Telling the Truth

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

Its a dreary evening at Ista Weyr, the drizzling rain keeping most people home, unwilling to venture outwards. Yet, L'ton is in the Sable Sands, a drink between his hands as he's sitting by himself, watching those few people willing to brave the wet as they meander through the bar.

With K'ris on late duties (presumably) Lisle has found herself awake awaiting his return and while most are staying in their weyrs, Lisle has donned a rain cape and found herself here. Perhaps not wanting to be alone while she waits. As she steps in she removes the cape and gives it a shake before heading up to the bar, "Just some juice thanks." She calls out softly.

It would seem that L'ton isn't alone by choice, for as Lisle enters, he's watching her, and when it seems there's no once tagging along behind, he's lifting his voice. "Lisle.." He calls, to get her attention, even as he's sliding over on the bench to make room for her, giving her a smile.

As her name is called Lisle looks up and over to the bronzerider and waves to him, waiting for her drink before she heads over to slide onto the bench next to him. Seemingly a bit more relaxed in here without the usual crowds. She gives a warm smile of greeting to the bronzer, "Hey, how are you doing tonight?"

L'ton gives her a bit more of a smile as she settles next to him, shifting to rest his arm on her shoulder with a warmer smile in return. "Ain't so bad. Mai fell 'sleep, so Ah didn't wanna keep her up. Poor girl's 'bout ready ta pop.." He shakes his head, "Ya doing okay, lil'bit?"

Such an interesting friendship this pair have, one that no doubt confuses others. The seemingly most prudish person in the weyr with the least. "Oh goodness…I should go up and visit her and see how she is going." Lisle takes a sip of her juice and cants her head up to him, "If you need any baby things I have a few of Ana's stuff packed away still."

Lisle's really just lucky that she's constantly made herself so darned unavailable all these turns. Or else L'ton probably would have managed to ruin the friendship somehow. Grinning at her, he nods. "Ah bet she'd enjoy the company. Ah feel bad, cause its just 'bout all she can do, ta get up from the couch, ta make it ta the bed, and then back." At the offer, he grins. "Ah bet she would like the offer. We've been picking some stuff out, but, Ah think she's nervous ta get too much, if'n it ends up being a girl."

She nods to his earlier question, having forgotten to answer in last pose. "I am doing very well…" There is a soft smile on Lisle's lips and a bit of a glow to her cheeks as she says it. She nods to his comments on Mai, "I know how that is, I was pretty much on bedrest at this point. Felt as useless as a newborn babe myself half the time."

"Ah feel sorta bad. Ah mean, she's just had a rough time of it, from the start. Though, Ysa, her lil brat kicked out her rib, Mai said, so Ah dun feel as awful. Knew them Ram kids would be troublemakers." L'ton jokes, even as he shifts slightly, arm settling on the back of the bench behind Lisle.

Lisle winces at the report of Ysa, "That must have been an almight kick…" She gives a shake of her head before taking another sip of her drink. She glances up at him as the arm moves from shoulder to bench, "Is everything alright L'ton?" She asks gently.

Even the mighty feel guilty sometimes. Particularly when sitting next to a sweet little lady like Lisle. "Ah… Ah saw yer niece, a few weeks back…" He mentions rather randomly, though now he's not able to look at her, instead finding his glass and the contents quite intriguing, before he's taking a long sip.

Reading the signs as she does she shifts in her seat to face him properly. There is a brow raised at his words, "And why do you look like a man prepared to meet exile?" She asks him, her own tone grown quite serious. "Did something happen I should know about? Is she alright?" There is a tone of mixed confusion and worry in her voice.

L'ton could easily be described as looking like a scared boy about to accept whatever punishment is doled out to him. "Ah.. Ah would say she's alright. She… She was upset 'bout yer brother.. Cried a bit but.. Ah.. Ah think she was better, when Ah left." At least he's venturing that much, finally lifting his eyes to meet her own.

Lisle looks up to L'ton and it is the look of a mother waiting for an errant child to admit to wrong. "Yes…I heard she has been helping his weyrmate, even taking on Healering lessons…" She starts slowly, "It can all be too much after a time…" She pauses as she looks over his face, "And if all you did was comfort her you wouldn't be looking like you do now."

"Well, Ah really could argue that all Ah did was offer comfort.." L'ton slowly counters, biting his lip and once more he's looking anywhere but at her. "Ah mean.. She really.. Really didn't wanna be alone, Ah dun think." Besides /she/ totally came onto him. His glass now empty, its the perfect toy to spin around and distract himself.

Lisle listens to him and for a moment she does not say a thing until a sudden realization hits her eyes widen, "You slept with my niece?" She shakes her head, "L'ton…she is just a girl and in distress and you took advantage of that just to get your jollies?" Ok so she has a slightly different view of her niece, what Aunt doesn't. She pushes back out of the bench.

L'ton is quickly sliding out of the bench after her, hands open, palms up. "Lisle.. Ah.. Ah.. It wasn't my intention. Ah was just talking, and then the next thing Ah knew she was pulling me down fer a kiss, and then.." He shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah didn't wanna hide it from ya, though, Lis.." Even if its taken him all this time to get up the courage to tell her.

Lisle holds her own hands up, "Just stop L'ton, I do not want to hear the details. She is my niece. I held her arms when she was a baby. Just stop." She shakes her head at the thought of it all. "I think I would have rather you did. "She is precocious yes, but you are an adult…you could have said no." With that Lisle is turning toward the door. Tomorrow she probably won't be so angry, but right now. Hearing one of your closest friends plugged your niece…well that is too much for tonight.

L'ton isn't about to let an angry Lisle escape, and he's rushing after her, reaching for her wrist, hoping to stop her and get her to turn around. "Lisle… Ah'm sorry. Ah.." He sighs softly, and shakes his head. "Ah wasn't all there, and Ah should have acted better but.." He bites his lip. "Please forgive me?" He murmurs, dropping his gaze to the floor, and looking quite dejected.

As her wrist is grabbed Lisle looks back up to him. Her emerald eyes bright with disapointment at the moment. "Yes you should have L'ton especially with a baby on the way. Your /Weyrmate/. I take this was not related to any flight or you would not be looking quite so guilty." There is an admonishing tone in her voice and she pulls her wrist from his hand. "Not tonight L'ton, I need some time with this one." She say and looks away from him again to not see his look as she heads to the door.

L'ton sighs softly, staring at his feet. "Yes'm.." He murmurs softly, lifting his chin to watch her back as she leaves, before he's turning to trudge back to the bar. This calls for another drink.

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