Niah's Complaint

All is quiet, the day is coming to an end and Niah is sitting atop celiketh. Her and the purpley blue are bonding, she's comfortable on his back. Inside both boys are napping comfortabely, they don't yet know that momma is home. Zae having already left to go and have dinner, also giving her guardian some alone time. The bluerider is slightly more rounded in the front, getting a bit bigger everyday.

Sometimes, you hate to break the peaceful silenced. And so, its for a few long minutes that L'ton and Dhonzayth are watching the purpley-blue Celiketh and his rider, L'ton leaning against his own lifemate, before he's slowly mounting up, and the pair are gliding the short distance between the ledges, L'ton keeping his eyes on Niah as he dismounts. "Niah?" He murmurs softly.

Niah listens to the dragon land, not responding as Celiketh has already told Niah it's Dhonzayth. Looking down she looks sad, her eyes have small shadows under them from lack of sleep and stress. Sighing she dismounts Celiketh, drowsy and paying very little attention to how she gets off. Slipping a bit, and taking a moment so keep her balance. "Hello tonny." she says, quiet and sad looking. She's looking rather nice, a small light lavender dress her hair up in a pony tail that seems to make her eyes look bigger than they already are. Celi rumbles, nuzzling his rider gently. The little bluerider sits down, being careful about her dress and leans against her dragon. The whole time her eyes stay locked on the ground, she won't even look at him.

L'ton tilts his head up, watching Niah as she slowly slides down, nervously moving to catch her should she slip too much. But, when she doesn't seem too enthusiastic, he's backing off a bit, even as he's holding his hands out towards her, giving her a half smile. "Niah?" He murmurs again softly, looking over her appreciatively, before he's looking back at her eyes. "Niah.." And he's slowly moving towards her, hands still outstretched.

Niah looks up at him, her eyes are full of tears. "What did i do tonny?" Asking him quietly, her sweet soft voice just barely loud enough. Celiketh croons to Niah as she almost starts to cry, nudging her gently and she strokes his head in a subdued manner. "I.. I just." looking up at his hands she doesn't move, just laying down on the ledge and curling closer to the warmth that is her lifemate. "I can only take so much tonny.. I.. I love you and, it's fine if you love a bunch of other girls.. but-but I can't stand to watch you choose another woman over me.. specially when you barely knew her."

L'ton blinks a few times, but then she's almost starting to cry, and he's hurriedly moving to her side, moving to pull her into his lap, should she let him, holding onto her and rocking her gently back and forth. "Shards, Niah.. Ya mean Myra? Ah.. Ah thought ya didn't want anything ta do about me. Ya were standing there with me, and then ya were moving away, and Ah.." He shakes his head, looking a bit pathetic. "Ah'm sorry.."

Celiketh snorts, looking disgruntled and Niah reaches out and pats him. The dragon pushes open the weyr door, entering and settling down on his couch. Ni lets him pull her into his lap, remaining limp in his arms for a few moments. Reaching up to stroke his face from ear to chin, a single delicate and cold finger. "I just did not want to ask you to choose, I did not want to force you to go with me." Frowning she sits in his lap, head against his chest. "You probably don't like to see me just show up at flights, I don't plan these things.. they just happen." Tensing a bit and shifting her weight, hand on her stomach. "Better.." She mumbles, staring up at him with huge eyes. Like a child might do to there hero.

"Ah.. Ah wasn't think, Niah. Ah.. Ah was with Dhon, and she was right there fer him, and then she was there and.." He shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah know Dhon didn't win, but, Ah ain't sure much past that." He says softly, gently stroking her hair, brushing it out of her face, and leaning for a soft kiss. "Ah love ya ta, though, Niah.." He says, softly, looking back at her.

Niah frowns still looking unhappy, her body reads stress in the way she holds herself. "Tonny.. you, you forgot about me." Realizing this she whimpers slightly, "Maybe if I was a pretty greenrider, you would not forget.." Looking at herself she shakes her head, "But, that will be… and I am all fat and don't look like any of those greenriders. I don't have their curves or the curly hair.. I'm not good enough for you." Moving out of his arms she puts about 2 feet between them.. "You can go tonny, you're not obliged to see me anymore. Can go see one of the pretty curvey greenriders."

L'ton stares at her, as she gets up, and talks about curvy, curly haired greenriders. His jaw actually drops as he looks at her, shaking his had again. "/Niah/." He says, still shocked, closing the distance, and pulling her back into his arms. "Niah, Ah didn't forget about ya. Not /me/. Ah ain't always gonna be able ta control flights.." He shakes his head. "Ah mean, if'n ya'd been in my spot, Ah bet ya'd have done the same thing."

Niah moves away, keeping him from seeing her face and just listening. As soon as he says she would have done it she looks shocked. Her eyes getting big and tears streaking down her face, she pushes away from him and runs inside the weyr saying "I would never, I would have been with you." As soon as she gets inside Zialon wakes up, she immediately has the little boy in her arms. Sitting on her bed and letting the silly little boy do as he please. Zialon looks at his mothers tears and frowns, placing his hand on her cheek and wiping at them. Niah shakes her head, "Shh, zia I-i'm ok." kissing his cheek and exhaling.

L'ton reaches to grab at Niah as she's moving away again, and then at her words, he's stammering, starting to say something else, before she's gone, and he's left to stand there dumbfounded on the ledge. Turning to look around him, he's pacing for a while before following her in, letting Niah hold Zialon and cry for a little bit, lest he say something else that makes it worse. He hovers near the ledge, watching her, sighing softly.

Niah sits on the bed, holding Zialon close and not watching Zion. Zion has become quite the escape artist, like most toddler without any care for his own safety he is pulling himself out of the crib. Niah has moved herself and Zialon over to the couch, so Zion is out of site. The oldest of Ni's children flips himself out, spotting his father he points and smiles, unaware that the stone floor is hard. The situation looks like it'll hurt.

After a little bit of staring, L'ton has gotten frustrated, and he's shaking his head, and turning to start pacing inside. Thankfully, he is mid turn when he sees Zion crawling out of the crib, and he's rushing to the crib to scoop the toddler up in his arms, shaking his head as he settles the boy on his hip, taking him with him on his pacing. "Shards, Zion.." he murmurs to the boy, bouncing him as they go.

Niah looks up at Tonny, tears still streaming down her face.. "I.. I love you to much." She declares, standing and taking a step towards him, Zialon is trying to wiggle out of her grasp to go visit daddy. "Shh, Zia.." Zion happily hugs his father "da ove oo" It's very basic language, but easy enough to interpret with the huge smile on Zions face, his eyes the same brown/hazel as his fathers. Niah says, "Forgive me, please?" Sighing she places a hand on her stomach, tapping her fingers gently. "I was being selfish, I'm so so sorry. Really sorry." Pitifully watching him pace and giving him a very weak, sad, little smile.

L'ton is bouncing Zion, kissing his baby cheeks, and playing with him a little bit, before Niah's talking, and L'ton's pausing, shifting to give Zion another kiss before setting him down on his feet, listening intently to Niah. "Niah.. Ya dun need ta be apologizing.." He shakes his head, with a soft sigh, and he's pulling her into his arms, resting his hand on her stomach as he leans to give Zia a kiss, before he's moving to give Niah a much firmer one. "Ah still care about ya, Niah, no matter what happens."

Zion reaches his hand out, touching his mother and giggling at his father. Zia wiggles at being kissed, making noises that one day might make sense. Looking down at her stomach she shakes her head, "I just want to know, that.. even when you do something… unthoughtful, or rude that.. you still love me." taking his kiss she gives him one bag, a longer one. She's such a sucker for him, "Having you is more than I deserve." She whispers in his ear, "I am also getting more pregnant by the day, and.. sometimes I do things I shouldn't, when I'm upset." On a happier note she says, "So I know the sex of both, and you don't." whispering in his ear and giving a cute little smile.

L'ton squeezes Zion's hand, moving to gently take Zia, setting him down with his brother, the boys beginning to play with each other, now, a bit distracted. And its then that he's able to pull Niah into his arms wrapping his arms around her growing middle, tilting his head to give her another long kiss. "Ya shouldn't, Niah.. Or Ah'll get Dhon ta ground the two of ya." L'ton narrows his eyes at her slightly, before she's whispering in his ear, and he's sulking a bit. "That's not fair!"

Zion and Zialon have a ton of toys, more than any 15 month olds could ever want or actually need. Right now both of them have dragon stuffed animals and wooden toys, putting them in the box they go in and taking them out. They entertain themselves well, playing with a toy where they have different shaped blocks and trying to put them through the hole of the corresponding shape. Niah watches the boys for a moment and frowns, "Bedrest is going to be here so soon, you'd not make me do that any sooner would you my Tonny?" Kissing his sweetly, her body pressing into his in reponse to his kisses and her breathing speeding up as he holds her. As he says it isn't fair she says, "You could have come with me, found out.."

L'ton watches the boys for a minute, before Niah's talking, and he's looking back at her with a smile. "If'n ya behave, then Ah won't, but, well, if'n ya go driving off any more dragon, Ah may have ta do something about it." He says with a chuckle, shaking his head, arms tightening around her as he ducks his head to give her another slow kiss, hands rubbing her lower back. "Ya didn't tell me ya were going, or Ah would have, so that's just not fair, lil'bit." He stays, making a face at her.

Niah sighs, "When you do it right, the divings a lot of fun." Shifting so she is leaning into him she sighs happily, practically purring as he rubs her lower back, "That feels so good." She murmurs, kissing him and allowing her lips to trail down his neck. Wrapping her arms around his neck she says, "Do you really want to know? You could guess. But.. what would motivate you to come when the babies come, if not to find out the suprise of what they are." she's slightly giddy, teasing and smiling at him.

"Ah'll find out, Ah'm sure. Ah bet ya can't keep it a secret from me fer the next 5 months." He teases her, smirking, before she's wrapping her arms around his neck, and his hands are continuing to rub her back, pulling her closer as he ducks to kiss her neck and ear in return, before he's grinning and whispering. "Ya'd motivate me, though, sweets." After a moment, he glances at the boys, before back at Niah. "How 'bout Ah rub yer back, then we get them boys ta bed, and then we have a bit of fun, while ya still can, and Ah'm waiting fer Mai ta get home?"

Niah looks at the boys, "You take Zialon and I'll take Zion." Moving away from him, she says "Zi, it's bed time Zi.. come on." Zion takes her hand, "ove oo" He says, making Niah grin "Love you to Zion, ready to go to bed." both boys are in pants and a light shirt, Niah grabs from the cubby two pairs of pajamas. "They can sleep in diapers, but it might be to cool." So instead both boys have knee length night shirts. Handing L'ton one she undresses Zion, talking to him sweetly all the while. Zialon spots the night shirts coming out and starts to cry, this is why L'ton is left to deal with him.

L'ton is left to deal with Zialon, and when he starts to cry, L'ton is making a face, bouncing the boy a bit, shushing him softly with silly faces while he's switching him into his night clothes. While he fusses for a bit, Tonny finally gets him quiet, before he's settled in his crib, and L'ton is moving to settle oN Niah's bed, waiting for her.

Niah takes her sweet time, settling Zion down and giving both boys kisses. Talking to them, it's hard imagine she's so shy and keeps people at a distance "Good night my babies, sleep well. I love you so very much, see you in the morning." Exhaling she settles on the bed, smiling "I can't wait tell I get to do that with the girls." Ooops. Blushing she says immediately goes to kiss him, maybe he'll forget.

L'ton grins, leaning back on the bed, watching Niah with the boys, smiling at her. "Ya'll are adoreable.." He murmurs as she joins him, stretching out next to her, and looping his arm over her shoulders. "Girls, hm?" He chuckles, before shaking his head. "Told ya Ah'd find out." He teases her, with a kiss.

Niah blushes brightly, hiding her face in a pillow, after his kiss. "Identical girls…" She says with a brilliant smile, "But, no one can know.. just keep it a secret for me." Scooting closer to him she says, "I, well I don't mean to be rude, but I thought you said something about, maybe, rubbing my back." Rolling her shoulders she sits up, she's just at the point where laying on her belly might be a pain. "And, thank you.. they're so well behaved for there age."

L'ton chuckles, scooting to sit up, settling behind her her, pulling her back enough to begin to rub her back, starting at her lower back and slowly working his way up, pushing her shirt as he goes. "Ya've done a good job.." He smiles, shaking his head and leaning to kiss her neck as he continues to rub her back.

Niah sighs, leaning into his fingers and turning around to give him another kiss. Wiggling out of her dress, she takes it off and folds it nicely. Giving L'ton plenty of time to oogle at her nakedness, before she gets back in bed and lets him touch what he got to look at. "Love you. " she tells him, with more conviction then she usually uses. "Afterwards, a better back rub would be nice." Settling a long kiss on his lips, exhaling and giving L'ton his favorite thing.

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