Morning at the Tavern

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This tavern is built from some of the best and finest rock on Pern. The walls are a beautiful deep grey, and the floors are buffed to a shine. There are many comfortable looking tables and chairs scattered about in the Inn. In the middle of the room is a cherry fire helping to warm the place.

Early morning finds Nalissi having slipped quietly from the bed. Silent footfalls move her from the door to the little table and she sets down a tray, laden with assorted foods, plates, mugs, and a carafe of klah. A soft giggle escapes her lips as the server from downstairs wide-eyes at the disarray of the room, and she puts her finger to her mouth, "Shhhh.." she says, closing the door.

L'ton is still lounging contently in bed, stretched out and having rolled over onto his stomach as Nalissi slipped from the bed. For now, he's still dozing lightly, head turned sideways as his hair is messed up by the pillow and one foot is stuck out the side of the bed.

Nalissi creeps back over to the bed but doesn't climb in…even though it'd just take a shrug of her shoulders and pull of a belt to have her robe on the floor. Nope. She sees his foot. Biting her lip she steps closer and one fingertip runs along the smishy part of the underside of his toes..then down one side.. then up the other.. a slow tracing, light, wandering.

L'ton wiggles his foot at her touch, toes twitching as his subconscious tries to get them away from him. And then, as the tracing continues, L'ton is groaning slightly, shifting his arms underneath him to turn his head the other way, eyes opening blearily to stare at the hand at his foot. Its after a minute or two that his sleepy-mind reminds him that the hand is attached to something, and he's looking up at the rest of the body, actually smiling a bit then at her, still blinking the sleep out of his eyes.

Nalissi giggles delightedly, if she had a floofy fox tail it'd be flicking behind her while her little hands torment her guest's foot. She does stop however and tilts her head, leaning to the side to look at him, "Morning!" she chirps. "Did I wake you?" she asks, fingertips now sliding up the back of his leg beneath the warm covers. "Well as along as you're up…" and she pauses, waggling brows, "There's klah and breakfast.."

L'ton's foot continues to twitch from where its sticking out the side of the bed, though he relaxes as her fingers move to his calf muscle and he grins at her a bit. "Not at all, sweets.." He murmurs, before he's rolling the rest of the way over to flop on his back, looking at her with a silly grin as he pushes at his messy hair, and rubs at his face for a second. "Breakfast?"

Nalissi steps closer and her hand slides upward then she slips it out from the covers with a teasing grin. " you know.. pastry..rolls.. fruit.." she glances to the tray. "Unless of course.." and she traces along the lapel of her robe, "Though I really thought you might need some sustanance.."

L'ton chuckles, propping himself up on his elbow, reaching for the collar of her robe to pull her down for a kiss as she teases him. "Breakfast is good, sweets.." He agrees, before giving her another quick peck to the lips and sliding out of bed, though he's trailing one of hte covers with him, wrapped over his shoulders and around his middle as starts meandering towards the tray.

Nalissi giggles softly and kisses L'ton on the mouth, nipping his lower lip playfully. Her eyes search over his face and she smiles, "Mhmmm.." she agrees then pads after him, amused at his "wrap". She pulls out a chair and then waits, "You're my guest.. " and she pats it, "They make the best stuff downstairs.." and she starts pouring him a cup of klah.

L'ton settles down in the chair, tilting his head to watch her with interest, before grinning. Once the cup of klah is poured, he's pulling to pull her onto his lap with a chuckle, keeping his arm around her waist while he reaches for the klah with the other one. "Ah definitely think it looks amazing.. though after last night, Ah think Ah could eat just about anything."

A soft kiss lands at his temple when he sits then she curls down into his lap, her small, soft form nestling easily against him. She pulls a pastry from the tray and tears off a piece, waiting while he speaks then she nods, "I got keep your strength up.." she says with a smile, holding a bite of the sweet roll near his mouth. "You know I had no idea when I went to warm up by the fire I'd be bringing something warm back to my room.." Nalissi says with a grin.

L'ton keeps his arm around her, rubbing her leg lightly, as he leans forward to snag the sweetroll from her fingers. Grinning, he tilts his head as he looks at her. "Ah hope ya dun mind that ya had company for the night hm?" He murmurs, leaning to kiss her neck, to try and further convince her it was the right choice.

A soft little mmmmnnnmmm escapes her lips and she grins, eyes lidding for a moment at the sweet caress and then she shakes her head. "Oh dear.." she says, trying her best to look convincingly dismayed, "And here I thought I was rather.. expressive of the level of not minding..I..I..guess we'll have to try again.." she says, putting the back of her hand to her forehea in a dramatic fashion, "Woe..woe is me.."

"Oh dear indeed.." He murmurs, shaking his head, mimicking her dramatic tone. "Ah suppose we will, then, sweets… But.. After breakfast." He chuckles as he reaches for his klah, taking a long sip and then offering the mug up to her. "Ah mean, Ah'd love if'n ya were breakfast but.. Ah wanna make sure Ah've got all my strength back, ya know?" He teases, reaching for a pastry of his own, even as he rests his head lightly against her side.

Nalissi giggles softly and nods, "Mhmm.." she answers, sipping the offered drink. She nibbles on her pastry and settles in nice and close, "So, bronzer.. how many little trinkets you taking back with you?" she asks, leaning her head back to look up at him. Her fingertips trace the choker at her throat and she arches a brow, "I do all sorts, even things for the hair.. and you know.. don't you think it'd be a sight if there were charms for riders to put on their straps.. or pretty tailbands or..I don't know.. something.." she muses while they eat.

L'ton idly twists his fingers in her hair, leaning into her with a sigh after the last piece of pastry is popped into his mouth. "Ah dunno, how many lil trinkets am Ah taking with me?" He grins, finger tracing her forearm with a grin. "Ah bet Ah can think of a few people who'd like pretty things." Oh, the perils have having daughters and nieces and a weyrmate who all like stuff.

Nalissi turns her head a little and grins, "Many as you want, L'ton…" She sorta basks in his attention for a moment then turns her head and nibbles at his ear. "A few eh? Well.. since I dunno 'em, I can't be guessin what they might /love/ as opposed to being pleased with.. rings, bracelets, anklets..I did sell a pretty anklet to a harper day before last..and she took an extra bracelet for a cousin.."

"Maybe some pretty bracelets or something, then.. Ah mean, if'n they're the same, they won't get jealous, right?" L'ton ventures softly, swith a smile, before he's chuckling when she nibbles on his ear. "Hey sweets.." He teases her, giving her a squeeze, and nuzzling into her neck, where he's giving her a teasing nip.

Nalissi smiles and nods her head, "You can have your pick.. well.. when you can finally drag yourself away.." she winks. She tilts her head to further offer the ear then she snuggles up close and warm, "Yessss?" she asks him, a klah-warmed hand sliding against his chest to caress him.

"Ah'll have a look later.." He agrees, before he's leaning up to suck on her ear lobe, before blowing lightly on it with a grin. "Ah suppose in time Ah should let ya get back ta whatever ya were doing, and that Ah should probably get back ta Ista. The Weyrwoman might be wondering what happened ta me, ya know.." But then she's snuggling, and he's grinning. "But, Ah think Ah can make somemore time."

Gooseflesh sweeps her arms when he blows on her ear and she giggles, "Oh we have oodles of time.." she says with a nod then a brow lifts, "Pesky Weyrwimmin.." she says playfully. "I can send a note.. "He's been tied to my bed for a few days.. I'll let 'im go when he ceases to anjoy it!" and she laughs.

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