"Rescuing" Nalissi

Ierne Weyrhold - Green Dragon Inn

Keyn laughs a bit and nods. He looks at the server and smiles. "Well, since I don't know the menu here, bring me a special, I guess." he says to the server. Then after, he'd turn back to Nalissi. He watches her eat a bit, trying to find something else to say, but for the moment, is at a loss. He just smiles at her a bit more as he watches.

Seated at a booth near the rear of the inn, Nalissi is talking with Keyn. Before her is a plate of steaming food and a cup of klah, as well as a carafe for refills. She chortles softly at Keyn and nods her head, then sips and nibbles a little between talking to him, "What ya been up to since I saw you last?"

L'ton is wandering into the inn, pausing to talk to people here and there, a few of them pointing towards the back of the establishment. Its then that the Istan seems to spot the pair in the booth, and with a thankful smile and a waggle of fingers he's headed that way, but not before he picks up a drink from the bar as he goes, sliding in next to Nalissi without asking. "Hey y'all.." He drawls after a moment, sipping his drink.

Keyn smiles and shrugs as he waits for his own meal to arrive. "Nothing much. Just doing a few pictures as usual, meeting new friends, checking out new places and….thinking about you." he says, though the last part is said kind of low, with him looking down a bit as if he might be a bit embarrassed to say it. Then when L'ton appears like that, he looks up, a bit surprised.

Nalissi smiles up at Keyn and nods her head, then that last bit sort of makes her blink a little but before she can respond L'ton is arriving. Her eyes light up and she laughs as he bodily scoots her over a bit, ending up with her plate in front of him. "Well hello there Lllll..tonnnn.." she draws right back, glancing at her breakfast, "Don't go thinking you get my food as easy as that!" she chirps, reaching a slender arm across him to curl her fingers at the plate. "Breakfast has to be earned," she says with a wink. "L'ton, meet Keyn, Keyn, L'ton.." she says nodding, inching her plate back toward herself.

"Shards, Nalissi, Ah was hoping Ah'd just get free breakfast." He teases her, even as he helps slide the plate away. "Ah'm really okay, though. Ah've already had breakfast, and lunch, thanks ta being in Ista." He smiles at her a moment, before he flicks his gaze across the table to the younger man, nodding. "We've met, briefly, Ah think. Ya look familiar, at least."

Keyn nods a bit "Yeah. I think we have." he says. "At Western." he watches L'ton a bit as well, wondering slightly what he was doing here but, not saying anything about it. He smiles to Nalissi and soon enough his own plate would arrive and he pays for it right then. "You two friends?" he asks, curiously.

Nalissi grins over at L'ton and nods her head, "Tease.." she murmurs then she watches the two males for a moment. She smiles at Keyn and nods her head, reaching a hand to grasp L'ton's, squeezing it, "Oh yes, we're friends," she answers with a smile up at the bronzer. "Keyn drew a picture of me the other day," she says in Ton's direction, her smile bright, eyes dancing bemusedly.

"That's right, that's right." L'ton grins at Keyn. "Ya were worried about them girls." He shakes his head. "How're ya settling in, hm?" He asks the boy, even as he squeezes Nalissi's hand in return, grinning at her now. "Oh, did he? Ya did her right, right Keyn?"

Keyn smiles a bit, though he does eye that hand-squeeze a bit. "Oh..I think I did ok." he says. He reaches into his bag for his sketchbook and hands it over after flipping to that sketch. The pages look a bit over flexed as if he'd looked at that sketch quite a lot since he'd drawn it.

"Worried about girls?" she asks, grinning like a girl would. "Got your eye on one eh?" she asks him then a blush touches her cheeks as he produces the sketch. Not that she isn't proud of it, just..you know.. there she is.. on paper.. She eyes it as it passes and smiles up at L'ton, "He's good huh.." she murmurs.

L'ton carefully takes the sketchbook as its offered, looking it over, and even turning to hold it up next to the young woman at his side. "Ya, Keyn, Ah'd say ya did a pretty good job. Ah mean, Ah'd say its her.." After another glance, he's carefully handing the sketchbook back, and slouching a bit, as his free hand ruffles his hair.

Keyn blushes a bit when she asks those questions and looks at her a bit more. "Well…I think so…." he says.In truth, he was sitting next to the one he had his eyes on, but, he was a bit shy about saying so, that and he didnt know if she was seeing anyone, herself, or perhaps even L'ton. He would eat a bit of his food and keep watching her, glancing at L'ton a bit from time to time. He takes the sketchbook back when it's given back and smiles.

Nalissi smiles at L'ton and nods her head, "Yup, it's me.." she says softly. Her green eyes lift as Ton ruffles his hair and she grins, tugging his other hand gently, then snatches a piece of bread from her plate to nibble. "What brings you here, Ton?" she asks him, then she smiles at Keyn, "You think so huh? Well.. girls are nothin' but trouble you know.." she says playfully.

"Big trouble. Causing ya ta have ta go all over the shardin' place just ta figure out where they took off ta. And then ya turn around, and find out that they're really right where they said they were going, except they didn't know where that was, so they couldn't tell ya." L'ton rambles a bit, giving Nalissi a look as she's busy nibbling her bread, shaking his head head, before grinning. "Meetings, o'course. Sharin' things."

Keyn shrugs a bit to Nalissi. "Well..I'm willing to give them a try, if they're willing." he says, saying it right to her, possibly trying to indicate something without fully embarrassing himself in front of either of the other two, though as he says it his face does have a blush. He takes another bite of food while he thinks a bit. He listens to them talk as well, always curious to know goings on around a new place.

Devilish eyes sparkle up at L'ton and Nalissi widens them for one of those oh-so-innocent looks. She looks to Keyn and smiles softly, "I suppose that's the way of things.. tryin' out, seein' what works.." she comments, noticing the blush. "Ton here'd be the one to give advice I guess, being a male.. and likely successful.." who knows what she's heard about him by now. "We're just lil ole girls.." she says with an aw-shucks grin then takes another drink.

"Well, lemme tell ya. Its best ta just ask. Cause have of 'em dunno flirting from just being nice, so.. Ya can't just assume that yer coming 'cross the way ya want." The boy blushes, and L'ton is grinning. "It ain't nothing ta be embarassed about. Either tis a yes, or a no." He absently reaches to turn Nalissi's face away from him - he can't deal with that innocent look, though he does nudge her. "Likely successful?" He does question.

Keyn listens to Nalissi as she says that and smiles, then when L'ton says what he says, he sits ther e a few more moments or so as he thinks, and likely tries to screw up his nerves. Finally though, he sighs a bit, letting out a breath and taking another, deciding maybe L'ton was right. "Ok…" he says. "Nalissa…I find that even though we just met not too long ago, that you are quite interesting and nice to be around. I was wondering if maybe…you'd like to go out with me?" he asks. Of course, most of it was said in a rush, trying to get it all out before he again would lose his nerve, and when done, he flushes with a bit more embarassment and stirs his food around on his plate a bit.

"Ya know it ain't just likely, sweets." L'ton quickly responds to Nalissi, shaking his head before he freezes at Keyn's admission, looking from young man to young woman, and back again, a bit surprised by it, and unsure of what to say.

Keyn smiles a bit at that. He nods. "Sure.." he says. "I'd like that." That could have been worse, and he feels a bit relieved that it hadn't gone worse. He starts eating again now, smiling and feeling much better, though he does still watch her some. He glances at L'ton a bit, giving him a smile too, as thanks for giving him the courage to even ask.

Nalissi blushes, however, looking a little befuddled but she covers it with a sip of her klah and then smiles, "Good then," she says in answer. A grin is directed to L'ton, "Nah it isn't just likely…" and her grin softens to a sweet smile. She squeezes his hand again and then sits back in the booth, free hand lifting to absently fiddle with her choker, her normally chirpy rambling somewhat stalled for the moment.

L'ton shifts, absently stretching to drape his arms along the back of the booth as he looks from one to the other. "Well, Ah have ta say, Ah wasn't expecting it to got that way." He offers idly. "Ah mean.." He shakes his head, still a bit flabbergasted.

Keyn blinks a bit. He hadn't expected to cause that kind of reaction, but he still smiles. Then he thinks a bit. "Er..sorry if that was a bit strong.." he says to Nalissi. "I wasn't sure how else to put it." he chuckles softly. He was definitly new at this sort of thing. Which may or may not be obvious to either of them.

Nalissi looks between them then grins and shakes her head, "Well it's out there now so lets.." and she bites her lip, "Let's talk about.. huh.. well I am thinking of setting up shop here.." and she gestures to the area in a general fashion. She isn't going to focus on the topic just now unless pressed to do so, content to lean in against L'ton a bit while they all talk.

L'ton shakes his head a bit at Keyn, before grinning at Nalissi. "Aw, ya gonna do yer own? Or help with that one shop that ya were talking 'bout? Ya know, if'n ya ever need ta go get more supplies, Ah'd be happy ta take ya.." He offers, trying to be helpful, even as he's dropping his arm to her shoulders as she leans a bit. Habit.

Keyn watches her leaning against L'ton a bit, though he nods as she speaks. Then he swallows a bit when L'ton's arm goes to her shoulder. He wondered if maybe he made a mistake, but he was polite enough not to try to force her to talk about the situation at the moment. He smiles a bit. "That sounds like a good idea." he says to her. "If you like it around here enough, I say go for it. I think you'd be good enough to run a shop." he says.

L'ton is once again ruffling his hair, completely oblivious to the look from Keyn, glancing down to Nalissi and nodding. "Make up a list, and then Ah can either get it, or maybe Ah can take ya ta get 'em yerself, so its the right stuff." Chuckling, he nods slowly. "Ah told her that Ah'm sure half the guys would come in ta buy stuff, just ta stare."

Keyn watches the two of them still. He's not sure what to feel about seeing that. He thought she was very pretty, and just admitted he'd like to go out with her. He hopes they were just good friends. "I can get F'inn to do some carvings for decoration of your shop if you'd like?" he asks her. "Maybe i can do some sketches as well to put up."

Nalissi blushes up at L'ton and nudges him gently, "I think you're a touch biased.." she teases the bronzer. She looks to Keyn and smiles, "That'd be nice on both accounts..you should check about a gallery here.. for your own stuff.." she nods to the artist.

"Am Ah? Well, Ah dun think Ah'm the only one.." And he's nodding his head to Keyn, even as he's giving her a bit of a smile. "Silly." He mutters, before he's looking back at Keyn. "Ya should talk 'bout a gallery. Maybe see if'n anyone else wants ta show, too."

Keyn nods a bit. "I might, even if I live elsewhere." he says. "I could travel to put more up." he smiles. "I have at least one reason to come here often enough." he says giving her another smile. "And that sounds like a good idea too. More than just me, of course. Woudl it matter if I lived at Western and had one here?" he asks, curiously.

The smile is returned in kind to L'ton and Nalissi giggles softly, "Yeah.." she agrees, she is silly at times. "Ooh a joint effort of artisans..good idea..though I have no idea about the living one place and selling at another.." she says with a thoughtful look up at L'ton.

"Ah guess ya'd have ta have someone ya trusted, there, ta sell or take new orders, or what have ya. Ah mean." He shrugs a bit, before grinning back at Nalissi, reaching to idly tug on her curls before he's finishing his drink off. "Ya'd have ta talk to them though."

Keyn nodsa bit and smiles. "I think I could figure things out." he says. "It might be a while, but I'll probably look into it." he says. He smiles a bit. "I mean yeah, I can come back and forth easily enough with my parents being riders." he says. "When they're not busy I can get a ride, and I don't mind it if I'd have to stay over here a few days or so." he says.

Nalissi nods her head then she grins up at L'ton when he toys with her hair, eyes locking a sweet look on the man as he talks. "Mhmmm…getting rides usually not a problem.." she remarks a bit idly, eyes cutting to Keyn briefly then back up to L'ton. "I've just not settled in a place for a while, hard to get used to the idea, then again, it's got its appeal."

L'ton winks idly at Nalissi, before shaking his head. "Ain't a bad thing. Ah mean, least Ah'll know where ta find ya. Ain't gotta go everywhere and in between." He comments, before nodding back at Keyn. "Sounds like ya could get it ta work out, well 'nuff."

Keyn nods and smiles. Finally though, watching L'ton toying with her hair and the looks they give each other a bit, he does begin to wonder, though. "So, uh…when WOULD be a good time to talk about it?" he asks her, meaning what he'd said to her about how he felt. Of course it would be nice if he could get her alone and away from L'ton too, but he doubts that would happen at the moment.

Deer in the headlights..big green eyes pull from L'ton and land on Keyn and Nalissi smiles softly. "Well.." then she looks up at L'ton and holds his gaze for a moment, eyes widening a little before she leans up to kiss his cheek. "I think I need to step outside with Keyn," she says softly.

"Ah understand.." L'ton murmurs as Nalissi moves to scoot out of the booth, gaze flicking to Keyn, before he nods his head. "Ah'll, uh.. Ah'll be here." He comments idly.

Keyn eyes the kiss to the cheek and his heart would start to sink a little but he smiles anyways. He'd wit for her to move and would follow her out, giving a backwards glance to L'ton before they'd go out.

Nalissi smiles at L'ton gratefully and hugs him, "See you later then," she says to the bronzer then turns and nods to Keyn before heading for the door.

L'ton is still where the young woman left him, settled in the booth. Though, it seems that his appetite has gotten the best of him, for there's a plate of fried tubers infront of him, and a new drink, as well as an untouched one sitting beside him, as he assumes the lady will be returning by herself.

And the lady does return alone though her face isn't as cherubic as it normally is. A scowl has settled on her gentle features and colors her eyes darker green, her steps determined as she makes for L'ton's table and slides into the booth in a huff, arms folding over her middle.

"Aw, sweets… Ah.. Ah'm sorry. Ah didn't think he'd profess himself ta ya like that…" He murmurs, before he's trying to slide closer to Nalissi, lightly putting his arm over her shoulders should she let him. "Forgive me?"

Nalissi exhales and sits there, nose wrinkling then lips twitching a smirk. She hears L'ton and waves a hand, "Shards, L'ton," she says then goes quiet again, but not for long. "Nothin to forgive.. wasn't expectin that to happen but I sure wasn't expectin.." and she shakes her head. "Sometimes you males are just.." and her voice trails off in what is likely a ladylike expletive, if there is such a thing.

"Just what?" L'ton looks confused, tilting his head. "What.. What happened out there, Nalissi?" He questions, leaning down to tilt her chin up, to meet her gaze. "Is.. Is everything okay? If'n.. If'n the kid did something, Ah'll go deal with him…"

Nalissi puts her hand on L'ton's arm and shakes her head, "Just.. awful brazen..to assume..even if.." and she sighs a little. "Seems you gotta reputation..and..I guess," she shrugs. "He said he wasn't just interested in going off and doing what YOU do.." she says, turning her head to arch a brow up at him.

"Well, Ah mean, Ah ain't surprised he brought it up but.." He shakes his head, rolling his eyes. "It shouldn't matter what he's interested in, its what ya are.. Ah mean, if'n ya dun wanna do that, ya know ya can just tell meh, right?" He questions her, with a nervous smile.

Nalissi shrugs and nods, "I suppose so.. just figure it's not very proper to be sayin stuff like that unwelcomed with someone ya don't much know.." though as the words tumble out she has to laugh. "I guess you're the exception, Bronzer.." she smirks. "Shards, he's not a bad guy I just dont think of him that way.." and she shrugs again

"Ah agree, but ya never know. Them kids these days." He grins, before shaking his head. "Well, as long as Ah'm the exception.. Ya just tell me, though, if ya ever want me ta leave ya alone, okay? Ah.. Ah didn't realize he was after ya, or Ah'd have not been so forward." He looks a bit embarassed, though he does give her a bit of a smile. "Ah guess Ah'm lucky then, huh?"

"L'ton.. I like that you were here..and beside me.." then she smiles softly. "I'll give him points for putting it out there in mixed company.." and she grins. "And I can't imagine ever wanting you to leave me alone," she says with a sweet little pout. "Yes you're lucky.." and she sits up straighter.

"Well, then Ah hope Ah stay lucky." He beams, leaning to give her a kiss, trying to do it innocently enough. And then his arm is tightening around her shoulder, and he's pulling her close. "Long as ya dun mind sharing me, Ah'll come see ya when Ah can." Isn't that what he tells them all?

Nalissi kisses him back softly and nudges his side a little, "Shards, L'ton, I don't have time for a man all my own.. I have too much to do.. who knows if I'll settle here or not.. that boy was using the word "relationship".. I just met him!" Her head shakes some. "I'll see ya when I see ya…if yer lucky.. and if not, you can round the corner and see someone else.." and she winks.

"Well, then we're settled.." He grins back, leaning to kiss her forehead, and give her a squeeze. "Shards, ya had that kid lovestruck.. Before ya know it, he'd be asking ya ta move in with him, and have his brats.." L'ton shakes his head, even making a bit of a face. "Well, Ah'll make sure Ah find ya now and again.. Ta much fun ta not.

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