Aftermath of Ayath's Flight

Eastern Weyr - Private Cove
Tucked behind an outcrop of verdance and safely hidden, for the most part, from view by anyone else on the beach, this quant little half-circle cove is the very image of peace. A spit of soft sand extends crescent arms towards the ocean, encompasing the little covelet of warm, cerulean water that laps quietly at the shore. Sheltered from the waves by the most part by an outcropping of rock on the far side of the cove, naught but the smallest of ripples ever make it to the shallow depression in the center of the beach, though the deeper areas further out are subject to stronger tides. The jungle forms a nearly impenetrable wall behind, and there is a constant undertone of insects droning on, the trill of one wild firelizard to another, and even the occasional crash of a wild animal passing through the trees. Back the way you came, the path is shielded from view by draping leaves and trailing vines.

At some point, in the flight addled passions resulting from Ayath's taking to the sky, a stumbling path was made down to the beach. What followed was the usual result of many flights and now, finally returning to normality, the day finds two people sprawled in the sand. For all her age, Lysette is still in remarkably good shape and mostly uninhibited - unlike her daughter. With a cat-like stretch she gets to her feet, intent on heading down to the water to wash off the worst of the sand.

L'ton at least, would argue that age brings experience, and that there's nothing wrong with a mature woman. Particularly when rolling around in the sand, aided by the passion of dragons overhead. As Lysette is stretching, L'ton is rolling over to his stomach for a moment, before slowly getting up as well, gaze resting on the greenrider with a bit of a smirk, even if he's quiet for now.

Lysette glances back for a second, though at that point L'ton is still on his stomach. With a grin she slips into the surf, letting the water wash around her ankles for a moment before bending over to wash her legs. Once she's clean to the knee she heads in a little further, pausing now and then to gently rub a little more sand off. Once the water up up closer to her waist she kneels down, dunking her whole body before standing up once more.

L'ton is a bit quicker to get into the water, moving at a quick pace, turning his back to each of the waves that crash towards the shore to break them against his back, before he's flopping backwards into one. Letting it rush over him, he's slowly standing back up, water partway up his stomach, as he runs his hand through his hair. Still keeping his eyes on Lysette, he grins after a minute. "Leslyn's gonna kill me, ain't she?" He asks. At least its better than what he /could/ have said.

Lysette laughs, shaking her head quickly, "Not half so much as she would have if you were C'nor." Waist deep in the water she turns to look at L'ton properly, "Can you imagine that conversation? She hates me enough as it is, the last thing I would need would be that." There's a slight pause before she adds, "Though I might need to get you to pry your dragon away from mine so I can do the long between dance just to be sure. That would guarantee her never talking to either of us."

"Lookin' at C'nor's face, he might have taken care of himself, before Les got ta him." L'ton snorts, then, rubbing another hand through his hair, water dripping down his face as he ducks back down, bobbing up and down on the incoming waves. "Could have given ya something in common - Talking about how C'nor is in bed." The bronzerider, however, can't keep a straight face at that one, and he's ducking under the wave to try and control his laughter, before he's nodding. "Can do."

Lysette winces, backing out towards the shore enough that she can sit down without drowning. "What was he doing here anyway? Seems like half teh flight was made up of Istans. Don't tell me you're trying to take over." She grins, teasing in return, "Not that I'm complaining mind you. It's nice to have some sort of contact with home."

"Ain't sure. Maybe he had something ta do, fer that Weyrlingmaster stuff. Ain't sure what Niah was here fer, either, though Dhonny says that he thinks she t'was following me, fer something." L'ton shrugs, bobbing up and down, before a larger wave comes over, and he's forced to stand up, coughing a bit. "Ah dunno, though. It dun hurt ta be 'round other places, never know when a gold's gonna go up, and ya have a shot." Its an Istan Infiltration!

Lysette nods, lifting herself in the water a little so that larger wave doesn't engulf her completely. "Another of your pack, is she?" There's no malice in the statement, though perhaps a hint of how much gossip there is about L'ton. "If it's any consolation I'm glad you were here. Might not be a gold, but we're just as grateful."

"Aye, though she's been acting odd - If'n Ah didn't know better, Ah'd think she has it out fer someone else. With my luck, that shardin' kid." The shardin' kid being K'ael, of course. Slowly settling back down into the waves, L'ton allows himself to be moved closer to the shore, settling down in the water near Lysette. "Shards, ain't nothing wrong with greens either. More fun, ta." He says with a wink, and even a little bit of a leer.

Lysette laughs, tipping her head back a little as she does. "Damn right we are, not that I'm biased or anything." Rolling over onto her stomach, she shuffles forwards on her elbows till she can safely keep her face out of the water. "So is she one of the permanent additions or just one that you can't get rid of? Seemed kind of shy really. Though she was kind of young. I think." Lys really wasn't paying her all that much attention.

"More permanent than most, at least." L'ton chuckles, turning to keep his gaze on her, following the lines of her body under the water, before eyes are flicking back to her face, showing no shame in taking another look at her. "Ain't that Ah want ta get rid of her, but if'n she finds someone else, Ah ain't 'llowed ta stop her." At Lys's assessment, L'ton nods. "Aye, shy. Ain't so big on girls, either. Shards, Ah though she was going to scrub her skin off one time, after waking up with a girl."

"As permanent as any can be around you?" Lysette grins, making no attempt to hide from his gaze. If anything she seems to be enjoying it. "I used to be the same, right back when I first Impressed. I was a mess the first time W'yn caught someone else, not to mention the fact he never once caught Ayath. You relax with age."

"Well, Ah think eventually they all decide they've had enough. Though, Ah'm hoping that some of 'em dun change their minds." L'ton gaze continues to wander now and then, a grin on his face, as he leans back in the water, moving a bit shallower. "Her blue, though, ain't that young. Ah mean, she's caught, but.." He shakes his head. "Well, Ah seem ta fall fer them darn brownriders. Least ya never were up against W'yn in a flight."

Lysette chuckles. "Brownriders are my downfall as well, usually." She rests her chin on the upturned palm of one hand, looking over at L'ton, "And you're right, never in a flight against. In plenty of /fights/ against." There's a quick headshake, relegating the incidents to long past history. "So…." There's a pause, probably telegraphing what's coming quite clearly, "How is she?" It wouldn't take a genius to figure out who 'she' is.

"Shardin' brownriders." L'ton says with a grin, shaking his head at her. "Well, that's 'bout par fer the course, ta, really." Continuing to float up and down in the water, he's staring off in the distance, before her words bring him back, and he's tilting his head and looking at her. "Good… As.. As far as Ah know. Ah mean, she ain't told me otherwise.. Ah ain't heard otherwise. Ain't no grandkids, though." He says after a moment.

Lysette chuckles, though this one has very little humour in it. "No surprise there, she always threatened that. No kids, then they wouldn't end up like she did. Funny, I think she turned out pretty well." She rocks back onto her knees, then stands up and heads for the beach again. As she settles back down, sitting on the warm sand, she adds, "He treats her okay, though?"

"Shards, she said that?" L'ton says, a bit surprised, shaking his head hurriedly. "Ah mean, yah, she seems ta have turned out pretty good. Ah mean, she's a goldrider, ta, and if'n that dun say anything.." He shrugs a bit, watching her head back for the beach, hesitating a moment before he's moving to join her, leaning back on his hands, one arm stretching out behind her. "As far as the rest of us see. Ah mean, ain't no complaints, and she seems happy. And, well, takes a good guy ta run, when its her ma that yer lifemate's after." L'ton would have no such compulsion, for instance.

Lysette grins, turning towards L'ton, "You've obviously never seen her in full flow. When she starts screaming… well, maybe you're lucky you've not been on the receiving end of it. But it's good that they're happy. I'm happy for them." She nods, but there's maybe a hint that she's not fully happy. There's a pause, a long one this time, followed by a chuckle, "His face was a picture, though."

"Well, Ah think Ah can bet that if'n Dhon's ever lucky 'nuff ta catch that girl of hers, ya'll be able ta here her yelling all the way down here." A wink, and then he's giving her a bit of a smile, lifting a hand to gently squeeze Lysette's shoulder. "Miss her, dun ya?" He murmurs softly, before he's grinning a bit more, winking at her. "Well, most would say she has good taste - won't go near me at all."

Lysette nods a little, admitting it silently, "Bit of advice. If he ever does catch. Run. Don't even wait for her to come to her senses, grab your things and run." The hand on her shoulder and teh taste comment brings back her grin, "I don't know, I bet there's as many would say it means the opposite."

L'ton laughs softly, shaking his head. "Ah'll keep that in mind. 'specially since Ah bet it'd be an even better now, after this." And then he's grinning, shaking his head. "Not that Ah'm complaining, trust me." He says in a rush, leaning to make a kissy face at her. "Well, Ah think it depends on who ya ask."

Lysette laughs, lifting one sandy hand and tapping his nose with one finger. "Now I can see why you got your reputation. They should make you hang a sign around you neck, 'Danger charming. Approach at your own risk'. Wind changes, you'll stick like that you know. Then you'd be in even more trouble."

L'ton is quickly leaning back as she touches his nose, face wrinkling up as he reaches to brush the sand off of it, making a bit of a face. "Signs get in the way." He protests a bit, while a grin is forming again on his face. "It'd save me time, though.. Ah'd already be ready ta kiss the pretty girls."

"Only the pretty ones?" Lysette replies with a grin, "For shame. What about the not so pretty ones? They need love too you know." She stretches out once more - not the tangled heap they were in before, just relaxing on the beach. "You could always just wear the sign, then it wouldn't get in the way too much."

"Well, they're all pretty, in their own way." L'ton counters, with a bat of his eyes - he's had practice! "Sides, Ah'm sure ya've heard that Ah dun say no ta a lil company." As she stretches out, he's flipping over to lay on his stomach, turning his head to watch her, leaning a bit closer. "Why wear a sign, when Ah could just wear nothing, then it wouldn't get in the way at all?"

Lysette grins, "True, true. But think of the ones that couldn't have you. If you just walked about nude all the time then they might get upset." She is, of course, completely teasing. Though her eyes do flicker in a certain direction for a moment. "I suppose they could just hire you out to corrupt the weyrlings? Not that our last batch here needed any corrupting."

"Now now, there's plenty of 'Ton ta go around." L'ton says with another leer at Lysette, even leaning towards her to try and land a kiss, though he's not expecting to be so lucky. There is a look on his face as he fights the urge to look elsewhere, but then he's grinning. "Ah've been told Ah ain't allowed ta corrupt the Fort weyrlings at least, but the Weyrlingmasters are okay." He looks quite proud of this arrangement, before grinning. "That bad, hm?" He says with amusement.

Lysette likes kisses, even from the weyr lothario, so doesn't pull back from that, "They let you corrupt the weyrlingmasters? That's handy. I happen to know the Eastern weyrlingmasters very well." There's a quick giggle and then she nods, "Nothing worse to wake up to than a young dragon broadcasting to the weyr that its rider appears to be attacking another weyrling with a stick."

A second quick kiss follows as the first is successful, and then he's grinning. "Aye, Ah've gotten a bit of practice… Ah'd be more than happy ta show ya what Ah've learned, sometime." A wink, and he's wiggling just a little bit closer, before he's staring at her in surprise, coughing as he almost chokes. "Shards, Ah wish Ah'd been there for /that/." The amusement is clearly evident on Tonny's face, as he's chuckling, shaking his head a bit.

Lysette shakes her head quickly, rolling onto her side so she's facing him. "You don't. You really really don't. Bad enough explaining sex to the kids, but to a dragon? I swear that poor boy didn't go out of the barracks again for a month. Didn't get up to anything again either, though. Least not that we heard about."

L'ton grins as she rolls onto her side, shifting to face her, reaching to rest one hand lightly at the curve of her waist, while his head is propped in the other, elbow wedged in the sand. "Ah suppose that's true, but ya have ta admit its funny now, that its all over." He grins at her more, shaking his head. "Surprised he tried it the first time, though, ta be honest."

"You know how teenagers are." Lys replies with a grin, "Think of nothing else sometimes, even when you tell them if they fiddle wiht it too much it'll fall off." There's a pause, and this time her gaze definitely wanders, "Still I suppose there's always an exception to the rule. Some people don't grow out of it."

"Now, that ain't such a bad thing, is it?" L'ton questions with an arched eyebrow, taking her wandering as as silent permission for his eyes to do the same, grinning a bit. "'Sides, sometimes its good ta be the exception ta the rule. Ya get ta have more fun.." And then he's grinning. "Sides, ain't nothing fallen off yet."

Lysette grins, "Only when you're dealing with a dragon that can't keep its thoughts to itself." She pauses deliberately, making a very exaggerated show of thinking about the fun comment, "So long as it's only for fun." Is her evental reply, "Would hate to be responsible for breaking you. Now that's one reputation that can't be lived down."

"Well, thankfully, Dhon's still pretty distracted with that lil'green of yers. And, he's gotten good at keeping his thoughts ta himself." L'ton tries to hide a grin, as she pauses overly long. "Mm, only fer fun." He grins, before giving her side a bit of a squeeze. "Ah promise, ya won't break me. Though, Ah know at least a few people who'd thank ya, fer the good of everyone."

Lysette runs a hand down his arm, "Ayath's never been one for telling tales, either. Well not true ones anyway." She shifts a little in the sand, then grins mischeviously, "Care to corrupt another weyrlingmaster?"

"Ah think Ah can manage that, mah dear." He grins, looking equally as mischevious. "Ah think Ah can manage that fer sure." Oh man, Leslyn really /is/ going to kill them both now, L'ton's hand squeezing her side again. Its time to do what Tonny's do best!

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