A Creepy Marketplace

It's late, it's dark and it's kinda creepy out. What better place for Sari to be roaming around than in this environment? The brownrider has a small rucksack with her and a smug grin as she leaves the Green Dragon Inn. Unsurprisingly she's a bit tipsy, a funny step in her walk as she moves amongst the deserted Marketplace, her icy eyes moving this way and that at the sound of a scampering feline or rousting bird.

It seems that Sari wasn't the only one leaving the Green Dragon. Perhaps L'ton was sitting alone, perhaps he had some company that he excused himself from to follow after Sari as she left. Either way, he's about ten seconds behind her as they enter the Marketplace, lengthening his stride to catch up to her, even as he's busy looking here and there too, shivering a bit at the eeriness.

Sarisia is on a mission it seems, the brownrider so intent on meeting her goal that she doesn't even notice the stalking bronzer. Finally she reaches a certain stall, her eyes stuck to a certain shadowy figure. "'Fraid I ain't meet ya. Ya got it or what?" She asks in a gruff voice, dropping her sack before leaning against a box. The shadow turns out to be a fat short man and he moves into the light once Sari speaks. He's reaching into his pocket until his brown eyes catch sight of L'ton. Without another word he vanishes into the night. "Wait a shardin', where the hell are you goin' you fat!" Sari shouts out, moving after the man but tripping over her bag instead. Down to the ground she goes! Faceplant FTW!

L'ton was still a few steps away, and despite his pace slowing as Sarisia approached a dark booth, it seems that he's been spotted. And he's starting to back up hurriedly, eyes wide as he's unsure what he just stumbled upon, but then Sarisia is shrieking and tripping, and the gentleman in him is overcoming his instinct to flee and avoid any wayward stabbitys, and instead he's rushing to the brownrider's side. "Shards, what happened Sari?" He murmurs, as he moves to help her up.

Sarisia is slowly getting off the floor, the brownrider muttering darkly to herself as she rubs at her nose. That was gonna hurt in the morning. When L'ton's voice breaks the night air she glares. "You! Shard it all, don't tell it was you tha' sent him runnin'!" Cause if it was it's likely she'll smack the man good. She shoves him off, getting to her feet slowly before limping over to a crate and settling on it. "Shardin' luck. I thought I'd seen ya in the Inn. What are ya doin' here anyways?"

"Ah didn't do nothing!" L'ton quickly retorts, lifting his hands up hurriedly, shaking his head back and forth. "He was already running, by the time Ah realized there was anyone else but ya around. Ah barely even got a look at him." He quickly explains, hovering a bit as he follows her over to the crate, moving to rest his hand on her shoulder. "Ya okay?" He questions, giving her a bit of a worried look, before shrugging. "Suppose ta meet someone, and they didn't show."

Sarisia snorts at L'ton as she continues to massage her nose. Her cute little button nose, all red and bruised! "So it was ya. Yer lucky I ain't in my best shape or I'd beat some sense into ya." She says with a roll of her eyes. She eyes his hand on her shoulder but allows it, her anger passing soon enough. The fat one was gone anyways, nothing she could do about it now. "'m fine. Ain't nothin' a good drink won't cure." When the bronzer mentions being stood up she quirks a brow, eyeing him curiously. "Don't tell me it was supposed ta be Sur."

"What the shards were ya gonna do anyway?" He questions with a long stare at her, though he does lean to gently kiss her poor abused nose. "Ah mean, he didn't look like he should be there.." He offers, oh so helpfully, before he's shaking his head. "Nah. Ah.. Ah ain't gotten ta see her in a bit. Sorta makes me sad. Thought Ah heard that K'ael say something 'bout her ta, and Ah dun wanna get in his way. Ah mean, Ah like my job, even if'n Ah have ta listen ta that blasted kid now."

Sarisia eyes L'ton back before shrugging her shoulders. "Nothing really. He jus' wanted to talk." She lies before rolling her eyes at the kiss. Fine, she'll let him off this time. She pats the crate next to her so he can join her before letting out a sigh. "Ah, so who was it then? Don't tell me ya got yerself into some shady business. I mean, a pretty boy like ya shouldn't be hangin' out with the wrong crowd." She smirks at him before slowly rubbing her forearm, she's gonna have some new bruises to go with her old ones now. "Ah, I'd heard there was a new 'Leader. Guessin' ya two ain't see eye to eye?"

"Ah'm sure he did. Long as it wasn't talking with a knife er nothing.." L'ton sighs softly, shaking his head and looking down at her arm in the shadows as he joins her on the crate. "Shards, Sari, what am Ah gonna do with ya?" He shakes his head, concerned. "Nah, my nose is already crooked enough, no shady business. Just mah cousin." At the mention of the new leader, L'ton just rolls his eyes. "Boy is cutting in on my grounds, and trying ta get with my daughter, and then breaking her heart the next second."

Sarisia snorts at the bronzers comment, shaking her head a bit. "Ain't need to worry 'bout that. I got my own knife if needed." Ladies should never go do shady dealings with a dagger after all! "And ya ain't gotta do nothin' 'bout me. I ain't gettin' into nothin' I ain't be able ta handle." She assures L'ton, leaning against him a bit. She was tipsy after all. "But maybe ya should /do/ somethin' to me?" She says with a smirk, leading the man on shamelessly. When the topic moves back to their home Weyr she frowns. "So it's one jus' as bad as ya? Gettin' into all the gals panties and leavin' ya none? I should go meet this new 'Leader than."

"Well, just don't go leaving that knife nowhere, ya hear?" He teases her, gently putting his arm around her shoulder as she leans. "Nah, he's worse. He just uses and leaves 'em. Ah like ta think that Ah do care about all the girls… Ah mean, if'n Ah didn't, Ah'd not keep coming back, right love?" He teases her, trying to steal a kiss. "But, he.. yeah. Ah mean, he just likes how they feel, or ta carve a notch in his bedpost." L'ton grumbles a bit, before tightening his arm around her. "Nah, Ah dun think ya should. Ah.. Ah think that Ah /should/ do something ta ya, causing all this trouble."

"Ya ain't gotta worry, bronzer." Sari says with a smirk, accepting the kiss. "Hmm, ya are kinda carin', sometimes it's not a good thing mind ya." She says as she rubs at her nose again. When the comment about carving notches into bedposts come she just laughs. "Shards, that ain't so bad is it? I mean, I do the same." She's not the sweetest girl after all, though she does have a soft spot for L'ton… Not that'd she'd ever voice it. When he tightens his hold around her she just rolls her eyes before giving him a soft punch on the arm. "Ya shardin' should! I'm thinkin' somethin' in the order of a pint or two." There's the smirk of hers again, evil little brownie!

"Well, ain't nothing wrong with having them marks, but dun pretend like ya care, when ya really dun, ya know?" L'ton counters again. "Ah enjoy a good girl just as much as the next guy, but if'n it ain't going to mean anything, they know that up front. Not gonna mess with some poor lil girl's mind." Despite the soft punch, he's leaning to leer a bit. "Maybe a bit of ale'll get ya ta decide that ya could use more of a distraction." But then, as she smirks, he's winking, and moving to pull her up, to head back inside.

Sarisia catches L'ton's sourness at the topic and so she just drops it, focusing on idly massaging the bronzers shoulder instead. "Shards, I forget how much of a baby ya are." She mutters playfully, her icy eyes moving up to the man. "Come on, I'll take care of ya after ya get me tha' drink or two. Jus' don't start babblin' 'bout yer undying love for me." She teases, following as he pulls her off. "And since when did ya start gettin' tha' look? I ain' ever seen it in your eyes 'fore. Yer more of that wooin' type."

"Sure ya ain't." Sari says before following than me, leading him right past the bar. "I see. Sounds like yer 'bout ready to pop than! We should get ya destressed a bit. But don't think I'm lettin' ya off easy. Ya still owe me a round or two!" And you can be sure that she'll keep Ton to that. For now she's all raring to go, that leer having worked wonders on the girl. "And if ya say anythin' durin' yer out." She threatens with a cackle.

"So mean.." He mutters, pausing to pull her close for a moment for a rushed kiss as they psas the bar, though there's still a grin on his face. "Ah'm more than willing ta give ya whatever ya want, all ya gotta do is ask. Ya should know that by now, Sari.. Ah can always use a drinking partner." He grins, before it seems he's going to shut up now, lest he ruin his chances.

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