Waking Up at Ierne

Ierne Weyrhold - Sari and Tiqueth's Soapbox

It's a few hours before dawn and something is stirring in Sari's weyr. The brownrider groggily opens her eyes, smacking her dry lips as she instinctively reaches for her canteen. Yes, no better way to start your day than with a nice gulp of firewhiskey. A look of disappointment passes her face however when her lips touch the canteen, she's all out. "Shard it all ta hell," She grumbles, trying to throw the covers off her but only managing to get tangled, seems someone's still tipsy. Off on his couch Tiqueth eyes his rider, the brown snorting at the woman tries to disentangle herself.

L'ton would prefer not to be stirring, thank you very much. But then, not only is the other occupant moving around, and talking, then she's getting up, and pulling his covers away. "What's the fuss?" He mutters, rolling over to stare blearily at the tangled brownrider. "Such a rush ta get away from me?" And then he's tugging the covers back over him.

Sarisia has succeeded and getting no where, her left leg all tangled up as she just sighs. "Shardin' sheets." Cause you know, it's totally their fault, not hers at all. When L'ton speaks she turns her eyes over to him, scanning the form of the man slowly. "Er," Seems she forgot who she took home last night. "Shouldn't ya be gone or somethin'? This was cause of a flight, righ'?" She lets out a loud yawn, scratching her neck idly as she eyes the bronzer, trying to figure out who he is. After all, it's kinda dark, she's kinda tipsy, and the covers are blocking her view.

"If'n only ya were so lucky, love.." He teases her gently at the mention of a flight, as he rolls back over onto his side to watch her. As she curses the sheets, he's finally sitting up enough to reach down and disentangle some of the sheets from her leg. "Ya didn't kick me out yet, and well, Ah still owe ya them drinks." Though, its considerably later than he was expecting, most likely.

"Ah, it's you." Sari says with a smirk, wiggling her foot a bit once she's freed. She doesn't get up though, she just flops right back down in bed again, pulling L'ton with her. Personal heater! Tiqueth looks grumpier than usual, the brown not a fan of others staying in /his/ weyr. With a final glance at the pair he stalks out, whipping his tail behind him in agitation. "So ya owe me, huh?"

Well, at least Dhonzayth didn't take it upon himself to try and wiggle his big bronze butt into the weyr too? L'ton looks up from where he's snuggling close to Sari, wrapping his arm over her, to watch Tiqueth leave, snerking a bit, and shaking his head. And then her question has him looking back down at her, and he grins. "Well, Ah think ya did me a huge favor.. Ah can get ya them drinks Ah promised ya."

If Dhon had tried it's very likely Tiqueth would have been snapping and roaring for the entire night. For now the brown is sleeping on the sandy beach, his tail dipped in the water as he snores on. Graceful thing. Snuggles into the crook of L'ton's arm, enjoying the warmth, while trying to listen to the bronzer. "Shardin' straight I did. Ya were a wreck from what I remember. Mutterin' 'bout yer women leavin' ya and bein' unloved and all." She rolls her eyes, smirking all the day. "Shards, ya sounded like a girl." She's teasing of course, mostly at least.

"Ah wasn't that bad, ya brat. Besides, Ah seem ta remember all Ah had ta do was give ya that look.." And he's leering down at her in the faded light, "And ya were all ready ta drag me off wherever.." He teases her, trying to to steal a kiss as he loops his ankle over hers. "'sides, its deprived, not unloved.." He corrects her, matter-of-factly.

"I ain't a brat, ya brat." Sari says with a snort, rolling her eyes at L'ton's leer. She doesn't try to move away though, allowing herself to be pulled closer. After all, it gets cold at night! "So my unloved bronzer, what do ya think yer doin' hangin' out with a lowlife like me? Ain't ya goin' get some people in a fit if they find out yer stalkin' drunkards down dark alleys?" She rubs at her eyes a bit before nuzzling her head into the crook of his arm, closing her eyes while she waits for his reply.

"Sure ya aren't, ya brat." He replies quickly, winking at her as she rolls her eyes. "Well, Ah dunno. One in a while, Ah like ta go visit the normal people, ya know. The drunkards making dark deals in dark marketplaces with fat old men." He teases her more, before squirming as she nuzzles into the crook of his arm. "Ah ain't gonna run off and let ya freeze." He comments idly, even as he's tugging the covers a bit higher.

Sarisia doesn't bother answering L'ton with words, instead she just pokes at the bronzers side. "I see, like ta see what us commoners are up ta?" She doesn't seem to really mind his teasing, finally sitting up now that she's decided she's not getting anymore sleep. "Too cold for ya, bronzer? I might have some wine to keep keep us hot." And without another word she moves to reach under her bed, pulling out a skin.

"Mah poor Istan blood ain't used ta the chill down here." Even if autumn in Ierne is milder than autumn in Xanadu or Honshu. As she sits up, though, he's reluctantly joining her, wrapping an arm around her back to leach warmth, even as he's reaching for the unearthed skin. "Now, ain't ya helpful, ya little brownrider?" He jokes, surprisingly cheerful considering the hour and the abruptness of his awakening.

"My Istan blood ain't used to it either, even after livin' at 'Reaches for a few turns." She lets him take a swig first. "I ain't so little, bronzer. And I ain't as much of a sissy as you are." Sari cracks a grin, her pearly whites peering out and easing out her usually frowny face. After she sets to shivering she rolls back over next to L'ton, moving his arm around her before pulling the covers over closer. "I think I remember ya from my days in Ista. Surprised I ain't ever slept with ya 'fore."

The skin goes back to Sari with a bit of a grin, even as he's making a face, actually leaning over to try and chomp at the tip of her nose as he picks at him. As he reclaims a shivering Sari, he's wrapping his arms around her, grinning. "Ah can't 'lieve it either. Ta think of what Ah've been missing out on, fer all these turns.." He replies with a grin.

Sarisia takes the skin happily, her icy eyes lighting up a bit as she drinks the stuff down. Yes, she needed her early morning fix, or else it'd be a /very/ grouchy Sari that'd be throwing the man out… or maybe just having her way with him again. Who knows. "I guess I was jus' too busy with the other boys." She teases, shrugging her shoulders lightly. When L'ton goes to 'chomp' her nose she moves in for a kiss, her teeth most likely crashing with the mans as well. Not very planned out but at least it was passionate, right?

L'ton winces a bit at the awkwardly sound of teeth on teeth, but he's not pulling away, immediately. When he does, he's smirking, and reaching to tap her nose instead. "Guess tis just as much yer loss as mine, hm?" He comments with an arch of an eyebrow, before he's reaching for the skin once more. Even if he doesn't have the same need.

"I guess." Sari says with a chuckle, moving to throw the blankets off of her. She's getting up! And it's not even day break! "But well, I like ta think I'm a bit better now than I was then. Kinda new to the whole thing, even if I started young." She says while hopping around, trying to squeeze into her riding pants. Tight leather pants, hawt.

"Hey, where ya going?" He protests a bit as he reseals the skin. "Ah mean it ain't even light out!" And the covers are tugged back over him as she moves to get dressed, shivering a bit, and even looking sort of pathetic. Of course, this doesn't stop him from watching her getting dressed with an intense look on his face. "Ah'm sure ya are.."

"I gotta take care of some things." Sari states calmly, throwing on a tank top before looking back over at the cold, miserable, man. "Shards man! It ain't /that/ cold." She says, shaking her head lightly before moving back over to the bed and pulling the covers away from L'ton slowly. "Out ya get, 'Queth will have a fit if ya stay here while we're out." She says with a smirk, eyeing the shivering Shipton. And he says he's not a baby!

"But!" He protests a bit more, grabbing at the covers as she's tugging them away. With a sigh, though, it seems he's out of the bed, and finally moving to recover the various pieces of his clothing in the dim light. Not without taking a grab at Sari's rear as he passes by, though, just for good measure. "When ya want me ta come back, ta settle them drinks with you?"

"No buts!" Sari says smugly, moving to take over where the bronzer had been settled. Nice and toasty still! But then her, well, booty gets pinched and she actually squeaks. So very un Sari like. "Hey now, don't make me rethink leavin' my weyr." She says in a low voice, her eyes fixed on the man as he starts looking for his own clothes. Oh how the tables have turned. "An' ya can come back tomorrow or tonight. I'll be here. If not, ya can drop by Sur's place. I'm sure she'll be happy ta see ya."

"Nah, butts." He corrects her with a wink, though as she's stealing the warm spot, he's gasping aloud, lip sticking out as he's tugging on his pants. "Ya brat." He calls her again as he's stepping into boots. "Ah'm sure she would.. Maybe Ah'll just go see her, Ah bet she'd not kick me out then steal the warm spot." He sniffs a bit, even as he's picking on her. "Ah'll see ya tomorrow?"

"'Least I ain't a baby." Sari says back, chuckling from her nice and warm spot. She even throws the covers over herself, icy blue eyes peeking out at the man as he starts heading out. "Sur wouldn't be up at this time, but 'm sure some of yer girls are." She says before letting out a yawn. Seems someone's gonna take a little nap before heading out for her 'business meeting'. "Sounds good. Don't forget me now, I ain't one to let debts slide." And with a wink she snuggles back into the covers, away from the man's view.

There would be a bit more protest, but then she's disappearing beneath all the covers, and L'ton is left to grump a bit, pulling on his riding jacket, and headed out to the beach. Perhaps he will find someone else up early. Or, at the very least, some klah.

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