Sneaking Into Xanadu

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road(#9452RLV)
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

It seems that while Istan bronzes have been banned from Xanadu, there's a certain bronzerider willing to take a chance on showing up anyway. Now, granted, it is most definitely not Dhonzayth who is landing on the beach as it narrows, but rather P'tah's blue. Yet, it is L'ton who's dismounting, glancing a bit nervously around him, before meandering along the beach, towards the home of a particular young bluerider.

Laera is strolling back from a visit to her uncles and notices the odd landing place of the blue, but shrugs her shoulders faintly as she does not recognize it. Her sandled feet walk along the sandy shoreline for a bit longer before she notices someone she Does recognize. She quickly looks around before running over to L'ton with a grin on her lips, "You rascal you, Niva have your hide if she caught you here." She declares as she loops her arm in his and guides him further along the trail.

L'ton seems to have been found by the very person he's going to find. For a moment, he's a bit scared as there's someone running to catch up with him, and then there's an arm looped in his, but as he realizes that its Laera, he's relaxing and grinning at her. "Well, Ah figured she'd be really looking fer Dhon, not fer me." He ruffles his hair up, before shaking his head. "Sides, Ah think Ah'm more worried 'bout that aunt of yers, then Niva. Ah have to be in the same Weyr as Lisle."

"Oh pish, Aunty Lis is harmless." Laera replies with a dismissive wave of her hand before nodding back to the taxi dragon, "Smart thinking…I think the watchdragons would flame Dhonz out of the sky right now by Niva's orders." Well not quite that bad. "I ain't quite told her though I am pregnant, ma knows and she can take care of Aunty Lis if she gets to wigged out over it. Its not like I was a virgin…lost that before I was even a proper rider." She says with a roll of her eyes, "But I suppose she does have some holder values from Grandma."

"Then Ah'll let yer or yer ma tell her. Ah thought she was gonna smack me, sitting there in the Sands. Apparently, Ah'm an adult, and so Ah should have said no.." L'ton gaze drifts over Laera as he pauses midstep, looking her over, before grinning with a wink. "Though, Ah dun think she realizes that it'd be hard fer any smart man ta be able ta say no ta the likes of ya." And he's tugging her arm slightly to pull her into a hug, even as he shakes his head. "Shards, Lae, what am Ah gonna do with ya?"

Laera grins at L'ton's words of her aunt, "Well…what were you gonna do, leave me alone when I needed ya? You did the only gentlemanly thing you could do." She says with a nod of her head for emphasis and finally directs them a copse of trees a bit hidden from overhead view anyway. She beams at his words and swings around as he pulls her to a hug, "Ain't nothing to do L'ton. Mama Laure will probably take care of it when it gets born. She loves mothering and Ma loves her dearly but told her once was enough for her and well both of em a bit too old to be having kids." She gives a shrug at that, "Or maybe even D and Uncle Kris. Half my family lives hereabouts…or I might keep the rascal for myself…" She smiles up at him, arms wrapping around his middle.

"Ah tried ta tell her that, but well, she ain't so sure. Though, Ah'm starting ta wonder if'n she'll ever talk ta me again anyway, so.. well, Ah may not /have/ ta tell her." Best of both worlds! Thankful to be a bit more out of view, once they're amongst the trees, and nods and grins. "Fine, fine. Well, ya seem like ya have it all worked out, at least.." And there's no crying either. Score! "Ya just let me know, though, if'n Ah can do anything ta help? Ah mean, Ah realize ya have family, and Ah'm yer old aunt's friend but.. Ah mean, tis as much mine as yers, and Ah ain't just gonna let ya deal yerself." As she wraps her arms around him, he grins, before leaving enough to put a quick kiss in the middle of her forehead.

"Ah she will…she don't keep angry too long." Laera says encouragingly to the rider as she looks up to him. She does not seem stressed at all over the thougt of having a kid, almost…even happy about it. She gives him a squeeze, "Its all good L'ton, really, it gives me more time with Uncle Kris and some extra healering studying I wanted to do to help take care of him and well there a plenty of holds within flying distance, so I don't have to be completly grounded and stuff. Kereth is a smooth a flyer as you will ever meet." She says with an emphatic nod before reaching a hand up to his scruffy hair, "I know and I ain't gonna keep you from it, iffin you want something to do with it, but I ain't gonna go expecting it out of ya iffin you don't." She gives a shrug at that and leans back to pat her still flat stomach, "Just glad the dolphins caught it early like."

"Ah hope so.." He murmurs softly, sighing over Laera's aunt, shaking his head a bit, before he's grinning back down at her. "As long as yer sure. Ah just.. Dun want ya ta feel like ya got stuck with something, when Ah was just as in it, and Ah dun have ta cart it around." Reaching to tap her nose, he takes half a step back to glance at her belly, before grinning. "Ah was sorta wondering 'bout that. Ah mean…" He shakes his head. "Though, Ah guess it makes more sense, with ya and Eiri, but.. Ah dun really thing that the two of is fair ta ban all of us." Mutter mutter. "Ah mean, it could have been worse."

"I ain't gonna turn down a visit L'ton iffin you want to come check on me." Laera says with a softer smile before stepping closer again. The embrace isn't romantic like, she ain't found someone yet she wanted to be 'romantic' with, but it is a close one. "It will be an adventure." She assures him before tilting her head, "Ain't just Eiri Tonny….Senkyou and Tay as well from my reckoning and well rumours going about that there are a couple cavern girls as well." She smirks at that, showing she don't quite believe that one.

"Ah'll come and see ya, Ah promise. Though, Ah can't wait fer whatever's bothering that woman ta go away, so that Ah dun have ta sneak in here." He shakes his head, rolling his eyes a bit, before staring at Laera, blinking a few times. "Shards, Laera. Ah ain't slept with Tay. Ah've barely run inta her once or twice, and well, she's got that old rider. Ah ain't messing with his stuff." L'ton hurriedly shakes his head, though it seems that he's contemplating the whole Senkyou thing. After all, with all that alcohol, who knows what did actually happen. Giving her a squeeze, he grins at her and shakes his head. "Shards. Well, Ah'm glad ya told me at least."

"Well I reckon Tay piped in just to wind the Weyrwoman up, don't rightly recall she mention a father, but after me and Senkyou…don't figure you could convince Niva any different. Senkyou is out for your bits too…she got horrible morning sickness…puking up all over the place." Laera says in her usual casual manner. She gives a shrug at his last words, "Figure you rather here it from me than anyone else…rather have told ya in person…but with the ban…and me not betweening. Well that was out of the question." She looks down at her chest, which is perhaps a bit more enhanced, "How you like this, I should have gotten pregnant before now…I may get a real set after this." She pulls forward her neckline, giving a nice view.

"Ah see. Well, Ah promise ya, Ah ain't touched Tay. And, Ah dunno why Senkyou's blaming me. Could be that bronzerider of her own, she keeps around. Ah mean, Ah dun really remember what happened.." He shakes his head with another sigh. "Dun ya worry about it, Ah understand. Ah mean, Ah dun think Eiriana was gonna even bother ta tell me, ta be honest." As she glances down at her chest, he chuckles, shaking his head, though he's quickly remembering Lisle's words, and he's forcing himself to look back at her face. "Now, now, Ah already took 'vantage of ya once. Ah shouldn't again.." Even if his gaze is steadily dropping downwards once more.

"You don't have to go explaining to me Tonny, I have sowed a few fields myself in my own way. Ain't no shame in it." Laera replies as he gives excuses to his daliances, releasing her neckline finally as she notes his look. She rolls her eyes at those words, "Oh Pish, If anyone took advantage of anyone it would be the other way around and I would sorely do it again if I didn't have someone to meet shortly." She says before leaning up to give him a right proper kiss, "Don't you worry about Aunty Lis, Ma will sort her out." She winks and looks around before looking up at him, "You be careful…and I can send Kereth for ya iffin you send word. Land at the Island or something." She directs before scooting out of his arms, "Take care" And with that she is off and running to her weyr. Whether it is an official meeting or an arranged Dalliance, who is to tell.

"Still.." He shakes his head, before she's excusing herself, and he's left grinning, returning the kiss. "Ah hope so… Ah'll see ya soon, lil'bit. Dun be too rough on yerself.." And then she's running off, and he's left waiting for P'tah and his blue to return, to cart him back to Ista.

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