Settling the Score with S'ya

Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr

Now, when you are banned from a whole Weyr, you have to take special measures to ensure that you can get there safely, and without being seen. And so, its on his cousin P'tah's blue that L'ton is sliding down from - the Istan landing directly in the meadow, so that L'ton has the shortest distance possible to make it to get to a certain greenrider's hut. And so, tapping at the door, hoping to alert the occupants just in case anything is going on, he's ducking inside S'ya's weyr, hopefully unseen.

S'ya isn't alone today, and she's /very/ busy. Giggling can be heard from inside the greenie's home and the sound of splashing. "Well are we not rowdy today, love? Now, settle down so I can do this properly." Though it sounds as if some more private matters are being attended to, in reality it's just S'ya giving her ten month old son a bath. The baby boy is playing with a few toys in the water, splashing them and giggling along with his mother, he's got her laugh. Sophyrinth is watching over the pair, eyes whirling blue as she whuffles the babies hair, enjoying the scent of his bath soap.

L'ton freezes just inside the door for a moment, but as Sophyrinth isn't chasing him back out, he's decided that its safe to proceed towards the sound of the giggling, the bronzerider glancing over his shoulder once more, just a bit paranoid. Leaning against the door frame, he grins. "Hey love.. How's mah lil boy?" He questions cheerfully, even as his gaze is running over the greenrider's form, and then settling back on the baby.

With only being one month along, S'ya still looks nice and trim. It's actually Zallesh who first spots the bronzer, the baby smacking the water excitedly at the sight of the man. When L'ton speaks, both S'ya and So turn their heads and just stare. There's certainly a bit of shock in the greenriders eyes as she takes the man's form in, after all there's a ban and they also hadn't spoken since her flight. She lets out a little huff before turning her attention back to Zal, gently pouring water down the baby's back. "He is doing fine." She answers a bit curtly before moving to grab some more shampoo.

"Shards, S'ya.. what's up with ya?" He murmurs, pushing away from the door to move and crouch down next to S'ya, scrunching up his face to stare at her profile. And then, the splashing boy steals his attention, and he's pushing his sleeves up to idly reach into the tub to start pushing the toys this way and that, giving a half-hearted smile as he plays with the toys. "Ah'm sorry Ah'm not yer precious K'ael." He offers after a moment.

"Nothing," S'ya answers L'ton's questions, slowly bringing herself to finish the last. "Love. I am just shocked to see you is all." Lies! But she continues to gently massage the stuff into their son's hair, the baby cooing when his father sets to playing with him. Zallesh grabs up one of his own toys, smacking it against the water once before squealing in delight. S'ya can't help but giggle at the baby's actions, but quickly quiets herself and returns that stern look to her face. She looks a bit like her bronzer brother when she does that. When L'ton brings K'ael into the matter she huffs. "And I am sorry I am not your precious Niah or M'iken."

L'ton just turns to stare at her, silently sliding down the rest of the way to the floor, even as his hand is still dangling into the water, wincing a bit as the water splashes. "S'ya.. What's wrong?" He sighs softly, hesitantly reaching to put his hand on her shoulder. "Ah just heard that.. ya and K'ael are official. And Ah know Ah'm not him but.." He sighs again, turning to look at their boy. "Congratulations, ta. Ah heard yer expecting.."

S'ya busies herself with washing the shampoo out, her eyes fixed on Zallesh, never flicking over to L'ton. "Nothing, love. I already told you I am fine." She says calmly, trying to make the words sound more believable. When the bronzer says the word 'official', she actually turns to face him. "'Official'? I am not 'official', with anyone. We are just friends." With major benefits. That are trying to have a kid together… That kind of friend. Her eyes scan over the bronzers face, some of that anger seeming to leave her before she gives a small nod. "Thank you."

"Ya ain't?" L'ton asks cautiously, tilting his head. "Ah mean.." He takes a deep breath, shaking his head and looking back at the boy, trailing his fingers in the water, and absently taking a toy to examine it from each and every angle. "Ah.. Ah didn't wanna intrude on anything. Ah heard that ya'll were.. spending a lot of time tagether, and Ah figured ya didn't need me no more." The toy is carefully placed back in the water, and he shakes his head. "Ah guess Ah'd just feel bad about ruining another one of his loves."

S'ya watches L'ton curiously as he examines the toys, Zallesh's own hazel eyes on the man. "Alright, I am lying. I am mad." She says finally before gently wrapping up the now squeaky clean boy into a towel. She lifts him out of the water gently and moves over to his changing table, softly drying him as she goes. "And you need not worry about intruding, I am not exclusive with anyone." She says before swiftly changing Zallesh into a pair of clean onesies, the baby peering over at L'ton the entire time. "We were only spending a lot of time together because we were trying to have a baby… but now that this stupid ban is in place I suppose I will not be seeing him much." There's certainly a pang of regret at that, maybe even a hint of sadness, but it evaporates quickly. After all, Zal has gotten a hold of the baby powder.

"Just send So ta go get him, if'n ya want. Ah mean, Ah doubt she's looking fer individual riders, just their dragons." Sneaky sneaky! "Ah mean, if ya really wanna see him." He starts to ask her a question, but is cut short as the baby powder is grabbed and he's hurriedly trying to take it away from him. "Ah mean.. Ah'd like ta see ya, and not just ta see Zallesh. But.." For once, the confident bronzerider is anything but, and his gaze is drifting to her with a bit of a crooked smile.

"You think Niva would not catch on?" S'ya asks, her eyes darting over to the at his suggestion. "And of course I want to see him. I like being visited by the man who is the father of my child." She pouts a bit, fingers twirling one of Zal's already wavy locks. She'll let L'ton deal with stealing the powder away, she's too busy thinking of something. Lucky for the bronzer, the baby is actually very compliant. He easily lets go of the powder, instead moving to grab a lock of his fathers shaggy hair. "Hmmph, as if I would believe that. You are much too busy over in Ista with your weyrmates, or over here impregnating half our wings." S'ya says before crouching down and pulling out a rattle from a box with toys in it. "Besides, you made yourself rather clear that you cannot do anything without another girl now. So apparently I am not enough anymore, or even that important."

"Ah doubt she's paying 'nough attention, if she's doing half of what Sharix's gotta do." L'ton murmurs, as he carefully tugs the baby powder away. Hair is grabbed, but he just gives into it, letting the boy play with it. "Shards, S'ya. Ah've slept with two people here, and one of 'em was a flight. Ah dunno where ya get the idea of half the wings, but.." He shakes his head, and then carefully detaches the boy to look at S'ya in shock. "What the shards do ya mean by that? Ah think ya were the one that dragged Niah with anyway, and Ah'd like ta think Ah ain't ever asked ya ta reconsider that."

"That is true… Ysa said something about knowing her schedule too." S'ya says from her spot, examining the rattle. When L'ton brings up the flight she just rolls her eyes at the man before getting hastily to her feet. "Sure, I might have been the one to drag her too but that was only because you were so torn about who to choose!" And there we have it, folks. The reason why the greenie has been holding a grudge against L'ton. She silently sets to working her sons fingers so as to untangle him from his towel. It was all a game to the baby after all. Without another word she moves to place the boy in his crib, handing him the rattle with a brief smile.

L'ton just stares at S'ya as the words are out of her mouth, and he's left dumbfounded. Shaking his head when she's moved on to settle Zallesh, he's hurriedly stepping after her. "Shards, S'ya, Ah just didn't know how ta get her off meh. Did ya see how she was holding on ta my arm? Ah thought Ah was going ta have ta chew it off…" Biting his lip, he hesitantly reaches to rest his hand on her shoulder. "Please believe me, S'ya.. Ah.. Ah wanted ta go with ya from the very start.. The moment Ah realized what was happening. Ah.. Ah wasn't trying to just make sure ta get both of ya."

S'ya continues to look down at the baby, her hazel eyes shimmering a bit with the tears she's holding back. Her brother getting kicked out of Reaches, her lover being banned from her weyr and now having to actually talk to L'ton about why she was mad at him. It's obviously taking a bit of a toll on the woman. "Well it did not seem that way to me." She says as coldly as she can, trying to keep her voice nice and steady. She was a trained singer but even this was hard to do. After gulping down her tears she turns to the face L'ton. "I have never been so insulted in my life. Having someone debate if they would rather have me or another. I understand that you love her, and I have no problems with that, but that was just-" She goes silent, obviously having noticed that trying to yell at the bronzer and trying to not cry was too much to do. So she was just focusing on settling her nerves now.

"Love, try and put yerself where Ah was. If'n K'ael was holding onta ya, but Dhon caught yer So, what would ya da?" He murmurs, hesitantly taking a few steps closer to try and wrap his arms around her protectively. "Ah wasn't myself, S'ya, ya gotta know that as much as any one." As she gulps a bit, he's looking particularly sorry, shaking his head. "Shards S'ya.. Ah didn't mean ta hurt ya. Ah never could mean ta hurt ya.. Ya mean so much ta me, even if'n we're just friends… Ah.. Ah would still like ta be friends." And So L'ton tries to salvage whatever he can.

"I would not have been holding onto K'ael." S'ya says stubbornly, finally finding her voice again. She's keeping her eyes on the ground now, not able to look at L'ton's, after all she still had a soft spot for the bronzer. She allows herself to be hugged but doesn't hug back, instead her arms are held to her frame. "It is alright, L'ton. I am not upset anymore. I was just being silly is all, flights can do that to you sometimes." It seems she's regretting having brought the issue up. Finally she wraps her own arms around him and just leans her head against his chest. "I never stopped being friends with you, Tonny."

"S'ya, love.. Ya mean a lot ta me. A lot.. Ah.. Ah'm sorry Ah took so long ta visit, and Ah'm sorry ya thought Ah didn't want ya." As she leans against his chest, he tightens his hold, leaning to rest his chin on top of her head, giving it a soft kiss, before sighing. "Ah.. Ah guess Ah was just afraid that Ah'd been replaced, and ya dun need me around no more.. And Ah was afraid that Zallesh was gonna be thinking of K'ael as his daddy, and not meh and.." He sighs, shaking his head again, not making a move to let go.

S'ya doesn't make any move to get away from the bronzer, instead she just settles into his hold. She's happy to have someone with her, and of course, L'ton was her first Istan bronzer. "Replaced?" She asks, a bit shocked. "Love, I do not replace anyone. I rotate." She can't help but giggle a bit, moving to give him a kiss on his jaw before settling her head back against his chest. "And Zal will always think of you as his father. I would not do that to you. You have every right to visit him and when he is older you can even take him to Ista if you like. Just for a few days of course." Momma still wanted her baby around. "I care a lot about K'ael, he is a wonderful man. And right now, well, I am carrying his child." So that did give the younger bronzer a leg up. "But you can visit me any time, love. Just be sure not to get caught. I do not want to be run out like my brother." And she doesn't say the last in a joking way. Oh the drama.

"Ah know, love, Ah know. Just.. dun go forgetting about me, with the younger model." He teases her, petting her back, and unwrapping one arm to try and tip her chin up, to lean for a kiss. "Well, ya still look great, even if'n yer having his child. Though, Ah dun think ya'll ever get one as cute as Zallesh is." Biased? Oh, most definitely. Glancing sidelong at the crib, he's grinning back down at her. "Still mah S'ya, as much as ya ever were?" Which, well, is always debateable.

"Nonsense. Bronzers are like wine, they get better as time passes." S'ya says with a giggle, leaning up to meet his kiss. She does roll her eyes playfully when he brings Zal into the conversation. "I have not even had the baby yet! Do you not think that is a bit unfair?" She says playfully, Zallesh cooing when his father looks his way. Yup, he's watching them alright. In between chewing on that rattle that is. "And yes, I am still your S'ya. So long as you are still my Tonny." She can multitask! After all, she's not a one man woman.

Amazing that sometimes a baby watching you is enough to turn whatever ideas might have been in your head off. As the rattle is chewed on, L'ton chuckles, before looking back to S'ya, with a smile. "Maybe, maybe not. We'll see when we get there." He chuckles, before tilting his head. "Now, Ah ain't gonna have ta wait til this lil brat is done cookin', now, Ah'm Ah? Ah mean, it ain't like Ah can mess up yer and K'ael's trying.." He murmurs softly, keeping his voice low even though the only other occupant is Zallesh.

Zallesh continues to watch his parents until something else catches his attention, So. The dragon has moved closer to the pair, watching as well. Seems she detected the bronzers shyness and has taken to messing with him. Her large eyes whirl rapidly as Zal moves to try and grab her headknobs. Boy is going to grow up to be a klepto at this rate. "Well, I certainly do not plan on waiting that long." S'ya says with a giggle, her eyes trailing over to the new set of eyes that are focused on them. She's not as shy as the bronzer though and simply tilts his head down to plant one right on his lips.

L'ton glances up at Sophyrinth as she's watching them as well, but then S'ya's responding and kissing him, and after a moment he's grinning, turning to put his back to Sophyrinth and Zallesh, leaning to kiss her again. "Why wait at all, sweetheart?" He suggests, after a moment. After all, he hasn't gotten hit yet, maybe his luck will hold.

"Why wait indeed?" S'ya says before dragging the bronzer away from the prying eyes. On her way to her curtained off bedroom she does halt though, eyes moving back to L'ton. "And why did you think I was exclusive with K'ael? He did not say that, did he?" There's a bit of hesitation now, not wanting to trample over the other bronzers feelings.

L'ton is dragged - this time showing absolutely no hesitation as they head towards the curtained off bedroom. As she pauses, he shakes his head. "Ah dunno. Something Zip said. That he told her y'all had been together fer a few months now." Tilting his head. "Ah guess, Ah guess he just wasn't clear.. Or, maybe she took it as more serious than he meant."

"Zip?" S'ya questions, biting her lower lip now as she think on what L'ton just told her. She nods her head a bit before pursing her lips and looking back over to the bronzer. "Maybe he did. We never really set any boundaries that I can think of." And so she's releasing the man's arm, obviously thinking better of just whisking him into her bed. "Maybe I should talk to him."

"Well, Ah hardly doubt K'ael's keeping it in his own pants, 'cept fer ya. But.. Ah.. Ah understand sweets." He does sigh softly, before he's leaning to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "If.. If'n ya get it sorted out, ya know where Ah am. And, Ah'll make sure ta come check on ya again soon, Ah promise." Is he going to get out of her hair? Probably, unless she stops him.

What's a girl to do? She's frowning as he gives her the kiss, obviously not wanting him to go, but she can't act out on what she wants. "I will be waiting for you, love. I have missed you after all." She says before moving to give him one final kiss. It's a whopper, that's for sure, the greenie most likely wanting to reassure the rider that she's still got a thing for him. "Take care not to get caught." She says after pulling away, a smile in place as she takes the bronzer in.

"Ah'll be careful, sweets, Ah promise. Ah can't wait ta see ya.. Let me know, once its safe, kay? Ah'll get someone ta come give me a ride." And then, at the whopper of a kiss, he's squeezing her tight, sighing softly, before he's reluctantly ducking outside, to lurk until P'tah and his blue can land to fetch him.

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