Zelik is Born

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

M'iken is up for the first time in hours, walking, well waddling, around a bit to get some circulation back in her legs. Carrot's purring away in her arms, very content to be the center of her attention. Meluth's sleeping out on the ledge to soak up some rays, not wanting to leave his lifemate unless it's absolutely nessicary. It's a peacefull afternoon. Untill. "Oh!" Mai gets a rather alarmed look on her face and drops Carrot on the ground so she can grasp at her huge belly.

Good timing, then, on L'ton's part, or perhaps Dhonzayth has been keeping an eye on his lifemate's weyrmate, for its only a few moments later when L'ton is arriving on the ledge in rush, practically falling off Dhonzayth's side as he runs inside, freezing to look for his weyrmate. "Mai!?" He shouts rather worriedly, a fearful look present on his face.

That /is/ good timing. Meluth is already worrying over his lifemate, sensing the change in her. Mai, though, is practically clutching the brown dragon by the snout for support with one arm and holding onto her belly with the other. When Dhon and L'ton show up, there's a brief look of relief and a smile before her face contorts a bit in pain. "I think the baby is coming." She says after the quick pain moves on.

L'ton stares at her stupidly for a second as she sits, clinging to Mel, before he's shaking his head and hurriedly coming back to his senses, rushing to her side to wrap his arms around her, supporting her as she's shaking in pain. "Shards, Mai.." He murmurs, shaking his head. "Do.. Do you want me to take you down, or.. Or to get people to come up?" He offers, already swiveling to look at Dhonzayth, pondering how to get her aboard.

M'iken shakes her head some and shrugs. "I don't know. I don't know whic would be better. Or easier." She tacks on at the end there. Meluth rumbles and Mai can't help but laugh a little sarcastically. "He doesn't want me moved from this spot, but it would probably be better to get down to the infirmary." She says, trying to push herself to her feet with L'ton's help. The interval between stabbing pain isn't so bad.

L'ton is moving to pull Mai to her feet, wrapping himself around her as he nods. "To… Ta the infirmary then." He says, helping her to Dhonzayth's side, where the bronze his making himself as little as possible. "Ah'll.. help ya up, and sit sideways, and Ah'll hold onta ya, kay?" That seems like the best idea, at least. And so he's hesitating with his hand on her stomach waiting for her to say she's ready.

M'iken nods, solidifying in her head what they're doing. "Ok, that sounds good." But then she's having another contraction and doubles over in pain again, threatenign to go down on her knees again if she weren't holding onto L'ton. Meluth is hovering around them like a mother hen untill Mai practically growls at him. "All your fussing at me isn't going to help." Then her expression softens. "I'm sorry." She gives L'ton's shoulder a little pat. "Ok I think I'm ready." She says, reaching to grab hold of Dhon's straps to try and pull herself up.

L'ton drops slightly himself as she's doubled over by the contraction, tightening his fingers on her arms, holding her against him as he stabilizes her. "Shards Mai.." He murmurs, glancing at Meluth before he's awkwardly helping Mai up, half pushing her onto the bronze's back as he follows, before he's settling in and pulling her the rest of the way.

Luckily climbing up on Dhonzayth isn't anymore awkward than it is to climb up on Meluth. It's just the sitting sideways part that's awkward. "I sure am glad you're so big Dhon." She says giving the bronze a pat. There's a look exchanged between the brownpair before Meluth is taking off out the weyr first. "Please don't drop me." She says with a little smile to her weyrmate.

"Ah promise, Ah won't.." And to make his weyrmate feel just that much better, he's looping the straps around both of them, before his arms are around her as well, and Dhonzayth is heading out to the ledge - his gentle glide downwards hiding the urgency of his flight.

Ista Weyr - Infirmary

[DTU/Project] Ellamariseth and Arinith sense that Dhonzayth croons, mind sparkling with silvers and golds. « Meluth's is hatching. »

[DTU/Project] Arinith and Dhonzayth sense that Ellamariseth sends out warm rays of red. «Mine wishes it to be a public hatching.»

Thankfully, getting down from dragon back isn't quite as difficult as climbing up. And one look at the brownrider's face after nearly two turns of comming to the infirmary ever of week it feels like, it doesn't take long to get the bursting lady to a bed. From Mai's current state, it feels like people are rushing around and looking frazzled. Could be because she's two weeks earlier than anyone had been expecting, but she's just kind of hanging out as the contractions get progressively harder, longer, and closer together. "This is a little more painfull than I /really/ thought it would be." She says between contractions with a little laugh to L'ton, though she doesn't look particularly happy.

Well, down always is easier than up. As the Healers are hurrying Mai inside, L'ton's doing everything he can to stay right with them, and as she's settled in a bed, he's quickly settling one half of his butt next to her, so that he can watch her face and squeeze both her hands, every now and then gently touching the side of her face. "Ah'm sorry love.." He murmurs, biting his lip, and shaking his head a bit, looking to watch the healers as they rush around. "Ah.. Ah guess try and breathe…"

Arinith has gotten a message from Dhonzath! And probably from Meluth, too. Mai was finally about to pop, and against Ram's better judgement they're off to enjoy the show. Mai was at Ysa's first birth, why shouldn't they be at hers, right? The bronzer at least is pretty surprised, he didn't think she was due for a while more, but is happy none the less. So here come the Xanaduian pair, into Ysa's favorite place: the infirmary. At least she's not the one hurt or anything. "Er… We're looking for M'iken and L'ton?" Ram askes one of the orderlies. Hopefully Ysa wouldn't be too demanding since she wasn't the one in pain.

Ellamariseth definitely heard the call from the Istan bronze and she didn't waste a moment in transferring the message. Which only meant Ysa grabbed her jacket and her weyrmate and left. "Mai's first, Ram! 'Course, I still can't sharding believe Ton…" She grinds her teeth for a moment as she sweeps into the infirmary after him, her eyes glaring towards the Healers. She might not be hurt, but if they didn't answer them fast enough— "Well, just point 'em out already, so we can be there!" She glances anxiously around the foreign infirmary, purses her lips out in displeasure.

M'iken only smiles briefly before squeezeing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth. She /refused/ to be one of those screaming ladies she's heard about in her time talking to the healers. She hears familliar voices. At least Ysa's voice and she can't help but laugh before hissing, that wave wasn't quite over. "Should have known they'd come." There's no doubt in her mind that Mel was joining in that chorus with Dhon to call them over. One of the healer's waves the Xanadu pair over while the Healer delivering the baby sets down in front of her. "Think we're about ready to start pushing." He says with a nod to Mai.

L'ton is too busy to really pay attention to Ysa and Ram, and any dirty looks that are most likely been sent at him by the Xanadu goldrider. After all, his hands are in M'iken's, and he's squeezing his eyes shut with each contraction, even though what pain is happening to him is nothing compared to poor Mai. "Ya hear, Mai.. Yer ready ta start pushing.." He murmurs, though as the others are directed over, he spares them a momentarily glance.

R'miel nods to Ysa. "Yeah… I know. I just don't know why we couldn't just stop over later…" After Ysa nearly fractured his fingers at the last birth he wasn't looking too excited about actually attending M'iken's. "Huh? Oh… you mean about getting the Istan bronzers banned from Xanadu?" Thankfully an orderly points them in the right direction and they head in. Ram gives a wave to them both. "Hey Mai, Ton." He turns his attention to the other bronzer. "Everything seem to be going okay?"

"Cause it isn't the same," Ysa answers R'miel without even a glance, as she follows after the Healer that motioned for them. "You'd think we'd be following the screams," she mumbles to him. "And yah, all his sharding babies…" But they're not Mai babies! She makes sure to compose herself before finding the pair in the bed and grinning at them. Well, after shooting L'ton a look. You know the look. "Mai! We just made it, didn't we? Shells, look at ya…" She sidles up to her free side.

That one phrase, 'time to push' is the first thing to /really/ make her worried. True she was worried about the baby being early, and this was hurting, but now they actually want the baby out? She's not so sure about that, but she nods anyway. She smiles at Ram and Ysa when they come 'round. "Hey, yeah. Thanks." She says that last part rather sarcastically and doesn't have time to say anything else as the Healer's telling her to push now, so that's what she does. Squeezing the crap outta her bronzers hands and clenching her teeth, like either one really helps , before having to let got and pant after the effort. "Good, good. Get ready for another one."

"Hey, it ain't my fault." L'ton pipes up, catching bits and pieces of Ysa and Ram's conversation, though he's keeping himself turned to most definitely not see /That/ glare. As Ram questions, he nods slowly. "Ah think so. Ah mean, Ah dun see why not… A bit early ain't bad.." At least, he's going to keep telling himself that, even as he's hands are squeezed and he's quickly cutting off a yelp of pain. "That's it, Mai, push.." He offers encouragingly, bracing himself for another attack on his hands.

R'miel nods to his weyrmate. They were already here, not like he was getting out of it now. He doesn't say anything to Ysa about the Ton babies thing. He's not too happy with it, as it means his brother can't visit with his new nephew either, but there it was. He smiles to Mai, and takes out his clean hanky to pat her brown. "You're doing really great, Mai! It'll be out in just a short bit." He shakes his head at L'ton. "You ought to maybe stick to only one girl pregnant per weyr at a time. So you don't get yourself banned from more weyrs. Or they'll take your knot, Ton. Anyways, if it's ready to come, out, may as well get it out early, right?"

They weren't going to have a good birth with the Istan bronzer like that. "Partially your fault," she grunts, but shrugs nonetheless. "I suggest keeping down the numbers to one, or two, or just Mai," she grumbles. She reaches for her friend's hand, smiling down to M'iken. "Early isn't bad at all, that's how I've always done it! It'll be over 'fore you know it, Mai, and it's all just fine." She turns towards the Healer now, curious how that end does it now that she wasn't in the brownrider's position. "That a girl, Mai. Just keep at it, you're pretty sharding strong compared to me."

Dhonzayth> Zipalla senses that Dhonzayth rumbles, mind ribboned with pretty silvers and golds. « My little one. There is another little one coming soon with the Healers.. » His tone is gentle.

M'iken looks confused at the bronzers while she's panting, "What?" She huffs out. Obviously she's heard about the ban on bronzers to Xanadu, but people have been skirting around the reason with her. She stares up at Ram as he pats her forehead and glances over at Ysa, that same confusion on her face; then the Healer is calling for her to push again. Mai pushes as hard as she can for as long as she can, groaning at the end there, but can't really tell that anything is moving. "I can see the crown." The healer announces, and Mai feels like she's listening to the play-by-play of some game. "A few more pushes should do it." She hears over her panting.

"Whatcha talking 'bout, Ram? There's just Eiri, and that was cause her darn green. Ain't my fault." Someone hasn't been given all the details about exactly why they aren't allowed anymore. Nor have the girls told them their little surprises either. But, that's to be dealt with later, because right now, there's a M'iken baby facing immediate entry into the world. Shaking his head at Mai, he gives her a bit of a smile. "Nothing, love, dun worry.. Just.. try and push.." As the Healer is making his pronouncement, L'ton is leaning back a bit, though given where he's settled, there's nothing to be seen yet.

"You're doing good, Mai, you're doing real good." The bronzer blinks around at everyone. Even L'ton didn't know? "Er, I'll uh… fill you guys in later. Nothing to worry about, Niva is just proddy, is all. So she's overreacting to everything." Ram steers clear of the babied end of Mai. He saw that once and that was more than enough times. He's happy to keep the sweat out of the brownrider's eyes for now.

Ysa's green eyes turn away from the Healer to the bronzer now, where she just stares… "Ya serious?" She just gives her head a bit of a shake and turns her full attention on the one in labor instead. "Really not the time to worry. Keep pushing, Mai, you're so close to holding your little baby!" She gives the brownrider's hand a pat. After seeing L'ton's condition, she was afraid of giving her full hand over to M'iken. "It's crowning! Ya hear that, Mai? Push, push!" Even though the Healer didn't really suggest it, the goldrider was cheering her friend on. "It'll pop right on out after!"

The healer was actually just on the verge of suggesting more pushing, but get's interupted by the gold rider, but doesn't say anything about it. "Yes, push. Keep pushing till this baby's out." Mai just takes a deep breathe and huffs before taking another deep breathe and giving this push her all. If this doesn't break any of Ton's fingers, nothing will, and she ends up making some kind of noise at the end there at the strain. Not really screaming, not really whimpering, just somewhere in between. Then there's the sound. That crying of a new baby, angry at the cold around it. "It's a boy." The healer announces, passing the baby carefully to an orderly so he can snip the ambilical cord and get the baby wrapped up in a blanket so Mai can hold him. M'iken is all smiles as she holds her new little baby, even while stuff is being whiped off of him. "Hi there." is all she can manage as she starts crying she's so happy.

L'ton will be hardpressed to be able to write or really use his hand for anything after this, at least for a while. As Mai squeezes his fingers during the mega push, he's biting his own lip, whimpering some. But then, the baby is out, and his hands are free, and he's slowly flexing his hands back and forth, even as he's giving Mai a smile. "Hey there, lil Zelik.." L'ton murmurs, leaning closer to gently kiss first the weyrmate than the new baby, before beaming proudly at the other two there for support. It seems that he's decided to humor both Meluth and himself by combining the names.

Breathless, Zipalla runs into the Infirmary, eyes wide. Quiet, however, she doesn't yell or run into anything, she's just in such a hurry, Mike in tow. Her steps stop abruptly and she whispers to an attendant who points her to a particular partition. A glance back to Mike then she walks that way, stopping when she sees Mai and Ton and the little bundle, her head tilting as she just gazes at them.

R'miel grins when the baby is finally free. "It's a boy! Illi will have a playmate! And someone to impress with!" Ram rubs his own hands subconsciously as M'iken squeezes at L'ton's. Ouch, he remembered that. R'miel gives L'ton a nice pat on the back and leans over to kiss M'iken's head. Meanwhile another of L'ton's brood is heading his way, with K'ael being pulled along. The younger Istan bronzer just waves to everyone with a sheepish grin on his face. "Hey… it's a party in here. Girl or boy? How's mom doing?"

Ysa was more than thankful that her hands were spared, though she gives Ton a smirk. Serves him right… have all the girls breaking his hand, hopefully. She grins up towards her weyrmate as well, head bobbing. "Boys! Ya were also right 'bout that, Mai. Zelik, is it?" She peers down towards the baby, not quite as lovingly as the brownrider was doing, or the others as well… just curiosity. The entrance of more visitor makes her green eyes turn that way, chuckling as she spots the younger bronzer, even if there was a quick side-glance to M'iken. "Fancy seeing ya poke your head in here, Mike. Here to see Mai's first baby boy?"

M'iken smiles into that kiss from L'ton. "Zelik, I like that." She says with a nod. "Hello Zelik, I know it's not as comfortable out here, but, you'll forgive us right?" Mai hear's Mike's voice and looks up but sees Zipalla first. "Zip!" She smiles happily to the girl. "Come meet your newest little brother?" She nods to Mike then, a faint blush kicking up on her cheeks. "Hey Mike. Wanna see?" She nods up at Ysa then. "Had to be a boy, if I had a girl taht kicked around that much, I'd be giving birth to you." She says playfully, smirking at her best friend.

Well, at least L'ton is distracted enough to not care whether or not K'ael is there, though he's reaching an arm out to Zipalla to pull his eldest over, to look at his youngest with her. "Didja ya here, Zip? Zelik.." He murmurs, giving the girl a hug even as he's resting his hand lightly on Mai's as she holds the boy. He grins as Mai and Ysa pick at each other, and Ram decides on this boy's future as well.

Hazel eyes lock on the trio for a few moments then she looks back at Mike with a smile before L'ton draws her to his side. "Hello Mai…Da.." she says quietly, her gaze moving to the little baby. "Look at that.." she says in a bit of awe, with all her siblings this is the first brand new one she's seen. "Mai..he's beautiful.." she says with a smile to her. Zipalla holds her hands in against herself like a child in a shop full of expensive things, her eyes flicking to Mike as she grins then she leans up and kisses Ton on the cheek. "You did good, da."

If it were up to R'miel both his boys would be impressing their own bronzes at 12 and be weyrleaders by the time they were 18. Even if it took him much longer just to get to weyrsecond. Ram heads over to give Ysa a squeeze. New babies! The goldrider might have to be careful or Ram might start the begging as soon as they got back. He turns his eyes to nod to his brother when he comes in. "Still looking after his eldest, hm?" Mike ignores his brother though and grins to Ysa. "Well, sure. Though really I'm here escorting Zip…" He gives Zipalla an encouraging smile. "You want to just come by later, Zip? I don't want to barge in on your family time."

[DTU/Project] Psylenith senses that Dhonzayth croons loudly, sharing his rider's enthusiasm. « Mine says his name is Zelik. Meluth's has had her hatchling! »

Ysa feigns innocence as she pouts down at M'iken and her firstborn. "Now why would ya go an' say something like that?" She chuckles, though, and turns to glance at the family as she leans back to R'miel. The goldrider wasn't stupid, though, seeing her weyrmate more excited. She gives him a slight smirk and reaches out to squeeze his arm gently. "Escorting?" she questions with a grin towards the younger brother, studying Zipalla while she's at it. "It's a shame we won't be able to see you 'round Xanadu that much anymore, Mike." Not that she does. "Though I've spoken to S'ya about it…" she trails that off with a shrug, smiling back down to her friend. "I guess we'll let you rest, Mai."

M'iken smiles at Zip and kind of shrugs a bit all happy like. "Thanks." She says, turning back to the baby and giving him a kisse on the forehead. The brownrider's basically oblivious to most of the conversations going on around her. She's only got eyes and ears for her little family here. When Ysa announces that they're leaving though, M'iken turns her attention back to them. "Alright. I'll expect to see you soon though." She with a smile. She would wave, but nothing short of someone taking the baby from her could get her to let go of her little Zelik.

L'ton turns to stare at K'ael, narrowing his gaze for just a moment before sighing, and leaving that subject for later as well. Though, as K'ael offers to leave, Pal does give him a look suggestion silently that it might be best. But then he's glancing up at Ysa, shaking his head, and sighing softly. "Dun go, before Ah can talk ta ya?" He asks, even as he's squeezing Zip again. "Tis all Mai.." He murmurs, though his gaze is back on the brownrider and the baby.

Zipalla finally sort of shakes from her moment of reverie and smiles over at Ram and Ysa, "Yes Mike was kind enough to snap-snap when I said I wanted to stop by here.." she says with a smile to the younger brother. She glances between Ton and Mike then looks down at Mai, "I suppose you do need your rest.. all three of you.. I just wanted to come by.. how long do you have to stay here? You think you'll be up to visitors tomorrow?" she asks, looking up at her father.

R'miel hugs Ysa from behind and rests his chin on her shoulder. "Yeah, we ought to be heading off. You'll need a lot of rest. Both of you. While you can get it." He chuckles a bit. "We'll be by soon enough." K'ael nods to Ysa. "I'm sure S'ya isn't too happy… hopefully it won't last that long, though." The younger bronzer catches L'ton's look and clears his throat. "Congrats you two. I'll meet you out at the forest when you get the chance Zip." And then he heads out.

"We left Illi with the nannies, the poor little monster," Ysa says as her excuse towards L'ton, chuckling. "And 'course I'll be coming 'round more, Mai. Don't forget that we promised playdates." She winks down to her friend before waving her hand at L'ton. "Ya can talk to me anytime. Actually, I can send both of ya notes when Niva won't be around for ya to go to Xanadu. I don't blame the Weyrwoman, with both of ya wanting to spawn all over there." This is in regards towards both Istan bronzeriders with a roll of her eyes and a bit of a glare, even towards the younger bronzer… "Congrats on the br-boy, Mai." She leans down for a peck, and then steps back towards her weyrmate.

As it seems people are leaving, an orderly comes over and gathers up the baby from Mai, explaining that they need to get the baby cleaned and weighed and all that. Mai reluctantly lets go of the baby, nodding like she understood. "Awww, poor Illi. Left alone with those nannies that don't understand him." She makes a pouty face at Ysa, even as her eyes follow her baby as it's walked away with. Then she shrugs at Zipalla. "I'm not quite sure when I'm leaving, but you're definately welcome to come back tomorrow." She says with a happy smile. "Thanks for being here guys." She says to the whole group, before anyone can get too far out of hearing range, waving a bit to anyone who makes their escape while the Healer who delivered the baby get's Mai all cleaned and sewn up.

L'ton leans to give Mai a kiss as the baby is gone, before he's smiling at her and gently squeezing her shoulder. "Ah'ma walk them out, and go tell everyone, love. Ah'll be back soon, okay love?" He murmurs, with a grin, before he's giving her another quick kiss and then to join the others as they head outside, giving his weyrmate and the baby another glance.

Zipalla smiles at Mai and nods her head, "I'll be back.. I have something for you and for the baby.." then she smooches Ton and grins. "Congratulations again.." she says then she too is headed out.

R'miel nods with a chuckle. "I'm sure the nannies are just loving all his wailing. As soon as Illi is strong enough to between we'll bring him by to meet Zelik so they can play." The bronzer gives a wave to his brother and then Zip as they make their exit. "Congrats again, you two. Let us know if you nee anything, alright?" He looks towards Ton with a nod, then heads out with Ysa.

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