Two Beautiful Girls

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden

Nalissi has found the warmer climate of the garden area to her liking and she sits in the grass with a content smile on her face while she absently strings beads onto a hair-thin silver wire. A pair of sandals sit beside her along with her satchel, her toes curling into the grass now and then as she works at the little beads, threading each one.

It seems that L'ton has come back to Western - this time there's no proddy gold to distract him and Dhonzayth - and he's been wandering. Informed by an excited Dhonzayth that a particular jewelry maker was in the area, a few discrete questions sent him towards the secluded garden, where he's hesitating behind a low-hanging branch, watching her with a smile on his face.

A breeze lifts her airy curls then rests them lightly back onto her shoulders and she lifts her head for a moment, eyes closed to enjoy the feel of the wind on her face. Nalissi opens her eyes and looks around, odd how you sometimes get that feeling.. but she doesn't notice the bronzer, isn't really looking FOR him, as he's been gone for some time, she bends back over her work and resumes.

L'ton sighs contently, watching the wind play with her curls, before he's slowly ducking out from behind the tree, meandering towards her, shifting to kneel down behind her, hands resting gently on her shoulders, giving them a soft squeeze even as he's leaning for a kiss. "Hey there, ya.." He grins at her, peeking at the beads.

Nalissi hears someone behind her and turns just in time to catch sight of him, though the involuntary reflex of jumping can't be avoided she squeaks and then smiles, his lips landing at her cheek. "Well hello, stranger.." she says softly, shifting to turn a bit and look up at him, "Wow.. yer still alive.."

L'ton wraps his arms around Nalissi, pulling her over towards him as they settle down, this time aiming a kiss for her lips, chuckling. "Well, Ah am a bit surprised that Ah've managed to stay 'live, ya know, but Ah couldn't just die, not without coming ta see ya again.." He teases her, tweaking her noes, leaning for another kiss.

By all accounts it looks like a pair of lovers, or at least very close friends, sit together in the grass. The girl, Nalissi, holds a string of beads in her hands and judging by the open satchel beside her and the way she giggles when the bronzer settles down with her nearly in his lap, she's surprised to find herself held thus. She returns his kiss when he leans in and then she shakes her head, "Shards, Elll-tonnn.." she says in her soft little drawl, "I figured you up and forgot all about me.." Her eyes nearly cross then close as he tweaks her nose and she swats him with her free hand, "What brings ya to Western?"

Candia enters right about this point. She can't help smirking as she recognizes both the pretty Smithcrafter and Ista's infamous bronzer. "Probably coming to visit part of his army of kids." She shrugs, and grins. "Hello Nalissi, L'ton. How are you two doing?"

L'ton leans back as she's swatted at, wrinkling up his nose, making a bit of a face as one hand reaches to catch the wrist of the swatting hand, while the other is pulling the string of beads away from her. Chuckling, he shakes his head. "Can't a man just go ta a meeting?" Of course, the meeting is probably being skipped. "Dhon said ya were here, though.." He says after a moment, before he's looking up at his name, grinning a bit and petting the ground next to him. "Hey there, Candia.." He offers with a chuckle, and another pat in invitation, even as he keeps his hold on the pretty smith.

Nalissi grins at L'ton, her green eyes sparkling with amusement, "A man could.. but this man skips a great many.." she teases him, finding herself now held by the wrist and hand. "Oh my.. caught me eh? What ye goin ta do…" and her words trail off at the sound of the other voice. Her head tilts up and she giggles, "Oh hello!" she chirps, though she doesn't struggle to move or be let go, her fingers waggle in greeting, which makes her giggle more. "I'm doin fine.. am thinkin' he's fine too.." then she glances to L'ton, "Army of 'em huh?"

Candia nods, laughing. "Last I heard, he'd tripled my Da's record, and I'm only one of thirteen." She grins, and flops down next to the couple. "Don't you be getting any ideas, Tonny. You know I'm not much for your charms." With that, she lays back, looking up at the sky. "Hmmm. I need to get out to Western more.

"Ain't an army, not yet." L'ton replies, making a face at Candia, reaching to squeeze her arm as well, despite the warning otherwise. Leaning to nip at Nalissi, he grins, shaking his head as he looks from one to the other, a crooked grin on his face. "Ah think Ah do too, if'n Ah'm gonna get lucky 'nuff ta have a beautiful girl in my lap, and another beautiful girl sitting next ta me."

Nalissi grins over at Candia as she flumps then lifts her brows, "Tripled…" she murmurs, glancing to L'ton. The nip makes her blush and she nuzzles him a little, eyes cutting to the woman laying beside them then she grins, "If ye have thirty-plus children, I'd say you have a pretty girl in your lap and one at your side most of the time!" she says playfully.

Candia laughs. "Yup." She doesn't seem bothered by the hand on her arm. "Now, if life were fair, Tonny wouldn't be the only one with a pretty girl in the lap at the moment." She grins, and idly tickles the Bronzer. "Still, I've got one girlfriend back at home on the atoll, and another at Igen."

"What can Ah say? Dhon does his job, and he does it well." L'ton grins at Nalissi, winking at her, stealing a kis before he's resting his head on her shoulder, peeking over it at Candia. "Ah found her first…" He winks at her, scooting a bit away from the tickling fingers even as he tightens his hold on Candia, though the brownrider does get a little bit of a tug to bring her closer.

A look of realization crosses Nalissi's features as Candia talks about pretty girls then a /girlfriend/ and she blushes some, mostly at having not figured that out before, guh. She smirks, however, at the bronzer, "Really? And here I don't even have a thinking it's not ALL Dhon's doin…" she says with a wry little chesire cat smile to him. The kiss is returned then she giggles over at Candia as he pulls her in closer, "People blamin' dragons…what'll they think of next?!" she says with a laugh.

Candia laughs, and scoots closer to the couple. "No, Tonny. I found her first, you just made the first move." She grins at Nalissi. "I can't say I'm not attracted to you, dear, but I'm also the sort who wants to make sure someone's interested before trying to sleep with them." She can't help giggling. "I guess the redfruit doesn't fall far from the tree. I inherited Da's libido. It's just that I'm less interested in men than women."

L'ton gently rubs Nalissi's shoulder with one hand as she blushes, grinning and kissing her neck, before murmuring in her ear. "Well, maybe not /all/ Dhonzayth." He chuckles, before he's trying to sneak an arm around Candia, despite her direct statement, preferring girls to guys. "Ah can help that Ah'm cute, Candia-dear.." He teases her, making a kissy face at her over Nalissi's shoulder.

Nalissi shivers some at L'ton's kisses and then cuts her eyes to him at the comment about the bronze, a laugh. "Not all, no.." she murmurs. Her blush only deepens at Candia's rather candid statement of attraction and she nearly jawdrops, from surprise, then recovers enough to smile, "Oh..well.. I'm flattered.." she says sincerely, a bit flustered. She smooches L'ton's cheek when he teases Candia then she looks over at the brown rider, "I think L'ton is an exception to the rule.." she says with a laugh.

Candia notices the flustered expression. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Nalissi. And ordinarily, I wouldn't mind ending up with Tonny, but I don't feel ready to have children just yet. And based on experience with my own family…" She trails off.

"That's why ya have Cinrath, love.." L'ton chuckles at Candia, giving the brownrider a wink, before he's squeezing Nalissi. "Nalissi ain't had any either, unless she ain't telling me something." He gives the smith a teasing look, as he gives her another kiss, before he's leaning at Candia, trying to plant one on her too - after all, can't neglect one for the other!

Candia accepts the kiss. "Yeah. I'd like to see Donzhyanth catch Cinrath." She can't help winking. "Not that it's ever going to happen." She looks up at the sky again, sighing. "Damn, but I wish weyrlinghood would go by faster…

Nalissi watches and listens between the two riders, quirking a brow at L'ton's tease. "I told ya, I'm not havin' any babies.." she says, and she smiles but it's a firm answer. She kisses him back briefly then watches him go after Candia, so this is what it's like to see L'ton in action…a brow lifts.. bronze catching brown? She shakes away the confused expression then glances upward too.

L'ton smirks at Candia a bit, chuckling, and shaking his head. "Dhonzayth says Cinrath and find someone else." L'ton snorts at his lifemate, shaking his head and pulling Nalissi against him, to give her another kiss, to get her attention back on him. "No babies is good, Nalissi. Trust meh.." Besides, once a baby comes, you have to share.

Candia nods again. "My aunt Shellie, at Xanadu, is a healer. She can get you started with birthbane if you'd like, Nalissi." She then turns and smirks at Tonny. "Or she could snip you like she keeps saying she's going to."

Nalissi grins at L'ton and nods, "I know.." then she blinks over at Candia a little as she leans up to nuzzle the bronzer. "Oh dear.. I'd not let anyone snip anything..accuracy and all.." she says with a sort of blushing laugh. One wrong snip and..

L'ton chuckles, holding onto Nalissi, sticking his tongue out at the brownrider. "See, love, Nalissi dun mind. Do ya?" He murmurs, fingers, brushing over the smith's arm and side, batting eyes at Candia. "Shouldn't knock it til ya try it." He teases Candia, before he's idly nibbling on Nalissi's neck, unable to resist the woman in his lap. She's right there!

Candia shakes her head, unable to resist laughing. "You, sir, are Incorrigible." Her eyes go blurry for a moment. "Cinrath was wondering why Balmaith's rider wants to kill you…." She does look a bit puzzled at that.

Nalissi blinks at the riders then snuggles in against L'ton and smiles but the smile is fleeting as she hears Candia's next statement. Kill him? She frowns and reaches to hold L'ton's hand, squeezing it, likely a lover.. hopefully..odd to hope for that but.. surely no one would harm the charming bronzer.

"Mm, Ah think I prefer insatiable." L'ton says, making fun of himself as he squeezes Nalissi, fingers continuing to pluck at her side, even as he's trying to wrap his other arm around Candia to do the same to her. At the question, he's grinning, chuckling, and shaking his head. "Ah guess twins run in her family, though she thinks tis all my fault. She'll calm down, soon 'nuff, Ah ain't ta worried." At Nalissi's worried reaction, he's giving her a kiss, shaking his head. "Dun worry, lovey, ain't nothing gonna happen ta me. Ah know how Eiri is.."

Candia shrugs. "She's a redhead. We have tempers." That by way of explanation. "I'm sure she'll calm down as well. She's just frustrated, as it's her second set, after all.

Nalissi smirks a bit, "Another win for Dhon?" she asks, regarding the mention of a woman and twins. "Second set?" she asks with a blink, good grief. Thank goodness she's not having any, she likes her little waistline just like it is, little and all her parts just like they are, non-snagging. "Oh dear.."

Nalissi smiles softly at Candia and nods her head then rubs at L'ton's arm a bit, "Oh serendipty I'd say.. our paths crossed one day in a tavern..eyes met, hearts raced, the whole bit.." and she smiles widely, glancing up at the handsome bronzer. "And I just love his big ole bronze, what a charmer.. both of 'em.. no wonder they were destined for each other."

Candia laughs. "My Da's bronze is the same way. Biggest flirt on Pern at times. Shards, he even flirts with us kids." She smiles fondly at the thought of Leoth. "He was a lot of fun to grow up around. And in a way, I miss those days. (re for Tonny

"T'was, yeah. Dhonny and her green, he's got good timing with her, at least fer now." L'ton grins, resting his hands on Nalissi's waist, giving the slender measure a squeeze. "Aye, second set of twins. She did warn me, though, if'n it was twins again, Ah was gonna end up fertilizing her garden, and Ah dun think she meant the normal way." He shakes his head, batting eyes at Candia. "Ya dun mind flirts, though, right sweet?" As Nalissi explains their meeting he grins, nipping at her again. "What she said.."

Nalissi grins a little and then leans her head back against L'ton's chest, "Amazing you manage to stay un-nipped and out of trouble, Elll-Tonnn.." she says with a grin. She looks to Candia and smiles, "I guess you got some good stories on this bronzer huh.."

Candia shakes her head. "No, actually. I hardly ever see him unless I'm up visiting Da at Ista, or run into him somewhere else. It's Shellie you should ask. After all, her second daughter's his.

"Ah'm sure Ah could help ya make some stories, Candia." Wink wink, nudge nudge. Nalissi is cuddled, her hair twisted around his fingers as he holds onto her, gaze sweeping from one to the other, before another round of kisses are doled out to those interested. "Ah've seen Candia's sister more."

Nalissi smirks a little at L'ton and grins at Candia, "Ahh..well it's likely harder to find a girl who doesn't know him than one who does…" she remarks. Mister Kissyface is graced with a light peck to the cheek and Nalissi adjusts a bracelet, spinning it on her arm idly.

Candia giggles. "I'm sure you would, Tonny. And to be honest, I might not be adverse to it right this minute." She winks at both of you, flirting unmercifully. If this one had been male, it's likely she'd have ridden bronze herself.

Nalissi watches the two then she smiles at him, "Nope.. I gotta get some work done anyway.." That said she starts to slip from his lap and gather up her beads and wire to pack them away. A glance to Candia with a smile then back to the bronzer as she closes her satchel. "Good to see ya again, both of ya."

L'ton is hurriedly getting to his feet after Nalissi, moving to pull her into his arms, ambushing her with a long kiss. "'lissi, love.. ya gonna be around here? Ah.. Ah wanna come see ya, sweets… if'n yer willing." He murmurs in her ear, squeezing her, looking at her with wide eyes. "Ya.. ain't taking off, are ya?" He asks hopefully, focusing on the smith for the moment.

Nalissi smirks at Candia and then shakes her head, "Nope, leaving ya two to your story making.." she says then finds herself kissed. "I figure if you're around and I'm around we'll see each other.." she says with a shrug. "I figure ya two will be a little distracting while I try to work.."

L'ton glances over his shoulder at Candia, before looking back at Nalissi. "Ah can't wait ta see ya, Nalissi.. Ah… Ah'll come with ya, if'n ya want." And he gives Candia a long look, thankfully hiding the torn expression on his face before he's looking back at Nalissi, unwilling to relinquish his hold yet.

Candia giggles. "If you want, I can let the two of you have your privacy. Besides, I do need to get to Ierne, and get some supplies for the atoll.

Nalissi looks at L'ton and smiles a little more softly then hrms at him, "I thought.." she says quietly, now confused then she smiles over at Candia, "Now who's runnin off.." she teases, cheeks pink.

L'ton is brushing Nalissi's hair out of her face giving her a smile. "Ah know, love, we were just playing.. Ah think Candia's as much of a flirt as Ah am." He grins, eyes glazing for a moment, before he's continuing to hold Nalissi at his side, turning to look at Candia, holding out his arm, however, to offer the brownrider a hug. "Ya go get yer stuff. Ah'm sure Ah'll run inta ya later." And then the brownrider is gone, and he's turning back to Nalissi with a smile still on his face.

Nalissi stares up at him with wide eyes and her lip trapped between her teeth, studying him for a moment while she collects herself. "I.. uhm.." and she cuts her eyes downward a little, "Oh.." and she smiles and waves at Candia, watching the bronzer make plans to get with her soon as he can.. sheesh, ordering dinner while he's just looking at the lunch menu. She smiles, however, "Interesting lass.." she says.

"Aye, ya should see her sister, she's a greenrider. Even Ah stayed clear of that one." L'ton says, Candia all but forgotten as he's looking down at Nalissi, eyes and attention only on her, pulling her back against him, slowly tilting her chin up, to see her eyes. "Ah.. Ah missed ya, Nalissi… Ah dunno if'n Ah got ta tell ya that, yet."

Nalissi tilts her head and nods a little, "Who's her sister?" she asks, albeit a bit absently as she considers the bronzer still yet. Her gaze is drawn back upward and she leans in against L'ton at his urging, "I don't remember if you said it or not.." she says with a gentle little smile, "But I'm glad you did.. missed you too.." she replies.

"Jei, she's.. Ah think here at Western now. But, if'n Ah didn't know better, Ah'd think she was always pregnant." Though, its close, it seems. As she leans into him, his smile breaks into a grin, and he's leaning to steal a kiss, batting his eyes at her. "Ah dun think Ah should go so long without coming ta see ya.."

Nalissi nods her head lightly and then shakes her head at him, "Too sharding charming for my own good.." she says under her breath, finally exhaling away the last of her little moment of fleeing. The kiss is returned and her dainty little fingers touch at his face, "Then you'll likely have to shorten your../to-do/ list.." she says then laughs, that was a good one. Burn.

"Ah think ya just might have ta move up my to-do list.." He counters with a smirk, lifting a hand from her waist to her face, gently curling his fingers to fit against her cheek, holding her as he leans for another kiss, deeper this time, as he rests his cheek against her fingers.

Nalissi snickers at that, "Oh thank you, dear bronzer, I've been promoted.." she says with a laugh. She nuzzles his hand as he nuzzles her and she kisses him back with equal deepness, gently sliding her lips against his, the soft swipe of her tongue brushing them as well. She draws back and smiles, "It's a wonder more women aren't after your hide.."

"Mmmmmhmmm.." L'ton agrees with a chuckle, hand resting at her waist, squeezing her side as he pulls her firmly against him, hand going to the small of her back to hold her there, as he continues to play with her hair. Tongue brushing over her lips, his eyes flutter open, to grin at her. "Maybe after me fer a different piece of my hide.." He teases her. "Ah mean, would ya really wanna hurt someone doing this?" And he leans to nuzzle her ear, nibbling on it, and then her neck.

Nalissi laughs softly and her body bends into the shape of his, warm and plush, her curves giving against his muscled frame. She gives his tongue a little suckle then hmphs, "That's what I meant, silly.. as many as you /tend/ to.." then she nudges him a little. She grins at the nibbling and leans her head over for him, exposing that graceful turn of neck, "I dunno, a little pain keeps the senses nice and alive.."

"Is that so, lovey?" He teases her, nipping at her neck a bit, careful though, as to not leave marks upon that smooth, pretty neck of hers. Hands rub her sides, fingers squeezing her bottom gently, before he's straightening to catch her in another deep kiss. "Ah really, really did miss ya, 'lissi.." He murmurs, "Ah.. Ah love how ya feel against me." He says shamelessly, shifting to nuzzle her neckline.

Nalissi inhales slowly as he nips and her hand snakes up the back of his head to curl fingers into his hair. She mmmm's and then at the gentle grope her rump flexes and she gulps, kissing him back harder. "I was afraid you up and fell off Pern.." she says in a whimpery voice, perhaps betraying how much she really did worry over the sudden and lengthy absence of the bronzer. Her lips dot kisses over his face and neck and she holds him tightly for a moment, "Oh, L'ton.." she breathes, nibbling his neck.

"Ah.. Ah've just had a rough few months, sweets.. Ah.. Ah've been dealing with a lot, and, Ah.. Ah didn't wanna stress anyone else out." He says slowly, but then she's whimpering, and he's grinning a little, brushing her fingers through her hair, holding her close for another kiss. As his neck is nibbled, he grins, groping her again, before he's moving to pick her up. "So.."

Her kisses do not relent while he answers and she works her way up the other side of his neck to his ear, nipping the lobe then his mouth takes hers again. Her body is easily lifted in the bronzer's strong hands, her legs curling up around his middle as her sarong slides up her pretty bare thighs. "So.." she answers in a sort of rasp, kissing him again, arms wrapping around his neck, her body held tight to his.

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