Big Lagoon Hold - Lagoon Beach(#3784RJs)
From here, the beach opens to both sides. The water laps at the shore lightly, stirred only slightly, for the reef blocks off most of the ocean currents. The sand is soft, but very warm. Behind you, the greens wave in the light breeze, and off to the right is the large stream that you followed to get here. The stream is 200 feet wide until it begins to dump into the lagoon, where it is suddenly almost 400 feet. It starts to get deeper as you get closer to the lagoon, but back near the greens, it's shallow enough to wade across to the other beaches without getting clothes wet, as long as you pick up any long articles. The beach stretches about 900 feet to the left, and then begins to wrap around onto the reef. On the left, is the more public area, where people go to sun and swim. Off to the right, the beach goes about 1,100 feet before wrapping around. Right next to the stream, on the far side, is where the boats dock . As you continue around to the right, you can see a few visiting dragons sunning.

With only a few days past, it seems that L'ton is once again returning to Big Lagoon Hold, and from the way he's meandering in the afternoon sun, it could likely be assumed he's looking for someone. Dhonzayth had fled to the water, to wallow there as his rider is meadering to and fro. Pausing on the sandy beach, L'ton sighs softly, shaking his head, and looking around once more, hoping that perhaps the trader girl has returned to the beach as well.

Nalissi is indeed on the beach, perhaps hidden at first, her small frame shadowed by passers by or maybe a rock or tree. She's stretched out on a blanket and is resting back on her hands, face to the sky, the sun both warming and coloring her skin a delightful shade of pink.

L'ton sighs softly, as he doesn't see her immediately, and thus is scuffing his way down the sandy stretch. However, as he passes a group of rocks, a blanket catches his sight, and then he's recognizing the girl on it, and he's quickly diverting his path to join her. "Ya look wonderful, darlin'" He offers as he moves to join her on the blanket.

His voice makes her smile even before she opens her eyes, then she cuts a pretty green gaze up at him and scootches over. "And look at you, handsome..come sit with me, this morning sun is just perfect," she says puckering for a kiss while she waits for him to sit.

L'ton is completely willing to grace her with a kiss as he settles down, before he's moving to put his arm behind her, giving her a bit of support. "Ah think Ah like ya all pink, though there's plenty of ways ta make sure that happens." He teases her, before winking, and tilting his head. "Ah'm glad yer still here.. Ah was afraid ya would move moved on."

Nalissi smiles and kisses him in return then playfully nips his lower lip before she leans in against him. "Mhmm…you like me flushed alright.." she answers. She reaches to put a hand on his and squeezes, "Well.. I had to see if my stalker would return.." she says with a wink of her own. "And honestly..I just love to relax here, I've been traveling a lot lately, needed the rest. I heard about a shop looking for craftspeople..thinking of checking into that..what do you think?"

L'ton grins at her, leaning to plant a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Well, what can Ah say.. ya're lovely now. Yer even more lovely then." Settling her against his side, he smiles a bit. "Well, Ah would have been real sad if'n ya'd wandered off. Woulda had ta ask around, ta try and find ya, then. This is easier." As she mentions the shop, he tilts his head, pursing his lips. "Ah bet ya'd do real good for them, everyone coming ta see the pretty lady helping out." He teases her.

Nalissi laughs and shakes her head at him, "Could be your lookin' through a haze right about then.." she winks. "I'm glad you showed up.. was sorta hoping.." and she smiles, leaning over to nuzzle his jaw. "I need to find that notice.. I canna remember WHERE the shop is, that'd be a handy bit of information.." she laughs.

"Why were ya sorta hoping, hm, lil'bit?" He teases her, leaning against her and kissing her cheek noisily, and then grinning widely. "Ierne, or.. Western er something? Ah know they both have these big ole market places. Ierne's fun ta shop at, ta." Better than having to wait for a Gather day, at that.

Nalissi snerks at L'ton then leans up and nibbles at his ear, "'re a steady customer.." she says with a laugh. "Of the jewelry!" she chirps to clarify, looking around, in case someone heard THAT and ran with it. " of those.. thought I might enjoy settling down for a while maybe."

"Well, Ah sure am, ain't Ah?" He grins, before shaking his head. "Though, Ah might have ta put it on hold, fer a bit. The girl had her baby, the other night.. Should probably stick ta spoiling him, now." He coughs softly, before grinning, and tickling her side as she nibbles at his ear. "At least Ah know where ta find ya, then."

Her green eyes sparkle and her curls glisten in the sun, freckles vibrant against her fair skin. Nalissi looks up at L'ton and smiles, everything about her sparkly, from the inside out, "I'd always make sure you know where to find me, Elll…tonnn.." she says with a bit of sass. "You can't stalk me proper if you can't find me."

"Well, it'd just be more work, but Ah bet Ah could manage it." But then he's tightening his hold, quickly amending. "Now, Ah ain't saying ya should, cause well, sometimes a challenge is good, sometimes it just ain't fun." Reaching up, he absently brushes her hair out of her face, grinning more widely.

Nalissi grins and then snuggles up against him, gazing at the bronzer's face, nuzzling his hand a little. "Ya givin' me ideas, bronzer," she says with a peck to his cheek, then her lips find his and she cups his face with one hand while she kisses him slowly.

"Ah dun think Ah wanna give ya any ideas other than staying right here, fer now.." He counters before he's caught in a kiss, and he's leaning into her, other hand moving to wind itself in her hair, keeping her close. Slowly pulling away, he gives her a smile. "Besides, its not as much, if'n Ah dunno where you are." Though, absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Nalissi tilts her head back as his hand winds through her auburn curls and she mmmm's as he pulls back, grinning up at him. "I don't have a dragon for ya to chase.. but you can sure chase me…we'll just see.." she says, her mind at work already. With a laugh she rises to her knees and puts her hands on her hips, rings sparkling, "Might do you good to have to chase a bit.." she teases.

"Ah dun need Dhonzayth going after yers, ta know that Ah'd be be stupid ta not chase after ya." He grins, before he's pouting a bit as she rises to her knees, and he's left starting to scoot after her, though he's rolling onto his feet to awkwardly waddle. "Hey now.. Ah like ta think Ah did a bit of chasing ta get ya into that chair in the first place.."

"Bah, I shoulda made you ask twice.." she teases, scootching back then she launches to pounce on him, skirt whipping around as she moves. "But I didn't, so you'll have to chase me some other time!" she says with a laugh.

"Well, ya should have know what ya were getting yer self inta, ta.." He teases her, scooting a bit closer as she scoots back, but then suddenly she's pouncing on him, and he's 'oofing' slightly as he ends up with his back on the sandy beach, grinning up at her. "Why, hello there, lovely.." He offers.

Nalissi laughs and laughs as she lands on her prey, sitting astride him, hands moving back to her shapely hips. A tumble of auburn curls lays partially over her shoulder and down her back, green eyes dancing with amusement as she stares down at the rider, "Hello, charmer.." she answers.

L'ton reaches to rest his hands on her hips, over his, grinning at her, before one hand reaches to gently pull her auburn curls over her shoulder to continue to play with lightly. "Now that ya got me, what are ya gonna do?" He asks with a smirk, not making any move to squirm away from her.

Nalissi grins and then gives a little push of her hips, a sort of dance-like motion, slowly lifting her arms over head, "Tease you mercilessly..for starters.." she says, eyes lidding to slits, hands lowering to rest on yours so she can hold onto you while she moves.

L'ton, now, does squirm a bit as she moves, before arching an eyebrow at her. "Well, that dun sound /ta/ bad.." He chuckles, though as his hands are held, he's leaning a bit, trying to lift himself up far enough to secure himself a long kiss. "Sweets.." He murmurs, longingly.

Nalissi grins at his squirm and she shifts to settle in his lap, or over it as the case may be, her toned lets curling around his middle as he sits up. She slides her arms up to curl around his neck and draw him near, kissing him back slowly. Her petite frame presses to his muscled one and she mmmmms, "Yes?" she asks, though there's no questioning the sound of his voice and the urgent sort of ripple of sensation that makes her fingers curl into his hair.

L'ton wraps his arms around her, pulling him against her, leaning to kiss her neck and ear, before at her words, he's murmuring softly. "Ah'm sorry that Ah can't help what ya do ta me.." He murmurs, even as his hands are stroking her hair, and he's leaning to catch her in another, more urgent kiss.

Nalissi mmm's and leans her neck to him, "Don't be sorry.. it's all my fault…" she says, teasing even as her voice drops to a sultry tone. "I believe we do it to each other.." she says with a soft little mmph, words disappearing into the kiss, legs flexing as she wriggles up against him.

"Well, as long as ya don't mind.." He murmurs into her neck, before he's sneaking rubbing his hands up her legs under her skirt. "But, do it ta each other we might, but Ah dun think Ah can wait any longer fer ya.. Ah mean, yer right here.." He murmurs, kissing down her neck as his finger squeeze her knees, proving his point.

"Mind.." she says, though the feel of his hands on her legs makes her writhe a little, the toned muscle flexing in response as she nods her head, "I am..right here.." she rasps, her body pushing up against then down against his, teasing, enjoying that steady build of sensation. "Then take me, bronzer.." she murmurs, bending her face to his to kiss him fiercely.

"Oh, Ah will.." He says with a low voice, his hands moving to tighten on her waist, keeping her still before he's kissing her deeply, and proceeding to do just that. She wanted it, after all!

Nalissi grins as he tightens his grip, then the quiet of mid-morning is salted with sound.. good sounds. The halter-top lays over a rock and her skirt fans out over the sand, leaving her clad only in jewelry, curled up tight with the bronzer, the pair now wrapped in the blanket. "Mmmm…L'ton…" she murmurs, kissing his neck, breathing him in, "The best part of this.. now we have places..we'll be forced to bathe.." she says with a nip to his collarbone.

Riding leathers have joined the skirt and halter top upon the beach, and despite the warm sun, L'ton at least is glad to be wrapped in the blanket as the cool breeze comes off the lagoon. "Ah dun wanna move, though, sweets.. Then Ah have ta think about there being sand in places Ah didn't know Ah had.." He jokes, squeezing her tightely as she nips.

Nalissi sighs contentedly and then smiles, "Well I don't want to move much either honestly.." she says softly, "But if we bathe.. we can come back and lay in the sun and…" she looks up at him, grinning, "Talk.."

"Talk, uh-huh.." L'ton teases her gently, before shaking his head. "In a minute.. Ah ain't letting go, yet." Clingy afterwards? Most definitely. As she smiles, he leans to kiss the tip of her nose with a grin. "Sides, how do Ah know ya aren't gonna run off, and make me chase, as soon as Ah let go, hm?"

A sweet little smile softens her expression and she cuddles in against the bronzer, glad to be held tight. "You'd not know, L'ton.. but it might be a little while before my legs are up to a sprint!" she says with a giggle. When he kisses her nose she kisses at the corner of his mouth, enjoying the closeness and tender attention in the wake of their lovemaking.

"Ah'll just take yer word on it, 'kay sweets?" He grins, shifting to rest his chin on her shoulder, kissing lightly here and there, before smiling. "Well, how 'bout that bath? Ah mean, Ah suppose the sooner we're in, the sooner we're out.." He bargains.

Nalissi grins and kisses his temple, "MMm…sounds good.." she murmurs, and slowly pushes back the blanket, rising to her feet after untangling from the bronzer's body. She stands there naked, save the sparkle of bracelets, rings and her choker and, one finger winds around and around to twist an auburn curl…mhmm..baths..sunning.. it's going to be a good day.

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