Checking Up on Laera

Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr(#7690RJ)
This room is decorated in blues, purples and most shades between. Large cushions tossed about for sitting on, draperies on the walls and rugs in Kereth's couch all reflect these colours. A low table sits amidst the group of cushions for eating at or socializing. There is a tapestry on one wall of a blue dragon in flight, one of a different shade then Kereth, paler even like her mother's dragon Liraeth. A gift given by Laera's grandmother to Lyn and now to Laera. In one corner is a four poster bed with draperies enclosing it on all sides to provide privacy if needed.

Well pregnancy does not seem to have slowed Laera down but today well she is having an issue. Most of her flight gear is rather fitted. She is laying on her bed in her flight pants that just aren't quite managing to button up and one of her white lacy shirts she oft wears under her flight jacket. Fingers are lightly splayed over her stomach which isn't even remotely big yet but just big enough to cause problems with this pants it seems. Hardly more than a paunch really.

It seems that even though Niva's gold has gone and flown, L'ton's not taking too many chances making his presence known around Xanadu. And thus, the bronzerider and his lifemate are landing on the road itself, just outside of Laera's home, and the rider is headed that way without taking any little meandering sidetrips. And so, into Laera's home he goes, with just a tap on the door to announce his presence, as he's looking around him. "Laera?" He questions, before glancing towards the bed and spotting her. "Laera.." He offers more cheerfully, eyes on her hand.

No chances indeed. She may well still kill him on sight for grounding half a wing. At the tap on the door she props up on one elbow to see who is there. One hand still rests on her stomach as she smiles at L'ton, "I need a new flight suit." She says with a mark of humour on her lips. Nope it is not a complaint as such. "Your kid is poking out of this one a bit." She says with a laugh as she finally sits fully up, leaving the pants unbuttoned as if she has a choice. Of course she was offered grounding, paperwork, but she is continuing to fly…straight.

"Well, Ah'd say just fly in yer underthings, but fer some reason Ah think them other guys would appreciate it ta much, and yer aunt wouldn't 'ppreciate it at all." L'ton replies quickly enough, before moving to settle down on the bed next to her, assuming she doesn't chase him off, giving her a girl. "Ya feeling alright, sweets? Ah mean, no major problems or nothing?" And then he's glancing down at the slight bump of the bluerider's abdomen, before lifting his gaze back to her face. Yes, really her face.

"Well it is a thought, especially when summer hits." Laera lays back down on the bed, placing both hands on her paunch again. "Suppose I don't really need to wear my heavy flight stuff anyway, not like I am betweening." She says casually before looking up at him and smiling, "Yeah I am fine, not too much sickness. Uncle Kris gave me some good tips for that. He is looking better these days, got some colour to him and got himself a patient in me." She says with a wink before reaching over to one of his hand to place it on her bare belly. Nothing really to feel right now, but it is the thought that counts. "Sort out things with Aunty Lis yet?"

L'ton leans back a bit, propping himself up on his elbow, before he's resting his hand lightly on her stomach, and giving her a bit of a grin. "Well, at least he's got something ta get better fer, and ya practically have yer own healer, taking care of y'all." He grins, before glancing down at his hand, shaking his head. "Ah, um… Ah've sorta been 'voiding her. Ain't sure what she's gonna say not that it ain't just that Ah slept with ya, but that Ah knocked ya up. Ah.. have a feeling it ain't gonna be so pretty." Even if Lisle's a little woman, she can probably still do some damage.

"Yeah…he does. He don't need the stress of a full infirmary, but he was going mad without being able to do anything. It is who he is…and maybe he will be well enough to work the infirmary again." Laera gives a little shrug, though there is a touch of sadness to the last bit which shows just how bad off the uncle is. Well he was a Gyn/OB healer, and she is having a fairly simple pregnancy so far. Should be good. Her fingers move to rest on top of his, a gentle little gesture it is. She tilts her head to look up at him, "Well I wrote her about it…explained things. Hopefully…well hopefully it won't be so bad for you. It is not like I am a kid anymore. Alix was like a turn old by time she was my age." She gives a little shrug.

"Ah think this may be fer the best, though.." As she rests her fingers on top of his, he gives her a bit of a smile, before daring to lean and give her a quick kiss. "Ah suppose that's true.. Yer really not much younger than Ah was, when Zip was born, and ya aren't ta far in." Really, when you think about it, its not that bad. "Ah just feel bad that Ah'm so much… older." He murmurs a bit, actually turning a bit red. "Ah'll, have ta find her, and talk to her. Maybe with a skin of wine ta help soothe things."

She leans her head up to return the kiss. Loving in her own way, a casual thing with no strings. Perhaps she chose him for this, maybe it was just an accident, but either way she seems content about it. She rests her head back down on the bed and shakes her head at his concern, lifting a hand to his cheek, "Stop you fretting over it, I chose you to comfort me that day and not just because you were there." She says softly before shaking her head at his choice of drink, "Pink up the fruity red drink from the Sands." She advises. Lisle was never a big alchohol drinker, but it is her favorite.

L'ton chuckles a bit, settling himself down, and idly petting her stomach, before giving her a look, and then a shake of his head. "Well, if'n ya say so, lil'bit. Clearly ya know enough, since ya seem ta be doing well 'nuff." He grins a bit more, before idly patting her belly. "So.. uh.. Ah.. Ah dun suppose Ah can convince ya that ya want it ta be a Z, huh?" He asks, trying to sound all casual.

"Now, dun get me wrong, Ah'm partial ta L's, too, but." L'ton chuckles a bit, before shifting to settle down on his back, reaching over to find her hand to hold onto. "But, its this.. family thing. Ya see, may parent's generation, they were all A's.. And then my generation, its all P's.. Ponce, Paimada, Pallaton, ya see?" He pauses a moment, before glancing at her. "Next ones are Zs, and then after them come Es. Its sorta a tradition thing." Helps work out who you can and can't sleep with, too.

Laera listens quality to L'ton's explanation and slowly nods, "Well I will think about it…a bit too early for that kind of stuff." Don't want to jinx things. Finally she rises from the bed and slips out of her pants and hunts through her clothes pile for looser pants before slipping them on, "Well I best be getting off to work…this look alright?" She asks as she pulls her flight jacket over a pair of casual pants. Well allowances are to be made here.

"That's all Ah can ask, Laera, and Ah realize that." He grins, moving to get up as she does, nodding in agreement. "Ah think it looks fine. Ah mean, really, what can anyone say." Moving to give her a hug, he's smiling. "Ah'll find yer aunt.. Ah'll have Dhonzayth pass on how it goes… But, if'n ya need anything, will ya let me know?" He questions with a smile, even as he's getting ready to head back out himself.

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