A Depressed Senkyou

Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)

Late evening in Xanadu, everyone is settled and the sun has set. The weather is cool, with the windows open to Senks weyr so that air can circulate. The brownrider is comfortably curled up on the bed, Dulacths straps in her lap as she works the leather. Her hair is in a messy bun and most of it is in her face. Dulacth himself is comfortably on his couch, the place looks like someone has just moved out. A few things missing and it's clear by how much empty space now exists. The empty shelving units and on the floor is a broken picture, the glass just left. A few odd shoes and a pair of trousers are visible in the garbage can.

With Zalyu carefully returned to the nannies after L'ton had asked around to determine the whereabouts of his siblings, L'ton has taken a few minutes to meander down towards the boy's mother's place. A brief tap on the door, and he's pushing it open, "Se-" He starts, though its quickly cut short as he looks around, seeing empty shelf and open spaces.

Dulacth gives a short warning rumble, rising and placing himself near senkyou. The brown protectively nudges his rider, who sits up and glares at L'ton. Lips thinning she gives a sigh and ignores him for a moment, then after another moment she says "What did you do with your son?" Asking with a wrinkle of her nose. Then she says, "L'ter left, I am pregnant." Stating it all very matter of factly. "But I have figured it all out." Uh-oh, she has an idea.

"He's with the nannies." L'ton replies quickly, though her other words cause him to look around again, taking note of what is actually missing, and what remains. Though, whatever words were going to be said disappear into the abyss, as she states that she's pregnant. "Shards, Senkyou. Yer pregnant, and he left ya? Ah.. That man deserves a kick.."

Senkyou's head snaps up quickly, "It's not his it's yurs. The kids yurs and maybe that's why I'm alone." She barks out at him, "But it won't be a problem, I'm gonna have the kid and me nor you will ever have a chance to ruin the child. Gonna have one of my wingriders take the thang to some hold or weyr and we'll never see the kid, and I'll never get attached." Dulacth bugels, shaking the weyr a bit and his eyes whirl red. Obviously abandoning the child is not an approach he approves of. "Won't ever name it or anything, just get it away from me an' you and let someone else deal with it."

"Ah dunno how ya think it could be mine, but Ah'm pretty sure ya have ta do something other than fight, ta have a kid." L'ton snaps back, folding his arms across his chest, and bracing himself, with a wrinkled forehead. "Shards, that ain't no way ta treat a kid. Might as well just give him ta the nannies here, and let him grow up with the rest of 'em."

"No, I don't want it having to deal with the fact tha' you're it's father." As l'ton says that she shakes her head, "You're the only man I've been near in the last three months. You an' me drank pretty heavily when yu brought all that booze an' I still can' find my underthings." Blushing just a little, though Senkyou covers it with a dirty look. "Yu won't care about it, an' I can only take so much. I don't wanna get attached, and if it's around here then it'll know yur it's father. That ain't fair, and you don't even think it's yurs so what I do with it is my business no ain't it."

"Shards, Senkyou. Ya sure are assuming we did a lot 'sides fight that night.." L'ton protests a bit more, but then he's biting his lip, apparently trying to think back on it, even if its just a hazy, drink-induced blur. But then, she's still talking, and he's glaring at her. "Now, that ain't nice! Why do ya think Ah wouldn't care about it? If'n ya told me its mine, Ah'd care! Even if'n ends up being someone else's." He shakes his head, and turns his glare on the glass on the floor instead, nudging it with his boot-toe.

Senkyou shrugs her shoulder, looking down at the glass on the floor and the broken picture not far from it, a small tear down her cheek that she pushes away quickly. "I ain't even thought I'd be in this situation." Burying her toes in her covers, she lays a hand on Dulacths head, "You don' wanna think about it fine, then it won't bother you when I have it sent off. I'll make sure some sorta note goes with it, so they name with a Z."

L'ton nudges the glass again, before she's starting to cry, and he's quickly rushing over there - clearly he forgot the need to exercise caution around a certain brown. "Senkyou.." He sighs softly, biting his lip. "Senkyou, Ah.." He starts again, before trying to sneak himself into a seated position on the end of the bed, near her feet.

Staring at him for a minute, green eyes look confused. Dulacth rumbles a warning, but he doesn't advance further with his threat. "I would sorta wonder what happened to the kid, but I can' think about me. It's best for the babe to be raised by people less screwed up, I have three kids by three different bronzeriders." Senkyou bites on her tongue, oops did she says 3.. she meant 2. Leaving it she says, "Just let someone else raise it and deal with it. Then you won' have the problems and neither will I."

L'ton looks at Dulacth, still a bit hesitant, sighing softly. And then he's carefully edging his way up the bed to settle himself next to her, reaching for her hands. "Shards, Senkyou. That dun matter.." He murmurs, giving her a bit of a smile. "Ah think ya've done a fine job with 'em.. ya just aren't being fair ta yerself, thinking yer screwed up, when ya ain't.." Damn, where's that alcohol when you need a fortifying gulp?

Senkyou pulls her hands away from him, glaring again. "Well I need an agreement from you." Saying with as much casual nonchalance as she can muster, "Healers ain't sure how all this is gonna work out, so if'n something happens to me you gotta take care of Zal. 'nitty and Trou will be taken care of but Zalyu should have some sorta mother. If'n you took him now I bet we could get him to forget about me. I wasn' ever meant for motherin'." As he tells her she is doing a good job she mutters, "If I was any good at this I'd not have Nitty not talkin to me and Trou askin' where L'ters gone and Zalyu stuck with you for six shardin weeks."

"It'll be fine, Senk.." He reassures her, but then as she's fussing more, and muttering, he's shaking his head and reaching to grab her wrists to hold her in place. "Ya look at me, Senkyou. It ain't always easy. Trust meh - Mah Zipalla could give yer 'nitty a run fer her money in stubbornness, Ah betcha. But, that dun mean yer bad." Glare.

The bronzerider has forgotten one of the big rules about being around Senkyou, even though she may not always act like a lady, Dulacth sure expects everyone to treat her as such. When L'ton gets ahold of her wrists the brown rumbles menacingly, opening his mouth just slightly and nudging senkyous wrists. Senk mean while shakes her hands, hopefully suceeding in breaking the contact "Stop it. Serenity got every right to be mad at me, she doesn't have any other father besides L'ter an' I got damn stupid and slept with you twice, now look where I am." Motioning to the weyr with a sigh.

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth senses that Dulacth darks clouds on the horizon of his mind, the cling of metal and light tangy cinnamon «Tell yours that he must be gentle with mine, I am trying to help her do what is best for the hatchling but grabbing at my lady, no matter what, will not be acceptable.»

"Well, he's a damned fool, Senkyou.." L'ton counters quickly, even as she's breaking his hold on her. As Dhonzayth passes on the reminder from the brown, he's biting his lip, though this time he is a bit gentler, trying to rest his hand lightly on her stomach. "Senkyou.. Ah ain't gonna disappear.. And it ain't fair fer this one ta just dump him.."

Senkyou raises an eyebrow and sighs, glaring at L'ton for a moment and balling her hands into fists and working very hard to control her anger, "Why not, it'd have a nice life wherever it went. You said it, it might not even be yurs and if it is well one less for you to worry about." Trying to convince herself, though Dulacth puffs up and walks over to his couch, clearly this isn't something he approves of.

"Shards, Senkyou. Ah never said Ah wouldn't take responsibility, though. Ah mean, if'n ya say its mine.." He shrugs a bit, risking bodily harm by leaving his hand on her stomach. "Ah ain't gonna not worry about it, or 'bout ya." He quips, narrowing his gaze at her. "Shards, Ah'm sorry Ah did this ta ya, Senk, but Ah promise ya, it wasn't my intention. Ah just wanted ta cheer ya up, not piss ya right off."

Senkyou raises an eyebrow and sighs, glaring at L'ton for a moment and balling her hands into fists and working very hard to control her anger, "Why not, it'd have a nice life wherever it went. You said it, it might not even be yurs and if it is well one less for you to worry about." Trying to convince herself, though Dulacth puffs up and walks over to his couch, clearly this isn't something he approves of.

Senkyou doesn't hit him, looking down at the hand and saying "Don't get attached." Meaning the baby of course. "It's as much my fault as yers but the thing is, I have to figure out whats best for everyone. I have a wingrider who will take it somewhere, somewhere that it can be loved I'm sure." She doesn't sound so sure of this. "I don' even wanna see it."

"Senkyou.. Ah know that ain't true, and ya know that ain't true. Ah know ya well, 'nuff ta know that ya already love him, and he ain't even been in there that long. Look, Ah'm sorry 'bout what happened with L'ter, but.." He shakes his head. "Maybe its fer the best, ya know?" He ventures softly, gently petting her abdomen.

Senkyou has held her self long enough, even for Dulacths standards and she reaches up and hits him ontop of the head. "Don't say that! He loved me!" Yelling at him, and finally not able to keep tears from her face, though she turns her head to try and conceal the sign of weakness. "I can' love it. I can' even like it. You have other kids why do you care so much about what happens to this one?"

L'ton continues to face death, as the hit deters him for only a moment, for then he's scooting up next to her as she turns her head to try and hide the tears, trying to carefully turn her back towards him, to wipe them away gently. "Senkyou.. It ain't easy fer a rider ta get pregnant - Ah mean, the circumstances gotta be pretty good. And… if'n its managed ta happen, we should let it happy."

Senkyou lets him turn her back, though she's very tense and her teeth are gritting and Dulacth gives a croon, relaxing she just shrugs at him. "Fine. Be happy now, but the babe isn' staying. Give her a new home somewhere far far away from all this." Her face is pretty blank, body tensing again as she says through her teeth, "Yu do realize how embarrasing this is fer me right?"

L'ton shifts a bit, to keep his arm across her chest lest she get the idea to roll away again. "Shards, Senkyou…" He shakes his head, before giving her a surprised look. "What's so embarrassing, hm? Ah mean, ain't like people dun expect it from me. Them girls down at Ista swear Ah can give 'em a kid just by looking at him." Oh, he's heard the rumors, even if he's amused by them.

All his convincing isn't helping, she reaches up to give him another smack. This one is a bit harder and she glares, scooting away and snapping, "I don' wanna be one of yur girls, I don' want nothing to do with that. I'm not some girl you go around who swoons and thinks yer such a pretty boy." Barking out and tensing up. "Embarrasing because of the way Ysa treats me, the way people think I just go around sleepin' with everyone, embarrasing when yur wingsecond and one of yu wingriders go around sleepin' with you too. Makes me look desperate."

L'ton winces this time as he's smacked, moving to rub at his head, grimacing a bit. "Shards Senk, that hurt.." He protests a bit, shaking his head. "Ah ain't asking ya ta be one of my girls. All Ah'm doing is asking ya ta be sensible about this. Ah mean, ain't far ta punish her by sending her off, when Ah was the one that messed up." At the mention of the other girls, he tilts his head, blinking at her. "Shards, Senkyou, Eiriana and Ah are only tagether when Balmaith choses so.. And, well, ya should know Laera's reputation. She got me when Ah wasn't expecting it."

Senkyou glares at him again, "Why not. Maybe sending her off will be punishment enough, maybe you'll learn something!" Evil plan is working well, she is now thinking. "Maybe you need to hurt a little, hurt when my head hit the floor in the living caverns when Niva got mad. Laera's probably been corrupted by you anyways. Do you really want the babe around? Yu honestly care that much?"

"Wait, why'd ya hit the floor?" L'ton asks with concern, turning back towards her, face crinkled. "Ya went to see the Healers afterwards? Ta make sure everything was still okay?" He asks hurriedly, shaking his head a bit. "Ya are hurting me 'nuff right now, Senkyou, telling me yer gonna send him off, without even getting ta know him.."

Senkyou looks over at her lifemate, suprise breaking into her face. "Just passed out, told ya they didn' know how it'd all work out. Had the darn headwoman force me to go to the healers, though I don' have time to go as much as I'm supposed to. Way to much to do." A nice pile of paperwork is on the table, and she has charts out as well. "You don' wanna know him, I ain't really wanting to get attached. WHat's so wrong with this?"

L'ton swivels to look over at Dulacth even as she does, tilting his head slightly. "What?" He questions her, before looking back at her, shaking his head with a soft sigh. "Ah just think yer making a mistake. And ya know ya are, and that's why yer being so adamant.. cause ya dun wanna admit yer wrong."

Senkyou shrugs her shoulders, "It's my mistake to make." She doesn't want to, not at all but her hand moves to pull down her shirt. Lingering on her belly. "Dulacth don't like this idea much. Maybe I should just send the kid home with you." Mentioning and laying back on the bed. In a sitting position, head on the head board staring at the ceiling, hand still on her stomach. "Is Zal ok?"

L'ton is daring to rest his hand on hers once more, rubbing her abdomen gently. "We can split it, like we do Zalyu.." He murmurs softly, as if trying to offer a compromise. Giving her hand a small squeeze, he moves to sneak his arm behind her. "He's fine.. He misses his mommy.." A bit of a smile. "He really loves ya.."

Senkyou nods slowly, "Fine.. I'll think on it." Crossing her legs and closing her eys, she tenses as he touches her. "Zal is a good boy, I taught him some great manners. He listens ok, I mean fer being two an' all. He'll be fine I'm sure."

"He needs ya, Senkyou." He says quickly, shaking his head with a soft sigh. "All yer kids need ya. Even the one not here yet." As she tenses, he leans to give her a bit of a smile. "Sweets… Ya gotta be strong. Ah know Dulacth's gonna help ya be strong."

Senkyou opens her eyes and rolls them, "I'll think on it, yu can just go now.. I wanna be alone." It might feel sorta bad, leaving her alone with such a mess. "Don' worry yur kid will be fine, Dulacth won't take me between. I doubt you'd take me." Raising an eyebrow, as if she might have a chance.

"Ah'm sorry, sweets… Ah.. Ah can't do that." He murmurs, even as he's giving her shoulder a squeeze, and moving to carefully get up. "Ah'll come see ya again soon, Senkyou.. Take.. Take care of yerself. WIth a bob of his head to Dulacth, he's reluctantly heading back out, granting her at least that much.

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