Zalyu is Sad

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)

All is nice, it's almost dinner time but Niah has her hands full enough that going down and eating isn't an option. Zaenar seems to be pretty busy down with the harpers. So the poor, over worked, bluerider has 4 children in her care under 3. Zalyu is playing with a group of toys, sitting next to Ellyza. The weyr is now baby proofed, everything well out of reach and Elly is well on her way to walking. Sitting on the bed she has her ankles crossed, watching the babies play and staying close in case she is needed. Dressed in the cutest of small blue dresses, the fabric close to Celi's color. Zialon is in her arms and Zion is sitting up in a small swing watching all the action though his blue eyes are drooping.

L'ton is here, whether its the smartest thing to do or not, and he's heading into the Weyr, pausing to check over the children, before moving to settle down on the bed next to Niah leaning to give her a quick kiss. "Hey, sweets.." He starts, a bit nervous, as he glances at oldest of the kids in the Weyr. "How.. How do you feel about keeping Zalyu, for a bit longer?" He questions - might as well get it out of the way.

Hearing his father come in the door he jumps up, Zalyu gets to his feet quickly and runs over hugging L'tons legs and says, "Dadddy! Daaddy!" he back up for second, and says "sorry eyrsecond." The w is left out, but it's awfully cute. Niah smiles, looking at the little boy, "Sure, I'll keep him. Anything for you tonny." Standing up she puts Zialon down in the crib, kissing him and saying. "It has been four sevendays, does that woman not care at all?" Kissing Zalyu who smiles, looking up at his father.

L'ton is scooping Zalyu into his arms as he hugs L'ton's leg, settling the toddler on his lap, with a grin for his son, before looking sort of guiltily at Niah. "Well, Ah.. Ya see, she ain't able ta between, ta come get him.." L'ton offers slowly, rocking the boy as they sit. "And, well, Ah.. Ah ain't 'xactly able ta go ta Xanadu right now, ya see so.. Ah can't really take him back, either." Oh, the perils of not keeping it in your pants.

Niah looks over, not grasping it and then she awws and shakes her head. Just as Niah seems to understand what is going Zalyu says, big eyes looking from L'ton to Niah. "I not seen mommy in long time." He mentions, his little face getting sad and he leans back and looks up at L'ton. Poor thing. Niah pushes out her lip, "I'll take you to see mommy.. she's nice right?" Asking L'ton and running her hand through Zalyu's curly blonde hair. Then she says, "Why can't you take him home?"

"Ah know, lil'bit. But, it shouldn't be ta much longer. Ah'll take ya home soon, okay?" He promises the boy, with a sort of sad smile, before glancing at Niah. "Ah.. Ah dun think ya'd wanna run inta her. She.. she ain't really gonna be happy, about it." Or probably anything to do with L'ton. "Ah.. Ah guess us bronzeriders here ain't 'llowed at Xanadu no more. Ain't really sure, but that's what Ram said, when Ah ran inta him earlier."

Zalyu still looks sad, but nods a little. Niah scowls, "Not happy to see her son?" scooting she kisses the little boy. "I would never just leave him at the nannies, she wouldn't know he is home." Kissing L'ton on the cheek, then lets her lips wander to his and sighs. "Poor Zalyu, I'll treat you special." Then she asks, "Did you have anything to do with it?" Not seeming to concerned, since Zalyu looks close to tears.

"Nah, Ah mean not ta happy ta see ya. Or, well, anyone who is with me." He murmurs, giving her a quick kiss back before he's settled on snuggling the boy in his lap, patting his pocket and idly finding a small packet of dried fruit, a piece of which is pulled out and offered to the boy. "Ah.. Ah dunno. Ah ain't sure, just something about us bronzeriders ruining her weyr." You know, its not like sleeping with the entire Weyr could have had anything to do with it..

Zalyu takes the fruit, sticking it in his mouth and chewing it and reaching for another piece. Niah sighs, "I do not think this is fair to him L'ton, If he loves his mother then we should at least try and get him back to her. Would you at least find a way to ask her if she will, well if she can find a way to get him home?" Zalyu has figured out this trick and is now going for L'tons pockets, what other goodies could he have in there. The bluerider is showing some major strain, dark circles under her eyes and she lays down with a yawn. "Zaenar said she hasn't been feeling good, so I have been keeping her away from the kids just in case."

L'ton holds out for a while, before eventually giving Zalyu another piece of fruit as a distraction. "If'n yer willing ta go back ta Xanadu, and leave with with the nannies, Ah'm happy ta tell her that where he'll be. Just.. Dun let her see you." He shakes his head, with a soft sigh. L'ton is quickly covering each pocket in turn as the boy tries to rummage through them, and he's shaking his head. "Ya need ta give them ta the nannies fer a few days, sweets. Yer gonna run yerself ragged."

Niah almost chokes, raising eyebrows, "Zaenar might be gettin' sick, and I am not leaving my children or your children with the nannies, they can stay with me." Standing up she looks like she almost gets dizzy, but trying to prove who great she feels she walks over to her small kitchen and pours herself some klah. "Zalyu sleeps alright, he has been sleeping in bed with me. Zion and Zialon are teething and they are uncomfortable, Ellyza is sleeping alright and I get up with her too." Explaining, "I try and let Zaenar take care of them during the day, and I still have to work. Just, how long will I have four tonny?" Asking.

"Ya dun need all this stress though, Niah.." He mutters, though clearly its a fight he's going to lose, and so he's just flopping backwards on the bed, letting the toddler remain settled on his stomach. "Maybe ya should just ask fer some time off duties, so ya at least are getting sleep. Otherwise yer gonna do something stupid, and then Ah'll be without, and so are the boys."

Celiketh rumbles an objection to that statement, "Celiketh always keeps me safe." Arguing and scooping up ellyza, she has trouble lifting the girl due to fatigue. Managing it she takes the little one into Zaenars room, turning down the lights and shutting the door quietly. "Shhh, she's gonna be asleep soon." Walking over and picking up Zalyu off L'ton, "And you little man, you need to go to bed soon too." Zalyu pouts, "Noo, momma put me to bed." Niah sighs, almost glaring at L'ton. "L'ton, I- I really hope you didn't do anything stupid. Not that what you do on your spare time bothers me, but my tonny.. my tonny you need to think about, about Zalyu and.. and me before you do things ok?" Laying down on the bed next to him she kisses his neck. "You.. you think, you think I would do anything that would take me away from my boys." Zalyu plays with Niahs hair, Niah yawns and says "If I put him to sleep, then can I have some time with you?"

"Celiketh ain't always able ta keep ya safe. Ya have ta keep yerself safe too." He murmurs, sighing softly as she struggles to put Ellyza to bed. "Ah think it'll work out. Ram said Niva's just all fussed, cause her Kilaueth needs ta rise." L'ton shrugs - that's one goldrider he avoids in any case. As she questions him, he tilts his head, and slowly shakes it. "Not tanight sweets. Ya need ta rest, and Ah.. Ah need ta go try and arrange stuff, ta get Zal back."

Niah rubs herself against him, "Tonny, I've not had, well. I have needs to tonny." Mumbling she lowers her eyes, saying to Zalyu "Lets make a deal little guy, ok?" Zalyu looks resistant, "I am going to take you down, and some nice ladies are gonna play with you. Then auntie Zaenar will bring you back." Zalyu agrees, hugging onto Niah and she says "Tonny, watch the boys ok?" She gives no option and is back in ten minutes. Coming over she says, "Tonny.. tonny.. please?" Begging and looking really pathetic, lowering her eyes she unzips her dress. "I just want some time, and you don't love me anymore." Crawling into bed next to him, and a little tear on her face. Poor niah.

"But, ya need to rest." L'ton counters again. Who knew that 'No' was in his vocabulary. But then she's disappearing and he's left to monitor the sleeping boys, and so he's just stretching back out on the bed when she returns, and he's glancing sidelong at her as she crawls into bed next to him. "Oh, sweets.. That ain't what Ah'm saying.." He protests, shaking his head, and rolling onto his side. "Ah just dun wanna keep ya from getting any rest.

"I will rest tonny, I will. Right now though, I want you to just.. I just." Sighish, it's that word again. Looking at his face, her eyes giving the irresistble welling look, getting very big and and she is running her hand along his chest. "We can wait, but what well if you don't want me. Then.." Pouting for a moment and turning away, burying her face into a pillow. "You'll have sex with someone I doubt you even really like, but not me? What's so wrong with me?" She's probably meaning Senkyou.

"Ah do care about ya, though, Niah.. That's why Ah dun wanna hurt ya or keep ya from getting rest.." But clearly the hand on his chest and that pathetic look is enough to do him in, for he's scooting over, to wrap his arms around her, settling a plethora of kisses on her face and neck. "Ah do want ya, Niah, Ah do." And then he's proving such to her. Thoroughly.

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