A Surprise Encounter

Big Lagoon Hold - Lagoon Beach(#3784RJs)
From here, the beach opens to both sides. The water laps at the shore lightly, stirred only slightly, for the reef blocks off most of the ocean currents. The sand is soft, but very warm. Behind you, the greens wave in the light breeze, and off to the right is the large stream that you followed to get here. The stream is 200 feet wide until it begins to dump into the lagoon, where it is suddenly almost 400 feet. It starts to get deeper as you get closer to the lagoon, but back near the greens, it's shallow enough to wade across to the other beaches without getting clothes wet, as long as you pick up any long articles. The beach stretches about 900 feet to the left, and then begins to wrap around onto the reef. On the left, is the more public area, where people go to sun and swim. Off to the right, the beach goes about 1,100 feet before wrapping around. Right next to the stream, on the far side, is where the boats dock . As you continue around to the right, you can see a few visiting dragons sunning.

Its a gorgeous day, and L'ton is enjoying the fact that his duties have brought him to Big Lagoon Hold. Meandering down the beach, he's changed into a set of lightweight clothes constantly in Dhonzayth's packs. Barefoot, he's scuffing along, flopping down near the stream to sigh contently as he leans back on his elbows to look up at the sky.

Her clothes aren't the same either.. pants and shirt and boots traded for a whispy skirt and sandals along with a halter top. She arches a brow toward the bronzer, as he sits with his back to her and she smiles wider to see who it is. "By the stars, L…tonnnn.." she says in her little drawl, putting hands to hips, jewelry sparkling in the sun.

L'ton lifts his chin to glance backwards as he hears his name, confused for a moment, before a name is with a face, and he's on his feet, moving to great her with a hug. "Nalissi!" He grins. "Shards, Ah didn't expect ta run inta ya here!" He exclaims, stepping back to look her over. "Ya look wonderful, sweets."

Nalissi giggles and sweeeeps up into L'ton's arms, kissing his face; nose, cheeks, forehead and finally his mouth. "Why thank you.. I felt like having a warm sunny day..what brings you out here?" she asks, lifting his hand to twirl beneath it,sending her skirts out in a whirrrrl.

"Had ta come meet with some people, ta arrange when they're gonna be visiting Ista, and Ah ain't turning down a chance ta relax fer the afternoon, when stuff is done sooner rather than later." He explains, catching as many of her kisses as he can, before twirling her and then giving her hand a small tug to pull her back into his arms with a grin. "What 'bout ya, hm?"

Nalissi nods her head and grins then snuggles back up into his arms and gazes up at him, "Oh.. sometimes I just catch a rider and hang on for dear life til he lands.. today it was here.. I think we're fated to cross paths.." she winks. "Isn't it just beautiful?" she asks, looking up, her bright eyes sparkling like little gems in the sunshine.

"Ya should just admit it, lil bit.. Yer following me around. Ya missed me.." He teases her, winking back to her, giving her another spin. "Ah do love it here.. So peaceful. Though, Ah think ya've made it even more beautiful, just by showing up."

A laugh. "Oh right yeah.. following you…" and she giggles. "Maybe YOU are the follower eh? Only..you knew ahead of time..and.. got here first!" She nods firmly then leans in and nips his lip, tugging it. "And if it's possible for a place to be charming…then I guess you're adding to the flair!"

"Well, ya never know. Ah mean, Ah do have a rugged, manly nose.." L'ton is looking a bit silly as he's tapping it with his finger, and then, reaching to wind his fingers in her hair, pulling her against him for a long kiss as she nips at his lip. "Well, Ah certainly try my best ta help the scenery."

Nalissi grins and nods, "Oh you do.." she says, kissing said nose. She nuzzles up against his hand and returns the kiss in a confident manner, then draws back grinning, "You do help it..such a sweetheart."

As she pulls back, he grins at her, tilting his head to one side. "So, Ah ain't taking ya away from any pressing duties, am Ah? Ah mean, Ah realize ya just ended up here.. but Ah'd hate to keep ya from what yer suppose ta be doing.. Even if Ah think Ah'm more fun, if'n Ah don't say so myself." L'ton is beaming at her, with a wide smile.

Nalissi laughs and shakes her head, "Just gonna be here a few days seeing if anyone needs anything shiny and pretty.. besides me..or.. me.." she giggles. "And you're definitely more fun.. but don't pay the bills so to speak..but.. I don't have many bills." She hugs him tight and noses his nose, "So.. what you gonna do with me now that you caught me again?"

"Well, then if'n its a few days, Ah dun feel so bad about stealing ya away fer the afternoon." He murmurs, grinning. "Well, Ah can probably take some more shiny things off yer hands, when Ah leave, ta help with them bills." Might as well spoil the others, right? As she hugs him, he grins. "Well, first, Ah think Ah'm gonna do this.." And he's pulling her into another hug and a long kiss, fingers pressing into her back.

Nalissi grins, "It's time enough you should't feel bad about anything.." she says. "Oooh.. need more trinkets?" she asks then smooches his cheek. "OOoh…" she says then the word dies off into the kiss and she presses to him, mmmm'ing softly, her fingers now sliding up the back of his head into his hair.

L'ton chuckles softly as he pulls away, before he's moving to settle down on the ground, pulling her with him. "We'll worry 'bout that later.. Fer now, its all fun." Tugging her hand slightly, he's kissing the back of it gently before looking up at her with wide eyes.

The sun is warm, the lagoon is peaceful and the man is well..a proven talent. She slides down with him and watches him kiss her hand then she leans up and kisses his jaw before returning the wide-eyed gaze. "Oh yes..all fun.." she murmurs.

And really, what better way is there to spend the afternoon than curled up with handsome bronzerider on the beach, enjoying one's self? As she joins him, he's grinning, and then leaning to trail kisses along her jawline to her ear, where he's nipping gently. "Ah'm glad ta see ya again, sweets.." He murmurs.

Nalissi tilts her head for him, exposing that dainty neck and she slides her hand along his belly side to side, "I'm glad to see you too.." she says softly, eyes fluttering closed. "Mmmm… there..yes right there…" she murmurs now and then.

L'ton nips at her ear, chuckling softly, before he's dropping kisses down her neck, nuzzling against her as he goes. "Here?" He murmurs, kissing her earlobe again. "Or here?" He murmurs, shifting to kiss right above her choker. Shifting a bit as she touches his stomach, he grins at her.

Nalissi giggles, "Yes..andooh yes…mmmm…lower.." she says in a coy little voice, head dropped back, leaning back onto her hands. "Oh fine..anywhere!" she chirps, leaning into the bronzer as he dots her with kisses and nips.

L'ton chuckles, taking advantage of her halter top to drop a variety of kisses and nibbles across her shoulders and upper chest, following the neckline of the top with a grin. Shifting to settle across her knees as she leans back on his hands, he's hands are put to either side of her hips, and he's leaning towards her to grin. "Like that?"

Nalissi inhales at the trail of kisses and warm breath left in L'ton's wake. She reaches to the neck and tugs the tie of the top, letting the fabric simply lay against her as she gazes up at him. "More.." she says, her eyes lidding in a sultry fashion, head dropping back again.

L'ton leans further into her, even as he keeps himself braced to keep his weight off of her, and he's grinning, quite willingly going head planting more kisses, and longer ones, across her collarbone and neck, wiggling the top of the shirt down enough to continue to kiss there, before he's aiming for her lips again.

Soft giggles ripple like the top of the water and she lifts her head to look at him, watching the halter edge down, along with his lips. Then he's kissing her again and she puts a hand at the back of his head to hold him there, enjoying the press of her mouth to his, her tongue flicking out in a teasing taste of his lips.

L'ton has no intention of going anywhere, particularly once her hand is at the back of his head, and he's sucking on her lower lip, pulling away just enough for a breath, pressing his forehead into hers and sighing softly, eyes opening to look at her. "Ah dunno if Ah need ta ask but.. Canni have ya again?" He murmurs, fingers already twitching at the top of her shirt.

Nalissi mrrrms against his lips and then smiles gently at him, "I can't imagine a single other thing I'd want right now.." she answers softly, shrugging her shoulders just enough to slip the top lower, the soft fabric barely clinging to her pretty curves.

"Good… Ah dun think Ah could think of anything Ah could want.." He murmurs, before he's undoing the work she's just done to tug the top off over her head, his own following in short order, before he's flipping over onto his back, pulling her with him with a grin.

Nalissi sighs happily and then grins as the top slides off and leaves her bare from the waist up. She helps with his shirt and caresses his muscled chest then rolls to land atop him, her skirt fanned out over his legs. She remains sitting up for a moment, grinning down at him then traces a line from his belly to his chest and leans over, kissing him slowly before drawing upward again, fingertips at her own belly, tickling at it.

L'ton has all this skin to touch, now! And touch it he will, as his hands are eager to rub any part of her that he can get, stomach, chest, sides or back, before he's squirming a bit under her touch. One hand is in her hair then, pulling her close for another long kiss, even as he's looping his leg around hers, keeping her in place.

Her skin is smooth and soft and warm from being out in the wonderful weather. She settles in close against him and pulls her mouth from his only to find his neck. She nibbles then kisses and a little wriggle moves her atop him, her bare torso pressed to his, "Mmmm…taste good.."

"Ya're so soft.." He murmurs as she's kissing and nibbling on his neck, and then as she's wiggling, it seems that L'ton has had enough of these games, for he's reaching for her wrists, to potentially roll back over and keep her pinned beneath him, though all in eagerness.

Nalissi feels him grasping at her wrists and she lands with her hands on either side of his head, staring down at him. Her gaze has gone from merely playful to sensually playful and she lids her eyes once as her hips roll, her expression and desire unmistakable.

L'ton has himself a traveling girl. And as her gaze shifts, and her hips roll, all bets are off, for L'ton is quickly tugging off the remainder of their clothes, before settling about thoroughly enjoying himself as he enjoys her, and doing what he can to ensure that she does the same. At least he's never had any complaints.

Sun warms bare bodies and light breezes cool them as the lovers lay in a blissfully breathless heap. Her petite form drapes over his and her hair tumbles out behind her to the sand on one side as she rest with her head on his chest, her littler body riding the waves of his heavy breathing. "Mmmm… L'ton.." she murmurs.

L'ton is content - there's warm sun, soft sand, and a beautiful woman laying sprawled on top of him. Fingers absently run gently through her hair as he breathes slowly and deeply. As she murmurs, its a moment before he's responding, hand resting on her shoulder. "Yes, sweets?" He murmurs softly, not willing to lift his head or move just yet.

Nalissi grins but she doesn't move a muscle, nope. It's just too nice to lay here still basking in that special time after.. body still tingly and sensitive, skin still flushed, breathing slowing back to normal. "Just saying..mmmm…and your name..cause…that was just..wonderful.."

"Couldn't have done it without ya, Nalissi.." He murmurs softly, hands lightly rubbing her back and shoulders, petting her hair as he lays there, eyes closing. Reaching with one hand, he absently ruffles his hair, before its going back to rest on her side, and he smiles a bit. "Maybe Ah should be following ya around.."

Nalissi laughs softly, "Well you COULD but.. it wouldn't be nearly as fun.." and she basks, yes basks as he caresses and tends to her. "Think so eh? Gonna take me around Pern to sell my wares? I'd rather than then the followin' bit.." She lifts her head enough to kiss his neck then resettles.

"Well, Ah ain't got no problem picking ya up, and taking ya somewhere else, and spending some time with ya when Ah do. Ah mean, Ah'm back and forth anyway.." He murmurs, grinning as she kisses his head, but hands still gently stroking her hair. "Though, Ah ain't able ta go ta Xanadu, not fer a while Ah dun think… So, hope ya weren't looking for a ride there." He remarks quietly.

Nalissi grins and nods her head, "We might work something out.. we'll see.." she says, noncommittally. "Why can't you go to Xanadu?" she asks with a squint. "Carry off a girl whose mate gave you a whallop?"

"Apparently, Ah've been blamed fer taking out half their transport wing. Though, Ah'm pretty sure Ah ain't touched half them girls. Ah think they're just trying ta cause trouble." The other half though? Yeah, he'll take responsibility for those once they bother to tell him. Pressing gently against her head, he gives her an awkwardly hug. "Though, Ah guess once that gold of theirs flies, t'will be safe fer me ta sneak back in."

Nalissi lifts a brow then laughs, "Oh shards.. what sorta man have I gotten tangled up with?" she asks, giggling. She hugs him back and then hrms, "Afer the gold flies?" she asks, curious, not too up on how all that dragon stuff works.

"If'n ya ask, one who looks at a woman, and gets 'em with child." He teases her. Definitely more than looking going on, though. "But, if'n ya go between every few days, ya ain't got nothing ta worry 'bout, Ah promise." And that's something he'll continue to try and ensure, should she ask him to. "Aye, their Senior, her gold is a glowing. She's a right monster ta be 'round, before it happens. But, she should be back ta normal, after the gold mates."

Nalissi ughsss and then shakes her head, "I'm not havin any babies.." she says firmly. "I know how to take care of it.." she says with a nod. "Oh I see.. all pent up and such.." she nods her head. "Guess I'd be cranky too.." she adds then kisses him softly on the mouth before resting her head down again.

"Ah ain't asking ya ta have any babies, Ah promise." He chuckles, nodding as she confirms she knows how to take care of it. "Yeah, Ah dun think Ah'd wanna be her. Also dun wanna be the poor fool stuck with her. Not when there's pretty, nice girls like ya." He murmurs, with a smile, giving her a squeeze.

Nalissi smirks a little and nods her head, "Such a sweet talker.." she says with a tap to his side, then she walks her fingers upward and strokes down his arm gently. "Well, yeah, plenty of pretty girls to go around," she says as she shifts a little, sliding down to lay at his side, one leg curled over one of his.

"Ah dunno, Ah think yer the prettiest Ah've met in a while." He murmurs, settling her against him with and arm keeping her close. Fingers gently rub her own arm, and he's cuddling with her, picking his head up to give her a quick kiss, with a smile.

"L'ton..that's a sweet thing to say.." she says with a blush then she kisses him back. After a moment she looks up and grins, starting a slow slither down his body, "And I think I'll thank you for it properly.." If the lagoon could talk…

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