Surviving Lisle

Ista Weyr - Lisle's Weyr(#10293RAJL)

It is morning at Ista Weyr and spring has sprung. The Mornings still holding a coolness from what passes for winter in these parts, but the days growing warmer. Lisle is preparing for the day, having already gotten dressed, now collecting her paperwork and other items for her tasks today. Analis is nowhere to be seen, perhaps already taken down to the lower caverns this morning.

L'ton has been awake for a while, it seems that having an infant at home keeps you from sleeping in. Either way, L'ton is enjoying the cool spring morning, though its possible he will no longer enjoy it. Particularly as he's venturing slowly into the weyr of one junior goldrider. "Lisle?" He ventures.

As L'ton enters Umniyath warbles a soft greeting causing Lisle to look up even as her name is called. She looks over her 'guest' for a moment before contining her preperations. "Morning L'ton." She says with only a slight edge to her voice."Is there something I can help you with?" She finally asks as she turns to face the man clipboard against her chest. A quiet woman, small of stature, one never prone to great explosions of anger, but she still managed to cause some fear, or at least fear of letting her down, in those that served under her.

L'ton is slowly meandering closer, and as he closes the distance, its evident that he's biting his lower lip. A deep sigh, and he tries to give her a little bit of a smile. "Ah.. Ah wanted ta come, and see how ya were doing. Since, Ah, uh, Ah haven't really talked ta ya since that day.. in the Sands." Lisle may be little, but she's enough to turn the normal confident L'ton into a quivering, nervous mess.

Lisle remains silent as he speaks, her emerald gaze unwavering from his. Even as he finishes talking, she is silent for a few moments before nodding. "I was upset…what would you think if it was one of your daughters or neices L'ton?" At least she said was? Her lips twitch as she looks down at the floor between them for a moment, bemused perhaps by the sheer number of people that did the following reminding…including her own dragon, "But I have been reminded that she is not a child, nor has she been from the moment she impressed." She finally looks up to him, "And as she pointed out, I was already a mother by her age." The things elders forget when children are involved.

"Ah.. Ah would have been upset ta, and Ah realize that. And, Ah never meant ta get ya all upset, but Ah wanted ta make sure ya knew, before.. before it got back ta ya by some other means." Of course, at the time he didn't realize a child was involved, but. "She really has a good head on her shoulders.. She's gonna do okay.." He murmurs softly, trying to rest a hand on her shoulder. "And.. Ah ain't gonna let her do this on her own, any more than ya or yer brother or sister are."

Lisle nods at L'ton, "It is hard not to think on our children and our sibling's children as anything but and it came as quite a shock to have that view shaken." Lisle admits before taking a deep breath and nodding, "Yes, I noticed at the Hall…she really does and perhaps stronger then most give her credit for…myself included." As the hand is rested upon her shoulder, she reaches a hand up to his and looking up to him, a touch of a smile on her lips, "This has been good for Kris I think…I have wondered if she did this intentionally at times." She shakes her head of that notion before nodding again, "I know you will, but do not forsake your own..with your weyrmate. Laera has many to turn to."

"Ah think she'll surprise all of us, before this is over.." L'ton tells her, with a bit of a smile, squeezing her shoulder before dropping his hand back to his side. "Ah won't.. Mai's always first, no matter what, and she knows it.." He winks a bit, before, giving her a nudge with his elbow. "So, Ah dun suppose ya could suggest ta her just how pretty Z names can be, hm? Ah mean, coming from her loving aunt.." And then he's scooting away, less he get a smack for his obnoxiousness.

"She never did seem to have any particular direction before she impressed…Kereth has been good for her as has having her uncle there. She never really had any male influences…" Perhaps something she has fought hard to keep for her children, as 'normal' an upbringing as a rider can manage. She offers a touch a smile up at him, "I am glad to hear that L'ton…Mai seems a wonderful woman." She says gently before raising a brow at him, and pushing him out of the weyr, "Oh you are encouragable, out with you!" At least now she is at least in better humour then when he walked in.

L'ton is pushed out the door, as she fusses at him, though it seems good natured enough. "Ah'll see ya later, then, Lisle-love?" He calls over his shoulder, waggling his eyebrows at her, and even blowing a kiss, before he's out on the ledge. And so, still alive, he's off to start his day for real.

Alive and intact, thanks to Kris, K'ris, Umniyath, Lyn, Laera and perhaps a few others. Well she is not an unreasonable woman, just one protective of her family. "Later L'ton…" She says shaking her head, following him out so that she could start her own day as well, "Fly safe and try not to father any other children today." She teases.

"Ruining mah plans, woman." He bats his eyes at her, before heading into the Caverns themselves.

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