Niah Comes Home

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket and pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.
There is a door, just like the weyr doors except instead of double doors this is only one door, it looks to be new and freshly painted a blue to make it blend in with the walls. Behind the door one would fine a room that is a light color of green, a springy happy green like new growth on a farm. Painted on the walls are flowers, and little cubbies. This is more than just a room, it appears to be more like a weyr that had at, one point, been sealed up, for whatever reason. Now it only has one door. A four poster type bed sits on one wall, covered in a pink quilt. In the corner of what appears to be a younger girls room is oddly a crib. If one were to not know Zaenar it would seem very out of place. A small sink and everything, though the water system appears to have rusted. Beyond anything it makes a nice space for Zaenar and Ellyza.

Finally niah is home, it's been about 3 weeks since she left for quarantine to the healer hall, the bluerider flew home straight as ordered by the healers and now she is back to her weyr. Zaenar is down catching up on what she missed, and so Niah has the three kids. Zialon still has a few spots on him, but her looks better and has no fever. Both boys are sleeping together in there crib, Ellyza is not in sight but one will assume she is in her crib or with Zae. Niah looks like she has lost considerable weight, besides that she doesn't look to much worse for wear. Oh and it's midmorning.

While L'ton should be spending this midmorning working, it would seem that he's gotten notice that the bluerider had returned to Ista, and so, what else is he doing but settling on Celiketh's ledge with a rumble. The rider half of the dynamic duo dismounts to meander inside, glancing around to spot the boys in the crib, then he's looking for Niah. "Shards, Niah.." He murmurs softly as he moves to pull her into a hug.

Niah was just standing looking at her boys, and is happily suprised when L'ton comes in. Kissing him gently on the neck and yawning. "Hi." She says shyly, chewing on her lip. "He's fine." she murmurs to L'ton, assuming that he is talking about the baby. Laying her head on his shoulder she looks down at her babies, "He really was better a week ago." She squeaks out, being more shy and quiet than usual.

L'ton pulls her into a long hug, wrapping his arms around her, and gently rubbing her back. "Ah know sweets.. he dun look ta much worse than Zipalla. Ah meant ya.. did ya not eat the whole time ya were gone?" Celiketh had warned him that she wasn't taking it well, but.. "Ah mean, ya were little ta begin with.." He murmurs, tilting his head to look down at her face.

Niah shrugs her shoulders, tilting her head to the side "I ate, I didn't sleep very but." Sighing she smiles up at him, "Tonny, I am ok, really." Insisting and hugging herself close to him, kissing him again and letting him support her. "I plan to go to the party tonight and everything." She sounds tired, and quiet as usual but she's perky and warm.

L'ton sighs softly, shaking his head, and moves to give her a soft kiss, keeping his arms around her, supporting her. "Ah'm gonna make sure ya eat more now though.. Now that yer back." As then she's leaning a bit more, and he's just settling for scooping her up in his arms, to go settle them both on the couch with a grin. "Ya know what yer going as, yet?"

Niah squeaks as she is scooped, wiggling and nuzzling her face into his neck. "I will eat, been a little sick to my stomach recently. They healers want the healers here to do some tests." She says, before taking to kissing on L'ton, "You miss me? I missed you." Telling him, at the question she shrugs, "You have any ideas? I do not know what to wear. I want something pretty, I want a pretty costume."

L'ton freezes just before he settles her on the couch, looking at her with wide eyes. "Wait, ya've been sick, Niah?" He questions, before he's carefully settling her down, eyes glue to her face. The rest of his answers are rather distracted ones, as he seems to be counting mentally in his head. "Ah dun even know what Ah'm gonna be, Niah.. Might just steal K'ael knot and go as Weyrleader."

Niah is not paying attention to L'tons reaction, kissing him and curling up and into him. "Yes, a little sick. Nothing to bad, I just.. you know the healer hall and the boys where sick. I think it might have messed everything up." Not explaining that, at his mention of stealing the knot she giggles, covering her mouth and yawning. "I guess I will just find something pretty and go as a lady holder."

"Messing everything what up?" L'ton asks a bit confused, even as he's settling with her, giving her a few gentle kisses. "And, o'course Ah missed ya.. Ah think ya'd make a pretty lady holder.. maybe ya should see what Mai is going as." He contemplates, with a bit of a shrug, even as he pulls her skinner than normal frame into his lap.

"I'm a little late is all." Niah chokes that out and sniffs his hair, "I guess, I don't know if Mai wants to go. We could go together, she has the new baby and all. I mean, I am going to leave Zialon and Zion with the nannies just tell the party is over." Being pulled onto his lap she leans back, turning her head so that her face is just inches from his cheek. Exhaling she says, "We can all go together, though I hope K'ael does not mess anything up for you." Moving so that she can run the back of her hand along his cheek, it's Niah for 'I miss'd you'

"Well.. maybe its stress but.. Maybe ya should go see the Healers.." He declares, glancing at her as she sniffs at him, shaking her head just a bit. But then, he's grinning. "She may, ah mean Zelik's nearly two months old, now.. He can stay with the nannies fer a lil while, Ah'd think." L'ton reassures her, before leaning to press his cheek into her lips to get a kiss. "Whatcha mean, Ah dun think K'ael could mess anything up. Ta busy making a fool outta himself."

"I'll see the healers, I spent three sevendays surrounded by healers." Niah mumbles a bit, kissing his cheek eagerly, a tiny yawn that ends in a squeak. "I bet he's goregous just like you." Curling her legs up, so she can get into her safety position, all this talk of healers. "I was worried about him, he's so tiny. I must not be doing a very good job, Zialon got so sick." Making small noises, almost a whimper. "I am supposed to protect him.. I'm his mother."

"Ah know, Ah know.." He offers softly, before he's moving to pull her out of her curled up ball, to stretch out on the couch with her. "Hey now, no hiding.." He reprimands her softly, bopping her on the nose. "And, it happens, Ah mean, Zip got sick ta… Ain't really nothing ya can do, ya know?" He shrugs a bit.

Niah doesn't repond for a long while, all her muscles relax and she takes few deep breaths closing her eyes and then saying "I try so hard, to make sure they are safe. I felt like such a bad mother." Admitting squeakeyly (it may not be a real word). Pulling back from his bop she looks sad, big eyes looking over "Sorry tonny." Apologizing and leaning against him. "Tonny.. would it be so bad if I was pregnant again? I mean, really?"

"Not at all, love… Ah dun think it'd be bad. Ah just.. Sometimes if'n they're close tagether, they can be a bit rougher on the ma.. And the healers might be able ta help with that.. They need ta keep an eye on ya anyway." He hurriedly reassures her, reaching for her chin to pull her close for a long, gentle kiss.

Niah gives a little nod, before she's being pulled into a kiss. Kissing back she says, "I will go, and why else would they have to keep an eye on me.. It was just a little weight tonny." Saying and giving him another kiss, her attempts at distraction. Zion starts to fuss and she's quickly getting off the couch, almost running to see her son. The little boy has grown up a bit, looking over at his father he looks a bit scared. They don't recognize dad after 3 weeks! Ack!

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