Drinks with Raysha

Ista Weyr: Sable Sands Patio(#4652RJa)
This is the patio for the Sable Sands Nightclub and Bar, what would on a regular weyr be the dragon's ledge. The ledge's surface here, however, has been filled and leveled, leaving a smooth floor upon which are set a number of small, round wooden tables and high-back chairs, all painted a glossy black. The tables are arranged to take advantage of the view, looking out over the broad plateau to the ocean beyond, a perfect frame for sunsets on a clear evening.
Small speakers set deep into the corners of the ledge's overhang relay an assortment of quiet tunes from inside, either recordings or live entertainment as the day offers. The entrance to the weyr proper has been walled off, and a wide set of double doors have been built into the wall. Mounted above the doors is a electric-lit gas sign, the blue letters spelling out the club's name: Sable Sands.

Evening is falling over Ista, and the sun is going down. As the heat dies away the weyrfolk, riders and guests are coming out to play, streaming across the bowl in various directions. Raysha has snagged herself a prime spot on the Sable Sands patio — just up against the railing, where she can watch those who come and go, and cast the occasional eye over the bowl as well. Just now she's alone, but seems content with the company of the bright green cocktail she's sipping from absently.

L'ton has taken himself to the Sands, though whether he's actually finished his work for the day, or has just given up on actually being productive is anyone's guess. Hair is ruffled, and made worse as he drags a hand through it, looking this way and that for someone to join. And then Raysha's spotted - perfect! If she's here, then there's no worry about him being there. "Heya, girl. May Ah join ya?"

"Darling, you must." Raysha's lips curve to one of her slow smiles, and she reaches forward to push out the seat opposite her with one foot. A hand goes in the air to catch the attention of one of the barmaids, who are circulating at near-manic speed. "Sit, and tell me your troubles. What are you drinking?"

L'ton glances over in the direction where the motion is direction, shaking his head quickly. "As o'yet, nothing. Ah ain't sure on what it should be, doya have a suggestion?" And he pulls the chair out, settling into it rather slouched, tipping back as he runs a hand through his hair again. "Troubles, ya say? Why do ya think Ah got troubles?"

Another smile, and Raysha's fingers twist into a series of signals, repeated back to her by one of the girls on the far side of the patio. "Of course I've a suggestion, dearest. It'll be along in a minute." Her own posture, by comparison, is well-trained and upright. Not conscious, perhaps, but simply well-maintained in the manner of one who's been doing it all her life. "Everybody has troubles, I find. And it's supposed to be the traditional activity while drinking, no?" She's whimsical, relaxed.

L'ton arches an eyebrow at the Weyrsecond, shaking his head slightly. "Ah wonder if'n ya spend a bit too much time here, with all yar fancy signals.." A wink and he makes no move to sit up - So much for peer pressure! A lazy grin, and he shakes his head a bit more, "Besides, how could Ah have troubles, when Ah'm sitting with such a lovely girl as ya?"

Raysha laughs, shaking her head, then lifting a hand to tuck a curl away behind one ear. "I used to work here, once upon a time. My father thought a bar was the best place to learn about human nature." This amuses her, dimples showing as the smile tugs at the corners of her mouth. "But you're quite right, of course. What could you lack, once the drink arrives?"

"Ah'd never want mah daughter working in a bar - Ah'd be worried sick.." And he makes a funny face at her, glancing around trying to identify the location of his drink, before he turns his attention back to her. "What could bother ya, though? Like Ah said, Ah ain't got no troubles now.."

Raysha laughs, shaking her head again as she raises her drink to her lips for a slow sip. "He had plenty of his old wingmates to keep an eye on me, and surely you don't doubt I could take care of myself?" One delicately shaped brow lofts in query, and she turns her smile on the girl who arrives to set his drink down. It's a low tumbler, piled high with ice and a generous measure of something pale yellow — strong, and flavoured of citron. "What bothers me? Not a thing in the world. I am utterly content." It's half a purr.

L'ton eyes the glass for a long moment, before lifting it, turning it slightly with a curious look on his face before he takes a cautious sip. And the glass returns to the table, though he looks pleasantly surprised. "Ah've got no doubt ya can take care of yarself, but Ah'd still worry, wingmates or not." Another slow sip of his drink, and he rocks his chair back and forth idly. "Utterly content, ya say? Ya war all by yarself, just a bit ago.. Ah hardly find that contenting."

"That's because you don't know how well I can do it," Raysha murmurs by way of reply, green eyes turned out toward the bowl for a moment, watching a group of resort-goers make their way across it with a great deal of noise, and a small smile. "Do you need company to be content?" Her gaze swings around to rest on him once more.

L'ton shakes his head slightly, sitting back. "If'n ya're anything like mah cousin Pi, Ah guess no one should have ta worry about ya. She's got a mean punch, she does.." And he wrinkles up his nose, as if in memory of the pain, and takes a sip of his drink to clear it. "Ah dun need it, but it makes its easier to obtain.." And he stays tipped back, eyeing her curiously over the table

Raysha laughs, tilting her head back in delight. "Does she so? I can imagine it. I prefer not to spoil my nails. The right look achieves just the same thing, as a rule." Another sip, and she sets down her drink to pull off one of the slices of fruit that garnishes it, turning it over in her fingers. "I enjoy my own company. I find the quiet times between conversations render the conversations more enjoyable."

L'ton chuckles, "Ah do believe Pi's last concern is her nails - She's into more messes then meh, Ah think.. With her beasties, and all." Twirling his glass around, shifting the ice cubes within, he stares at if for a long moment, though as her final comment registers, he blinks up. "Ah can find somewhere else ta sit, if'n ya want to enjoy some quiet time.."

"Mmmm, with her creatures…" Raysha's tone lacks enthusiasm for them, although her lips quirk to a small smile. She nibbles at the slice of fruit for a moment before she addresses him once more. "L'ton, this is the enjoyable conversation. Are you so very unsure of me?"

"They aren't all bad - Though she spends more time with them then anyone else, Ah think." Distracting himself with a long sip of his drink, he shakes his head a bit. "Ah am enjoying mahself, but Ah dunno what ya girls mean. Ah mean, Franses looked like she wanted ta.. ta flay me, and all Ah did was ask her ta be mah 2nd."

Raysha brings one hand up to cover her mouth for a moment, and she has her smile entirely under control by the time it comes away. "I imagine she did, but I'm impressed with your ability to spot talent. Fran's a darling, and I think she'll do very well." She smooths her skirt, setting aside the fruit rind and picking up another slice to nibble at. "What is it about girls that confuses so, L'ton?"

L'ton makes a face at Raysha, shaking his head. "Ya think its funny - Ya do, don't ya?" And he fakes a rather hurt expression, dropping the chair back down to all 4 legs. "She'll be fine, if'n Ah can keep her from maiming meh in the process.." And then he shrugs, looking defeated. "Ah dunno - Ah've got the girls who'll pay attention to meh whenever, but the ones Ah want ta pay attention ta me well.. won't. And more often then not seem as if they're gonna hurt meh bad."

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