The Cousins Chat

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Pi has taken to spending time on the beach with her gaudy dragon. At this point she's still obviously damp from a swim, at least her long braid is. Laying on a towel, arms folded underneath her head she's just staring upwards and relaxing, dragon frolicing in the water still nearby.

Dhonzayth glides towards the water, quickly dropping himself just out of range of Psylenith, and ending up floating with a trumpet to the green. L'ton appears a short while later, towel over his shoulder, in swim trunks, as he heads to the beach. Pausing as he spots Pi, he grins. "Hey there.."

Psylenith rumbles to the bronzen beast as well as notifying her human of the arrivals it seems. Pi pushes herself up into a sitting position and peeks in L'ton's direction just a second before he greets her. "Hey." is said in response. Oh yeah, she's in her swimming suit, of course. "How're yeh?" They haven't had a /whole/ lot of time to talk recently, or bother eachother at least not with nobody else around.

L'ton crosses over, dropping his towel and then flopping down on, before he glances sidelong at her with a shrug. "Busy - But good." Pause. "Psylenith looks good - How're you doing?" Dhonzayth snorts at said green, spreading his wings to float a little lower.

Pi grins at the response, seeming to be in a good enough mood. She gets along better with L'ton too, isn't it amazing? "Ah'm pretty good, an' thanks. Dhonzayth is handsome, but Ah'm sure yeh know that." Peeking at the other again she ponders briefly. "Yeh worried 'bout 'im chasin' soon?" Then something occurs to her and she rolls her eyes. "Nah, course yeh ain't."

L'ton gives her an amused wink, as he stares at the bronze out in the water. "It'll be a new thing, but Ah'm not worried." Pause. "Ya worried about it?" The towel is rearranged beneath him as he talks, giving him a less sandy spot to sit on.

Psylenith snorts at the floating male and uses her tail to sends a splash up at her clutchmate. Pi just rolls her eyes again at the wink. "Yeah, Ah guess. But it'll be allright." She has a plan after all. The girl's starting to blush a bit though, obviously she isn't all comfortable with the whole flight thing yet.

L'ton reaches over to nudge her with an elbow, if she lets him, as he watches her, grin on his face. "Oh, will it now? What if Dhonzayth there catches? Considering he's the best male out there.." A teasing wink, and he watches for her reaction.

Pi glares at the elbowing and thwaps him with an open hand where his arm should be. "Ah think yah'd end up missin' soemthin' rather important ta yeh." Is her response, though she's blushing more now. Grrr.

L'ton ducks out of the way, sticking his tongue out at her, before he leans back on his hands, watching her out of the corner of his eye. "Ah, ya got someone else ya want ta catch, doncha?"

Pi turns /bright/ red at that. Take that as a 'yes', allright? "It don' matter who /Ah/ wanna catch, if anyone at all." Mainly the blush was the idea of L'ton and.. well, you know :P

L'ton grins widely as he watches her, shaking his head for a long moment. "It ain't the weyrleader, is it? Ah mean, if'n that Saelis finds out.. And just cause ya got his coat.." Pause. "Well, ya never know. Maybe it does, a bit.."

Pi makes a face at the mention of the weyrleader and rolls her eyes. "No, course not!" And then there's a nice glare at the mention of the coat. "That wasn' anythin' bad, an Ah gave it back." Not to mention she got her shirt back. Heh. "An' Ah didn' even get in trouble." So there.

L'ton waggles a finger at her. "Ya wouldn't be denying it so much, if it wasn't true. And if'n ya didn't get in trouble, then ya know, that means he likes ya, too. Maybe that's why him and Saelis ain't no more.."

Pi rolls her eyes some more at that. "Yeh know that ain't true. We snuck in ta see him an he woke up an grabbed meh shirt, he was all out of it, seein' things an hearin' things that ain't right. Like Uncle Aeryn always did." Ah yes, their delireous uncle Aeryn.

"But ya didn't get in trouble later, either. And ya turn bright read all the time." Pause. "Or, is it that brown rider?" Pause. "Or - both?" And he blinks at her, gaze narrowing slightly.

Pi rolls her eyes at the comment. "Ah didn' get in trouble with him cause Ah was truthful 'bout it an' returned the jacket." It makes sense to /her/ after all. Okay so she blushes more at the mention of the brownrider, but she's red enough that it isn't too obvious. "It's the whole flight thing… Ah'm nervous 'bout it." And embarressed.

L'ton shakes his head, "Uh-huh, sure." But he lets the weyrleader subject drop as he glances back out at the water. "Ya know, Ah'm sure ya could find someone who'd, uh, introduce ya to it before ya have to deal with a flight.."

Pi gives her head a slow shake. L'ton is silly and annoying. But at least that's never changed. She's still pink especially with that last comment. "Ah know, Ah've been told Ah should."

L'ton is only silly and annoying because he love Pi in his own, special way. Like a cousin. At least now. "Ah'm sure that brownrider ya're with a lot'll be more then willing.."

But L'ton was /always/ silly and annoying! At least in Pi's mind. Pi definitly turns bright red at that comment and glances down. "Ah know.. tha's who Ah'm gonna ask… jus' don' tell nobody, okay?" He gets a /glare/ as well, as she waits for him to promise not to tell. "If'n yeh do Ah'll get out what we used ta castrate the ovines back home." Ah, still good ol' Pi.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah won't tell anyone, but Ah can't say I won't tease ya about it.." And he leans back, before he scoots away from her hurriedly. "Ya wouldn't.. girls would hurt ya too much!"

Pi smirks slightly at that. "Ah'm sure some would thank meh, an Ah've heard yeh can make one plenty happy without on anyhow. Think 'bout the girls who like girls, they manage." So /hah/.

L'ton shrugs a bit, winking at her from a safe distance. "Tis just cause they haven't experience meh, yet. Because ya, know, once they do.. They'll be mine fa good. And, ya know, if'n Dhonzayth's involved, its just that much better.."

Pi raises an eyebrow at that. "Oh, yer sure 'bout that? Ah ain't. Yeh know.. ovines behave better once yeh remove 'em… maybe it'll help yeh too."

L'ton waves a hand, shaking his head hurriedly. "Ah'm the best right now - Ah can't possibly be improved." A wink, and he shifts to cover up his tender bits just in case she decides to take it out on him for his next comment. "O'course ya ain't, ya haven't experienced it." Pause. "Not that ya should.." Is that a disclaimer?

Pi just shakes her head, yup. "Yer still full of yerself, some things don' change do they." There's a /nice/ disgusted face at the mention of her not having experienced it yet. "And Ah /ain't/ plannin' tah. No thanks."

"Ah'm only full of mahself because Ah'm that good.." He offers jokingly, before shaking his head slightly. "Ya know, if'n ya want, Ah can try and make sure we're away, when Psy there goes up.." L'ton is at least a decent enough guy to offer that.

Pi tosses a handful of sand at Pal because he most definitly deserves it. Then she blinks slightly at that, turning to peer at the bronze weyrling briefly. "Yer actually offerin' tah?" Blink. Frown. "Actually… maybe Ah'd rather have yeh chase… better yeh winnin' then some others." That last bit is actually serious as well. Believe it or not

L'ton ducks the sand, wrinkling up his nose as some ends up in his hair, and he brushes at it absently. "Hey…" And then he blinks back at her, shrugging slightly. "Not like there ain't plenty of other greens - Ah wouldn't want it ta be any more awkward for yar poor, innocent, naive self then necessary." And then at her final comment, he grins a bit. "That so?

Pi looks a little annoyed at his response. "Ah ain't that naive." is grumbled back. Not after candidacy at least. Lots of long interesting embarressing discussions happened during that. "An yeah, Ah trust yeh for some odd reason, ye'd be better than a total stranger.. or some of the riders Ah've met."

L'ton laughs softly. "Ah suppose ya aren't as naive as ya used ta be, but Pi, that ain't saying much, and ya know it." And its his turn to blush slightly, only slightly, at her comment. "Ah am?" Pause. "Like who?"

Pi smirks. "Ah know." is the response, she admits it. Then she can't help but smirk at the blush and shrugs. "A'ray… T'ren. The first's a jerk an' the second…. jus' makes meh uncomfortable. He's kinda creepy."

L'ton wrinkles up his nose, shaking it slightly. "Ah wouldn't wish T'ren on ya. B'relle might have ya throat - And ya never want the Weyrlingmaster after ya.." He's been yelled at enough for rather benign things, to fear something worse.

Pi sighs slightly and rolls her eyes. "Tha's silly. Male dragons chase females, yeh think she'd get that by now, bein'a weyrlin'master especially." It makes sense to /her/ and she's holdbred.

L'ton waggles a finger. "But ya can't say ya wouldn't be a bit jealous if'n ya and that brownrider were together, and had a kidlet, and such. And then he got some other girl pregnant, when you were suppose ta be teaching her stuff." And he shrugs a bit.

Pi sighs slightly at that. "Ah ain't gettin' pregnant anytime soon… got stuff fer it." She's been told stuff about that thankfully. "An' ah'd be jealous but Ah wouldn' take it out on the person tha' can' help it. If'n it was a flight that is." If it /wasn't/ a flight? Dear gods the girl would be dead.

"Ah think ya're parents might not much like it, otherwise.." L'ton sits up, stretching his back for a long moment. "But would ya take it out on the one ya love so much, since they coulda probably helped it? Ain't it easier ta take it out on the other one?"

Pi peeks at the other and frowns at the mention of her parents. "They probably ain't likin' meh bein' a rider much at all." She hasn't actually heard from them at all. "An' how could the person help it, from what Ah heard there's always a green risin' here… yeh can' /always/ be where a dragon ain't."

L'ton gives an almost sympathetic smile, hoping to steer the topic away from her parents and their lack of communication by not saying anything else about it. "Ya said it - There's always green's rising. Guys dun chase all the time - And ya can keep 'em from chasing, if you care to."

Pi shrugs a little at the comment. "Some dragons're more stubborn than others Ah've heard, an' it's gotta be hard ta keep one from chasin'.. like keepin' yeh from chasin' girls." And she sticks her tongue out at he other. "Only worse, if'n that's possible."

L'ton shrugs a bit in return. "Tis what Ah've heard. Ah can't say Ah've had ta deal with Dhon yet. But, Ah think Ah'll welcome it." At least at first. "Ya know ya would be lost without meh.." And he winks, moving to pick up his towel. "Dhon wants an oiling - Ah'm gonna go do that. G'luck with ya're boy." And he sticks his tongue out at her to accompany his parting shot before heading back the way he came, Dhonzayth getting quickly out of the water, and headed after him.

Pi smirks a little. "Maybe not lost, an' even probably less misguided, but Ah'd miss yeh." She'll admit that. Plus, having someone else from home is a /very/ nice thing. "See ya!" And Psy is headed out of the water so she gets up, wrapping the towel around her waist and heads off with the gaudy green

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