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Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

L'ton had some sort of inside information, it seems, as he comes picking his way down the path to the beach, while Dhonzayth takes the easier route of gliding in overhead. But, even as he's headed towards the beach, he's in full riding gear - Perhaps its not about a swim. Pausing at the bottom, he glancing around him, before simply raising his voice. "Franses?"

Franses is in her usual spot, huddling on the sand with her arms wrapped around her knees as she watches the tide. The fact that Danath is lounging in the shallows has nothing to do with where the rider's gaze lies, but it may be why L'ton has found her so easily. After all, every male rider in the weyr has been keeping tabs on her dragon since she started to glow. Well, it seems that way to her at any rate. And the sound of yet another man's voice behind her makes her shoulder's hunch up in advance. Breathe! Don't bite off a head. "Yes?" There. That actually sounded civil.

Dhonzayth glides down into the water, rumbling a greeting to the green there, staying a cautious distance away - He learned to watch his step with Psylenith. L'ton, meanwhile, isn't quite so cautious, perhaps he hasn't been paying enough attention. At the response, he heads over towards her, glancing out towards the water, then back at her, tilting his head. "Ya got a bit? Ah dun wanna bug ya if'n ya're just gonna go swim.."

Danath, unlike Psylenith is /anything/ but angry or standoffish. Ooooh look, a bronze!!! « Hellllloooo big boy, » she croons back and sidles up next to Dhonzayth. « You're a cute one! » The sultry purr is followed by a drunken giggle that makes Franses cringe even worse. Breathe! He's /not/ going to make a pass at you…and if he does, I'm close to the sea and no one will ever find his body. Swallow. "I'm not swimming," she replies, keeping her voice level. She isn't going to let her temper flare. "I'm watching the waves. I've got time. How can I…" No, don't ask that way. Too insinuating. Change of sentence. "What is it?" Better.

Stammering for a moment after the short response, it takes a moment for him to recompose himself. "W-well, y'are in mah wing, and Ah'm sure ya know that A-Ah need a wingsecond. Ah'd ask Pi, but Ah dun think she'd go fur it. But ya're friends with Pi, and ya could be good, too.." He shifts uneasily from foot to foot, glancing at the dragons in the water as Dhonzayth's no longer hesitant, the bronze siddling up to the green, crooning.

Franses tilts her head, the better to get L'ton in her sights. As he stammers, one eyebrow rises. "Y'know, being told you were second choice for a position is bad enough," she replies, her tone barely kept level by sheer force of will. "Being told you're a second choice because your friend was first choice but wouldn't be interested is worse." Back temper back! The girl sighs and lets her chin drop back onto her knees. She's pretty sure he doesn't mean it like he's saying it. She's taking things too literally. Breathe. "Sorry L'ton. I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm just…well…" her chin juts out toward Danath who has settles quite contentedly against Dhonzayth's bulk, humming in what can only be called a seductive fashion. "I'll be better once she rises." Breathe, kiddo. Breathe. "If you're offering the position to me, I'll be happy to take it. You can try me for a trial period. See if I work out…" Oh that sounded waaaay too insinuating. Up goes Danath's muzzle. « Hey, Frannie! Isssabout time you tried a few good men! » the dragon sends loudly to all in earshot. The rider sighs. "Not like that Danath."

L'ton gulps audibly, shaking his head. "A-Ah didn't mean it like that. Ah mean, ya know Pi. And, and she's mah cousin. Ah tend ta think of her, first.." And he blushes noticeably, shaking his head again. "Ah mean, Ah wanted ta say why Ah thought of ya.. so ya didn't think its just so Ah can catch ya." However /that/ would work. Biting his lip, he quickly nods. "Ah'd be happy if ya'd take it… Its ya're choice. If'n ya can't get settled, Ah understand." Dhonzayth is quite content where he is, « Few woman have lifemates who can compare with I. » Stuck up, just a bit, hm?

Franses holds up a hand, waving it in a gesture of dismissal. She doesn't need the explanation. Nonetheless as L'ton goes on, the girl listens, her eyes listless and unhappy. "It's alright. Really," she replies. "I figured that was what you meant." A pause then a sad smile at his comment about catching. "Believe me, L'ton, I have no say in what Danath catches." Oh my, she's not even qualifying them as 'who' anymore. Ouch. « An few girls are like my Frannie, *hiccup* » Danath answers, her slurs becoming more pronounced as time passes. « She's a choooosy one. Don' worry though. I'm workin' on it. *girlish giggle* » The girl ignores the loud inebriated commentary and reaches out a hand to the rider for shaking. "I agree. Thank you." « Wanna invite 'im up fer a nightcap? » She shakes her head and stays silent. It will be over soon.

L'ton knows when to leave girls alone - Though normally the circumstances for him doing so are completely different. Hesitating a moment, he shakes the girl's hand firmly, offering a bit of a smile. "When ya're up ta it, ya should come by, and Ah'll get ya yar knot, kay?" Pause. "Congrats, miss." He offers politely, glaring at the bronze and silently urging him away from the green. « Yours will learn what's best for her soon. Though, you've already learned I see.. » And rumbling, the bronze moves, wading towards the shore.

Danath unwinds her tail from around Dhonzayth's and stretches languidly. « Yep. Variiiiety, » the green tosses back with a laugh. « See ya 'round…*hiccup* …Big boy. » Franses /is/ learning alright, how to ignore her lifemate while she's proddy. "I'll be around in a day or two," she answers once the shaking is done. "It won't be longer than that." A long, dark gaze is given to her sunbathing dragon. "It'll be over soon," she murmurs. It sounds like a mantra she's been repeating for a while..

L'ton turns back, looking as if he wants to offer a bit more comfort. But, all things considered, its probably better if he just leaves. And so, that's what he does, headed back up the way he came without saying anything else, Dhonzayth gliding after him.

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