Weyrling Graduation

Ista Weyr: Function Room(#3644RJ)
Large double doors open out into a large high ceiling excavated cavern. Again the walls are the natural black volcanic stone, but in this room the walls have been smoothed out. The floors are again the black stained wood as seen in the entry way. Electric light globes are 'hidden' behind ornate glow baskets along the wall to give the room an old fashioned feel. Fans hang from the ceiling keeping the cavern cool even in the height of summer.
The room is designed to serve as either feast hall, meeting room, theater or dance hall. At one end of the room is a stage with dark orange curtains for performances. Small speakers are set into the wall at intervals to provide even sound for the entire room.

The sun sets on Ista , though for much of the day it was hidden by clouds that now rain down upon the weyr. The once outside festivities are hastily being set up with Ista Hall. Streamers and banners decorate the room in the colours of the weyr, black and gold. Even while the final touches are being placed upon the hall, musicians are tuning upon the stage. In the middle of it all stands the Weyrwoman of Ista, Lisle, with a clipboard in hand.

B'relle stands near Lisle, dressed in her finest green gather clothes. She has Torella, in a beautiful pink dress settled on one hip. "Anything you need me to do just now Weyrwoman?"

L'ton looks rather uncomfortable as he enters, leaving the weather outside for the music and such inside. Tugging awkwardly at the sleeves of his jacket, he pauses a short way inside the door, gaze sweeping the hall, pausing on the weyrwoman and weyrlingmaster.

T'ren comes in in his full dress riding gear, complete with all his rank and badges and honors. He spots B'relle and Torella and moves over to them. He salutes Lisle, "Weyrwoman. Weyrlingmaster."

A splatter of water droplets strike the floor as Katlyn steps into the room. She sheds her rainslicker, handing it to the girl waiting just for the purpose of taking coats and then when the young thing wanders off with the attire, Katlyn gives a lazy, wicked smile. "That's right, sweetheart." she mutters. A twitch is given to her own party dress, something rather conservative and in a bold red color. Then the older rider begins to stalk across the floor towards where some have already gathered.

Pi skips in, having just ran through the rain and gotten a bit wet on her way. Ah well. Now she's looking all happy and hyper as she makes a beeline for L'ton and… pounces his back. Wow. Someone is in a good mood it seems. Her arms went over his shoulders and wrapped around but she goes back to the ground quickly enough. "Hey!" Especialyl as she's wearing a shortish skirt, though there's matching shorts underneath at least.

Lisle is dressed in her own finery, a pale green ankle length dress with a short black jacket over the top. At B'relle's question she looks about the room and shakes her head a bit. "I think it is mostly sorted now, I was so hoping for an outdoor event…but it is spring." She sighs softly and looks to where some nibblies are being brought in, "Over there on that table.." She points out. As T'ren approaches she gives a nod to them, "No doubt you will have new riders in your wing this evening." She says in greeting then looks around again, "I suppose we should get this thing going."

L'ton catches his balance as his back is jumped off, uttering a 'oof!'. Hands automatically go to support whoever it is, but when they return to the ground, he turns, grinning at his cousin, "Aren't weh in a good mood.. And ya look purty.." He winks, before he glances almost impatiently over at Lisle and B'relle.

T'ren smiles, "No doubt. We'll see who goes in which wing. I'm mostly here to support B'relle in her moment of triumph." He holds out his hands for Torella, "And to hold my little girl."

B'relle smiles at Lisle, then mock glares at T'ren in response to Lisle's comment. "Yeah, /my/ wing riders." she chuckles and hands Torella to him. "I should probably le you hold her durring the ceremony, love." SHe turns to Lisle as Torella chatters happily to her daddy so quickly as to be barely comprehensible. "Whenever you are ready Weyrwoman."

Lisle looks about the hall once more and bobs her head before pointing toward the stage. After a moment of prepping the musicians play a rousing entrance theme as Lisle heads toward a dais in front of the stage. From there she waits for all to get seated and sorted. She gives a smile to B'relle ,"Here goes nothing.." She whispers to the woman.

T'ren takes Torella and he goes to take a seat towards the back incase Torella gets fussy.

Pi beams brightly at L'ton as smirks, straigtening her skirt. "Course Ah do." She doesn't even sound annoyed at L'ton for pointing it out, what is the world coming to? And Psy isn't even proddy yet. Peeking to where L'ton is looking she then glances back. "What's twisted /yer/ knickers?" That makes sense… really, just believe me on that.

As one group of older riders begins to circle together, obviously chatting over the newest graduate class, Katlyn skirts the edges as if examining each one. Finally she slips herself into a small spot only someone of her tiny stature could fit in and begins a purring conversation with blue Gnenith's rider. R'get seems nervous and he tries to subtly edge away. In the process, he nears the group of crafters and almost steps on someone's dress.

B'relle moves to the front of the room standing slightly off to one side. Ready to assist Lisle when the time comes. She smothes her loose tunic, takes a deep breath to quell her slight nerves. Her eyes have a suspicious glimmer in them.

L'ton reaches for Pi's elbow as the music begins, attempting to steer her to a seat. "Nuttin'. Just wanna get this over with, so Ah can go soften these bloody leathers." He mutters as they move, a few more glances up at the dias as he settles downs in a seat.

Shaking off wet hair, A'drais makes his way into the hall with quick steps, then slows down as he realizes he is not too late. He has got his harper best on as well, though a bit damp at the shoulders and ..muddy riding boots? Well he tried. He stamps out his feet on the doormat before finding a group of riders to join, He gives a wave to Katlyn, "Missed anything yet?"

T'ren watches from the back with Torella in his lap. He quietly shhhs the girl as the music begins and the little girl waves to B'relle.

Pi lets herself be lead by the elbow, peering at L'ton for a moment. "Aren't yeh crabby." Grump. "Come on, we're graduatin', be happy… yeh gotta dance with meh after." That's not a request it's an order.

As everyone finds their places Lisle steps up to the mike. She would not be heard any other way. "Good evening Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming this evening for the graduation of our latest class of Weyrlings into Riders. I am sorry the weather did not agree with our plans, but I am hoping the rest shall go smoothly." She looks toward where the weyrlings are gathered before looking across the hall. "Tonight is a celebration and through the night Weyrlings will be called up one by one to receive their knots and assignments that notes them a rider. In between each presentation I ask you all to meet with the weyrlings and new riders, enjoy yourself, eat and dance. Celebrate!"

A sultry smile is the greeting that A'drias receives and while her attention is diverted R'get makes good his escape. Katlyn gives a small pout at the departing back but turns to welcome the new blue rider with a crocked arm, open invitation to tuck right into her side. "Nothing yet, handsome. But if we work hard maybe we can miss a bit later." she mutters playfully. Still, for all the flirtation, the green rider does give full attention to the stage and even appears to become serious, if only for a moment.

B'relle smiles brilliantly and waggles her fingers at her little girl, trying to be subtle. Then she looks out of over the crowd, spoting the various members of her weyrling class. She shifts nervously waiting for the first of the weyrlins to be called up.

L'ton arches an eyebrow at Pi, "Do Ah?" Pause. "O'course, if'n ya're willing ta put yarself in mah arms.." A wink at her, and he leans back. "Ah am happy - Ah'm just uncomfortable." He murmurs, glancing up at Lisle, and nodding slowly before gaze goes back on Pi. "Ya're boy's not here." He offers, teasingly, in an attempt to change the topic.

The lanky bluerider actually manages a light blush at Katlyn's words, "I dare say my wingleader would have my hide if I missed the ceremony." He responds ever diplomatically, though he takes her arm as offered, a gentlemanly gesture on his part. As the speech starts he too turns toward the stage to give his full attention.

T'ren sits Torella on his lap and he holds her hands with his as he watches the ceremony. Torella watches and looks all around at all the people.

Pi smirks a bit at her 'cousin' and grins. "Yup, yah do… an Ah think Ah can survive dancin' with yeh once… or should Ah say /yeh'll/ manage ta survive if'n yeh don' try nothin." So there. She shrugs at the comment about her boy. "He got stuck doin' sweeps." Pout. Awwwww.

"The first set of weyrlings I will call up came to us herding ovines through the weyr and like many who happen upon Ista they stayed. Not long after they were called to stand for my Umniyath's clutch and they did agree. Now I shall call them up one at a time as I make them full rider's of this weyr." Lisle pauses for a moment before looking to the bronze Weyrling first, "Could L'ton, rider of bronze Dhonzayth , please step forward and become a rider of the Star Ruby Wing.

B'relle steps up the stiairs on the dias, standing near the top with a couple knots and badges in her hand. She scans the crowd for L'ton and watches as he makes his way up towards the dais.

L'ton sticks his tongue out at Pi as he gets back to his feet, picking his way around her, before straightening his jacket and heading up to the dais. Reaching the top, he bows to both of the women there. "Rider L'ton reporting fa duty, ma'am.." He offers formally, trying hard to keep a straight face while he does so.

B'relle formally shakes the new rider's hand as she hands over the badge with the Star Ruby insignia. Then she pins removes his weyrling knot and pins on his rider's knot. "Congratulations Bronzerider L'ton of the Star Ruby Wing of Ista Weyr." she tells him with a smile.

A slight purr sounds from the throat of the small greenrider. Her eyes track the young bronze to the front and she gives a light applause along with others. "One of your new wingmates then, hm? Yummy." But aren't they all to Katlyn. The older woman whispers something to her opposite side, setting a second greenrider into giggles, both a quelling look from one of thier cohorts settles the pair down. "I do wish my weyrmates were here. Why they both always get called away in my time of need."

After the new knot is secured into place, Lisle smiles to the rider and offers her hand. "Welcome to the Weyr Rider L'ton, please join your fellow riders. Let them bestow upon you the knowledge of your new rank in this weyr." She continues formally before inclining her head to him once more.

L'ton smiles at B'relle as his knot is changed, bowing his head to B'relle with a smile. "Thank you, ma'am.." A similar smile is offered to Lisle as he shakes her hand. And then he's skittering back off the dais, winking at Katlyn as he passes her, before slipping back into the vacanted seat by Pi.

T'ren claps for the new rider and he gives Torella a little hug.

Pi pratically shoves at L'ton as he gets up to go, beaming brightly as he does. Obviously she's not crabby like him at the moment, in fact the exact opposite. As he returns she smiles brightly. "That wasn' so painful was it?"

"Yes that would be, small wing, but its growing." A'drais responds proudly of the weyrs newest wing. He nods slightly at the comments on the weyrmates, "It is the way is it not? Such occasions as this and life still fights to keep people away." He responds eyes still on the dais even as the new rider walks off.

Lisle once more looks out over the crowd and spots her next weyrling on the list, "Could Pi, rider of green Psylenith, please step forward and become a rider of Tiger's Eye Wing."

B'relle picks the knot and badge up quickly from the box on a chair behind her. She stands back up and watches Pi approach the dais.

Katlyn 's expression is more thoughtful as the new rider winks at her. "mmm." she purrs again, eyes trailing in appreciation. But life moves on and Lisle at least has the ability to regain Katlyn's attention. When Pi is called, she turns back to watch and applaud for this newest graduate.

L'ton offers a quite-possibly embarrassing holler for Pi as she's called to the stage before he settles for merely clapping.

Pi hops up and heads for the stage looking quite happy though she pauses long enough to turn and stick her tongue out at L'ton when he hollers. Nope, she's not easily embarressed it seems. Heading up onto the dais she beams and manages /not/ to pounce Lisle, and instead takes the knot and badge from b'relle as well as shaking both hands. "Thanks." is said happily as she bounces on the balls of her feet just slightly.

T'ren claps politely for Pi as she goes up to get her knot and new badge.

As Pi receives her knot, Lisle smiles to Pi. "I have little doubt that you will be an asset to this weyr Rider Pi." She over her hand to shake before continuing, "Welcome to the Weyr Rider Pi, please join your fellow riders and let them bestoy upon you the knowledge of your new rank in this weyr." She inclines her head in respect to the newest rider of the weyr.

B'relle gently takes the knot back from Pi and pins it on her shoulder. "You're supposed to wear it." she whispers to teh girl before congradulating her formally and hugging her. "Enjoy Tiger's Eye, Greenrider Pi."

A chuckle of delight in the bouncy new greenrider is all Katlyn gives, as well as her full applause. Her cohort in crime whispers something in her ear and she chuckles even harder. "What do you think, A'drais? Will Fezzith be sniffing that way?" An evil twinkle lurks in the older rider's eyes.

A'drais looks down at Katlyn at her question, looking a bit distracted, another pale blush rising to his cheeks, "Um…well..should he be around I ..suppose he would." Cough. Yes the man is actually a bit flustered, a harper flustered. He distractedly turns his attention back to the dias looking over those standing there. He clears his through again gaining some composure finally. "I suppose he might find himself at the tail end of anyone of these rider's greens.."

L'ton sinks a bit in his chair, glancing around him while Pi gets her knot, snickering at her bounciness, before swiveling to eye Katlyn and A'drais, not saying anything.

Pi doesn't bother to blush at all at her mistake, just grins a bit. Ah well, she wasn't really paying attention that closely when L'ton got his badge and knot and everything. With another beam and "thanks" to the Weyrwoman and her formal Weyrlingmaster as well as a quick curtesy (because she can, wearing a skirt and all) she bounces back down off the Dais and back to L'ton, plopping down with a grin. "Got the wing yeh wanted?"

"We shall break from the presentations for now so that the two newest riders may be welcomed and celebrated." There are no doubts groan from some weyrlings and a few riders at having to wait. "I ask you all to spend this time enjoying yourselves and of course drinking restrictions are lifted for the weyrlings.." She notes a few weyrlings from a younger class and continues, "For the weyrlings graduating tonight." Said Lisle. cough.

B'relle steps down from the dais and walks back to where her weyrmate is sitting, she definately has tears in her eyes now. "My weyrlings are leaving me, love." she says in a sad tone in spite of her proud smile as she kisses his cheek.

T'ren ahs and hugs B'relle gently as he holds Torella with the other hand. He gives her cheek a kiss, "I'm sure there will be a new batch soon."

Lisle quickly steps from the dias, looking quite relieved to be done with that bit of public speaking. A glass is offered to her and she takes it without even checking its contents. Its just juice…well with a few additives. She looks over to B'relle and nods, "They are all growing up.." We will ignore the fact that half the class is around her age or even older.

B'relle nods. "Shall we go congratulate them?" She asks holding her hands out towards Torella. "Would you like me to take her love?"

T'ren hands over Torella and nods, "Yes let's go congratulation them." He puts his arm around B'relle's waist.

L'ton stands back up as Pi moves off the dais, offering a hand to the graduated greenrider, as they are given leave to move around. "Happy, ya?"

The break in festivities is just the opportunity that Katlyn needs to harass her friends some more. A look around shows a certain blueboy mooning saddly and for an instant something like affectate understanding shows in the rider's face. With a sigh, she nudges A'drais in the side. "Dance with me once before you abandon me?" she teases lightly.

Pi hops to her feet again with a beam and takes the hand. "Yep! You?" Important questions and all, and of /course/ she's happy, look at her beam.

B'relle walks over to L'ton and Pi with T'ren. "Congratulations you two. I'll miss having you guys in my wing."

L'ton grins at Pi. "A'course…" And he gives her hand a squeeze before smiling broadly to B'relle. "Thank ya, ma'am.. Thank ya for all." And then he glances sideways. "Ah'm gonna go change outta this jacket.." And that's his excuse to slip out.

T'ren smiles at L'ton and Pi, "Congratulations you two. I hope that your new wing lets you craft."

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