Treasure at the Minecraft

Mine Craft - Tavern(#5689RJM)
This tavern is built from some of the best and finest rock on Pern. The walls are a beautiful deep grey, and the floors are buffed to a shine. There are many comfortable looking tables and chairs scattered about in the Inn. In the middle of the room is a cherry fire helping to warm the place.

Now, its a reasonable enough assumption that after one finishes their duties, they should pay a visit to the area tavern, to have a taste of the local fare. Of course, that is exactly what L'ton is doing this evening, as Rukbat has already set, and the tavern is starting to fill up. Settled in one of the overlarge chairs around the outer ring, he's sipping his drink of choice, eyes flicking to the girls who are passing to and fro

Likely unheard in the low din of noise in the filling tavern, Nalissi's bracelets jangle softly with her spirited steps as she enters one of her favorite places. Crystalline eyes scan the inn proper and she makes for the fire, the recent ride between having left her petite form chilled to the bone.

L'ton continues his.. perusal, as it were, of the various female occupants of the tavern, though as he's eyes rest on the short new arrival, it seems that they're caught there. Moving from his seat, though giving anyone who dares approach it a warning glare, he's weaving through the crowd to her side, smiling down at her widely. "Ah have a nice seat over here by the fire, lil'bit, if'n ya dun mind a bit of company.."

Nalissi's smile is about incessant and she bobs little nods to familiar-ish faces and as she reaches her dainty hands to the fire, the rings on her fingers shimmer and sparkle. Gem-like eyes upturn to the voice and she turns a bit, a hand now resting on her hip as she considers the voice's origin. "Aren't you a sweet one.." she says in a small voice, trilling, like a bird almost but not shrill. "I'd love some company, but only if I know my companies name." She extends a hand to him and smiles, "I'm Nalissi."

L'ton carefully takes her offered, hand, shaking it. "L'ton, bronze Dhonzayth's.." He introduces himself, before moving to lift her hand to his lips for a brief kiss, eyes never leaving her own. And then he's moving to offer her an arm to escort her to the chair that's still free. "Will ya join me, sweets?" He winks with a smile.

"L'ton.." she repeats, though if the name is familiar she doesn't comment. She watches her hand lift to his lips and she extends her fingers to touch his cheek then her eyes flick up to his with a sort of flirtatious fire in them. "Oh I think I will yes.." she answers, grinning, curling her hand around the offered arm. "And what brings such a gentleman to our parts?" she asks, raising an elegant brow, following his lead to a seat.

L'ton settles down in the large chair then, making sure there's enough room for her, even if its likely to be tight, he's more than happy to meet the flirtatious look with one of his own. "Ah had a few things ta negotiate, with the Master's here, fer Ista's sake. Mostly mineral type stuff, nothing real important." And then he's moving to pull her into the seat with him with a chuckle. "What about such a lovely lady like yerself? All alone?"

Nalissi nods her head and listens, "Mineral stuff huh.." she remarks then when he tugs her into the seat she slips down easily and lands almost in his lap. A slide of hips sends her rump to the chair but leaves her legs draped over his lap and she doesn't move them, leaning her back against the chair-arm. One hand lifts and fingers sift through curls, firelight making the golden-red strands shimmer, along with the sparkle of her jewelry. "Callin' me lovely.. a charmer I see.." she says with a grin then taps her choker and holds out a bangle-adorned arm. "I make jewelry.. did some training here.. now I travel about with my travelin' partner if that's what yer askin."

"Well, Ah just like ta make sure. Ah mean, Ah dun wanna be intruding on anyone else's space.. 'sides, mah nose is already crooked 'nuff without getting another punch to it." L'ton jokes lightheartedly, pulling her legs a bit to settle them more comfortably across his lap, hands idly rubbing her knees and shins with a smile, before he's leaning closer to her to better examine the jewelry. "Real nice sweets…" He comments, even as he's reach one hand for the bangles.

Soft giggles ripple out from her parted lips and she shakes her head, "Another punch? Ya must tread thin ice a lot hmm?" she asks teasingly. A little squirm accompanies the caresses to her legs and she watches him look her over, hand held just so for him to look at her work. "See.. I take the little pieces of metal and make the base piece…then set it with stones or little mosaics.. sometimes scrimshaw.. tryin to learn a bit more about working the metal itself and all.. came back today to try to get a bit in supplies." She wriggles her hand and the bracelets sparkle and jangle, "Like what ya see?"

"Mah cousin, she has a real good right hook." L'ton replies with amusement, before he's squeezing her legs a bit as she squirms. "Aw, it doesn't tickle, does it, lil'bit?" He teases her, before leaning closer to examine it, listening to her explanation of it all with a nod. "Ah think they're real pretty.." And then at her question, he beams, shifting as if he's going to try and steal a kiss. Bold one, ain't he? "Oh, Ah most definitely do."

Nalissi brow-arches again and then laughs, "You put the moves on your cousin and got punched, oh ain't that a lark!" she says through her laughter. "You're trouble with a capital T, L'ton.." she says as he squeezes, "Mebbe a little bit.." she answers about the tickling, "Been a while since I was ah..tickled.." and she laughs, then ahems. Soft lips lightly brush his when he makes his thieving attempt then she draws back with a feigned look of shock, "Kissin me now are ya?" she asks.

"Nah, but Ah put the moves on someone else, when mah cousin was 'round." He tries to counter, but then she's laughing her head off and he's left to pout rather pathetically. "Ah ain't /that/ much trouble.." He tries to counter. At least he's not too bad on the eyes, thus why he causes so much trouble. As she leans back and looks shocked, he looks shocked as well, eyes widening before he's replying oh-so-innocently. "Well, ya just looked like ya were begging ta be kissed…"

Nalissi grins and then tilts her head to look him over, easy on the eyes yep. "Beggin? Oh no.. I'd not be beggin.." she answers with a sort of defiant smirk. A finger lifts and traces his jawline, "That innocent look isn't foolin' me, rider…of a bronze no less.." and she leans one elbow back against the chair arm which lifts her upper body just a little, displaying those pretty curves in the process of getting comfy. "Well," and she sighs, "I'm a little disappointed then.. I was kinda lookin' for trouble.."

L'ton tilts his head into her finger, grinning at her, even as he's reaching a finger to brush it over her lips with a chuckle. "Ah dunno, they're right there, all by themselves.. Ah felt like they just needed one.. Now, maybe, Ah think they need another.." As Nalissi lifts herself up a bit, his eyes are quickly dropping to follow the lines of her body with a look of appreciation. "Maybe Ah can be trouble, just fer ya, Nalissi.." He murmurs.

*Nip!* She grasps his fingertip in her teeth and grins at him around her prize, her eyes locking on his while he speaks. She flicks the trapped digit with the tip of her tongue then softens the old to draw back a sort of suckling kiss against it. Her green eyes follow his gaze as he looks down her body and she slides her fingers along his temple and back through his hair a little, "Just for me hmmm? Now I DO feel special.." she says softly.

L'ton lifts his other hand to reach and idly run his fingers along her cheek, grinning at her, even as he shifts to turn rather sideways in the chair, leaning to rest his head slightly on her chest as she runs her fingers a bit through his hair. "Ya are special, sweets.. Even Ah know that much, just from this little bit." And hot, too, which certainly helps catch L'ton's interest.

Nalissi pauses and leans her head down to nuzzle his head a little bit then she grins to herself, oh yeah.. BIG trouble. "Do you come from a long line of charmers L'ton?" she asks as he gets comfortable, then with the slightest little motion her body wriggles beneath him, rump, then belly, then chest, a slow squirm, feeling him curled in so nice and warm against her.

L'ton lifts his chin to give her a quick kiss, batting eyes at her. "Me, a charmer? Ah'm just being myself, sweets.." He tries to sound innocent, even as its becoming blatantly obvious that he's not. As she wiggles a bit, he's grinning, nuzzling himself back under her chin. Though, at least for a moment, he's flicking his gaze to the other occupants of the main room, as if considering the show they'll be getting.

Nalissi laughs her near-cherubic laugh and she shakes her head, "Born naughty then, L'ton," and she puts a sort of twang on the name, her own little version, as if emphasizing the holder drawl she speaks with now and again. Her fingers spread out and cradle his head against her as she looks around too, a downward sweep of lashes giving her eyes a sultry quality, one foot twirling happily.

"Ah.. Ah dun suppose ya'd wanna go somewhere else, hm sweetheart? Maybe somewhere a little more private, so Ah dun have ta worry about all these jealous guys sneaking up on meh, when Ah ain't looking?" He winks at her, as he rests his chin on her sternum with a bit of a smile. "Ah can try and be trouble, ta."

Her fingers flex against his head and then she leans to his ear to first kiss the edge of it then whisper. "I suppose I would.." rolls off her lips in a breathy sound and she draws back to grin at him, "Though mostly because I'm not in a mood to share today," she winks.

L'ton sighs contently, eyes falling shut for a moment before he's opening them to grin at her. "Good, cause Ah ain't either.." He murmurs, before he's carefully propping himself upwards once more, sliding out from underneath her on the chair, offering her both hands to pull her to her feet. "Where to, then, love?" He grins. "Ya know here better than me."

Nalissi grins and then kisses his crooked nose, "Good.." she nearly purrrs. Her body rustles around as he slips from underneath and she turns, putting her feet on the floor. Dainty hands fall into his and she rises to stand, upturning a rather sweet, coy look at him. "Mhmmm.." she answers and turns toward an arch and then to stairs. She looks back at him once as she leads him along, hips swaying with her graceful gait, "I've a room here," she notes.

"Handy.." He murmurs as he trails along behind her, even as his gaze has dropped to her swaying hips, mmming softly as he watches them, his other hand moving to rest on her hip as he follows along completely willingly. As they enter the room, he's pushing the door closed behind them, leaning against it as he gives her another look, biting his lip with a greedy grin.

Though not terribly elaborate the room is cozy, a smaller version of the main fireplace from the front room repeated at the foot of a four-post bed. A tall wardrobe stands on one wall and the wood floors are softened by a plush carpet of what looks to be wool, dyed deep green. The bedding is soft chenielle on top, and likely soft and warm between, if the overall appearance of the room is any indication and against the other wall is a table and two chairs. A worktable sits in one corner flanked by cabinets and a little door leads to a smaller room, perhaps a washroom or kitchen.

Nalissi grins back at L'ton, "Well..they are a bit fond of me here.. I did some work for the right folks.. and I'm pretty nice really.." she says with a laugh. When he pauses to close the door she turns and faces him, eyes cascading from his face to his feet and back up again, "What's on yer mind?" she asks him, direct in her own way.

L'ton spares another brief glance for the room before as she turns to face him, he's looking back at her, moving to close the distance and wrap his arms around her. "Ya." He replies, the only word that's really necessary. "Ah dun think anything else /could/ be." He murmurs, lifting one hand up to her cheek, before its brushing through her hair.

Green eyes lid as L'ton approaches and she slides her hands up his chest and curls her arms at his neck. She tugs a bit, face tilted up so she can smile at him, "Good answer.." she replies, her voice taking on a smooth, low tone. Her hair is soft, smooth, and smells of sandalwood..perhaps..the fragrance sweetly dark, fitting.

"Ah'm glad ya think so.." He murmurs, ducking to give her a long kiss as she smiles up at him, fingers curling in her hair gently rubbing the back of her head as he keeps her close. Finally pulling away, he just stares down at her with a silly grin.

Nalissi giggles and then the sound dies off as her mouth is met with his. Her lips comply against his and she kiss him slowly, savoring that first real taste of him. A quiet mmmmm sounds off and she looks up with glossy, vivid eyes, cheeks flushed. One finger traces down the center of his chest then back up slowly and she grins, "Now that you have me all to yourself..what ya gonna do with me?"

L'ton grins down at her as she looks back up, leaning to gently kiss her flushed cheek with a chuckle. As she runs her finger down his chest, however, he's moving to catch it, sliding his hand into hers, and squeezing it gently. "Ah dunno.. Ah think Ah'm gonna have ta take mah time, and enjoy having ya all ta myself… If'n yer up fer being enjoyed.." He teases her, as he carefully pushes her backwards towards the bed, one step, and then another.

Her chest rises with a slow, deep breath and Nalissi nuzzles L'tons cheek softly when he kisses her. "A man who takes his time.." she answers as she steps back.. and back.. til her legs bump against the bed. "Oh I'm up fer it, L'ton.. I hope ye are.." she says with a wicked sparkle in her eyes.

"Is that a good thing, or a bad thing, sweets?" He murmurs at her words, chuckling as she's backed up against the bed. A little bit more of a push, and he's hoping to topple her backwards onto the bed with a smirk. "Ah assure ya, my dear, Ah'm up for it…"

Nalissi leans, "Oh I certainly hope it's good…counting on it in fact.." she answers then she does indeed fall back against the bed. Her auburn curls tumble about her and then she slides up to an elbow, gazing up at L'ton, one hand resting at her abdomen for a moment, fingers idly toying with her shirt.

"Good.." He murmurs, before he's kicking off his boots and sliding onto the bed next to her, stretching out to grin at her. He's idly moving to tug her shirt out of its wide belt, even as he props himself up on his other elbow as well. Reaching up, then, he brushes his hands through her curls again. "Yer beautiful, sweets.. ya know that?" He murmurs, leaning to give her another lingering kiss.

She watches him, then when he slides down beside her she lays back some, her head turning to keep a gaze trained on his face. Again her chest rises when she breathes and one hand dances fingertips along her belt to give it a tug and work at the buckle, unfastening it. "Thank you.. and I reckon I'm not too hard on the eyes most times.. helps too when I get mad.. a mad ugly woman is really hard to take.." Yes, comedic too. When he kisses her she curls a hand at the back of his head and draws herself up close to him or him down, whichever, she wants to be close, her body turning just a little so that one leg slides against his.

L'ton carefully slides the belt out from underneath her as its unfastened, leaving the shirt loose now, and free to be pushed up slighly by his hand which is now resting lightly on her stomach. As he's pulled down, he deepens the kiss, fingers twitching against her side even as he half rolls towards her, looping his leg over hers as it presses close. Eventually he's pulling away just enough to look down at her, chuckling slightly. "Ah dun think ya could be ugly, even if'n ya were real angry.."

Her back arches up a little to allow the belt to slide freely away from her body and when his hand finds her bare flesh she sucks in a quick little breath. Buttery soft, her belly is flat and toned, fluttering inside however, heat rising up through her core as he presses close and continues the kiss. Her eyes flash dark when he looks down at her and she grins, "If you change your mind..just close your eyes.." she says with a sultry laugh.

"Ah ain't gonna be changing my mind, sweets, Ah can promise ya that.." L'ton murmurs in her ear before he's nuzzling and nibbling on it gently mindful of the earrings, fingers gently rubbing back and forth over her stomach before they're carefully running up her side innocently enough. Pressing against her and her warmth, he chuckles softly. "Ya make me not want ta be slow, when ya talk like that.." He mutters again, leaning to kiss her neck above the choker.

Nalissi breathes evenly, if more rapidly, head moving this way and that to let the bronzer have as much neck or ear as he wants. Her belly tightens at his caresses and she writhes a little bit, her arms slowly sliding upward, fingertips gliding over curves til they reach the little buttons of her shirt, deftly unfastening them then letting the fabric just lay against her chest. The arm furtherst from L'ton lifts and rests over her head and the one nearest him pushes to his abdomen, rubbing the backs of her fingers there. "Isn't it a wonderous feelin? Wantin to rush but not rushin…"

L'ton continues to nibble and nuzzle at her neck, her ear, her jawline, his hand still gently running up and down her side, before he's smiling. "Ya just feel so good.." He murmurs, shifting a bit to lean into her hand, with a wider smile. "Ah think it is.." He murmurs then, before he's simply pulling his shirt over his head, tossing it to one side of the bed, his hand quickly returning to its previous spot, even as he twitches the fabric lightly as its unbuttoned.

Nalissi mmmm's at him and nods, "I do feel so so good.." she agrees, her body now continually moving against him, with him, unable to keep from responding to the tingles and rises in temperature that accompany his touch, his voice, his warm breath on her skin. Green eyes flick to his toros as he bears it and she bites at her bottom lip, fingers now trailing against his bare flesh when he settles back into his spot, her shirt open down the center in jostle of bodies.

L'ton continues to chuckle, shaking his head and then catching her for another kiss, batting eyes at her. "Ah think Ah was the lucky one, of all them down there.." Pressing his chest into her fingers, he leans to gently kisses down the center of her chest, right down her sternum, without making any other moves, at least for the moment.

This time her tongue teases at his mouth and she kisses him back a little more intently then when he speaks she grins, "Ya are.." she says with a saucy grin. Her fingers search over what parts of his chest she can get to easily then at the feel of his mouth and breath on her chest she lets out the daintiest little moan. Warmth spirals from the center outward and she breathes a little more raggedly, a hand moving to stroke fingers through his hair, "We both are.." she adds.

"Ah'm glad you think so, sweets…" And he lightly plants kisses back up the center of her chest, kissing along her collarbone, before smirking some. "So.." He murmurs softly, sighing contently as she plays with his hair, he smiles. "Ah need ta show you just how lucky ya are, my dear.." And do that he will - slowly but with confidence, ensuring that they /both/ enjoy themselves for the duration.

Nalissi stretches out beneath soft, flannel sheets and her eyes are even more vivid against the healthy flush of her complexion. One leg curls over one of L'ton's and her body rests against him, curves molding against his firmer frame.

L'ton is breathing deeply, certainly content as he remains stretched out along her frame, one arm looped around behind her as he keeps her close, lightly rubbing her side and back as they lay there. "Thank ya, sweets.." He murmurs softly, even as he turns to look at her, smiling widely at her as he gets lost inher eyes for a moment.

"Well yer welcome, rider, though thanks aren't so much necessary when the two of us rather wanted and enjoyed it.." she winks. Clothes lay in various places, jewelry strewn across it like little stars dotting the sky, the only thing surviving being her choker, still circling her throat, which is surprising, considering the attention her neck got from her lover.

"Well, Ah dun wanna seem greedy, love.. Ah did really enjoy ya… /All/ of ya.." He murmurs, as he's rubbing her back again, with a smile, before he's leaning to kiss her forehead. He's certainly in no hurry to get up and start gathering clothes, instead he's just cuddling more firmly into her, with a smile. "The question is, if'n ya'll be interested in a repeat performance later on?" He teases.

Nalissi grins and then wriggles her body up against his a bit, enjoying the closeness and cuddling. One hand slides to his low back and rubs there in a slow circle, "Naturally.. one always wants an encore after a good performance.. the kind that leaves you wanting more.." she says in a coy fashion.

L'ton chuckles softly, leaning over to her to give her another kiss as she rubs his back. "What, was Ah not enough fer ya, sweetheart?" He teases her, reaching up to brush her hair back out of her face, looking over her and smiling before running a finger from her necklace to her bellybutton lightly. "Ah'd be happy ta give ya all ya want, though.." He murmurs, looping his leg back over hers.

Nalissi kisses him in return then she grins up at him, "We've just gotten started, my dear," she murmurs back to him, chin lifting some as he caresses her face. Her grin quirks when he teases to her belly, one leg pushing at the covers to draw then down their bodies, "Be careful what you offer.." she says with a bump of hips.

"Ah dun offer anything Ah can't deliver on, my dear…" He murmurs, helping push the blankest the rest of the way down before he's rolling over ontop of her, this time kissing and nipping, rubbing hands over her body with increased urgency this time. He'll certainly do his best to deliver.

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