Mounted Flight Lesson

Ista Weyr: Northern Bowl
The three remaining walls of the weyr caldera rise upwards towards the tropically hued sky, the tightly packed floor black with the volcanic sand Ista is well known for. This is the quieter end of the bowl, narrower - it's certainly no perfect circle - and somewhat more sheltered, even with one wall missing, the bowl floor spilling out into the plateau. To the west, just at the edge of what is left of the bowl wall, the feeding grounds are located, the braying of animals audible at all times of the night and day, chimed in by the sound of movement from the training grounds to the south west, and the weyrling barracks to the east.
The plateau spreads forward, northwards, greenery reaching the edge of the black-sanded bowl floor, allowing a remarkable view of forest and ocean, spreading as far as the eye can see downwards from the weyr bowl. Above, the Star Stones are visible just behind - towards the west, and far above - as are the pockmarks of ledges and weyrs that line the bowl walls.

B'relle leads the class out to the northern bowl. Gwynaleth is waiting inthe bowl for her. "Come on, Come on." B'relle says smiling. "You'll quite enjoy this class I think. However you must do exactly as I say!"

Ae'ran and Knephyth stride after, Ran jogging to keep even with the bronze's paces. The big lump seems intent to do his very very best today. Yep.

L'ton wanders out, arms folded in front of him as he sulks slightly, Dhonzayth making up for it as he struts, as much as a dragon can, after Gwynaleth. The pale bronze picks a place to settle, L'ton nearby as he eyes B'relle with detached interest.

B'relle says "Alright class. Line up across the bowl. Leave plenty of wing room. You're going to get to ride your dragons today!" She yells out to the class smiling happily. "First things first though, you'll need to get the straps on them. You may do that now.""

L'ton glances from side to side, Dhonzayth shifting to straightening out the line before L'ton moves, starting to carefully work on putting on the straps, working from one side to the other, before going back as he double checks said straps. A last one is pulled tight, and he pauses, glancing over his shoulder at B'relle. "Does this mean we can get up, on 'em?" And without waiting for an answer he scrambles all the way up onto Dhonzayth's back, the pale bronze snorting.

B'relleis assisting another student and it takes a moment before L'ton's question sinks in. She whirls quickly to spot him already mounted. "L'TON! Get down!" She yells, then turns to address the class as a whole. "I'm not going to keep doing this. The next person who jumps ahead of my orders will get themselves and their lifemate grounded for the next sevenday. You will not mount yet. Just put the straps on. I'm going to check them before you mount!" She glares around the class, targeting everyone. "It is crucial that you obey me explictly at this point in your training."

L'ton is just settling down between the ridges, starting to pull the straps right, before hearing the yell, and wrinkling up his nose. "But ma'am, Ah know what ta do. Dhonzayth here said that he wouldn't let meh fall, anyway.." And after a moment of sitting there, he slowly starts picking his way downwards, Dhonzayth rumbling, somewhat annoyed. "Ya never said not ta mount, ma'am."

B'relle turns and strides angrily over to L'ton, her voice low and dangerous as she looks the young rider in the eyes. "I've been stressing for the past /month/ that I need you to do /what/ I say /when/ I say and /only/ that. I did not tell you to mount, therefore, it was specifically forbidden." She projects her voice turning slightly to include the rest of the class. "No dragon would intentionally let his or her rider come to harm, but it happens nonetheless. My job is to prevent that. Every class we have has a higher penalty for mistakes. Soon the penalty may be death. If you can not obey, I will have to ground you. Now get the straps on and stand beside your dragons." She walks firmly to Dhonzayth and tests the straps. Making certain that the are on correctly and appropriately tight. After checking it over she turns to L'ton. "You may mount and strap in. You may not take flight, start running around the bowl, or do anything else but sit there until I return."

L'ton arches an eyebrow as he's glared at, taking half a step back and regarding the weyrlingmaster with slightly widened eyes, from a slightly further distance away. "Ah didn't realize Ah could come ta harm sitting on his back. Prolly safer then climbing all over bathing 'im." He mutters at her departing back, before he turns and climbs back up, strapping himself in and pouting somewhat, as he waits, Dhonzayth rumbling impatiently beneath him.

B'relle moves down the line testing straps and releasing each weyrling to mount individually. She tightens down the straps in a couple places, but most are quite alright. Then she returns to Dhonzayth's side, she looks up. "Are you strapped in, L'ton? Tightly?" She waits for his answer before continuing. "Check them again, just to be safe." She watches as he does so. "I'll be back shortly." She works her way back down the line, assisting a couple to mount and checking everyone. Then she walks out in front of the class. "Alright, we're going to get started in just a moment. You will not go until I give the command. You will take off, fly only a few dragonlengths and land again." She nods her head to L'ton. "You may go first. Go on. Let's see how you like it."

L'ton double checks his straps as he's told, waiting not so patiently for the all clear to be given, Dhonzayth shifting back and forth. And then, the all clear is given, and the human half tightens his legs around Dhonzayth, despite the tight straps, squeezing his eyes shut as Dhonzayth crouches, takes a few waddling steps before pushing off, wings beating once, twice, three times, and then he's on the ground, wings kept awkwardly open longer then necessary as he balances. L'ton, meanwhile, had yelped as Dhonzayth actually took off, and now that he's back on the ground, cautiously opens his eyes, peeking around him, before looking proud. He did it!

Pi is sitting on her dragon's back, she's done this before at least. That and she's flown on a different dragon 8 times. Still, she looks like she's having a case of nerves, rather bad nerves for that matter. Her hands are gripping onto the straps she just checked, knuckles white. "Ah know, Ah ain't got nothin' to worry about with yeh." But she's still worried. Watching L'ton go her breath catches but he returns safely and she starts breathing again.

B'relle nods her head and smiles. "Good job, L'ton, Dhonzayth. Walk back please, not wise to over do it." she watches until they are off to one side, out of the way. "Pi, Psylenith, would you like to give it a shot next? Please go ahead."

Franses watches B'relle walk about, checking straps and making sure all is ready with all the weyrlings including herself. Danath's usual calm facade is in place but marred by the twitch of her tail as she watches and waits with her lifemate.

Watch Pi's eyes go wide as she's asked that wonderful question. She /could/ say no, right? Nope, she's not given the chance and is told to go. "Allright Psy, Here we go, yer okay with the weight, right?" Psy obviously is and rumbles happily. She can do this, heck she was born to do this… extra weight or no. Pi isn't so sure. Like her relative, her eyes scrunch closed and she leans foreward, holding on tight. Away Psy goes, launcing into the air after her run and flapping three times, she has to strain a bit more with the extra load and the landing is rougher despite all her times perfecting it. After they're back on the ground Pi manages to start breathing again.

L'ton stays on Dhonzayth's back, as the bronze stays off to the side, swiveling around to watch Pi, hollering loudly as she lands, clapping, Dhonzayth offering his own loud rumble.

B'relle again smiles and nods happily. "Well done, Pi! Well done, Psylenith! You walk back here too." She smiles and turns to Franses and Danath. "How about you two? Go on. Let's see how you do." She turns suddenly to the class. "Oh and please remain mounted once you've walked back."

Franses is calm. She's fine. Not nervous at all. Just excited. Yeah. Right. Danath is ready for the order that comes and waits only long enough for her rider to swallow and say, "It's you're show. I trust you," and she moves off. The green moves from slow lope to quick gallop in the breath of two heartbeats then her wings open and she springs up. The girl leans back into the movement, her hands clinging so hard to her dragon's neckridge her knuckles are white. Despite the hold there's a wide grin on her face as Danath flaps once, twice, thrice then back down they go to a quick trot of a landing. "You did beautifully," the girl murmurs, thumping her shoulder proudly as the dragon walks her rider back and out of the way, rumbling happily at her performance. The green has been practicing. A lot.

Pi slowly relaxes and then gives as much of Psy's neck that she can a hug as the dragon moves off to the side. L'ton gets a nice glare for his noisemaking of course and she turns quickly to watch Franses and Danath with a grin. Now that is' over with her stomach as stopped doing the flips.

B'relle says "Beautifully done Franses, Danath." She calls out as they land. Then she works her way through the rest of the class in a similar manner. Pausing only once to check over a dragon who landed poorly. Labrath, however, is fine. "Alright, make two lines. L'ton you are at the head of one, Pi the other, the rest of you line up in the order you went." she points to starting positions on either side of the bowl, giving them the full length to work with. "You get one more go for today. L'ton, Pi, You may go ahead.""

Dhonzayth is more then willing to get at the start of the line, 'strutting' continuing as he gets into place. He's good enough to lead a line! Right… At the okay, again the bronze pushes off, L'ton's eyes widening as he bites his lip, but he actually manages to keep his eyes open this time, letting out a large breath when after 3 wing strokes Dhonzayth is back on the ground, moving out of the way. A belated 'whoop!' is expelled from L'ton, as he stays strapped in, watching the otheres.

Psylenith eagerly takes her place in line, she'll get the landing better this time. This time it won't jar her poor rider so much! Said rider actually grins across the bowl to L'ton as she waits for the okay. When it comes Psy doesn't need any instruction, instead she's off running again. Pi's eyes stay open this time, though yet again her breathing stops. Three strong strokes and the dragon lets herself fall back to the ground, hind legs touching first and then rocking to the front as a bronze instructed her weeks before. It's smoother this time, and Pi beams, breathing air again. "Good one!" Psy trots off to join Dhonzayth at the side and Pi grins to Pal again. "How yeh like it?"

Franses has not stopped stroking Danath or praising her first mounted flight. Not even as they move into line for another go does her steady rubbing stop. There's a soft rumble of pleasure from the green at the attention though her eyes are on the waiting sky. A moment later, Franses is watching the others, grinning almost idiotically at L'ton's and Pi's second flights. Then her eyes are on B'relle, waiting for their all clear to go.

B'relle watches both of them land safely. "Very good!" she calls to them. Then she turns to the next pair, Franses and V'er. "You may go ahead, be sure to land shot of your classmates then when you move over to join them." As she gives the command Gwynaleth walks up from behind and nudges her. The adult green is already wearing her straps. B'relle smiles and gives her lifemate a caress before mounting and strapping herself in as she watches the pair.

As one both Danath and Franses turn their heads to the sky. "One more time," the weyrling murmurs and away the green goes. Run. Spring. Flap once. Flap twice. Flap thrice. Glide. back down to a running landing. Despite her casual, unflappable personality the dragon raises her muzzle and bugles her happiness, eyes whirling excitedly. "Yes, that /was/ wonderful," the girl strapped to her agrees. Back to praising and stroking as her green moves out of the way and back to the other riders-to-be. Gotta love enthusiastic adoration.

L'ton glances across at Pi, giving her a thumbs up and a nervous grin, before looking back to the rest of his classmates, and weyrlingmaster.

Pi smirks slightly at L'ton, finding it amuzing that he's nervous and all of that, not that she /isn't/. But Pal is Pal and it's funny. Beaming at Franses and her bond she calls out a "Great job!" as they get close.

B'relle smiles as the second group lands safely. "Well done!" She continues through the rest of the class int he same manner. When the last pair goes she and Gwynaleth make the flight just a short distance behind them, landing a bit in front of the group. "Alright class. You've all done very well today. That's enough flying today. "We will be exercising as a class everyday from now on. I do not want you riding your dragons outside of class exercises. First we will be flying longer and longer flights, then we will practice flying in formation. Once you have that down throughly, AND you all have proven you can obey. We will learn to between. Do NOT attempt to between without training. That is very important. You should all know quite well by now, that mistakes betweening mean the dragon and anyone riding it, does not come back." B'relle says "Any Questions?"

L'ton sticks his tongue out at Pi behind his hand before looking back at B'relle, shaking his head and moving to slide down. "No ma'am.." He offers before starting to crawl down, Dhonzayth rumbling.

Franses grins and waves at Pi. "You too. Both of you," she calls back before turning her attention to B'relle and Gwynaleth. Danath's whirling eyes are still on the sky as her rider shakes her head. "None at all ma'am," for once, but then her questioning dragon's attention is full of airspeed and wind direction and flight paths. The green will be distracted for a while.

Pi smirks more at L'ton for the tongue then and then beams at Franses. "Thanks." Psy rumbles her own response and congratulations. Peeking over at B'relle the weyrling shakes her head. "Nope!" The thrill is still there though and now she's somewhat hyper. Oh dear. Unstrapping herself she begins climbing down as well.

B'relle cocks an eyebrow at the bronze rider. "L'ton, Pi! I did not tell you to dismount. I wanted you all to remain mounted for this to help build up your dragon's muscles. However, as no one has any questions, it is time to get down anyway. You may all dismount. Please remember to remove the straps and check them over throughly for signs of damage or wear."

L'ton glances over at B'relle, shrugging as he finishes climbing down, pulling off the straps, sliding them through his hands as he checks them carefully, rolling them up as he goes, looking for the final dismissal.

Franses un-hooks herself at the call to dismount and climbs down slowly until she's back on the ground. Down Danath's neck goes and the weyrling undoes the thick leather with a grin. "You did just fine," she murmurs, eyes only for the green's hide and muscle. "Just fine." After a check of her lifemate's body, she turns her attention to the straps. Both are undamaged. Joy!

Pi grimaces as she's chastised, cringe! "Sorry Ma'am." is mumbled. She was just thinking that it was over since the 'any questions' thing was asked and all. Not to mention she was following L'ton.. which is a bad idea to begin with, she remembers that now. AH well. Finishing her way down since they are now told they can she removes the straps, leaning against her dragon to check them over.

B'relle's mouth tightens as she walks over to L'ton. "/Weyrling/ L'ton, I take it you have a problem with my orders?" she asks calmly, but firmly.

L'ton blinks at B'relle, shaking his head quickly. "No, ma'am. Mah legs were sore, and ya said we could get down anyway." The straps are rolled up in his hand as he glances over at Pi, before gaze looks back at B'relle.

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