Art and Expectations

Ista Weyr - Zipalla's Room(#7635RJU)
A dark mix of midnight blue and varying shades of purple whirls across the rock walls of the weyr and is dotted here and there with pale pink, reflective starbursts reminiscent of a brilliant night sky. The smoothed wood floors are intermittently broken up by thick, black plush rugs and illuminating the room are miniature replicas of Belior and Timor, nestled in the sky-walls, glowing bright when in use. To the immediate right of the daybed is a deep shelf laden with pictures and trinkets and a bookcase sets beneath it holding the beginnings of an eclectic collection of reading material.
Along the right hand wall a low chest sits, topped with cushions so it can be used for seating and on the back wall an oversized black lacquer wardrobe. A curtain of dragon beads done in pink and purple dances in an arched opening that leads to a little alcove which houses a washroom, the sink nearly visible through the sparkling beads, though the remainder of the room is behind a narrow door. Scattered throughout the room various pillows and cushions add little splashes of color and texture, done in dusk hues of pink, purple and black, some fringed, some with buttons, some quilted, in all different sizes and shapes.

Sitting in the floor Zipalla has three or four sheets of paper fanned out before her. A pencil is behind each ear and one poked through her braid, each a different shade of charcoal, perhaps a different size, and the one in her hand works at a particular thing, then she rubs and draws again. A sigh. She leans back and puts her head on against the daybed, eyes closing.

There's a gentle tap at the door, and L'ton is carefully opening it, to peek around, before he gives her a bit of a smile, gaze dropping to the papers on the floor. "Drawing, sweets?" He murmurs, as he slides in, pushing it shut behind him and moving to stand behind her, peering down at the papers spread infront of her, with a tilt of his head.

A dragon.. a dragon and rider.. a rider leaning on a tree.. and the start of a face.. though the one that has her aggravated is the one of the face. She looks up and smiles at Ton, "A little..trying anyway..I guess muses aren't just for those who sing.." she says with a little scowl. "How are Mai and the baby?"

L'ton carefully folds himself to settle down next to her, resting his hand absently on her shoulder, with a gentle pat before looking at each of the pictures in turn, settling on the face. "Who ya hoping it ta be?" He questions idly, before giving her a smile. "They're good.. Ah do think Zelik lucked out, though, and ain't gonna be stuck with mah nose." He teases her, nudging her a bit with his shoulder. "How're ya doing, hm? Sides frustrated.."

Zipalla looks down at the papers and smiles a little, "That's Azaeth and Mike.." she answers softly. "That's where we were headed.. to the forest so I could draw them." She holds the picture of his face and looks at it, it's a bare sketch really, though smudged here and there where she's tried to detail it, and failed. "He's.. gotta baby on the way.." she says, not looking up from the paper.

L'ton nods slowly, tilting his head to look over the page, before he's lifting his gaze to her, watching the side of her face. "Ah.. Ah was starting ta think that much, from what Ysa said, and from what Ah heard about the fuss at Xanadu." And then he's chuckling a bit, shaking his head. "Maybe Ah should be nice ta him, though, if'n its the one Ysa was talking 'bout, cause our kids'll be half brothers." Poor L'ton, fate just won't let him hate K'ael.

Zipalla only frowns a little deeper and sighs. "Half brothers? I don't understand.." she says with a somewhat lost expression directed at her father. But it's not just a lost expression because of typical Pern parentage confusion, the news was hard for her to hear.

L'ton settles himself more evenly on the floor, moving to put his arm over Zipalla's shoulders. "Ah.. After a flight, there, S'ya, she ended up pregnant. She's got lil Zallesh now." He offers, before swallowing. "Ysa.. She said something bout S'ya, so Ah can only 'ssume its her, that K'ael got ta know." He shakes his head, before scrunching his face up to one side. "Ah'm sorry sweets.."

Zipalla snuggle up to Ton and listens then another sigh follows, "That's who..right.. guess I forgot you had one with her too.." she says a bit absently, it's not like she's ever met the kid. "He said she wants lots of kids so you two can.." then her voice trails off and she bites at her lip. "He told me himself, which I appreciated. He's been seeing her for a couple months now, he also told me.. so I guess he's found what he was looking for," her shoulders lift in a sort of helpless manner. "We talked a bit, and he told me himself he's horrible and bad for me.. as if that matters.." she says with a wry smile.

"Well, it ain't like he's here, so it ain't like Ah expect ya ta remember." Shards, Tonny probably wouldn't remember if he didn't have a list of names and turndays stuck in his desk to avoid any angry mothers from coming after him for slighting the children. He starts to question the trailing sentance, before deciding it's better to instead go straight for the source, and so he's tilting his head, listening to his daughter. "Ah.. Ah know it ain't much comfort, sweets, but Ah bet that he ain't the only one she's seeing. She.. She's real friendly, lemme say that." And then he gives her another hug, and a gently pat on the head. "Well, things work out.. How they're suppose ta."

Zipalla grins a little and then nods her head, "I just wasn't expecting him to be having babies.. surprised me that it hurt so much all over again, thought I was past it, mostly." She frowns and sets her drawings on the floor in front of her, "Things are what they are, Ton, I realize that.." and she furrows her brows at the pat on the head. He's a dad alright. "The's not just that I can't be what he needs, he can't be what I need, either."

"And what do ya need, Zippy?" L'ton questions softly, petting her hair, and settling her back at his side, gaze drifting back to the pictures of K'ael and Azaeth. "And.. it's always gonna hurt a little. Even now, when Ah see Sris, it hurts a little bit, and its been well past two turns.." He tries to comfort her. "But, that's how ya know they mean something ta ya, even if they can't be what ya need."

Zipalla looks at her father for a moment then her eyes drift to the pictures and she smiles softly. "I need.. someone who can kiss me.. and hold me.. and.." and she blushes a moment, remembering it's her father but then again her father is Ton, he should be a little understanding. "..someone who adores me and I can adore them back.. I just need someone, Ton, someone to talk to and dream with.." Her eyes well up finally then she clears her throat and smiles, the blue-green orbs sparkling beneath the sheen of tears. "And no one's filled that void..because it used to be Mike.. and now he's off having babies.." Her breath is drawn slowly and deeply, "By the time I'm "old enough" there won't be a thing he hasn't already had from someone."

L'ton may spoil his daughter rotten, and shake his fist angrily as boys try and get close to her, but he's not going to be bothered by what she's said. He did go looking for love, or at least lust, rather early himself. "Ya'll find them, Zip. Ah know ya will. Ah wish Ah could say when but.." He shakes his head, moving to wipe her tears away with his thumbs, giving her a sad smile. "Babies happen, love.. And, just cause there's a baby dun mean there's more.." And L'ton is the perfect example of that. "And, Ah mean, despite all of 'em, Mai's baby is just as important as ya were, even if he's the youngest, and ya were my first."

Zipalla leans her head against his chest and exhales, "Not gonna find anyone here.." she murmurs. "I know, Ton, I mean.. it was just hard is all.. I'll live, life goes on." She smiles and then gathers the papers up a bit and puts the one of Azaeth on top, "Now this one.. I can do easily.. look at his wings, how he arched them up there for me.." she says, gazing at the drawing fondly.

"Sweets, Ah know its rough now, but tis the best thing about being here. There's constantly new people - ya never know who's gonna walk into yer life the next day." L'ton offers with a bit of a smile. As the papers are gathered up, he tilts his head to look over the bronze, with a grin. "He does look great, Zip.. Ya really are doing well."

Zipalla smiles a little then looks up at Ton, "The only new people I've met are ones I've run into when I've hopped on a dragon and just let them drop me wherever they are goin.. and even then.." she wrinkles her nose a little. She looks down at Azaeth staring up from the page and smiles, "Thanks, da, I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper."

"Well, maybe Dhonzayth'll have some luck with a gold, and we'll gets enough eggs ta start Searching out again. And then there'll be lots of new ones, not ta much different from ya ta get ta know." L'ton tries to reassure her, before shaking his head, and looking back down at the paper. "Ah bet Mai'd really like it, if'n when ya get some time, ya could do one of Meluth."

Zipalla smiles softly and nods her head, "I know da.. just lonely is all.." and she shrugs. "I wanted to do one of you and her.. when she's feeling and her and the baby.. and if she wants one of Meluth, I'd be happy to do that too.." she says with a soft smile.

"Ah understand, sweets, Ah understand.." L'ton nods slowly, giving her a bit of a smile. "When do Ah get a self portrait of ya, hm? Ah mean, here ya are drawing everyone else.. maybe Ah want one of my not-so-lil girl?" He smiles more widely at this, giving her shoulders a squeeze.

Zipalla blushes up at Ton and smiles, "I'll work on one for you, da.." and she just gazes at him adoringly for a moment, touched at the request. "I'm closer to fifteen than fourteen now.." she says, as if reminding him, she really isn't so little.

"Ah know, Ah know. But, yer still my lil girl fer now. Ah mean, even if'n ya aren't so little anymore." L'ton sticks his tongue out at her, much like a boy Zip's own age would do, pushing her gently on the shoulder. "Lemme keep my mind fer now, kay sweets?" He jokes.

Zipalla grins and tickles him, like a girl would do, pushing at him. "I've told you before, da, I'll be your little girl forever, no matter how old I am.. " and she winks then grins. "I love you, da.. even if you want to keep me little."

"Well, not lil forever, cause Ah do think Ah want some grandchildren. Just, lil fer now, so Ah dun have ta worry about ya, okay?" He grins, even as he's scooting away, carefully getting to his feet. "Ah'm let ya get back ta yer drawing. Dhon says Mai's awake, and Ah dun wanna leave her fer ta long, right now." Overprotective? Probably.

Zipalla laughs a little and shakes her head, "Gah…Papa-Ton.." she says with a wrinkled nose. "You're not old enough for grandbabies..and I'm sure not having any.." she says firmly. "Not for a while anyway.." and her voice softens. She stands with him and smiles, "Tell her I said hello and I'll be up to visit today sometime.. give her and the lil one a kiss from me." She hugs L'ton tight and kisses his cheek.

L'ton pulls Zip into a tight hug, with a grin. "Ah know, sweets, its just fun ta see ya make that face." He gives her a bit of a rough time, before kissing the top of her head with another squeeze. "We'll see ya soon, Zip.." And then he's glancing at the art once more before ducking back out the door.

Zipalla watches him leave then looks back to her drawings, focusing this time on just Azaeth, "Some day.. I'll be in the skies too, then everything will be alright.." she says, as if the bronze could hear her, charcoal flying across the page as she works on his majestic wings.

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