his hip, kissing her forehead as he watches the others with interest. As they're shaking hands, I'nigh appears, and he's getting a bit of a dirty look, though eventually a nod. "Nice ta see ya again." The greenrider actually gets, before he spots Zip weaving around, and he's following Mai's lead, motioning her over with a jerk of his head. Might as well have another spawn join the party, right?

F'yr is going for one of those bubblies on the platters, grinning at all the varieties before she turns back to the ground. "Huh?" she asks back to K'ael, eyes alighting on Aryll before she shrugs. "Sure, whatever." She grabs a random pie before rounding back on the pair. "Wait! You ain't got anything sharp on you, do you Aryll?" There's that wary look again. Looks like the brownrider is taking her job seriously, but giving the bird a one over, she just snorts. "Don't try anything funny," is the only warning she gives. She'll hang out here with Aisling, even if it makes her look a bit uncomfortable. "Yah, well, it ain't really much of a costume. Should've seen the one I really did make. 'Course, yours is nice, too." She takes a bite out of the bubbly, running it down with her drink.

Zipalla grins a bit and her eyes cut up to Riley as he whispers to her, a blush setting her silvery hued cheeks with pink undertones. Her head turns to continue the quiet conversation while she waits for a break in Ton's receiving ling then it's M'iken who beckons. Zip nods to Riley and urges him in Mai's direction, smiling. "Hello, M'iken, Da, Niah, siblings.." she says in general, with a giggle, really, all the names? Impossstible. "This is Riley..well for tonight.. Alessand..and Moreta have decided to join the party.." and she gestures to herself and her escort. The dancing starts and Zip flits a glance to the dancefloor then back to her family, sea breezes fluttering her ghostly dress and shimmering hair.

Late and a little grumpy-looking D'son comes down to the party … costume-less. He's just plain got the look of someone who just got off duty and isn't happy about how long his day was as he weeds his way through the crowd towards where the food is.

Aryll has finished her drink in record time. Hey, it'll make her dance better! Or at least not care that she's looking like a fool. "F'yr: The lusty red fruit?" She adds quickly, giggling a bit at her own words. "And even if it was by accident we should totally get in a dance later! You too, redfruit! And don't worry, en't nothing gonna happen!" When the bronzer starts leading out out she grins, until he starts teasing. "I en't a sad wherry!" She says with a pout to K'ael. She lets him lead her just the same, ready to start partying!

Riley is suddenly looking at everyone but Zipalla, embarrassed by whatever they were whispering about. As suddenly he's in the midst of the adults, the red-haired boy is staring at each in turn. An audible gulp - "Nice to.. Meet you sir. Ma'ams." He tries hard to be polite, but is quickly stepping back. "You want punch, Zippy?" He asks suddenly.

I'nigh gives M'iken a toothy grin, pulling on Niahs hand though his destination is not the dance floor but over towards the food. The greenrider who is Niah's date says to Mai, "You have never seen Nari when she drinks, she's a great dancer." Niah groans audibly, and Zaenar happily takes Zion out of her arms, the blonde girl settles into a seat away from all the action holding her two charges. Niah smiles just a little, even as she is shrinking and avoiding people. "I do not wanna dance.. I'nigh.." Groaning again and being pulled along, the man says to L'ton just before leaving "Do you not feed her? She's a twig." He puts his fingers around Niahs wrist to emphasize his point. Looking over at the L'ton-K'ael she says, "Congratulations.. I think."

K'ael blinks a bit at F'yr. Was she asking because she though Aryll might stab him, or because she wanted Aryll to protect him? Either way, he's laughing at the blonde bird. "She is lusty and red. And fruity." He smiles down at Aryll as they make their way out onto the dance floor. K'ael gives a nod and a grin to Niah before turning back to his dance partner. "Not even the least bit sad Wapraven didn't show up?" He pulls Aryll over to lead her in a fast-paced dance. Simple steps, at least. Hopefully she could manage to not step on his feet, though he doesn't seem to be too concerned if she does or not.

Aisling grins at F'yr's serious bodyguard routine. It's cute, what can she say? And should she actually need to defend K'ael, her outfit will no doubt be plenty enough to distract someone long enough for K'ael to get away. "You'll have to show me the one you did make later then. I'd like to see what you'd rather be wearing. Thanks though." Though, it's a mystery why she's not wearing it. When D'son shows up, a bright smile lights up her face even though the bronzer looks quite grumpy. "Hey, Dels." She says with a little wave since he's comming over her direction.

And there's Ais and that earns a grin from D'son at least. "Hey Ais," he says with a little sigh and reaches to offer her a one-armed hug and a kiss. "Long day," he says, making a face and he eyes the buffet. "Eaten yet? Anything good? And shells, so many costumes. You'll just have to pretend I'm dressed up. I couldn't think of anything."

M'ori has arrived with his three children, dressed in a tux and cape with masquerade mask covering his eyes and a tophat. Odisyn, Vynilian and Cosnyra are each dressed in a greek robe. Vynilian has a toy sword hanging from his belt, Odisyn has wings attached to his sandals and a short staff, and Cosnyra has a pomagranate in hand as she races her brothers to the food table. M'ori hangs back, heading for the food as well before looking around for somebody he knows.

F'yr finishes the bubbly in record time, nodding the K'ael-Weyrsecond off with the bird, though she keeps her eyes on them for a little while before tilting her head up to Aisling. "Oh? Um, /that/ one has been completely destroyed. Torn up and… well, yah, it didn't last long out in a, you know, island and all. 'Least I had some clothes under it. But I did make a pretty good tunnelsnake." She gives D'son a wave and a smirk as he approaches. "Shells, it's a better costume than mine, D'son." She flicks at the dress to cover up her leg again and downs the rest of her drink. It isn't long before she's looking for the hard alcohol to drink instead.

Aryll snorts at K'ael's words, glancing about as they make their way to the dance floor. "And murderous!" She adds with a smirk, only teasing of course. When Wapraven is brought up she doesn't say much, obviously not thrilled the Harper is absent. "He's busy I guess, always working on something or another. I suppose I should start doing the same instead of just dodging chores." She's about to say more but then they're dancing! She clings to the bronzer as he leads, trying her best not to kil the man's feet.

M'iken smiles at Riley and the nervousness there. "Hello." And then he's running away, le sigh. "He seems nice." She says to Zipalla with a smirk. Her smile returns to I'nigh then and a bit of a laugh escapes as he's dragging her off to get a drink. "Ah, now I haven't, But I still hold to my promise." Get her out there dancing and it's a new pair of leathers for the greenrider. She gives Zallie a little grin then. "Well L'ton, looks like we've become a sort of Nursery over here." She says with a chuckle.

"Hey love.." L'ton offers cheerfully to his eldest daughter, even as Zallie is squirming a bit, and he's setting her down - the toddler running straight to Zaenar, where she's cuddling herself in next to her cousin and half-siblings. Who cares if she just met them! As Niah's dragged away, L'ton attention goes to the boy at his daughter's side, arching an eyebrow as he looks over the teen. "Riley, eh?" He comments, narrowing his gaze as Zip blushes. "Ah dun wanna hear bout no funny business with y'all, ya hear?" And suddenly he's every inch the father, folding his arms over his chest, the Weyrleader knot on his shoulder sticking out more, chuckling as Riley runs off, and he's reaching to squeeze Zipalla's shoulder. "Ya have fun, okay?" He levels his gaze at her, before leaning to give her glittery cheek a kiss, and he's glancing back at Mai. "Well, Ah'd ask ya ta dance ta, but we has a lil herdbeast."

Aisling hugs and kisses D'son in return and frowns a bit before smirking. "I'm sorry. And no, I haven't eatten anything yet. Just have this drink. And I'm also sorry for leaving red on you." She says, taping his lips. Ais gapes a bit at F'yr then. "You were going to try and be a tunnel snake? That would have been interesting." She smirks then at D'son. "I could totally smear more lipstick on you and you could be a rider who's just come from making out with his pretty kitty girlfriend?" She's just playing, honest.

Ice-lined hazel eyes shift to Riley as L'ton "greets" him and she blinks, watching the young man retreat. "Sure…the cider is good.." she adds in, she doesn't care what he brings her. Zip's gaze returns to Mai and L'ton, "He IS nice.." she says then she smiles up at L'ton, "I will, da.." she says, giggling a bit as his lips now shimmer. Lip gloss! "You and Mike..uh.. well.. woulda never guessed the two of you'd be.. dressing up as each other.." and she grins, turning her head to watch Mike dance with Aryll for a moment before she spies out Riley, head craning to watch him weave through the crowd.

Riley nods quickly at Zipalla's request, darting off to get it, even as one hand is hold onto his 'crown'. However, rather than returning, he's getting the drinks and holding them up to Zipalla, hoping to catch her attention as she looks in that direction. Its safer over here.

And hopefully Aisling will not be slapping D'son for the way his eyes pop when he gets a good look at F'yr's getup. "I dunno F'yr, you look amazing," he says sincerely. "Shells, you both do, though I'm not so sure about the whole tall shoe thing," he muses thoughtfully then blinks and lifts a hand to his mouth. "Uhhhh —" Typical Dels.

K'ael laughs a bit. "Well, yes. But hopefully she sticks to murdering pirates and not my guests." He nods to her about distracty-Wappy. "I see. He'll miss you in your nice costume if he doesn't show up soon. Heh, you do chores? Well, I think you should find something you like to do around the weyr. Maybe try the healers or something? I know you don't really like kitchen duty… Maybe you'll stand next clutch?" The bronzer thankfully is quite a bit bigger than Aryll, and a capable dance leader. Even if she steps on his feet they should be okay in those boots.

Niah is over being fed and having fruity drinks being pushed on her. Drinking a bit she shakes her head and sighs, sipping and sitting next to him. The two look happy together, and I'nigh is behaving himself. Zaenar smiles at Zallie, hugging the little girl but making sure to pay special attention to Zialon and Zion. Niah smiles and then taking a deep breath as I'nigh is pulling her out onto the dance floor. Niah looks uncomfortable and unhappy, chewing her lower lip. I'nigh pulls her close to him and says "Nari, just close your eyes and dance." So she does, and I'nigh is saying to M'iken as he dances with Niah whos eyes are firmly closed but she has a smile on her face and is dancing. I'nigh says "Told you I could get her dancing." Twirling her.

M'ori finally spots the Weyrsecond L'ton and strides over, "greetings weyrsecond. very nice party tonight. I hope my kids and I aren't intruding." The Odisyn is knawing on some sweet or other, Vynilian is listening to the rider talk, and eight turn old Cosnyra has convinced one of the weyrlings to 'be a gentlemen and dance with a lady. I'm too little to dance seriously, but I still wanna dance like the adults do!'

"I'm sure she en't gonna gut anyone, even though she talks a lot about it." Aryll says with a giggle, clinging a bit tighter to K'ael when she loses her footing for a moment. Thank Faranth she didn't decide on heels like the other girls, she'd have fallen flat on her face long ago. "Well, I think he'll be here later. I was kinda busy finishing my wings up that I en't able to see him at all today." She confesses, her floppy wings staying upright by some miracle. "Healers? No thanks, I'd rather just keep being a resident. If I join any craft it's gonna be the Tech. And I'm done with Standing. I en't really want to be a dragonrider anyways." Oops, there she goes stepping on the man.

F'yr giggles at Aisling and shakes her head. "Nope! I /was/ a tunnelsnake. Western had a costume party, too, back when I was a candidate there." She sighs heavily and rubs at her wrist with one hand. "Like I said, costume didn't last." The blush all but returns when she gets the look from D'son now, especially since everyone else's eyes had stopped bugging out, and she quickly waves a hand at the bronzer. "Your girlie looks good. I just put something together last minute," says the redfruit, fixing her mask again. Her eyes were on the couple— Weyrleader and Aryll— as she takes big gulps of what looks to be some ale that she found there.

Aisling wouldn't slap him for it, because quite honestly, she had a similar reaction. /Everyone/ had a similar reaction. She pouts a bit at the judjment her shoes get, but then she really can't disagree. She's fine standing her, but if she tries to go dance or something, she'll likely fall and break an ankle or something. "Oh I see." She says to F'yr. "Oh well then." She sends a little grin over to Dels as she drinks. "Maybe not then. And I like being taller. You don't have to bend over to get to me." Well, not really anyway.

K'ael chuckles a bit as Aryll clings to him. "Careful there. We don't want any dancing accidents." He nods a bit to her. "Ah, I see. Maybe he's busy fixing his costume as well?" No respect for a man who bails out on his date! As is apparent by K'ael's frown. "Heh, I didn't mean becoming a healer. Maybe just helping out over there. Might be more interesting than mucking. You're too old to be doing kid stuff now." He winces a bit as she steps on him. That was a hard one! "Ow. Heh, think maybe we ought to head back for more punch. I'm getting a sweat going." He tugs Aryll off back to Ais F'yr and D'son, waving to them. "Howdy Dels. Ya made it here Ah see."

M'iken just shakes her head at L'ton's reaction to Riley, but then it's also a rather charming trait. "Ah well, You don't mind if I don't dance. I'm sure there are others who wouldn't mind you dancing with them." She says with a wink. The little herdbeast in her arms yawns quite loudly, causing Mai to laugh a little. She sticks her tounge out at I'nigh when he comes waltzing by with Niah. "Good job." Then there's another rider here and Mai gives him a grin, eyeing his children fondly. "They're fine." It's her opinion anyway.

K'ris has been enjoying food and drink, just like K'ael told him too, making sure Lisle had some as well. But, as the music is starting, he's giving the woman at his side a tentative smile, and a tilt of his head. "You like to dance?" Even if she has bells and other noisy things to give away her movement.

"Ah'm sure he is. Still dun wanna hear about no funny business." L'ton replies, though there's a grin appearing on his face, and with a wink, he's giving Zip's shoulder a bit of a push. "Go have fun with him. Ah promise Ah won't skin him tonight. Ah won't even let my Tanner here do it, either." He promises with a smile, nodding to M'ori, with a bit of a grin. "Course not.. Enjoy yerself. Find the Weyrleader, though - t'was his planning. He's in my jacket, and gots my knot.. And that ridiculous nose." Of course, the thing on L'ton's own face isn't much better, but it comes with the Weyrleader's knot, for the evening. Mai is sulked at a bit, batting eyes. "Ah'm sure someone would watch him for a little bit, if ya wanted a turn or two out there.."

D'son leans over and kisses Aisling's cheek. "I don't mind … bending," he says carefully and clears his throat a couple of times. "Okay. Food," he decides and sets to putting together not one but two plates, one for himself and one for Aisling. "For last minute, it's good," Dels says over his shoulder to F'yr, adding another couple of food items to the plates, then holding one out to Ais. The return of Aryll and K'ael earns a blinking look. "Huh?" he asks K'ael apparently not able to understand him. "Are you drunk already, Mike?"

Aryll doesn't notice if people are watching her dance with K'ael, she's too busy trying not to mash the bronzers feet. Yeah, he's got boots on, but how much abuse can they take? "He'll be here." She says stubbornly, catching the bronzers frown. "And it en't kids stuff! It's gotta be done anyways. And I en't like the Healers, it smells funny in the infirmary." Like /death/. When he sets to tugging she follows. "Hey, Del! I was just asking Ais about you. And no, he en't, he's just trying to act like another bronzer. Seems they switched for the night."

Zipalla grins a bit at L'ton and Mai and makes one of those go-stay-go moves then finally turns and /zips/ off across the sand to rejoin Riley. With the flicker of firelight glinting over sparkly skin and clothes and the way her skirts dance out behind her as she runs, she almost looks every bit the spirit she's dressed to be, save that huge smile. "I promise you won't hear of it, da!" she calls out with a laugh, returning to Riley's side. Her eyes trap little flickers of torchlight in the pale facets and she looks up at the boy, "See? I think he liked you.." she nods.

F'yr swirls the drink in her cup a bit more before tossing it back and moving for another one. Drinking and standing were going to get tiresome fast, and the young girl was starting to shift uneasily on her heeled feet. "It ain't much of a costume like… like the wherry over there, really." Boys. They thought it was good cause they could see a lot of her! She nods over towards Aryll, even as the first was approaching now with K'ael. "How're your feet?" she says with a grin to both of them, starting to feel the drink already.

Niah looks a little tired after the dance, moving to see her babies. When she catches talk of L'ton wanting to dance and her date is over grabbing more drinks she says to M'iken, a shy smile on her face. "I'll watch him, I have not even held him yet." Saying with big eyes to M'iken, though her eyes are clearly all on the baby. "Go dance with Tonny." I'nigh comes back with the drinks, ushering the bluerider to sit down. To L'ton she says, "Could.. Could i get on dance?" Looking over at M'iken, asking permission though I'nigh says "Let nari sit, she can dance once she's sat for a while." The man seems a bit protective of her, like a big brother.

"I don't have any holes at least." Riley counters quickly as Zipalla rejoins him, continuing to send nervous glances towards the Weyrsecond - Weyrleader? - even as he's handing Zipalla the cider he fetched. "I.. I'm sorry I ran.." He murmurs softly, shaking his head, pale skin an eerie color with the torchlight, even as he watches her shyly.

Tellus wanders on to the beach, and her dismay she see a crows of people. She mutters to herself, "Oh right a party." She pauses a bit then decides to head onto the seathing beach.

At the question, Lisle looks up to K'ris and actually nods. "Ma made sure we all danced. Kris used to dance with me when I was younger…" She replies and takes his hand to let him lead her to the dance floor. Just don't ask her to sing.

Aisling accepts the plate of food happily. Yeah, she's got a great boyfriend. He could have jsut made her eat off his own plate. She smirks at Dels though. "I'm sure you don't." She says with a wink for thosr throat clearings. "And she's not a wherry." Ais protests at F'yr, again. "She's a pretty bird." Ayrll's wearing the outfit the greenrider and her worked really hard on. It's not Aryll's fault she better covered.

K'ael laughs at Aryll. "It does not. It just smells like the cleaning solution they use. And mucking stalls /is/ kid stuff. Maybe I can get you in to help Sharix with her paperwork. But you'd have to actually show up. Daily." He laughs at Dels. "No. Don't you recognize me?" He points to the weyrsecond's knot on his shoulder and grins to F'yr. "Only slightly mashed." He reaches over to fill up another cup of punch, one for him and one for Aryll, in fact. "After this you want to dance, F'yr? I feel vulnerable out on the dance floor. Need my bodyguard with me."

"I'm counting on you, then, Lis.." K'ris admits softly, even as he's moving to tug Lisle out onto the dance floor, offering her a hand, and glancing at the other couples around them dancing, with a smile. The bandana is pushed at a bit, before its resettled, and he's reaching to absently flick one of the bells on Lisle's costume - more music?

D'son theres a grin back for Aisling though D'son's is accompanied by the faintest tint of pink in his cheeks. There's a slide of eyes towards Aryll's costume and he nods. "Looks nice," is all he has to offer though before he's blinking at K'ael and bursting out laughing. "Hah. Good one." Dels digs into his food then which keeps his mouth busy for a little bit.

Zipalla takes the cider and smiles at Riley, "Of course you don't he wouldn't hurt you here with witnesses.." she teases. She sips her drink and turns to stand right beside him, looking to the dancefloor and watching people come and go. "And that Lisle…and K'ris..the gypsies.. you have to meet her later too..and that's the actual Weyrleader, K'ael, and Aryll in the feathers.." and she names off a few more people. F'yr, D'son, Aisling, oh fine everyone.

"I en't a wherry!" Aryll says with a huff to the brownrider. "What Ais said. I en't some dragons lunch." So there! She moves to grab herself a drink, rather tired from all that dancing and feet smashing but K'ael beats her to it. She takes it happily, grinning up at the bronzer. "Thanks, Mikey. Feet? Mine are good, why?" When K'ael says the words paperwork, Sharix and help all in the same sentence and all directed at her she stares. "Uh, no thanks. I'd rather chew my own foot off than have to do something as boring as that."

M'iken blinks at both Ton and Niah and smiles a bit. "Ah I guess you can hold him. If you want to. Just a warning though, he likes to squirm around. And yeah, you can dance with him I don't mind as long as you don't mind." That last bit shot at L'ton himself. She's passing a little Zelik herdbeast over then so she can be free to dance.

"Thanks Niah, sweets.." L'ton beams at the bluerider as she returns, actually nodding pleasantly enough to I'nigh. "Ah dun mind at all.." L'ton offers honestly, before M'iken's free, and he's reaching for her hands to pull her towards the dancing, blowing Niah a kiss before Mai is getting one on her lips. "Come on, love.." He says excitedly, already spinning her a bit as they go.

Tellus mills about, looking quite out of place as she's sans costume. She waves to afamiliar folks. She pauses at the edge of the dance floor, watching the others dance. She then turns her back to the floor and moves about the crowd.

F'yr grins at Aryll now, shaking her head. "I don't know. I bet Zaruath might mistake you if he were hungry for something to eat if he saw you like that 'round the pens." She grins sheepishly at Aisling, too, since the two girls were continually offended by that. But when K'ael asks for the next one, she arches her brow and nods her chin first towards the cat-girl. "What 'bout all the others? I haven't seen anything suspicious— have /you/?" Her eyes were scanning again. "Looks like it is getting busy out there." She makes sure to take several big gulps of her drink that time. Get nice and toasted, first.

Niah takes the baby happily, saying to M'iken "He can't be any worse then Zialon." Holding the little herdbeast she looks down at him, smiling and tickling his little belly. "Helo baby." Zaenar and her both enjoy the baby, and Niah is introducing Zelik to Zion, Zialon and Zallie. A big smile on her face, as I'nigh sits besides her and tightens the dress up a bit from the back. Hate to have a wardrobe malfunction.

Aisling is eating her food as well, though she's nodding along with Aryll. Apperently they've become commrades in arms, or commrades in sewing needles, something like that with the way they're defending Aryll's outfit. She pouts at F'yr though, apperently just getting it that she's doing this to poke at the two of them. "I haven't seen anything." She says, a grin on her face. "Though there are a lot of people out there." She agrees with that last bit from F'yr.

Who knew the littlest weyrwoman could dance and actually enjoyed it? Well not many, she really hasn't had much opportunity in awhile. Lisle and K'ris move to the dance floor, her little bells jingling to herald her arrival. She smiles at his concern and takes him 'in hand'. "It is easy…" And so she leads him into dancing, her little bells jingling with the music.

K'ael grins to D'son and then gives him the secret bronzer handshake. Knock knuckles twice and grab pinkies and all of that. He chuckles at Aryll. "Suit yourself. It's an easy job, no physical labor." K'ael takes a second to blow a kiss to Zipalla, now that she was close. Then he turns back, nodding to F'yr and AIsling. "So many people. Need a second set of eyes…" He's sucking back his own punch. If F'yr steps on his feet in those heels it might hurt a bit more. Then he offers his hand to F'yr, to lead her out to the dance floor.

"Its the later I'm worried about." Riley replies softly, sipping his cider as he follows her pointing out the different people. "I'm not going to remember." The boy says, his drink finished, before he's actually tugging on her arm. "Them other girls are dancing. You want to?" Can't leave her out, he's suppose to be her escort.

Aryll doesn't bother contradicting F'yr, she knows that once the brownrider gets something in her head it's impossible for her to let it go. Thankfully she's being civil tonight, not making any more comments on the rather revealing 'redfruit' outfit. "Actually, I saw some really shady looking guy out there. You'd better go dance with Mikey so he don't get assaulted or something. Cause if you en't gonna dance with him some shady girl might." Though there's a quick smirk sent Aisling and D'son's way. Come on, help her out here! She just wants K'ael to get one dance in with the brat.

D'son frees up a hand to return the secret shake. "Mm, busy party," the younger bronzerider agrees after he's cleared his mouth for talking. "Want to risk a twirl when we're done eating?" he asks Aisling then blinks at Aryll. "Uhh … well wouldn't Mike /like/ that?" ABout shady girls.

Zipalla smiles up at Riley and nods, "Scared huh.." she says teasingly, with a look that betrays one of those private-joke moments. She grins, "'ll get to know them eventually probably.." she says then she blinks toward the dance floor. " You want to? I mean..if you want to.." Zip stammering?

M'iken waves back to Niah while L'ton blows that kiss and is quite content with that kiss, though she does end up laughing as she twirled around already. "Ah, now this is fun." She says, setting into L'ton a bit to dance. Zelik, really is a good baby. He gurggles when his belly is tickled and flails his arms and legs. Oh, seems he likes that!

"Shells Yes." Riley says, the mask not even hidding the look of fear on his face. But then as she's stammering, he's looking a bit nervous himself. "You don't want to, don't got to. I just thought." And Riley is looking even more nervous and uncomfortable.

F'yr watches the two bronzers exchange their handshake with a quirk of her brows. She wanted one of those, too! But unfortunately she was the only brownie around, and therefore made do with finding herself more to drink, slipping some fruit to pop into her mouth. She had to be healthy at some point. "If you haven't seen anything, and I've been watching— What?" she says to Aryll, snapping her eyes straight to, of course, K'ris with a narrow glare. Her first suspect! She sets her cup down hard on the table and takes K'ael's hand in her own, dragging /him/ out there. "Come on, I wanna get closer to investigate that one!"

K'ris didn't do anything! He's just dancing with his weyrmate - even if he is performing rather poorly, particularly when paired with the graceful and enthusiastic Lisle. As he follows her lead the best he can, he's actually somewhat enjoying himself, watching the others now and then as they come on and off the floor, though the most time is spent staring at his feet - don't want to cripple the woman.

Aisling is noding then. "Oh yes, obviously Aryll saw them better since she was out there. Best to make sure. Fight the good fight and all." She shoots a grin over at Dels at that last bit. Yeah, he probably would. "I'll just take my shoes off if we're gonna go out there an dance." She says, already bending to take off her shoes. Apperently she does want to dance. She grabs more to drink first though. Food makes one thristy.

Zipalla glances to Riley then leans over to whisper to him, her hand curling at his arm, cider drained while she waits, watching people move across the dance floor.

L'ton hesitates for a moment, watching Niah with the newest of his brood, before it seems that all is fine, and he's giving M'iken another twirl, before pulling her into his arms to begin to dance. Thankfully, its something that Pi has taught him over the years - nothing like being forced to dance with her in order to get conversation in. And so, he has no issues with grinning at those that they're mingling with, even as he steals another Mai kiss for himself. And twirl!

The brownie would have to make a secret handshake of her own. He watches her prepare for dancing, trying to squeeze her way out of it, only to be convinced by Aryll. The weyrleader grins to everyone before F'yr is dragging /him/ out to the dance floor. To investigate someone she ought to be working on a handshake with. "Whoa, heh, alright. We gotta dance though, F'yr, so he doesn't get suspicious." Even if F'yr staring at him wouldn't be suspicious enough.

Riley blinks at Zip through his mask, turning to glance over the dance floor, before back at Zipalla, shaking his head. Opening his mouth, he thinks for a moment before leaning to whisper back, and then he's tugging her arm towards the dance floor regardless.

Aryll passes D'son a pointed look of 'what are you doing!?' when the bronzer points out the flaw in her words. But thankfully F'yr takes the bait and is leading K'ael onto the dance floor. "Shard, I thought she'd never get out there." She says with a grin, plopping some fruit into her own mouth as she grins. When the greenie starts taking her shoes off she waves a hand. "I can watch them if you want, I en't going anywhere for a bit. Just watch out for those shady girls." The last is said with a wink to the pair as she grabs yet another drink. Someone's gonna be sloshed soon.

Niah has always had a thing for babies, and so she is rubbing his back and making sure to hold the little one close to her body. Sipping the drinking she says to Mai, "You look so pretty." It probably isn't loud enough to be heard, but it's the thought and all right? Her eyes leave the pair, looking at her own sons and talking to the greenrider who is watching the rest of the party and keeping Niah close to his side.

F'yr has plenty to be suspicious of K'ris about. Like him breaking all of little Lisle's toes! Her eyes are on him as she moves out before she realizes she was in the middle of the dancefloor and turns to look up at K'ael with big eyes. "Huh? Well, guess we really should blend it." The girl wasn't moving much, though, as she now looks at everyone around her, completely helpless. The heels really were unsuitable as well, making her have to lift her legs up clumsily.

A sweet, grateful smile is directed at Riley and then more tugging, and Zipalla eeks a little, following. "Ok but.. just…" Amazing how confidence can flee in a heartbeat and be replaced with trepidation, the pink returns to warm her silvery cheeks. Bare feet land on the dance floor and Zipalla inhales, smiling as people dance past, a wave offered to Ton and Mai.

K'ris is continuing to dance with Lisle, the brownrider slowly getting the hang of it as Lisle patiently teaches him how. Of course, this means its a while before he's looking around him again. F'yr, however, does get a rather nervous smile as he notices her nearby, before he's back to dancing, murmuring something now and again in the goldrider's ear.

Riley turns to look at all the other couples, and how their dancing, making a face as it seems they're all in each others arms. Or, mostly, at least. Of course, now they're on the floor, and there's nothing he can do, so he's awkwardly holding his hands out to her. "Um.."

K'ael smiles down to F'yr. He points to her shoes. "You might want to take them off." In case she does stop on his feet, he'd like to keep his toes. "You wanna stand on my feet, or you want me just to lead you?" The bronzer waits for F'yr to situate herself. While he does, he takes a look around and spots Zipalla and Riley out on the floor as well. He grins to her and blows her a kiss.

D'son finishes off his food, grabs a drink of … water. Yeah. Huh. Then he's holding out a hand for Aisling now she's got the dangerous shoes off. "C'mon Ais," he says with a fond look for the greenrider. Aryll just gets a jaunty little wave. Dels' mood seems to have improved dramatically in the aftermath of food.

M'iken looks prety in her old work clothes. Ok. Maybe that explains what happened with L'ton. Mai didn't hear Niah, but Zelik did and he gurggles again, thinking she's talking to him. Hey, his mommy says that a lot to him, the baby can't help it if the sound is something he's used to. Mai's not much of a dancer herself, but she'll follow along with L'ton well enough. That wave from Zipalla earns a smile and a small wave from Mai in return. Mike gets a look and a smirk for his troubles with the sexy redfruit. Must run in the family.

Zipalla slides her hands into Riley's and then inhales, looking up just in time to see Mike. Was he blowing kisses? Taking his Ton role serious.. She grins then notices that they DO have to move to technically be able to say they are dancing so she turns a bit, "Ok then.. lead on, Sir Alessand.." she says with a grin and subtle curtsy.

F'yr shakes her head quickly at K'ael. "No! I can manage, really." Bend down? Take those things off? No way. "Plus, I bet they'll hurt lots of I gotta kick someone." She laughs loudly at that idea, sliding a glance towards K'ris again. "Just lead," she mumbles to the bronzer, barely keeping her eyes forward. "Hey, hey Aryll! See anything?" The redfruit just can't keep herself quiet, apparently, though she looks back to the bronzer to follow his lead.

L'ton personally would swear that M'iken looked pretty in just about anything. Or nothing, as the case may be. But then he's attention is on the brownrider in his arms, and he's turning in and out of the crowd, careful to lead her without too many difficult moves. As Zipalla and that boy are there too. A bit of a chuckle at the awkwardness - perhaps his fears are unfounded, though he'll never admit it. "Where'd you find them shoes anyway, F'yr?" He questions as him and the brownrider go by the Weyrleader - Clearly Ton is in a good mood, since even K'ael gets a grin.

K'ris happens to be looking up, just in time to catch F'yr hurriedly looking away from him, and K'ris is looking even more nervous. Shards. He can't dance, and worry about being shanked at the same time! Another murmur to Lisle, and then the pair is dancing a few last steps before leaving the dance floor, going to settle down on the perimeter of the party, content to watch for now with their drinks.

Aisling takes D'son's hand grinning a bit at his choise of drink, then smiles at Aryll. "Thanks. We won't be gone too terribly long I don't think." She says, following her now cheerful bronzer out for that dance. "Meow." She says, a cheeky smile and a blush lighting up her face as she follows after.

Aryll is in the middle of chomping on a slice of cake when Aisling and D'son take the floor. She waves after the pair, not bothering to smile since her teeth would probably be all nasty like. She takes a seat, watching the couples dancing about while she eats. When F'yr the redfruit shouts her way she can't help but giggle, sending a hand to cover her mouth until she's swallowed. "En't nothing, but keep an eye out! Dance so it en't look like you're, you know." And she makes a big show of sending F'yr an 'in the know' wink.

Riley is too focused on his feet to notice anything, but then there are hands in his, and he's being told to lead. There's a rather girly squeak, and he's managing an awkward bow. Then, he's trying to mimick the other, though keeping a good-sized distance between himself and Zip. Back. Right. Front. Left.

Tellus continues her wandering around through the part, having enough of her wanderings the miner heads off towards the plateau. Nothing for her to see here. Off she goes.

K'ael nods and chuckles to her. "Fine, just don't step on my feet. These aren't my boots and you'll puncture a hole in them. I'm sure they will hurt if you need to kick someone, but you'll never be able to chase someone down in them." He pulls F'yr in to wrap an arm around her waist and lead her into a dance. He was doing a crappy job of looking out for himself, too busy staring at the brownrider. He chuckles to L'ton. "Heh, they got a store for women that only sells painful and dangerous clothing. But they never tell us men where it's located."

Zipalla watches Riley bow then she tilts her head at him and her voice goes quiet, "It's just me, Riley.. if you keep up this nervous act I'm gonna start to believe it and never let you hear the end of it.." and she grins at him, following as he leads. "I won't break you know.."

Niah probably would agree with L'ton, she isn't looking at Mai's clothing she is looking at Mai the person. The baby's gurgles make the bluerider giggle, the drink almost empty I'nigh is going to get her another one. "No alcohol this time Ire, I have to feed the boys tonight." Tickling her twins. Once her date is back with the drinks she is letting Zaenar go have fun, I'nigh holds both boys and Niah has Zelik and Zallie. Zaenar on the other hand goes straight for the food, grabbing some and shying away from most people.

"But there's all these people.." Riley hisses under his breath to Zipalla without looking up from his feet, as he tries to figure out this whole dancing thing. Finally, he lifts his gaze up, leaning a bit closer to mutter to her.

That meow makes D'son's brows hike upward and there's a lot of throat-clearing as he leads Aisling in among the other dancers, puts one hand at her waist and guides the other up to his shoulder. "Um. So yeah, you do look really cute," he bends down to tell Ais quietly. His head lifts a little as he looks around the immediate area and chuckles. "Heh, looks like Mike's toes are in danger."

F'yr doesn't actually seem to mind the bronzer grabbing hold of her or anything. All those times she'd punch a guy for grabbing her like that! In fact, she's beaming up to him, looking a bit red around the face. Two drinks and she was already feeling really happy. "You wanna bet? I can chase anyone down in anything!" Or nothing at all. She does groan loudly as L'ton makes his way closer to them. "My stupid Aunt's, /Weyrleader/," she says just a bit loudly with a shifty-eyed look. "It's /all/ her clothes." Which makes you wonder about her aunt, really. But she can't help the laughter that comes out at K'ael's version, instead, and then trips into him, and possibly his feet.

Zipalla bites at her lower lip and nods, "I know..but they aren't even paying attention to us.." she says then his whispers makes her frown. She nods her head again then smiles, "We don't have to.." then she whispers in return to the boy.

M'iken grins and nods her head at K'ael's explination. "It's true, I've only jsut discovered it. But it's a lady's secret. Can't tell you about it. I'm sure F'yr's aunt shops there." She says, very hush hush about it all really. When they turn so she can see Niah, she smiles over at the bluerider and her baby. The little herdbeast should be comfy warm and about ready to fall asleep soon.

Riley looks concerned as she frowns at him, the teen quickly looking left and right. D'son! He's setting a good example, and to try and make Zipalla happy, he's pointing in the young bronzerider's direction, even as he's carefully reaching a hand for her waist. Just a dance, right?

"Careful, Weyrsecond, or that one may be redecorating yer weyr again, if'n ya give her the opportunity." L'ton quips to K'ael as F'yr is suddenly stumbling, rolling his eyes a bit at the younger pairs. Old fogies! As he catches Mai looking back towards Niah, he's smiling, and giving the brownrider a kiss on her forehead. "Wanna go back ta yer baby, love?" He asks softly, already starting to steer them back in that direction.

Niah watches them and gives Mai a little wave, watching the child like it was her own. Moving down with one hand, she undoes her fancy ribbon shoes. Unwrapping her feet she wiggles her toes in the sand and places the white ribbon shoes under a chair. Sipping at another drink, this one is pink and probably pure sugar. "He's fine." She says to M'iken, though it is most likely a waste of breath as she has a naturally quiet voice.

Aisling rests her hand lightly on Dels' shoulder and totally lets him take the lead, smirking at his reaction to the meow. "Thanks." She says with a happy little smile. "I wasn't so sure what to come as. But I can totally just detatch the tail and wear the dress if I wanted too." Though the dress might be just a little too fluffy in the skirt for normal wear.

Zipalla slides a little closer to Riley and smiles up at him, moving as he does his job, leading. Even if awkward, there's still a certain grace to the way she sways in her ghostly dress, moving light on her feet. Her hand tightens on Riley's and she studies the mask a bit, grinning, reaching with her other hand to touch at his dusted hair. "Great costume.. by the way."

"Yeah, that was smart thinking," D'son compliments Aisling, grinning down at her happily as he spins her about on the dance floor. "Think F'yr'll make it through the night in one piece, or will we be scraping her up off the floor later?" This with another look cast thattaway.

"I want my own clothes back.." Riley mutters a bit, as Zipalla complements his costume, reaching to take the circlet off his head and settle it on hers instead, causing another burst of dust from his hair. The awkward steps continue, and Riley's eyes behind the mask are obviously focused on anything but Zipalla right now - each look at her making him blush a bit.

K'ael bets it's not just the drinks making F'yr happy! Or at least, that's what he'd like to believe. He chuckles a bit at her. "Well, alright. I believe you, let's not go trying." He nods to Mai. "Yep, her aunt /has/ to shop there." Fy's aunt must be a tiny pin, too! He nods a bit to L'ton with a frown. "Probably." Then the brownrider is falling into him. He grunts, then yelps as a sharp heel catches his foot. "Ow! Careful, F'yr! You'll pierce my foot clean through!" He lifts her off his foot and sets her back down in front of himself. "Hold onto me if you can't stay upright."

"Wouldn't be surprised if Aunt Sol does!" F'yr replies to M'iken. She has forgotten all about her task of keeping both her eyes open around her, especially when she suddenly hurts K'ael. His yelp makes her turn a bit red, and then she bursts out laughing. Of course she'd find the bronzer in pain really funny. "S-sorry, Mikey," she snickers, patting his arm before she bobs her head and holds on. "Right, right, back to work. Seen anything?" She wipes a tear from her eye with his jacket before turning her head around, grinning toothly at D'son and Aisling when and if they look that way.

M'iken nods a bit to L'ton at his question and smiles at that kiss to her forehead. "Yeah. Then we can let Niah have her spin with you." She says lightly, smiling still. Once they're over there, Mai's scooping up her son carefully and then Zallie. "Alright you." She says playfully. "Your turn." She sets herself down in a seat to get comfortable while her weyrmate is off escorting another lady around the dance floor.

L'ton has got to be the luckiest guy in the world - Mai allowing him to dance with another woman, while she sits with a child belonging to get another? Remind him to get her something pretty. As Mai settles with the kids, he's dropping a kiss to the top of her head before moving to pull Niah to her feet, giving I'nigh a nod as he takes his date from the greenrider, before escorting Niah to the dance floor this time.

Her hand pulls back and Zipalla grins, "Oh just enjoy the party…" she teases him. "Thanks for coming..and for helping me think up the costumes.." then she giggles a little, tilting her newly crowned head, "Oh am I a princess now?" she asks, adjusting the circlet as they move. She looks briefly to her father and Mai then back to Riley, smiling brightly, "See..he's got way too much on his mind to even pay much attention to us."

Aisling is grinning at D'son untill K'ael yelps at his foot being stepped on. "Ah, ouch. F'yr might, but I don't know about K'ael." She says,making a face at the bronzer she's dancing with. She catched that look from F'yr and can't help but chuckle. "I promise I won't ever step on your feet. Just don't step on my bare ones." Not that he's ever stepped on her feet before.

Riley glances to try and be sure that Zipalla's father is too busy to pay attention to him. For now, the boy seems to agree, but never the less he's tugging Zipalla to the other half of the dance floor in case. "Lady Holder." He says simply, lifting his gaze to glance at where its sitting on her head.

Niah takes L'tons hand, Smiling at Mai and saying "Thank you." I'nigh is relaxed with the boys. Zialon is happy in his lap and Zion is simply so interested in everything that is going around, as there mother leaves them both of the boys watch and Zion starts to reach out. Luckily I'nigh is distracting them. As L'ton gets her up she says, "I'm not good at dancing Tonny." Whispering and looking nervously around, she clings a bit and bites at her lip.

Zipalla grins and follows along as she and Riley sashay awayyy from her father. She watches his eyes move behind the mask and her eyes lift too, making her brows arch, "Thank you for the clarification, My Lord," she says with a grin, holding her head just so, like a lady holder would, of course. "Wish you were having more fun.." she says idly.

K'ael frowns to her and stops dancing for a moment to rub his foot. Ow! "You're not sorry, you're laughing at me." He grunts a bit. "Yeah, I see a mean brownrider standing in front of me." K'ael maturely sticks his tongue out at Aisling. "Don't do it again, or I'll be taking them shoes off for you." The bronzer moves to make some space between him and F'yr. No more toe crunching!

Riley reaches to push at his mask a bit, resettling it. "Its not not fun." He tries to sound convincing. "Just don't know what to do." He tells her softly. As the couple next to them twirl a bit, he's staring before trying to twirl Zipalla as well.

"Heh. Yeah well Mikey holds his liquor better," D'son says with a little shrug. "Goes right to F'yr's head when she gets sloshed." As he should well know. "Hm? Oh didn't think you would," Dels replies and looks down at their feet. "And uh — yeah, better you know barefoot and sandals or barefoot and barefoot than big heels."

M'iken smiles after Niah and Ton and just waves them off. "Just have fun." She says, setting to rocking side to side a bit. Get those little ones nice and comfy so they'll fall asleep. And why wouldn't she want to sit with one of L'ton's kids? Well, maybe she's wierd, and that would make L'ton pretty lucky. She striles up some small talk with I'nigh though since she'll be making him some leathers.

She's seen Zorya dance, even tried to mimick her but it's nothing really like this kind of dancing. Zipalla smiles at Riley, "We can call it qui…" and before she can finish she's being twirled. Her skirt flutters outward and she spins around, maybe a bit too much, squealing a little and giggling as she rights herself, bumping into him. "Sorry!" she says quickly, still giggling, ahem, yay for falling Lady Holders.

L'ton chuckles, shaking his head. "Don't worry, sweets.. Its okay.." And L'ton is willing to take it slow for Niah as she gets her turn to dance, even if he's glancing back at Mai now and then to make sure she, I'nigh, and the gaggle of children are surviving. Niah gets a twirl, like Mai did, and he's grinning at her. "Relax, ya.."

"'Course I'm sorry!" F'yr is still snickering every now and then, though. "Oh, toughen up Weyrleader, the toes are fine. Er, Weyrsecond… Mikey. Whatever." It was all the same to her mind, afterall. She pouts a bit at the added space but dances along that way just fine, too, though her legs were starting to wobble. "Might have to call in quits," she says, sighing at her red heels, but then turns her eyes to glance about again. "Nothing happening?" she asks, just mildly disappointed. "Guess I'm out of a job at the end."

"Zip!" Riley yelps as she's over balancing, and he's reaching to catch her elbows with wide eyes. "Maybe we shouldn't do that." He offers guiltily, hiding behind his mask as the others around them stare briefly.

Aisling shrugs. "Yeah, that's true." From the stories she's heard and from what she's seen a bit of herself. "I'm glad I can hold my liquor fairly well." Right, she get's tispy after just one drink, but it takes a while before she's inebriated. She's nodding her head though then. "Ah, that's true too. I'd much rather have sandles stepping on my feet." She says with a smile.

Niah takes the twirl, relaxing a little and closing her eyes. Once her eyes are closed she relaxes, out of sight out of mind. With another twirl she says. "You have made this so much fun." Telling him and giggling just a little, he really does loosen her up. "Tonny, Zelik is goregous." Telling him with a blush. I'nigh is quite talkative, chatting and playing with Zion. The baby boy is watching his mother, his cute feline ears have almost fallen off as the boy has been wiggling. Zialon is asleep. I'nigh says, "I'm not sure what I want them to look like, Nari is so much fun though." he bounces a little, but he's good with the two boys.

"Can you?" D'son asks curiously, grinning down at Aisling. "I've never really seen you try to seriously drink. I'm good for about three beers then … whoosh downhill quick." And there's no sign of Dels stepping on Ais' feet, sandals or no. Just lots of swooping and twirling about even if a little awkwardly here and there.

Zipalla blushes, "Come on.." she says, nodding toward the sand, "I'm thirsty.." Maybe she is or maybe she just has mercy on Riley. With that she is turning a bit to take his hand weave them through the dancing couples. She smiles at Niah and Ton, D'son and Ais, and K'ael and F'yr, as they all either pass or are passed, her path settled upon the refreshment tables.

M'ai's got a sleeping baby in one arm, and a dozing toddler in the other and looks quite happy about it. She nods a bit at I'nigh though, listening to him talk and answering while she glances out towards L'ton, catching his eye every now and again. "Ah well, I'll think of something that'll look good."

After gorging herself on booze and sweets Aryll is ready to get back into the game! Except that things are starting to wind down. She's a bit past tipsy but she's no where near smashed, lucky for anyone around the teen since she's infamous for barfing all over people when she is. "Party over already?" She asks no one in particular, taking a moment to fix one of her floppy wings.

"Good, Ah'm glad.. Ya needed it." L'ton is telling Niah as they continue around the floor, shaking his head as he's sure she's already starting to feel what alcohol she's had. "Well, Ah have ta say, Mai does a pretty good job.." Making pretty babies? Another turn, and he's slowly steering them back towards where Mai and the kidlets are.

Aisling nods back at D'son. "I can. And that's because the last time I actually tried getting drunk was at Arylls party." She did good with those several strong cocktails and then helping to finish off those pitchers of beer. "Usually I don't drink to get drunk. You can totally thank my older brothers for it though. They're terrible influences." She grins toothily but then sticks her tounge out at Mike when he sticks his out at her. And here she thought she was going to go a day without sticking her tounge out at him.

Riley is granted mercy! As they approach the serving tables, Riley is tugging his jacket off, and he's slowly perusing the drinks there. A bit of a distraction somewhere else, and suddenly the boy is rearranging his jacket, holding it awkwardly against his body, as he's getting a glass of cider. "Thanks.." He finally offers to the girl, giving her a bit of a smile.

Zipalla puts her feet back on soft sand and turns, looking upward a bit, pale eyes somewhat illuminated by the glow of dimming torchlights as she gazes at the night sky. "Hmmm? What? Thanks for what?" she asks, her head tilting so she can look at Riley, one hand reaching up to adjust her circlet.

Riley shrugs a bit, glancing around him then down at his feet. "We should go sit down.." He offers softly, shifting nervously and clutching tightly to his jacket. Then, he's reaching for her hand to give her a tug, ready to get out of the crowd.

Niah enjoys herself but makes sure to keep herself a bit of a distance from Mai's man. She does move to kiss his cheek, but it's an innocent kiss as the move back to where Mai is. The alcohol is being felt, she is sagging almost visibly and once back she sits down in a chair and yawns. I'nigh gives M'iken a nod, though Zion is reaching out for Niah and making a little noise. The bluerider scoops him up and says to m'iken, "Thank you, you're so nice to me. Thank you so much." she says before she looks like she is barely awake.

M'iken smiles when Niah and Ton come back over to them. She just shakes her head at Niah's gratitude. 'Silly,

"Maybe I will, so long as they don't feed me any knuckle sandwiches next time I see them," D'son tells Ais about her brothers. "And … yeah. I don't really want to be drunk, though buzzed is okay." He spins her once then leans down to murmur something in her ear and hers alone.

The party at Ista is starting to wind down a bit, and the harpers are announcing their last set. A bonfire has started up further down the beach, however, for those to want to stick around for some after party fun. The food tables will be cleaned up for the most part, except for the open bottles and things which will be left for the fire goers. K'ael is finally dragging F'yr off the dance floor. "Alright Alright, I think you've had enough to drink. Let's go find Aryll to make sure she hasn't drank herself to death."

Zipalla eyes Riley for a moment and grins, "For letting you out of dancing…" she nods. Boys, hmph. "Just can't wait to get out of that costume huh.." she says, watching him wrangle the jacket around. Her fingers curl at the circlet somewhat possessively, "I like this part of it best…" she says then finds her hand gripped and tugged, "Ok..sure.." she answers, following Riley.

L'ton settles Niah back down, before grinning at them all. Rubbing at his nose, the fake attachment is coming off in his hand, and he's shaking his head. "Ah think that that's a sign fer me that its time ta go home.. And look ya, Niah, yer practically asleep where yer at.." He tsks softly, reaching to rest his hand on Mai's head. "Shall we, ya'll?" He questions, even as Shellie is coming around to collect Zallie, and he's giving the toddler a kiss before she's off with her mother.

F'yr's feet has eventually had enough, and she willingly leaves the floor with the bronzerider, wincing just a bit in her steps. "How long were we sharding out there? And those lazy buggers never attacked once." Pout. Fy made sure her legs weren't constricted that time and she was armed, too! She makes her way towards Aryll with a big grin on her face. "Any booze left? Better take it all 'fore the party finishes, too." She glances towards the harpers. "Looks like it's clearing up now."

M'iken smiles when Niah and Ton come back over to them. She just shakes her head at Niah's gratitude. "Silly blue lady, you don't have to thank me all the time." Though at that extreme sleepiness exuding from Niah, she shoots a look at Ton. "Um, maybe you should take him?" She suggests lightly before handing over Shellie. "That's probably a good idea." She adds on at the end, getting up carefully with her sleeping herdbeast.

Aryll is hoarding a few bottles for her personal use later. When K'ael and F'yr return she beams, moving to hug the pair. "You guys were so cute out there!" She says in a giddy voice, moving to take another swig of wine. She pouts suddenly though, brown eyes moving over K'ael. "And Wappy never showed! I only got to dance once." Sniff! She's pouting now, trying to coax the bronzer out for one last dance before the Harper vacate the premise.

Riley looks around to make sure that he's not being watched. Pausing, his jacket held tightly, he's heading away from the bonfire and towards the forest, and not towards the Weyr itself, giving Zip a look to come along.

I'nigh is helping Niah up, she still has a good on the baby but Zion isn't comfortable and it makes her hard to support. I'nigh gets Zion out of Niahs arms and is using his free arm to support Niah. Luckily for Niah I'nigh is helping her up on Celiketh, strapping her in. The bluerider is almost out, lucky for her date is attentive and makes sure she has her shoes. I'nigh rolls his eyes saying to L'ton, "She's never held her alcohol well, she'll be sick tomorrow. Granted I've never had her drinking and being this small." The man still has Zialon.

K'ael grins and shrugs to F'yr. "Bet you scared them off. Or maybe, you know, they were never going to attack here anyways." She was armed? With… shoes? He blinks at the two of them. "Don't go overboard, you two. You're already both pretty drunk." He frowns at Aryll. "I'm sorry, love. Alright, give your stash to F'yr and we can go out and dance one last time as the harpers finish up." He follows her out to the floor and gets ready for another Aryll-dance. Only this time she's plastered.

"Not cute! Job! /Job/!" F'yr sticks her tongue out at Aryll and then moves in for the kill, er, a bottle. "Save some for me, ya lil' wherry." She giggles, though, as she turns back to look around the place. "Idiot Harper?" There was mean-Fy again, and she grits her teeth. She was jealous since she heard they got together, but now she was just angry. "That jerk!" She nods and gives Aryll a good shove towards K'ael to dance with as she looks for a seat with some booze to enjoy and get her feet off the ground.

And just like a ghost, now you see her, now you don't, or it goes unnoticed altogether. A few silvery ripples later Zipalla is slipping into the cover of darkness around the party area at Riley's behest, little more than a dusting of sparkles left in her wake.

L'ton is moving to help Mai up as well with her little herdbeast, before taking Zion from the greenrider and giving a wave to the others still linger as he moves to meet Dhonzayth and Meluth. "Ah'll be right up with him.." L'ton reassures the bluerider. Turning back to Mai, he's smiling, giving her a quick kiss. "Ah'll meet ya at home? Gonna make sure she makes it ta bed and doesn't end up out on the ledge or nothing.."

Aisling laughs a bit and nods. "They won't not if they don't want one of their own from me." She says looking sweet. She's nodding along with that buzzed statement. "Yeah it is much more pleasant." She agrees. When he whispers in her ear she smiles and nods, looking a bit sly.

Aryll doesn't waste a moment, shoving her booze into F'yr's arms. "Don't drink it all!" She says with a smirk before following the Weyrleader out onto the dance floor with a good luck shove from F'yr. She's pretty happy actually, not sad in the last, she got what she wanted in the end after all! Well, sort of. "I promise I en't step on your toes." She says with a bright smile, not waiting for him to start to put her hands in the proper place. "I think I learned how to dance by watching you two!" Lets hope she's not just imagining this.

K'ael nods to F'yr about Wappy being a jerk for standing Aryll up. But he's soon dragged off by the latter, onto the dance floor. He smiles at her. At least the booze was numbing her. "Alright, let's see what you can do." The bronzer is sure to hold onto her tight. Even if she had been watching to learn, he doubted her coordination skills right now. He doesn't want to bring up Wapraven, in case his mentioning of him suddenly causes her to take a bad turn. "Did you have fun tonight?"

M'iken nods and plants a smooch on Ton's cheek. "Alright. We'll be up there. Though, Zelik might still be asleep." With the way he's been waking up hungry every few hours, that's more a good thing than a disappointment. She get's up on Meluth with out much trouble and waves to I'nigh and Niah. "Have a good night."

Maybe it's the booze, maybe it's the food, maybe it's the wherry outfit? Whatever may have done the trick it's obvious that Aryll is actually a bit more graceful on the dance floor. "I'll show you! I en't a floppy wherry!" She says with a giggle, moving along with his steps. No toes lost yet! "Yah, I did actually. I love getting dressed up and all. Did you and your body guard?" She can't help but tease, having enjoyed watching the couple throughout the night. Tiny little Fy and big bronzer K'ael.

Celiketh takes off with Niah, and I'nigh with Zialon in his arms. Zaenar gets up on the blue just in time, the girl looks happy and is holding onto Niah tightly. At least for this night everyone seems happy.

L'ton is off after the two women-folk, to return the boy in his arms, and then return himself home. K'ael can get his knot back later.

Not drink it all? F'yr was certainly going to drink /a lot/ of it, though! She uncorks one of the bottles to take a swig, making a face at the taste of it. She kicks her feet out and sinks into her chair with a loud sigh. Her feet were going to have quite a few blisters after the night was done, and she was finally starting to feel them. Even intoxicated and enjoying the relaxing time, she can't help but watch K'ael and Aryll and everyone else that were still lingering. You know, just in case.

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