Ayath Rises

Eastern Weyr - Feeding Grounds

Ayath is grouchy, pacing round and round the feeding pens and just looking for something to be annoyed at or by. Lysette is leaning nearby, utterly unphased by all this. One or two very nervous looking weyrlings keep approaching the area and then backing off, but for the time being it's relatively quet except for Ayath's disgruntled rumblings. <re for C>

That proddy dragon radar that Dhonzayth has spent so much time cultivating has done and gone off again, this time as L'ton is in a meeting at Eastern. Thankfully, the meeting is nearing its end as Dhonzayth removes himself to the feeding grounds, perching on one of the ledges overlooking the area, rumbling at Ayath, though its not a soothing sound, rather an amused one. (re)

Caerith was funnily enough here for a meeting, or at least C'nor was, he was just lazing in the sun and surf when a certain grouchy green caught his attention. Waddling over to the feeding grounds the long necked blue settles down nearby to observe without a sound.

Ayath pauses in her pacing to glare at Dhonzayth. Her reply to his rumble is more of a growl, something vaguely beastial with every ounce of 'go away' put into it that she can muster. Caerith's arrival gifts him with a similar reaction, though tempered somewhat because of his silence. With a quick hop she's itnot he pens, but other than scaring the beasts silly she's not doing anything else.

Dhonzayth is growled at, the Istan bronze snorting with amusement, as he leans over the edge of the ledge, stretching his neck outwards towards the feeding grounds, watching Ayath out of one large, faceted eye. Spreading his wings out, he's keeping his balance, trumpeting at the green as she scares the beasts. Now, why would you do that?

Caerith doesn't seem to bother about the growl he receives, he's calm and collected, slowly he gazes up at Dhonzayth an almost draconic eyeroll at the posturing of the bronze before he fixes his attention back on Ayath.

Ayath keeps one eye on Dhonzayth as she paces, now inside the pens. She rumbles her discomfort at one of the beasts this time, sending the poor thing running for the other end of the pen. Stupid beast. And stupid males. She growls at the two watchers once more, before pouncing on a beast that's dared to venture close enough, and putting an end to its wanderings.

Dhonzayth has an eye on him, just as he has an eye on Ayath, perched upon his ledge. It is about this time that L'ton is rushing towards the feeding grounds, the meeting finally adjourned. Getting to the fence just as Dhonzayth drops off the ledge to topple a beast of his own, the Weyrsecond is left to stare at him as he plays with the animal before finally putting an end to its lowing, ducking his brassy muzzle to the beast. There's more watching going on then, as the bronzerider is watching the calm form of Lysette.

Celiketh comes into view, gliding along at a casual pace. The purple tinted blue croons to Ayath, landing himself quickly at the very opposite side of the feeding pens. Eyes whirling a bright green he relaxes back, his rider nowhere in sight he takes to grabbing up a beast while keeping his gaze locked on the the green. Unfortunately for Celiketh, Niah was looking for the blue. The little bluerider in oversized clothing jogs along, looking around and muttering to herself as she spots Dhonzayth. Everyone else is ignored and she positions herself away from the other chasers, whimpering a bit and muttering under her breath about her luck.

Caerith finally leaps off the ground and dives quickly into the fray of headbeasts, talons sinking in quickly to his target, the pressure putting an end to the beasts life even as the long neck snakes his head round so he can rip the throat open and drink deep. C'nor has meandered out to the feeding pens finally to see what on Pern has his blue so wound up and it's then that he spots the bloodletting and sighs. "Oh shards." He mutters under his breath as he wanders over to L'ton. "Hi sir." He comments, "Any idea whose the green belongs to?" He asks him, slightly distracted himself as he looks round, catching sight of Niah.

Lysette just shakes her head at Ayath — well versed in this flight business it doesn't bother her now, she knows the signs and accepts it easily. L'ton and Niah given a quick wave, the Istan weyrsecond at least familiar to her from her time there. C'nor's arrival is the one that rather knocks her confidence that this would be a simple up and down again.

Ayath gives Celiketh a quick growl, but her discomfort is reaching the point where the men are mattering to her less and less. Who cares if her tail is a bit too thick. Or if her headknobs are slightly crooked. There's a glance skywards a brief second before her shamrock wings snap out and take her aloft. Up, up, and away. Even airbourne her tail twitches restlessly behind her.

"C'nor.." L'ton replies without really paying attention, nodding his head to the greenrider who's over there, and now waving. "That one, there." L'ton replies with a bit of a smile, glancing sidelong at C'nor, mind slowly making the connection, before he's watching Niah wander by, arching an eyebrow. While she too would get a greeting, its cut off as Ayath is launching upwards. Dhonzayth had been playing with the drained carcass, flicking it this way and that, but then the crooked-headknobbed green is moving. And taking off! With a surprised trumpet, Dhonzayth is hurriedly spreading his wings, struggling for that first, all important downstroke, pushing himself upwards after the shamrock-hued green. Come back!

Celiketh is preoccupied with his herdbeast, ripping and watching the other chasers restlessly so he doesn't notice the first signs as the green goes up. But as he spots the flash of movement he quickly realizes his mistake and throws all his gurth into the air, launching after the Ayath and giving another croon. The tail twitching is a distraction for this ,still young, dragon and he has his eyes fixed on it as he follows. He might not have a radar but he does have a lucky streak, sometimes. Niah has been paying no attention, she barely watches as the green goes up. Looking a tad lost she says, "Hi tonny." But that's all she says, going back to her corner. Celiketh is chasing the strange looking green, but Niah is going nowhere near Lysette.

Caerith drops his beast and shakes his blood coated muzzle before taking a few steps forward to free up some space from his kill so he can spring skywards. His long neck snaking out in front of him, suddenly all grace as his wings flicker into motion to carry him off after that fleeting shamrock.

C'nor bobs his head in reply to L'ton, his head tracking to where L'ton indicates. There's a moment where his eyes lock on those of Lysette and you can hear the groan loud and clear. "Oh shards no, this can't be happening to me." He mumbles even before he's shouting after his departing blue. "Caerith! Get back here now!"

Lysette stares at C'nor. Just stares. "Oh no." C'nor's reaction mirrored in her own. "You need to leave now. Leaving is good." She makes to take a step forwards to shoo him away, but then thinks better of it. maybe if she focusses on L'ton and Niah… and that's what she does, giving another quick wave to the pair.

In the sky above Ayath is fleeing from males as well, though not quite for the same reason. She keeps on angling up, straight up, none of the acrobatics the younger dragons usually use to show themselves off to their suitors. Occasionally she glances behind, but for the most part that twitching tail heads upwards, ever upwards.

"Have fun." L'ton replies with amusement to the bluerider, aiming to smacking him on the back before turning to walk away, glancing once more at Niah, but as she goes off in another direction, he just heads for Lysette instead, offering her his hands with a rather sure smile on his face. "Maybe if'n ya ignore him, so will Ayath." He comments with amusement, glancing absently in the direction that their lifemates have fled overhead. Dhonzayth is taking the direct approach, much like his own lifemate, angled upwards after the Eastern green, working to gain altitude even as she does, sliding into the thermal to aid him in his quest, before he's forced to slide out of it in order to stay close. Thankfully, without the acrobatics, Dhonzayth is able to keep himself glued to the trail broken by the shamrock green - he'll follow the leprechan to the end of the rainbow!

Niah is staying very still, she isn't watching anything that is happening. A trance like state, eyes glazed over as Celiketh chases. With all the comotion she looks up, raising both eyebrows and whimpering like a canine before she goes back to her trance.

Celiketh doesn't seem to pay much attention to what he is chasing, following after her he watches for a minute, the blue deciding this is a race is speeds up. Flapping with all his strength to try and get infront of her path, wherever it may be. Unfortunately he hits a bad spot, and drops slightly, forced to make up for the lost altitude he starts moving as fast as he can to try and regain his spot.

C'nor shouts after Caerith again before giving up as the blue definitely gets out of earshot and is too entranced by the flight to care that his rider is screaming at him to stop. "Hi Lysette." He mumbles to the mother of his weyrmate as he walks slowly over, his feet dragging and kicking at the ground as he reluctantly moves closer. "I can't really stop him." Is his weak reply whilst up above Caerith starts to get a bit of pace, his smaller size playing well for speed as he chases in a direct line after the green.

Ayath does a backflip, pausing so that for a moment it appears she's standing on her tail in midair before flipping down and round, and zipping off to the east. The tricky green allows herself a moment of pleasure in the thought that she's foled at least some of them, before climbing once again. Her age and lack of blooding is beginning to take its toll, and she's definitely slowing. It's a slower turn she makes this time, one wing dipping as she turns back northwards and levels off once more.

Lysette takes a quick step closer to L'ton, since he's at least safe-ish. "You can still leave." She reiterates to C'nor, "Honestly. I think it's best, don't you? There're.. plenty of girls in teh lower canvers who would… if you…." Her gaze drifts skywards again, fists clenching at her sides.

L'ton isn't about to let such an opportunity pass him by without capitalizing on it! And so, he's moving to slip his arm around Lysette, assuming the greenrider doesn't move away, grinning at the exchange between blue rider and green, shaking his head. There's a quick glance to Niah, but his attention is quickly pulled back to the woman of the hour, as Dhonzayth's attention to Ayath grows more intense with each of her moves. Backwinging into a hover, Dhonzayth watches the smaller green perform her flip, holding himeslf steady before she's zipping off, and he's fighting to regain his momentum, climbing after her. Only because she's slowing does he manage to start to close the gap, climbing higher than the lady, still running in her wake as she takes off to the north. A trumpet, and the bronze calls out, to remind her that he's still there, and he's bringing himself a bit closer with each long downstroke of his brassy wings.

Celiketh is watching every move the green makes, so as she does her odd ninja flip he slows down to watch, this gave him a chance to hurry and try and catch up. Using the speed of his color her darts foward, making the sharp turn east he finally has all his attention on the prize. Now he is chasing with gusto, moving and flowing like a small speed boat through water, using his tail as a rudder to help control his turns. Surging after the older green and crooning a deep,pretty, note to her he looks up and snorts at dhonzayth.

Niah is happy to have no attention, she looks content and peaceful. As Celiketh moves towards the catch she stands. Taking a step towards Lysette and then a step back. Another step forward, and another step back. Finally she takes a few more forward and with her eyes glued to the ground she says, "Umm.." Awkward.

Caerith continues his almost lazy looking progress, his long ungainly neck stretched out in front of him as he flaps hard to keep his speed up and following after the green. His momentum checks ever so slightly at the backflip, but his head tracks the manoeuvre and the rest of his body soon follows in the same direction.

C'nor falls as silent as his lifemate, his hands going deep into his pockets as he stares at his feet scuffing against the ground underneath as he continues his battle to direct Caerith away from his goal.

Enough is enough, and Ayath has had more than enough. She turns once more, this turn her last. With a roar of defiance she barrels straight for the men, half aiming to punch through the little group and out to safety on the other side, and half ready for this all to end. But how will it end?

Lysette gives L'ton a bit of an odd look as he slips an arma round her, though makes no move to get away from him. As Niah finally comes forwards she gives her a bright smile and a quiet, "Hey there." There's a hint of a purr in her tone, a carry over from the growling above. C'nor is steadfastly ignored, Lys concentrating on anyone other than him.

Bah, if L'ton shied away every time he got an odd look, he'd have to avoid almost every person on Pern. As she doesn't move away, he's grinning a bit more, though his arm remains loosely at her waist. In fact, there's a bit of a smirk on his face, as he watches C'nor and Niah, shaking his head at the reluctance at the part of both of the blueriders, tsking slightly. "Lil'things.." He murmurs mostly to himself as he gives a slight chuckle. Dhonzayth trumpets back at the roar, surprised as Ayath is turning and in fact coming straight at them. That's not the way to the end of the rainbow! Brassy bronze drops towards shamrock green, having been slightly above her, stretching talons out to snatch at her wingjoints, stretching his neck in an attempt to snag her, and lend her his strength. He doesn't want to let this leprechaun slip away - he wants the metaphorical pot of gold!

Celiketh hasn't had quite enough himself, just as he was getting closer Ayath turns around. With her roar he starts to move in the opposite direction, his plan dependant on her avoiding all the other males and making him the last male going the proper direction. A lot of flaws, but it just might work. So as everyone else moves forward, he moves back and waits for her to come to him, prepared to snair her as soon as she gets to him. If she gets to him.

Niah is to caught up in the flight to notice much, "H-hello." She says in her quiet mousey little voice, shyly blushing and puliing her shirt out so that her body is a big lump. As the flight nears its end she rocks forward, waiting and whining.

C'nor doesn't really want to be there, this is his mother in law, it's just downright creepy! Not that he has much of a choice in the matter that's all happening up above, his hands clench by his sides, just about as tightly as his eyes are clenching shut in concentration, eventually they do open though and his gaze starts to wander up to Lys as Caerith pulls closer to the end game up above. The blue keeps powering forward after the green, when she turns his head tugs after her, breaking his silence at last he lets a beautiful warble loose to bring her to him as he attempts to twist his neck into the greens path to direct her into his clutches, but will his singing voice be the lucky charm that he needs to distract her into his arms.

Ayath keeps her head down, aiming for the heart of the group. A foot lashes out towards Caerith, using him as a stepping stone to get somewhere else (and to save her rider's nerves from dissolving completely). She's nearly there, nearly through, but nearly is not enough. The open sky is in sight as her wings are snagged, and one last bellow of annoyance fades into something a lot more primal as she twines with Dhonzayth and lets him carry her to the ground. Lysette stiffens as Ayath bounces off Caerith, relief evident in her eyes before her own arm comes up around L'ton. There's another quick look towards Niah, an apology almost, before she tugs on L'ton to follow her. ((OOC - Hugs! Thank you so much, all of you!))

Dhonzayth has the pot of.. green in his grasp, and twining his neck with the green, he's supporting her, keeping them both aloft as they glide slowly, smug as he does so. L'ton is quite smug as well, as the arms of the greenrider end up around him, and he's chuckling, and is quickly willingly tugged off.

Niah looks around, as Lysette ends up with Tonny her eyes well up a bit. Either with relief or sadness, one may never really know. Looking as ton goes off with her she takes to running in the opposite direction. Celiketh watches as Dhon wins and snorts, diving down towards the feeding pens and crooning loudly to Niah.

C'nor tenses and ducks instinctively as Caerith is stepped on, wincing with the blow before with an exploding sigh as the tension is relieved he turns and literally runs off into the distance away from his weyrmates mother. Up above Caerith recoils from the blow and spins off with a disgruntled air to glide down along the coast for a while.

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