Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)
Sail is pinned up above the bed, the bed is made with a sea blue quilt. A dresser and set of drawers sits on one wall, a trunk sits in front of a mirror that is jagged, no frame and looks to be a large piece of broken glass. Two windows remain open most days, curtains also made of sail, hang in front of them. To one side is a kitchen area, small and very compact. Not far from that is a sink and shower, no soaking bath just a shower and a set of towels.
A Skybroom frame is painted a unique shade of brown, almost matching the hide of Dulacth. Long curtains cover windows on both sides of the dragon couch, the curtains at first glance look like beads but a further examination would show tiny rocks having been threaded together by fishing wire. Small and larges rocks lay all over the place, all colors shapes and sizes can be found. The couch in the middle of the weyr is large enough for a bronze at full growth, and scattered with those "Special" must have rocks that Dulacth sleeps with like teddy bears.

The day is nice and cool, everyone is busy even as night is quickly approaching at Xanadu weyr. For now, at least, Senkyou is at home relaxing without her children or Weyrmate. Instead the brownrider is busy working on her least favorite part of being wingleader, paperwork. Dressed in a green sleeve less shirt, and loose denim pants she looks comfortable. Her hair has been allowed to length just a bit, but as unruly and underbrushed as ever. Writing something she mutters, "Dulacth, yu think this will work? I should run it by Eiriana but shards if makin' a trip to see her ain't painful enough.":

L'ton has alcohol, and lots of it, as he comes to Senkyou's door, knocking against it awkwardly before pushing it open and holding the various wineskins and liquor bottles infront of him. Peace offering!! After a moment, he's slowly peeking around them to offer Senkyou a smile. "Ah.. Ah thought that ya could probably use some, with Zal in his troublesome twos." He explains, before giving her a smile. "He seems ta like his turnday present though, he ain't let go of the thing since he's gotten to Ista." It being a rather large stuffed canine, particular large for a toddler.

Senkyou raises and eyebrow, huffing and standing, she leans against the table at a slouch one shoulder higher than the other and she looks very displeased. "Yu should wait tell I say yu can come in, Maybe I didn' want you here." She says, brooding and then looking over at the alcohol. With a step forward she takes one of the bottles, examining it and then mumbling "Thanks for this though, you see my wingsecond anywhere? I's need to talk to her.." At the mention of Zalyu she says, "He ain't tha' bad, but I'm not around all that much and when I got him he always has ok manners. Talkin' a bunch though, who's Niah?" Oops?

"Friend of mine. If'n Ah ain't able ta watch him, all the time cause Ah'm like, stuck somewhere, she takes him. Gets along real well with her two lil boys and her fosterling." L'ton explains, watching as the bottle disappears into her hands and the other two skins that are stringed together are hung over a chair, and the liquor bottle set on the table. "So, ya got glasses, or something?" He says expectantly, not too afraid of her displeased look.

Senkyou turns away from him, running her hand down Dulacth side and saying "I still can't believe you just show up, I want some warning." She snaps and him, her voice gruff and she has a bit of bite to her words. Grabbing a glass she pours herself some of the liquor, downing it all quickly and getting busy with her paperwork again.

"Ah'm sorry, Ah wanted ta surprise ya, cause ya, Ah thought ya might need it." He shrugs a bit, before moving to find a glass for himself, filling it with the sort of golden liquor that's in the other bottle, before moving to fill her own glass with it. Setting the bottle down, he's swirling the liquid before tipping it back, downing it in a gulp, before he's settling in a chair next to her, idly going to refill his glass. "Ya should take a night off fer yerself. Enjoy the quiet." Or, the quiet that there is if Tonny left.

Senkyou drinks down the other glass, pouring more. MAybe tons presence is easier with alcohol, maybe she just has a small drinking problem that she'd never admit to. Looking him over she says, "I need to get somethin' done, someones gotta get the work done." Leaning back in her chair, relaxing a little she puts her hands behind her head, "Gotta be somewhere you gotta be, I mean I could take the night off and relax and maybe go down to the beach if yu just left me alone."

"Trust me, them papers ain't gonna walk away. They ain't so good at growing legs. Ah mean, Ah'm constantly wishing mine'd just walk away." He jokes, before filling his own glass again. "Ah ain't keeping ya from doing anything, unless ya find me too hot ta ignore.." He teases her, before he's shaking his his head. "Ah could go down to the beach with ya, ain' nothing stopping ya from going now.

Senkyou snorts, rolling her eyes. "See you've hit the hitch, I'd love to walk this to my wingsecond but she's been avoidin' me I think." Stupid greenriders, letting the legs of her chair hit the ground she says "You're so full of yourself, have one accident and I can't get yu to leave me alone. Yu got a responsibility to tha' kid though, yur his father and I expect that of yu." Senk looks up a bit, standing with a stretch and saying with another large gulp of alcohol. Is that 3 now? Or 4? She's not that big, how much could it really take. "You can stay or come, but if yur commin' bring the booze. I'll need it with you around. Dulacth rises, getting up and sticking his head just a few inches from L'ton.

"Well, Ah'm sure ya can find her tomorrow. She's probably out somewhere, when them girls of hers." The evil little monsters that they are. As Senkyou carries on a bit he, nods, with a grin. "Ah know Senkyou, Ah know. Dun ya worry about that." But then another glass of booze is tipped back, and L'ton is following suit, grabbing the liquor bottles and the glasses, glass clinking together as he bobs his head to Dulacth before moving to follow the rider.

Senkyou gets out to the beach, collpasing down and taking off her pants. She's not wearing a bathing suit, just a pair of pretty revealing underwear. Mostly revealing that underneath it all, deep down Senk is girly. "I don' really care what she's doin, I didn't give her the position so she'd slack off." Muttering and slipping out of her top, she's well tanned and walks out to the water. She just lets her body drop back like a rock, hitting hard and she sighs happily. DUlacth follows behind, being protective of Senkyou and splashing out into the surf. Rising she moves back to the beach, a little unsteady on her feet and grabbing up a glass. Pouring some more she is content, looking over at L'ton. "Yu just gonna sit over there, or get off yur butt and get in the water."

"Ah'm coming, Ah'm coming.." L'ton insists, even as he's tipping back yet another glass. Thankfully, it will take a little bit for it to kick in, though when it does, goodness help him. Tugging out of his clothes, leaving them in a pile, he's meandering into the water in just his boxers, looking back at Senkyou. "Ain't ya gonna come back out, sweets?" He calls with amusement, as he drops back into the shallow water.

Senkyou shrugs, standing "DOn't go callin' me sweets, I ain't sweet and I 'specially ain't sweet to the likes of you." Drinking a bit more, she goes out in the water and dives down. Swiming with easy strokes she pushes her hair out of her face. "I don't even think yu really think I'm that sweet, I've heard what you been sayin' about me."

"Ah ain't said nothing about ya, Senk. Someone's just trying ta get me in trouble, Ah think." L'ton quickly replies, hurrying deeper into the water to follow after Senkyou, though he's still giving her a certain amount of space. While his strokes are a bit sloppy, he's not actually having any problems staying up, so he's not too inebriated yet.

Senkyou isn't as think as you drunk she is. Yet. Dulacth watches them carefully, and opens his wings. The dragon sticks his head under water, pulling up a shell and senk says "We ain't keepin it lacth!" Snort, and dulacth is sulking. To L'ton she says, "Well I wonder why anyone would wanna do that, Ain't like yu gone and broke anyones heart, or gotten um in trouble with there weyrmate, or made yourself a menace. Nah, yu not like that." Swimming in she says, "Yu know yu can' keep doin that to people. They don' like it much."

"Wait, who's are did Ah break?" Poor slightly intoxicated Tonny is quite baffled by it all, not sure what he did to who anymore. Continuing to tread along after her, he's inching a bit closer with each moment, tilting his head.

Senkyou turns around, "I dunno, maybe mine. I never wanted to keep yu around, but yu didn' care for me at all when I was pregnant with Zal and tha' was scary fer me." Ack, no don't admit to weakness! She crosses her arms looking displeased "You didn' stick around or nothin' yu avoided me and I was concerned cuz he was yur kid."

"Ah didn't avoid ya! Ah was busy! And ya were after Ram, ta, and well, Ah figured ya didn't want me around, cause it might mess ya up with him." L'ton snaps back, closing the distance between them, and folding his own arms as he stares at her. "All ya had ta do ta ask me ta come, and Ah'd have been here in a second."

Senkyou leans forward, it must be the booze she says "Yu didn' care for me, and yu messed everything up with Ram anyways. He came around while yu weren't and he talked all sweet, obviously learned it from you." Puffing up, angry drunk brownrider. "Then he went an told Ysa now he won't even look at me." Looking over she says, "Maybe I jus' looking for what all them other girls want, and I ain't willin' to ask. I just want someone to give it to me really."

"Ya're being stupid, Senkyou.." He mutters, shaking his head. "Ah ain't taught Ram anything, and Ah ain't done nothing ta make him talk ta Ysa. Ah guess he just dunno when he's got something good." Friends, sure they are, but Tonny still doesn't understand the whole settling down completely thing. And then as she's saying she just wants someone to give it to her, he's reaching to grab her shoulders, pulling her into him for a long kiss.

Senkyou turns with a snap "I ain't being stupid." Slouching down and mumbling, As he pulls her over and starts to kiss her she goes, "What do you think yur." And she's stuck in the kiss, and she leans into it the kiss and then she pulls back her arm and slaps him, "Who do you think yu are? Honestly comin around and just kissin on me." Sitting for a moment glaring, she pushes him down on the sand and starts to kiss him "Do it again?" She asks, eyebrows up. Mrow.

L'ton would protest it, except then he's getting smacked and he's recoiling away from her. "Hey!" He protests - not like, you know he didn't deserve it. Because, well, he most certainly did. But then he's pushed back on the sand and has a Senkyou kissing him again. While any smart man would protest this sudden about face, this man is hardly smart and certainly on his way to drunk. And so his hands are winding in her hair, pulling her down for another long kiss.

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