Drunken Ysa

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

Booze. Booze. And some more booze. Ysa arrived while the bronzer was away from his weyr, crying her heart out to Mai before sleeping it off for the rest of the day. Though after that, she was up and out and boozing it up. Not quite the best company, though. Not happy, just drunk. And once again she's taken up her booth in the far corner, hoping to be out of sight, with a pitcher of her favorite ale and an empty mug. Not to mention it was still bright and early in the day, people just leaving as they finish up their breakfast. And there was the goldrider, looking like she was about to pass out already.

While under most circumstances, L'ton would rejoice in having two women in his Weyr, this time, there is not so much rejoicing. Perhaps that its because such a situation is what brought Ysa to Ista, or perhaps its Ysa's constantly drunk state. Either way, L'ton has actually been behaving himself and not coming onto Ysa, at least not too much. As of now, it seems someone has directed him to his weyr-guest who's already in the Sands, for he's seekin gher out, sliding into the booth next to her, and moving to immediately put his arm over her shoulder. "Ysa, sweets…" He sighs softly, reaching to push the pitcher away.

Well, rumors must have been spreading already. While Ysa used to like making a good impression on the guys and people in the tavern for company, this time around it's been the opposite. She prefers the time alone, keeping the company afar. So when L'ton sidles in, she stiffens her shoulders up and sighs before fulling getting up. "Hm? Time to go back to the weyr?" she mumbles to him, blinking at her empty mug and the low ale in the pitcher. She sighs again and shrugs Ton's arm away. "More ale, Ton. 'm getting thirsty 'gain." Whether she had been eating or not, she still wasn't really losing weight. What with her main diet being booze.

"No more booze, Ysa…" He murmurs. "Not yet." He sighs softly, trying to tug her back into the seat. "Ya can't just have ale, Ysa, even if'n ya want ta.. Ah mean, Ah has no qualms drinking with ya, but.. Food first.." He says simply with a sigh, giving her a look over, and what can only be a pitying look. "Have some breakfast with me, and then Ah'll be happy ta drink yer worries 'way with ya?" He tries to bargain.

Ysa glares up to L'ton immediately when he says those horrible words. No booze!? She wrinkles her nose and sits away from him then, on the other side of the seat. "I ate somethin'," she huffs out. "'While go, 'fore the booze." She lifts her arm to start calling on someone to bring her another refill, turning her head away when she gets those pity eyes. "'m fine, Ton. Don'tchoo have somewhere else to be? Weyrsecond an' all? Ya don' have to keep me company."

"Ah've got time, Ysa. Ah.. Ah don't think its good fer ya ta be alone right now." As she calls for more booze, he's lifting his own hand to call for a pair of meals - whether or not she has already eaten, he's going to make her eat again, and then he's left to stare at her. "Ysa.." He starts, before he's sighing softly, and shaking his head. "Ysa, what am Ah gonna da with ya? Ah mean, Ah dun mind ya here. Fact, Ah'm thrilled Ah get ta see ya so much, finally but.." He chews on his lip, before reaching to steal the rest of the ale infront of her.

Ysa tries not to screw her face up into a scowl at L'ton. But it comes out anyway, her eyes red from drinking and possibly crying again. She hadn't slept in the weyr that last night, probably passing out somewhere. Rumor has it the baths, but who knows. But the face doesn't last long as it drops, shoulders falling, and she sighs. "'m sorry, Ton. I know… Mai said it'll be fine to stay, but I know ya probably don' want me 'round… Jus' gotta catch Sharix sometime, get my own weyr, do something." She shrugs both her shoulders up helplessly, Mooching off her friends and all wasn't good for weeks.

L'ton reaches across the table to try and catch her hand, hoping to give it a squeeze. "Ysa, love.. Ah don't mind ya staying, not at all. Yer more than welcome ta stay as long as ya want. Ah mean, it ain't like yer interrupting anything. And, like Ah said, Ah.. Ah really don't want ya by yerself right now. But.. Ah wanna know what Ah can do. Ah mean.." Even L'ton's a bit lost for words, and then the plates are being slide infront of them, along with her ale. "Eat, sweets, please?" He'll at least attempt to lead by example.

Ysa lets her hand be caught, though more because her reflexes her slow. She doesn't squeeze him back at first, though, but after a moment she returns the slight affection. "Ya two pro'lly don' need to have 'nother nuisance 'round, with the baby an' all that." She sighs again and shakes her head, letting his hand go so that she can reach for the new drink first, barely giving the food a glance as she does so. "Not much ya can do, Ton… no worries. I jus' don' know what to do right now, 'cept… being 'ere." And drinking herself to death. Ellamariseth was going to start getting really annoyed, sometime soon.

"Ya ain't being a nuisance, Ah promise, Ysa.. Ah.. Ah just want ya ta be happy again. And, Ah feel.. Ah feel like its all my fault, somehow.." He leans back in his seat then, absently playing with the food infront of him, before looking back at her. "Ya.. Ya still need ta take care of yerself. And, that much alcohol can't be ta good fer ya. Ah mean.. Yer gonna do yerself some real damage, and then Ah'll be without my favorite goldrider… And that ain't no good. Mai'll be sad, ta, cause yer like.. her bestest friend.." He rambles, giving her plate a little nudge, trying to remind her that its there.

Ysa sighs and glances up for a moment towards L'ton. "How is it your shardin' fault?" she slurrs out with a roll of her eyes. "It ain't." She starts slowly on the ale at least, taking little sips of it first before staring down at the meal, curious by its sudden appearance. Yah, her eyes were only on the alcohol at first. "'m feelin' jus' fine, Ton. Ain't sick at all. Don't have a baby to feed, either," she says, choking up just the slightest before sighing, gulping the ale once, and setting it aside. As if just to make the bronzerider stop bugging her, she reaches for her utensils, stabs at a piece of her meal, and pops it in her mouth immediately.

"Ah dunno. Ah.." He shrugs a bit. "Ah kinda feel like if'n Ah was a better influence, he'd not have done that." Though, who really knows. As she abandons the ale to sort of stab at her breakfast, he's stealing it to take a long gulp, before its returned to her, and he's sighing. "Dunno. Feel like Ah should be able ta do something ta. Ah hate ta see ya so down, Ysa.. Ya're always so…" He shakes his head, unsure of exactly what he's trying to say.

Ysa stabs the plate just a little bit harder the second time. "Not your fault," she growls out. "That don' matter. I jus' ain't goo—" she stops herself before she says it. Again. Instead, she puts some more food into her mouth, tossing a glare the bronzerider's way for stealing her drink. She shrugs at him again and sighs, giving her head a bit of a shake. "'m not always so… nothing. Jus' don' worry 'bout it." She reaches again for her drink, forgetting about the food for a moment.

L'ton is quiet for a long time, then, as he's too busy eating his breakfast to say anything. Or, perhaps he's trying to think of what he can say, to not get growled at. "Ya been back?" He questions softly, lifting his gaze from the plate to look at her slowly. And then he's swiping more ale from her, before he's shaking his head. "Ya know, never mind. Ah dun wanna know. But.. Ah just want ya ta know.. Ya and Ram are both mah friends. But.. Ah.. Ah ain't going ta be mad at ya, no matter what happens. Ah mean, Ah'll be here, as much as Ah can, but Ah dun wanna put ya in an awkward situation, and all."

Well, his words don't make her growl, but it definitely makes her fall silent. "No," Ysa finally says. While she continued to say she'll be picking Lyram up, her state of mind and intoxication didn't really allow for that to happen. The boys were, unfortunately, all in the bronzer's care. Which made her want to suddenly have more to drink, swatting his hand away from her mug. "A pitcher!" she calls out to a passing waitress, voice cracking a bit. She needed more. Green eyes look back to hi and she shakes her head. "Ya don't have to try so hard, Ton. Ya got Mai, an'…" Glare. "An', well, all those brats an' all. I'll be out of your way. We don't even spend much time when 'm not sleepin' on your couch, anyway."

"Ah'm serious, even if'n ya dun think it. Ah.. Ah just never did wanna cause no problems with ya and him. Ah mean, Ah know my reputation… Ah mean.." She knows it particularly well. "Ah do love Mai, but.. Ah could have a hundred kids, and Ah'd still care 'bout ya, Ysa. Ah mean, if'n things had gone different, Ah might could have seen myself chasing ya, but.." He shrugs. Clearly, he should not have alcohol before he's had breakfast, given his rambling.

Ysa gives the barest of arches of one of her brows when he suddenly mentions his reputation. "Ya never would've ruined 'nything," she says, and then shakes her head a bit. "I love Mai an' all, Ton," she starts, waiting to refill her mug. Between him and herself, the first one was gone too quickly. To take up it's place, she picks at the plate again. "It never would've worked out 'tween us two, Ton. We're jus'… too 'like, too different." Too confused, is Ysa by now.

"Ah know, sweets.. Ah know. And.. well, Ah mean just the way things went.." He shrugs, reaching for her hand again, even as he's signaling for another glass. He'll at least stop drinking out of her mug now that there's another new pitcher. "Ah dun even know what Ah'm trying ta say no more, Ysa. Just.. Ah'm here, for whatever Ah can do. Even if'n all ya wanna do is pretend Ah'm him, and scream at me fer a few hours. Ah can take it, if'n ya give me somemore of the ale."

Ysa shrugs one shoulder, letting her hand be taken again. This time she initiates the squeezing first with a sigh. "Doubt it would've been much different at all." With her free hand, she grabs the pitcher to pour, only with it being shaky in her hand. It was no surprise that some of it starts spilling a bit. "I know you're there for me, Ton. Jus' like Mai, jus' like…" She flinches and sets the pitcher down with a heavy thump, shaking her head. "I don' want that. S'alright. Ya can have as much booze as ya want. Ya can pay for the pitcher with the food." As if she'd put that on her tab! Food ignored again, she goes for the drink instead, her hand still in Ton's if he wanted it.

L'ton keeps his hand wrapped around hers as he sits there, even as his other hand is moving to steady hers with the pitcher, filling her own mug, and then taking it to fill his in turn. "'course Ah got yer food. Ah mean.. Ah might even get ya a pitcher, depending.." He offers, with a bit of a smile. "If'n ya change her mind.." he offers once more, before his hand is moving to idly trace the lines on her palm, giving her fingers a squeeze, before looking back at her.

Ysa didn't make /too/ much of a mess with his help. "If ya drink most of it, it's yours," says Ysa as she eyes the pitcher and her mug, taking one nice big swig of it since the bronzer kept taking all her stuff. "Depending on what?" she questions, looking up to catch his eyes, even if hers weren't entirely focusing. Her hand relaxes and then squeezes shut at his touch and she sighs again, eyes closing. "Change whose mind? What, Ton?" Her eyes open back up to his, questioning.

"Depending if'n Ah think ya need more or not. Ah mean, if'n ya start having ale come out yer ears and nose, then Ah think Ah'd have ta say that ya've had enough, and ya ain't getting another pitcher outta me." L'ton jokes softly, before he's gently squeezing her hand again, fingers idly tracing the veins up her wrist and lower arm, clearly a bit out of it himself. "Change yer mind about needed someone ta just yell at." No, not the, 'someone to jump into bed with', as much as L'ton probably wishes he could offer that.

"It hasn't already, then it won't start soon. I can have lots an' 'm fine," Ysa says. Over a long period of time, of course, but it wasn't like she wasn't getting sick over it, too. "Won' pick up my tab later, either?" she says, bringing those red eyes up. Unfortunately, they were drunk eyes and not teary eyes. And someone might have a really big tab by now, too. "I won'… change my mind." Whether it was sleeping with him or not, who knows. She sighs at the feelings she gets from him running up her arm, looking down to stare at it before she pulls away enough to grab his hand and give it a squeeze, holding it in her own.

L'ton settles his hand in hers as she pulls away and gives it a squeeze, before nodding slowly. "Ah dunno if'n Ah can afford it. Ah have heard 'xactly how much ya've been down here.. And well, ain't like Ah'm a Weyrleader, so Ah dun have a totally unlimited 'mount of marks." He smiles, amused a bit at her drunken look. "Ah'll leave that ta ya, ta deal with, when its all over." Glancing down at her hand again, he gives it another squeeze, his breakfast abandoned.

Ysa rolls her eyes back at him. "It ain't like that… haven't been drinking /that/ much." Yah, right. That was a downright lie, obviously. "Borrow some from the Weyrleader, then," she says with a grunt, only to realize just how that encounter went with her and she falls silent again. "I'll take care of it. Need to… do /something/ soon, for marks an' all that." She needed to talk to the Istan Weyrwoman if she can catch her, or when she wasn't rolling around drunk in the lower caverns. The hand is all but forgotten, even if it remained in his grip.

L'ton gives her hand a bit of a squeeze. "Well, what would ya wanna do fer marks? Ah mean, Ah can at least arrange a few things fer ya. Though, if'n Ah send ya out on transfer, behind their back, Ah need ta know that ya'll be sober 'nuff ta make it. Ah couldn't live with mahself, if'n something happened ta ya, when Ah was making ya jump all over, drunk." His mug is drained, then, despite having been mostly full, and he's reaching to fill it back up. Though, after a moment, he's glancing at her hand again, and then moving to flop down on the other side of the table with her, though this time there's no arm around her shoulder. "Sorry. Ah.. Ah can't sit 'cross without looking." Least he admits it, even if its a bit slurred, and his face is red while doing so.

Ysa gives her head one quick shake. "I got 'nough saved up, for now," she tells him. "Transport… guess I can do later. If'n Sharix doesn't take me on, I guess…" She'll probably be told to go home eventually, if the Weyrwoman didn't want to put up with a drunk goldrider. "Or might go to Ierne," she muses into her mug, only looking up when he moves. She blinks up at him with wide eyes before sighing in defeat. No escape. "Ya gettin' drunk, Ton? So early?" She pokes him in the side, but the teasing only makes her get more glummy and she leans into the table, over her food. "Dontchoo have 'bout twenty brats to go visit?"

"Eh. They ain't really my concern. Ah take 'em presents fer their turndays, but 'less their ma wants me there, Ah dun mess. And, well, most of 'em Ah think are just like, they has their baby now, they dun need meh around no more." L'ton shrugs a bit, though he's making sure to give her space, even if he's on the same side of the table as her. "Not drunk.." he argues a bit, shaking his head, and with a soft sigh, he gives her a smile, squeezing her shoulder.

Ysa snorts as he explains his relationships with his children, but she nods nonetheless. "Zelik," she does note. "Still young…" She grows somber now, having left her little infant back home, just three months old! It already started to make her shoulders shake until she feels Ton's touch, and she immediately leans into him. "'m not drunk, either," she says, and then downs the rest of her mug. "Thanks… for being 'ere, Ton. Ya an' Mai."

As Ysa leans into him, he leans back in the seat enough to wrap his arm around her, gently rubbing her back and leaning to kiss her temple much like he would his childen, sighing softly, and nodding. "Zel's different.." He murmurs, before nodding a bit. "Its the very least Ah can do fer ya, love.." And then he's settling in, content to spend the rest of the morning just keeping her company, and drinking. Even if he's already somewhat intoxicated, and fighting his every instinct to make a move. Though, she does get an awkward kiss aimed at her cheek in turn, before he's settling back to refill both mugs.

At least Ysa wasn't running away from him, allowing the comfort of his company. She looks up after the friendly forehead-kiss, quite familiar with them lately, before nodding. "I know he's different. Mai an' ya… I wouldn't know what to do without the two of ya." It's a good thing he doesn't make a move. Too early in the day for that, and it might send the goldrider running. But she relaxes against him, allowing the kiss, and only tilting her head up in turn. At least she'll pick at her food, since it was already there, before finishing up the rest of the pitcher.

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